Are We COVID Monkey’s or is the Magic in Questions?

In the public interest.

Are people dividing into those who do the right thing and those who don’t? Are we blaming people for the shutdown, for the spread of COVID-19 or are we acting out of our own fear and pain and then after a while we just believe without question that persecuting others is the right thing to do as they are trouble makers?

What if the monkey’s are acting out of fear and not allowing one monkey to rise to get the bananas which will nourish the other monkey’s?  We also hold each other down and we call this the tall poppy syndrome.

Media divides us as leaders clearly speak about the right thing to do mirroring the narrative worldwide. What if the right thing is to question the truth of what has been justified as delivered in the interests of public health and safety for the majority?

What if restrictions are unhealthy? What if they kill more people due to the lower immune system, less oxygen, basic needs unmet, domestic conflict, loss of hope for the future, lack of vitamin D, poverty, homelessness etc.?What if our mental health is the greatest determinant of our wellness or sickness?

What do you think?  What is your feeling? (the latter is more accurate)

Do we shut down different views because a narrative has said that counterveiling views are dangerous?  Is that true?

What if they are whistle-blowers, doctors, virologists and a growing group of others voices who see differently provide accurate insight into the facts and move us away from political voices that may or may not be trustworthy or working for the highest good? What voices work 100% in the public interest?

Does democracy makes others unsafe – is that true? What if disclosure of new information makes society safe? What if debate flushes up new issues we hadn’t considered?  What if those sick had the chance to talk about their experiences? What if their families had the chance to visit them? 

What if psychological and physical suppression is a form of toxicity or subtle covert violence that makes us unsafe or unwell in respect of creating imbalance?  What of control and no freedom? Is that healthy? What of a unravelling democratic systems, principles and the Constitution? What if there is an agenda for a Republic which removes basic protections? What if democracy makes us safe?

A woman said to me yesterday, “I keep an open mind.” I was pleased to hear it. We discussed bandwagons and how people get swept up by fear and believe everything they see without doing research to find out the truth from a range of perspectives. There is no enemy only ignorance and understanding liberates us from fear.

Do we hate those who don’t know, or hate those with a different view? Or do we reserve a space inside to say “s/he may be right, I may be wrong.” Or “I may be right s/he may be wrong”, either way people’s beliefs belong to them not me or visa versa. We find years later the truth eventually comes out, 911 is a case in point.

She said she and her husband are from Melbourne but have been travelling for 3 months around Australia. Whenever they try and stay at a hotel or caravan park they show their Victorian licence and people then say ‘no’ they can’t stay as if they are perceived likely to be infected with a deadly disease, when they are healthy.

This is crazy and it reflects how fear controls our lives and how we treat people. We can’t take a chance they would say.  They let people move on, how does the couple from Melbourne feel? Like lepers?  How easily our country becomes divided because of the constant COVID 19 storyline that is projected constantly with no respite.  Mind control works the same way. 

How quickly we become separated States and then see the other as “bad” when they are us, all Australians.  Then other political narratives are put in the media narrative to subtly discredit the political party (Labor) with the objective of winning all States and perhaps with a longer term goal of undermining the State system with the idea of centralising power for full control. These words come out with such subtly, as they say they are in plain sight, but if you don’t now politics you will miss it.

Clearly the couple are not sick but because someone relegated a whole city of 5,000,000 as a hotspot when there were initially officially few cases and of today now 800 alleged COVID-19 deaths. The testing is not certain as it is asserted that SARS-COV-2 shares around 80% of DNA as COVID. Moreover, it is stated that a chimpanzee monkey shares 99% of DNA yet we are not chimpanzees. Thus the same logic applies with SARS-COV-2 and COVID-19 (descriptor) may not be in the same family as a coronavirus. As genetic groupings are far more defined.  So how can they know how to test?

When I was in quarantine in Canberra I said to officials that I was willing to get a test but the ACT Department of Health didn’t test me. They never even came to see me. They had been texting people to fill out a survey on their phones. The only reason I spoke to them is I don’t have a phone (EMF radiation causes brain cancer, my cousin is dying she worked on the phone). So they rang on the phone every day asking questions about symptoms and I asked questions. I was forced to pay $1700 for quarantine when I was well. I was on a very low income (student) and there was no accommodation offered that was affordable, all at rates professional people pay, completely inequitable. My mother paid on credit card.

So the point is I am well and forced to pay to visit my family because someone in an official position has announced a whole city is a hotspot when the alleged death rate is only 0.00161 (800/4.9 million) of the population, yet perceptions dominant, people watch endless media that is constantly pumping out the same message and they believe it is everywhere.

Psychologically, the masks reinforce this image and they have health impacts as bacteria and viruses are breathed in and out and if there is infection it reinfects the person. Oxygen is lowered due to the mouth being covered. A subatomic virus is so tiny that it travels through face masks. Major Douglas Rokke an expert in the Pentagon is a chemical and biological weapons expert and was in charge of decontamination and training for the US military. He stated to imagine how porous masks are imagine the virus is like a small dot in the middle of a sports stadium, the space around that dot is the pores in the mask. He said it is not droplets it is a mist, so it appears the misinformation is coming from the CDC and those repeating it or staying quiet.  Major Douglas Rokke is a medical doctor, he was the US Military’s top expert.  He was the key person in charge of 100,000’s of  military personnel to ensure they are safe from contamination or exposures. He would have a higher status than the CDC.  Is he wrong?

