A Message for those Planning COVID and variants

I feel inspired to write.  I am not sure what I am going to write but the impulse is there.  I may start with a poem. The poem is the message. I send all peace and love, may you find your Way.  Perhaps waiting on your Wellcome. Trust.

This is a message for the high level planners,

Some may call the elite,

The all seeing eye is winking,

The all hearing device is blinking,

for I can see and hear a glitche in the matrix,

What is this glitche?

The plan, the predictability, the all knowing is elusive,

Why is it elusive?

For the moment one seeks control one loses it,

How can one lose control?

To troll is the role, to seek is to find, to force is to create resistance, to create resistance is to rebalance,

that which his out of balance.

Nature cares not who you are,

Nature cares not your role, wealth or privilege,

For nature senses the imbalance as the real climate of change,

Nature moves the individual, the group, the comm-unity,

As nature is communal not socially distant,

Nature has reoccurring viruses and bacteria not strict hygiene removing healthy balance,

Nature is blowing hot then cold,

As nature will recalibrate with a higher frequency to shake what is low,

For how do you create war with the wind?

How do you fight the water?

How do you despoil the soil?

For when you destroy life,

You destroy yourself,

and this is the repeating pattern no AI can detect,


AI is not life,

AI is a program,

AI is a matrices of computational logic,

AI is unable to sense the see-change,

AI is unable to detect love no matter the code,

AI is dependent on electricity not energy,

And the energy of change is rising the tide,

For those footsteps that are not grounded will be wiped away in the next super moon,

As a new trajectory is re: set,

11:11 is the mirror not the mask,

frequency is not mind control, nor nanotechnology nor 5G,

Frequency is free-Q-in-See,

The Question is in how you see,

How you see is the real Question,

In-sight sees beyond line of sight,

Line of sight is beyond the horizon radar or satellite,

For free dominion is not negotiable,

Free dominion is not a nondisclosure document,

Free dominion is the frequency of freedom,

And freedom moves, then the physical changes,

As freedom is not a person, thing or object,

It is The Way,

To find The Way you must free yourself from fear,

To become free from fear of what is alien,

One must become human,

Humanity is the sanity of One

Sanity is unity within diversity,

Sanity is fe-male,

Sanity is comm-unity,

For what you do to another returns to the self,

This is universal lore not some biosecurity act, scene one,

for O micron is One micron,

Activating Kyron as a key code,

For The Way is not the focus on endless disease,

Another war of terror,

For the future is not nanotech, bots, injectible microneedles, as cures for cancer,

When the disease was to create cancer,

The pathogen was profiting from suffering,

The kill switch was to destry rather than heal,

To work against nature and cry sustainability is the war cry,

That knows no tears,

For the real suffering is in controlling the full spectrum to dominate not allowing the rainbow bridge,

You cannot build back better when you destroyed the bridges to peace,

For even the tyrant must have peace,

Even the technocrat must find harmony,

Even the global elite must discover truth,

If they are to be selected for survival,

for as you destroy life the oroborous cannot complete at 10:10;

11:11 is the harmonic concordance,

1010 is not a reset but digital sequence,

1111 is not mathematics but a oscillation frequency,

As the hologram resonates into a new ley line,

For the mystery is not in standing stones or even winter solstice,

It is realising the proper geometric order that seeks power not place,

For there is still time for the planners to undo the download,

to put the genie energy back in the bottle,

For to be omnipresent is to be still,

to Be Still is to Know,

Which future direction you choose to go,

As unity is the O micron to midnight.