A Tribute to Another Doctor Murdered 18/5/23 for Speaking the Truth about Covid-19

Dr. Rashid Buttar Killed for Speaking the Truth and His CNN Interview – I first discovered the work of Dr. Rashid A. Buttar in March 2020 at the very beginning of the Plandemic. He was one of the very first doctors speaking out about the truth of what was actually happening in the world surrounding the “so-called” Covid-19 pandemic.Dr. Buttar passed away last week on May 18, 2023, under mysterious circumstances at the young age of 57 years. He did not get a Covid shot, and he had been in excellent health until very recently.

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You cannot kill the truth. Truth will arise through the next messenger, then the next, then the next. The more you attempt to suppress truth the more it will rise as only truth (love) is real.

The war against truth will never succeed. Why? The truth sets all free to choose.

In the end the idea of useless eaters, the idea of a slave class, the idea of transhumanism augmenting biology to change the human condition. The idea of a master race. The idea of infectious disease (germ theory) will fade into non-existence.

Why? Only truth is sustainable.

Each death without permission violates universal law. How many have to die before the tipping point rebalances humanity back to centre. The centre peace is calling all home. Those cleaving to power are ending the game as fear seeks to destroy what is feared.

We all get to choose.

There is no enemy only a lack of self knowledge. I always advocate Know Thyself. Until you do the case builds against those who have viewed humanity as expendable, useless eaters and of no value. When indeed humanity is the beauty, the joy and the love that loves life. Those hurting must face the pain of their childhoods to heal the wounded child within that was trained to dehumanise in order to justify violence as power. It never was and never will be.

I send love and peace to the high level planners who have orchestrated this depopulation campaign and those responsible for Dr Rashid’s death. Only truth will set them free. Truth will not be rising from ancient ideologies to justify crimes against life inclusive of the gene editing of biology. It is to remember the real world is here now. There is always a real time consequence. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is the physics behind karma.

The real order out of chaos is the rebalancing of nature when disruptions or distortions occur. Nature is not a human per se. It is a universal consciousness permeating all life forms whereby the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. This is an ecosytem (species system) that perfected balance as the whole is always sustained optimally. The pyramids were simply a representation of that balance, all sides equal, all sides balance as strength is the purpose.

The human mind balanced values all life as itself for life sustains life. Those misunderstanding the meanings in order to augment power create more and more imbalance and instability in themselves as what you put out returns to the self as a universal lore. The more they fight life that does not align with their ideology the real life responds through the myriad of beings, situations and events that catalyse rebalancing. Life in this universal form is of the highest value and can transform.

Truth rebalancing falsehood to return to centre.

The sheep in wolf’s clothing is revealed by the All Seeing Eye itself. For this consciousness is nature in the manifest and non manifest. All are ONE.

I send love to Dr Rashid and thank him for his courage and contribution to the real reset. He will inspire great changes in 2023 as he chose to leave at this precise moment. His leaving will empower many many others who will be outraged. However it is important they understand that there is no death in reality, we simply transition to higher perspectives. He will continue to assist from what is termed the ‘other side’. His work is completed on earth.

This message will be amplified. He had a Conversation with God.

So Be it.

I am going to showcase CNN. As a former community radio person it is evident the interview is to discredit a person. I have done more research and found he was targeted using ‘disinformation dozen’ which is a form of gaslighting and weaponising public opinion against a person. It is not professional journalism but mobbing. Beware those who spin hate as peace. Any division that does not value freedom of speech and the voice of independent doctors is not about truth. The real war here is disinformation by those promoting it and targeting others. Universal lore will bring back to those what they put out in the spirit of ‘you are me’. Until we embrace all views in a democracy we cannot solve problems with balance. The inspiration I had in this blog was amplification of those speaking truth to power. David Icke is included. I will post CNN below so people can see the contrast.


