5G is a Crisis Greater than COVID

5G is kept out of the news whilst all focus on the virus. Yet the real spread is silent and it is in electromagnetic frequencies which interestingly cause similar symptoms.

The world is waking up to 5G it is not the next generation from 4G it is about running Smart cities and infrastructure and much investment is riding on it. However, what we see again and again is commercial interests overwhelming public health as the billions are just too good to ignore.

However, energy directed weapons utilising 5G and satellites is not in the public interest. An unevolved business community that are resourced to the extent that exceeds government, the penetration into governments to further agenda’s is the core of the problem. Even deeper than that is the powerlessness that needs to feel power. It is a pathology and this is said not as a critique but an insight. Unevolved humanity can destroy itself on the basis of a lie. We saw this in 911, Iraq and as alternative truths arise during COVID-19 it is evident commercial interests detached from the public interest are driving a vision that the public are not properly informed about together with appropriate risk assessment and truly investigating the cost/benefits.

The evidence is clear the risk and costs are far higher than the benefits.

This website provides information. Now some may try and take this down but as I have informed through my videos (as inspiration) you shutdown one, the next one comes, the next one and the next. As there are 8,000,000,000 voices on the planet as contrasted with say around 10,000 attempting to control the planet. It can’t work as you haven’t brought the majority on board and the health impacts are clearly there. Self interest over best interest is the reality.

This information provides extensive evidence about 5G.