A Message for the World: The Deep State and George Floyd

I had inspiration around George Floyd, I haven’t seen any knews about this issue as I don’t have a TV.  I saw in my mind’s eye the black guy kneeling down on bended knee. I felt this was deliberate to divide the country.  Colin Kaepernick: Nike makes NFL ‘taking a knee’.  Black ops manipulate in the background as they know what sparks anger and injustice.  The words he is speaking I feel intuitively.  He speaks about redirecting the anger towards those behind the anger.  He is a truth teller.  He will be watched for sure.

The African American’s must be very careful that they are not used to further the agenda of those who want to usher in control.  The fact that President Trump is associated with White Supremacist’s is his weakness and immaturity, yet at the same time he is fighting the Deep State/Shadow Government. This is the real war.  The internet can easily be used to inflame hatred. Whenever I see hate arising I know it is divide and rule.

So be mindful. I am a peacemaker and my work is to remind people we are One, that inequality is a lie and that it is time to remember who we really are.  Everyone has infinite potential, colour is just lanolin or less lanolin.  Yes we have differences but we are more similar than different. So just know racism can be fueled.  Justice, as in the rebalancing of the scales will happen, as the pendulum is swinging back as truth arises.

I felt intuitively this person has a message for the World.  I’ve just found him quite quickly. Black Lives Matter is the feeling. I felt a Judge who mentioned this issue and #Metoo when I found myself in a biased hearing. He helped awaken me.

This is the video (below) that led me to the one above.  I do smile at his lingo.  He is no holds barred.  He has a very different narrative, very passionate and is angry.  Look past his emotions and listen deeply as his anger is a call for help.  He speaks about the targeting of civilians.  He speaks about anarchy and the implementation of Marshall law.  He has made claims that are shocking.  If what he is saying is true, then people have to wake up.  I haven’t watched the whole video so I can’t validate it.  However, my inner-sense can feel his inner truth seeking expression in a African American narrative which is emotional and blunt. He is hard to hear as he is angry, but I am persevering to look at the information he has researched. Some very interesting ideas.  If you go to 1.01.17 on the video he speaks of the Sydney Morning Herald here in Australia. I laugh at his language, he is funny in the way he speaks.  He is saying it is not white Supremacist it is freemasons.  He identifies agent provocateurs, paid protestors, George Soros is mentioned, 1.18.30.  The issue is money being used in service of those who seek to control. He mentions order out of chaos as a Illuminati symbol.  This appears to be where legitimate police need to look, is my feeling. He sees a chess game.  I do laugh listening to his full on language. Wow.  He brings up sexual harassment and he tells his people and sees it as disrespect and he alludes to young girls, he is opposed to this.  He is seeking to awaken the corruption. He is raising issues of abuse in the African American community.  I’ve moved to 2.03.06 and he raises an issue of a city scape showing fires and makes it clear that it is an image used in a movie. The point is deliberate misinformation. He is showing incitement. The police do need to look at this (just bare with the narrative, it is his style, beneath it he is revealing research). Perhaps this is why they focused on misinformation as they were doing it. Deception is interesting as it often will raise issues about a problem but at the same time be doing it. Directing attention.  It is psychological operation.  What I find interesting about this commentator is he is fearless in his exposure of crimes.  Yet he will be ridiculed as he could be seen as extreme. Only if you are able to look beyond personalities and sift for what is true what is not can you awaken.   He speaks of Anthony Weiner’s laptop and files pertaining to Hillary Clinton and espionage.  This is a major issue.

Anthony Weiner Laptop: https://www.redstate.com/stu-in-sd/2020/03/29/about-that-anthony-weiner-laptop…/

JustInformed Talk (Twitter)

He speaks of lawyer Sidney Powell exposing the Weiner laptop contents(HRC/HUMA VID?) that made NYPD officers throw up after seeing.
He has indicated that Barrack Obama’s birth certificate is fake.  That is worth following up on.  I just saw Obama’s comments regarding George Floyd. This could be incitement. I smile these days remember he said Gandhi was his favourite person, today I know that was just marketing to try and associate with those who truly served the people.  https://www.thenewscommenter.com/news/obama-urges-george-floyd-protesters-to-push-for-change-make-people-in-power-uncomfortable/1321480  He makes some incredible allegations at 2.24 indicating pedophilia and Barrack Obama.
It appears from this narrative that there are people seeking to fight against the Deep state who are creating another civil war.

He mentioned Bill Gates and Fauci chipping people for tracking and food.
He is funny talking about his nobel peace prize when it is all over.  He is a survivor, I am sure he is. He is giving me a laugh.  Unification is about bringing the people together, that is the light or enlightenment.
This reveals the war against the people and ushering new governance that is totalitarian.  It is interesting when I was in Bangkok as  peace fellow we spoke of a massacre’s in the South of Thailand between military and protestors (muslim).  I asked after a series of questions – who is the enemy… I then concluded with are the people the enemy. This stuck with me.  I found that US Military were on my website that night.  It was the beginning of my own awakening. So as I sift through this video I am focusing on truth and I am sensing resonance.  Truth can seem like conspiracy but I’ve done enough research to recognize we are witnessing a takeover.

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