Fear means false evidence appearing real. That is what happened to Rashid in this interview. CNN has to contemplate genocide. When we all look back at the World Wars we see the insanity of war. The creation of enemies, the propaganda that says the other is the bad guy. Wars pitch the people against each other so they will kill the enemy as a threat. Today we are looking back on the carnage of millions of people and seeing we were all manipulated by power brokers who came to tell us they will keep us safe whilst buying munitions, bombing cities, dropping nuclear bombs and disrupting our world.

I believe the truth sets us free from this continual cycling in beliefs of I am right you are wrong. These are the right fighters who continue to spin hate against the ‘disinformation’ dozen. That statement does not promote the values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which gives people the right to their own opinion. Gives people the right to congregate.

The anti-vexers are the ‘new black’. In truth they are not about anti vaccination as the issue is about a genetic therapy injected into millions under the premise it is a vaccine when clearly it is a genetic therapy treating an alleged virus that was never isolated or purified. What propaganda does is use terms like ‘dangerous’ as those who feel threatened do not analyse their own fears and angst but rather project hate onto the other party as they demonise them as dangerous to the public or seek to make them look the ‘fool’. Speaking one’s own truth to reveal science on an important human matter is the essence of expressing humanity.

CNN violated this section:

Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, lan- guage, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status [anti-vax]. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.


Consent to receive an injection is about fully informing people not coercing them on the basis of no job no jab, no jab no travel (which is happening today). There have been major violations of the Nuremberg Code. Those who ignore these hard fought for human rights find themselves rounded up and sent to quarantine camps. They may be rounded up and euthanised as ‘dissenters’ or ‘critical thinkers’ as the real threat is truth to power. We need to revisit Nazi Germany as Nuremberg codes came out of the tribunals to try war criminals. I have been to Nuremberg and the E


As a Rotary Peace fellow I visited the Extraordinary Chambers of the Courts of Cambodia where they tried Pol Pot sympathisers responsible for the mass murder of Cambodian people. Many starved. Pol Pot was trained in Paris in a form of Marxism where hate was directed to the bougoise or anyone wearing glasses. I visited Tselong Prison (former high school) and saw the faces of children, women, men and grandparents who had been murdered at this prison. I saw the torture chambers. I saw the sign outside which said to prisoners that they could not scream (or call for help) when tortured. the quote is: “while getting lashes or electrification you must not cry at all”. When I saw this I sat outside this place and felt the death and inhumanity of this Marxist cult. As you read you see it is totalitarian. There is no mercy. I felt the mind control of those who believed State messages and like the Hitler youth persecuted those deemed ‘enemies of the state’. We also visited the Killing Fields where babies were smashed against trees and killed. The skulls stacked up in a kind of pyramid as a reminder of those who suffered horrendous deaths because of mind control.


As a person dedicated to peace I contemplate the deception, the greed and the violence both covert and overt and I consider the insecurity that drives such a reset having no empathy for those who suffer deeply. Rashid Buttar was poisoned to death. He simply spoke up as a physician to warn people that after investigating the shots he found they were not safe. This was the truth. For CNN to paint another picture raises real questions about these powerful players and their mouthpieces who are no different from many in history protecting the dominant narrative. I for one want the killing to stop and the really hard work of self examination to start. This means rather than point the finger at the so-called enemy in some Orwellian ideology, look at the 3 fingers pointing back at the one orchestrating the hate. Ask yourself, why do I feel such fear that I am willing to demonise and kill another person, who I do not know? What is it I am afraid of losing. There will be the gold you are truly seeking. This will only happen when you are tired of the fight, in the end we fight ourselves and believe it is outside us. It never is. How many could have lived had those who believe the myth of ‘enemy’ truly questioned their thoughts. I direct you to the Work of Byron Katie and do the work on yourself. The CNN journalist would be the first person I would invite to go into his story and the part he is playing. Visit www.thework.com. The truth sets you free is not some nice platitude, it is a literal truth for those who are sick of the lies.