Allow Yourself to Shine

When you shine the world shines.  You matter.


Never fear love, allow love to shine even if others do not feel the same way. To feel love is the gift itself. We hide love in our society, yet it is the one area that should be outrageously celebrated. Passion is who we are. Love is the mystery of life itself.


This rising feeling of love,
Is like a wave of freshness,
Pulsating with life and expectation,
Fullfilling me with the pinnacle
Of warmth,
Like the summer sun,
Bursting over the horizon,
Shining through the silhouette of mountains,
Intense but life affirming,
The great artist,
Illuminating the colours of a new day,
Looking upon existence in a new way,
Holding the pillars of my world,
Shaking the earth beneath my feet,
At thoughts of you.

A song of endless life,
Whistles its tune,
Through the voice of the birds,
As they fly in formation,
Morning greetings,
Of the life on this planet,
So incredible,
So filled with the forgiveness of time,
The music in my soul,
Erupts with joy,
As the outpicturing of my world,
Resonates with my inner vision,
In an orchestra of feeling,
That is so hard to contain,
To embrace every person,
In my fast lane.

You are in my every breath,
You are in my simple step,
Your face is with my sleeping eyes,
My life for you can tell no lies,
Because I am complete in the knowledge
That you are,
It doesn’t matter if you walk on my stage,
It doesn’t matter if you walk away,
For you have impacted my life,
You are the wish in my candle,
You are the sun in my shine,
You can do nothing,
To take away my shine.