A whistle-blower virologist Dr Judy Mikovits stated the masks don’t work they will make people sicker. She was astounded this advice was given. So who do we choose to believe?  We fear being like the one monkey climbing the ladder to be beaten up or ganged up on because that monkey is not doing the “right” thing. Or do we all get together and support them monkey so that they can reach the tap to turn off the cold water, metaphoric for pouring cold water on the truth and calling it conspiracy theory. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this trotted out as people repeat what they hear without questioning.

I’d been in Melbourne and got out on the day of the full border closure (23/24 July), I was initially refused as I didn’t have a NSW Permit but had a ACT permit. It was crazy to tell me after midnight that I had to go back. I told the police I am not going back. They escort me to Wodonga, my car is full of my things and I had no credit card. Where to sleep. I got lucky I met a guy having a smoke and he tried to pay a swipe card for me to get a room (I had cash for him – don’t use credit cards). I got lucky and he let me stay in the spare bed there. He was a gentleman. I met a MP the next day and he got me out, I was so happy.

I don’t want to rebel against authority but I have to stay true to myself as I am not allowing governments to force me to do things I know are unhealthy for me and could impact my health. Truth is more important than doing the “right thing”. How many follow others into harms way as group think wins rather than truth. I have to stay in integrity. I can’t stay as I don’t agree with the masks and see it as psychological in making COVID visible when it is not everywhere. I live alone and I am not living in a world where I am gagged, can’t breathe or can’t see a friendly smile and under what feels to me as house arrest when I am not a criminal. I have to breathe fresh air, be in the sun, feel free. Mostly I distance in any case as I work alone and this is my normal (as do most people). Ironically they let people go to supermarkets (large gatherings) and shutdown small shops (small numbers). It was not logical nor fair. Then they put them on job keeper which only indebts the country with foreign equity which will justify selling off public assets. That is what I saw as a trained economist. It was not healthy or logical in my book if this is about a virus. The big multinationals made a exorbitant profits (many foreign) stock exchange stocks rose and Australian local businesses collapsed. These businesses are the foundation to the Australian economy and work force (particularly for young people). Closing them down forces collapse and puts those people in a situation where they have no power and I am sure some suicided as they saw all their hard work go down the tube. As this goes on in Melbourne those businesses will not recover. It felt this alleged pandemic like an assault against the Australian people and their businesses, given the virus is mild (less than flu remember).

I went over the border to be free as that is the life I have to live for my health. I was that one monkey who took the chance, I didn’t allow myself to be constantly put in a position where I had to suffer what was thrown at us. I did not want to get used to giving up my power or my democracy. I could see the dominant narrative was creating danger for those who disagree, I saw that as mind control.

In my experience I had not seen one person sick nor did I know anyone with COVID. I read that COVID means Certificate of Vaccination ID. Something to consider. I am not saying there is not a novel virus, but I encourage everyone to question what is going on, to look at the vested interests and wake up to the world we are in. Who benefits? Is it lab created or natural and novel. The evidence is pointing to lab created as there is a patent on a coronavirus by the Pirbright Institute, go and research it. As you explore and investigate it leads to more questions about a global agenda which is not a new idea.

If the answer is yes that this is deliberate then look at the economies around the world being collapsed. Then you climb that ladder and have a good hard look as the future and think about the impacts on our children. This is reason enough to climb the ladder. Invite questions (both sides), invite ideas, invite different perspectives then sift for the truth. Work together. Find evidence from virologists, doctors, insiders etc. Anyone can find out if truth is their decision rather than following the crowd. We all get to choose.

A few links to get you started (swinging between a few trees, maybe find some fruit). Maybe you are a monkey’s uncle (ha ha) or maybe a monkey wrench (we call peaceniks who throw a spanner in the works this) or maybe monkey magic (remember the apes in MONKEY, watched that as a kid). We need some magic right now to make visible what is hidden.

Monkey 1: Dr Mikovits

Monkey 2: Doug Rokke

Monkey 3: Dr Kaufman

The actual deaths are extremely low and it appears that coronavirus is in flu shots and there are many types. So we can’t be sure the accuracy. But let’s just say 800/4,967,733 or 0.016% of the population have COVID as of September. How many died from preconditions, how many were near someone deemed to have COVID? What about exosomes (secretions from poison cells – Stress, EMF etc) apparently according to Dr Kaufman he saw the Wuhan DNA sequencing and indicated it was the same as SARS-COV-2, so he believes the range of respiratory, coughs, headaches could have other sources. So we have to have critical thinking here. Obviously if it is true we want the truth but if there is an agenda, we need to know as people’s lives are at risk. How did the numbers jump from 100 to 800 in a few months in Melbourne but nowhere else, so was it restrictions that have caused ill health and a spike? For those who they state had COVID the majority 93% recovered and only those with compromised immunity can die. Dr Kaufman does speak of the low oxygen in the lungs and people breathing normally and then dying from respirators (pushing air in). So the novel virus may well have this feature and the medical intervention may be the cause of death, again more questions have to be asked.

There are higher deaths from the flu (1500-3000 per year) and the reality with flu is that the virus constantly changes so they can’t immunise. Moreover, the drop in flu sure could be related to stay at home, social distancing but there could be other reasons. We have to open our minds and explore for truth. Yes it can be risky but millions around the world are sufferings and we ow it to them as world citizens to all help in solving a problem but not shutting people down or prsecuting differences. I am a pacemaker and in my training in conflict resolution we solve the problem we don’t hate people. No matter who they are inclusive of those involved.

Are we really questioning why the cold water is being thrown on us and is it because someone broke the rules or should we all support each other, allow the monkey to climb the ladder, perhaps they are coming from a broader perspective. If we are in a democracy they have a right to climb the ladder.