A Tribute to Robert Kennedy Junior of Camelot

This was inspired by a true knight of the roundtable. The videos below feature Peter Gabriel ‘Games without Frontiers War without Tears’ (the indefensible). This is the question. The answer is the Camelot’s Holy Grail.

In Defense of Children for Life, Liberty and Security to Rebalance Justice

Children’s defense,

Is in defence of children,

For the vulnerable need protection,

The vulnerable need protectors,

The vulnerable need to be sheltered,

From all forms of abuse,

For this is when a house becomes a home,

And all are seeking the Way home.

The children of the world are the REAL HOPES of the future,

When we destroy the child,

We destroy civilisations cradle,

For it is uncivilised to harm a child and call it normal,

To normalise harm is the leading cause of death after medical interventions,

And there are few white knights charging up ahead to cut off the extinction rate,

There is little chivalry that lives nobility without a mission statement,

Nobility becomes a word without integrity as lived experience is higher knowledge,

As the world seeks fame, wealth and prestige without principled nonviolence,

Assets without work is super fun,

Power without empowerment is slavery,

Popularity without reputation is marketing spin,

As we move into dark times to be told what is good is bad,

What is bad is good,

Sexuality without limits is promoted as the new normal,

And the new normal calls dysfunction healthy,

Health becomes compliance and safety not balance and wellbeing,

As norms are being knocked over like dominos,

To discover all is linked-in albeit connected

As universal suffrage votes for freedom.

I sit at Camelot I am overviewing the moat,

I am remoat viewing the castle,

I am castling what is remote,

As the Queen is set aside,

But not the natural human who knows what is rights,

Indifference and distance objectify humanity as data points or pixels,

That only sees an internet of things as snapchats without life purpose,

Not enrichment of human potential reaching the horizon,

But depopulation of humanity within plain sight,

For eugenics believes in pure bloodlines not a pure heart,

Racism believes in white superiority or black power not fairness,

Misogyny says ‘metoo’ but never changes the status quo,

As we play games without frontiers and war without tears,

For these are silent weapons for quiet wars without a true defence,

That are endless as they drain the life blood  out of our society,

And then reset.

Yet the recalibration is occurring as we sit at the roundtable united in ONE purpose,

The future of children,

Who are not objects or play things,

They are not guinea pigs or caged animals,

They are pure hearted and honest looking to you for truth,

They are calling out for everyone to speak up for their future,

As they are dying in anguish,

For they did nothing wrong,

Yet they feel punished by adults,

Who are doing wrong and calling it right,

For what is left if ideologies are all self serving and wrong?

For those working hard for the future of humanity know the sword of Excalibur anoints your mission,

Know that you are chosen
not a sacrificial lamb,

For this is not going to end badly but begin beyond your wildest dreams,

For King Arthur was not a freemason but a mason that chisled the philosopher’s stone for free,

King Arthur was nobility holding one’s head high no matter the challenge,

As the holy grail was granted to only those who are brave and worthy,

For the single combat is not with weapons but truth extinguishing what is false,

For fascism only sees the jewels and riches not the ancient knight standing a century,

For those blinded by greed can never find the grail,

It rests within the heart of salvation not sacrifice,

For all must choose,

Some will choose wisely some will follow the money,

For is science the quest for truth or riches beyond ones imagination,

The true grail is eternal life the false economy will take your youth,

For fake news can be spin and good news can be a wolf in sheeps clothing,

So one was move from first principles until the last.

The cup of Kings is not a cup,

Nor is it a Kings canyon with echo chambers,

It is the cup that floweth over in generosity,

The elixir is purity not contamination,

For what poisons us is seeking eternal youth not the life cycle,

As we were born to die naturally,

And nature is the wheel of life and the old growth tree filled with life,

For to take a leaf out of ancient texts one must not leave footprints behind,

As those brave enough to drink from the untainted water course,

Will know the health curriculum is the real wealth of nations that loses control,

For partnership is not inclusive capitalism,

Caring is not motherhood statements,

The non paid sector is not worthless hobbies but creative arts,

And poverty is not useless eaters but humility in search of healing,

All is part of an intimate tapestry not a market to exploit,

All is woven perfectly imperfect to see contrasts in textures not a silk road,

For humanity is not them or us it is the truth of who we are,

It is a global family where children are placed not in childcare centres

But held lovingly in the centre-peace,

The hub of humanity is not IT but in-to-me-see,

For who we become is not mind controlled or shaped by vested interests,

It is to realise free dominion as life is a sacred seal,

For the 7th seal is honouring all children as the life and The Way,

For the inner child is real hope and the Holy Grail,

Happiness is the peace that passeth all understanding,

As the cup is the candle passed from one child to the next,

Ensuring their sustenance not starvation,

Their happiness not humiliation,

For the grail cannot pass beyond the great seal
says the knight of the roundtable,

For only in the silence can one see the seal,

And it is seen that a child will lead us to peace,

Only innocence and trust can make the great leap forward,

Which is not to be ‘great’ but to leap before you look,

To step off the cliff like a Fool,

But it seems impossible without magic,

For the real magic is to believe and then see,

That life is supported by unseen forces,

For this is not a mere leap from capitalism to communism,

It is not leap from the pot into the frying pan,

But to step into mid air as a true leap of faith,

That things are not what they seem,

For this is the final reformation which requires no revolution,

This is the faith that requires no religion,

This is the leap that places one foot in front of the other,

And drops the fairy story,

For we are at The End,

And yet at a New Beginning,

As we Re-member Just-in-time,

We come together at the right time.



For it is written as night follows day,

That one cannot bare false witness to another,

For you and another are ONE,

And the ONE world is a natural recalibration to what is true,

For it is only the truth that sets all free,

And it is only the child that sees the truth without fairy stories,

For no matter the harm they still love you,

They are the messengers of unconditional love,

For be as a little child and watch your world change,

Trajectory for good.

As life liberty and security was always found

Within the justice of the peace,

For peace is reformed by justice,

And this is balance,

As all sides unite.




Are there real possibilities for peace? Is peace desirable? Some desire war not peace, for they know not who they are. They are the ones who believe silent weapons are quiet wars. What if peace passeth all understanding, that would be beyond belief? What if that is who you are? Go to the silence and the answer arises there.


Peace is Our True Nature:

Worldpeacefull: https://www.worldpeacefull.com/