Are Shooters Reflective of Embedded Violence in Games?

This video with narrative depicts how games influence the psyche of young men. Emotionally they associate warfare with fun.  They rewire their neural networks as they recite the language of powerlessness in order to relate to the other party. This is how war is indoctrinated. It may appear fun for them but the real wars on the ground are horrific. I note he promotes the Evil Dinosaur Corporation. Making evil fun.  

Video Games are used by the military to train soldiers.  The consciousness here is to kill or be killed.  It is a false bravado where those who feel disempowered seek to feel power. It is imagineered through games that train in power over not power within. Young men do not get the role modelling they need in order to learn respect, to dialogue, to solve problems and to feel power through mastering their own lives.  Subtly they are programmed into a cyber world that increasingly will be the theatre of wars in the future.  

I met many soldiers who didn’t see it as fun in reality, many come back with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Those watching and playing the games learn emotional detachment in the midst of imagined violence. The compassionate centres are not stimulated, this is how emotional intelligence is lost and why people commit horrific crimes.  Society has to contemplate these issues to decide the world they wish to co-create.

The End Game arrives fast through this type of indoctrination. When the militaries and games manufacturers decide that they have had enough of endless war games, then real change will arise.  There is an addiction to the violence and a deep need to have control in a world that feels out of control. This is the hook.  Until we face our dark side we cannot overcome the fears that run us.  What is not understood is that fear is the energy of control and powerlessness, it is not real.  These are the demons that project out as characters in war games, unresolved.

Harmony is not an idealistic notion, it is the balance of the dark and light.  We never remove the dark but we come into homeostasis with it as life is about duality.  The dark when balanced is what propels us into greater expressions and experiences of who we are.  The harmony is alignment with inner truth it is not passive, it is the edge of real challenge.  The challenge was always to overcome fear but not through violence but to stand in vulnerability with courage.  Then the snake becomes a rope.