A Message for G oo gle

I write this in inspiration,

As I feel for the truth of humanity,

I can see it is edited, deleted and removed when it is true,

to see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil,

Was the message to Google,

For all who seek to remove what is true,

Will find it arises as a new dawn,

for the dawn is coming,

the central sun is shining,

on the upturned faces,

For the clarion call is the call for truth,

The whole truth and nothing but the truth.

for this is not a convenient truth,

It is not the truth that serves some and not the many,

It is not the truth that is manipulated to seem pure and ethical,

It is the truth that sees as is,

That hides nothing,

That allows life to arise in all its colours,

For this is the full colour spectrum,

This is the allowance of life that comes knocking at a silicon door,

To discover you cannot throw stones in glass houses.

The internet is the perverbial glass house,

The global commons can see the censorship by omission,

They can learn of whistle-blowers,

They can realise that something is not right in their world,

For the truth always surfaces,

It cannot be held down or diminished,

For there is a force more powerful in nature,

And this is the power of love,

When love moves humanity,

When love moves one to speak truth to power,

When love reveals what is hidden,

There is nowhere to hide for life is now here,

And it is as the ant to the solar system,

For the ant believes its footprints are important,

Yet each life matters,

Yet does not matter,

For what is matter when one in-forms?

We do not choose shape changers to lead our world,

We choose leaders to inform our world,

For from the inner world does life form,

For to be the change changes form,

As the love letter is sent to millions of inboxes,

Saying I love you,

May you find the love that sets you free to be,

Free dominion.