Make Peace With Who You Are

To make peace with who you are is the purpose of our lives. Until you find peace the world cannot change for you.  As you feel peace arise you will see the world differently. Often we project onto the world unquestioned fears. Imagine projecting inspired tears sparkling with love.

A Charter of Wellbeing

This introduces a Charter of Wellbeing. Wellbeing is the natural spring of life force energy that produces wellness. It is the dominant energy in the universe. Our negativity is dominant on earth but we haven’t yet learned how to transform inner conflict.  When we do our lives will become an empowered well spring into expanded consciousness.

Fools Journey Part 2

A Peace Fool speaks of REAL HOPE. Is REAL HOPE the cosmic joke?

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Fools Journey Part 1

I will take you on the mythical Fool’s Journey that becomes real. Peace Fool shows you the path, you must find road less travelled if peace is your goal.  Peace Fool is a cosmic jester and approaches peace from a universal perspective.

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