Are You a Real Friend

I have had quite a few call me friend, to discover that friendship was either conditional or not real.  The ones I have today are my best friends who have stood with me through thick and thin. Enjoy this poem sent from my heart to yours.

True friendship generates harmony on earth and peace in the hearts of millions.  It is a treasure.


A real friend,
Is not the one with the most platitudes,
But the deepest gratitude,
For they have found you.

A true friend,
Is not the one that recoils in fear,
But the one who embraces with a tear,
For they dare to care,
About someone else.

A kind friend,
Takes away the mask and lets you see,
Allows you to be free,
To be yourself,
They are there for you in your dreams,
They will share with you their dreams,
They are the ones that believe
In you.

The word friend is used liberally,
Many don’t know the essence of a friend,
Many are simply stepping stones,
Or assertions of status,
To be seen to not be alone,
To be popular and of value,
For one is broadly approved,
Therefore one must belong,
One can always be strong,
In a group.

I would rather be alone,
Then to be seen to be,
Every face I meet I greet in my heart as friend,
For I see beauty in every smile,
Some may be suspicious,
Some may feel contempt,
Some may be in disbelief,
For how can one love the many?
How can one be kind to the drunk on the street?
How can one help the disenfranchised to their feet?
For surely they are the least worthy,
Yet they are the most worthy of belief,
For humanity is all embracing,
Humanity is the truest jewel,
Where all is a friendship,
All journey to the end.

Just imagine how much easier is this road,
When love allows another to be seen,
Without judgement,
As a colour in the spectrum,
In the midst of the chaos theory,
For friendship is not a theory,
Or a calculation,
It is just being comfortable with yourself.

For male gets confused by female,
Profession gets confused by status,
Knowledge gets confused by ignorance,
Race gets confused by creed,
Poverty gets confused by greed,
Yet each is a point of departure,
Each separates one from the other,
Each judged from the pulpit of righteousness,
Yet I wonder if one was to simply discern,
Light and darkness,
What would one learn of shades of grey?

To simply observe differences,
To practice human rights with a smile,
To not be right but bright,
To accept one may be wrong and make room for possibilities,
For beyond the subtle peak of the mountain,
One peaks at the mountains subtlety,
For real substance is grounded in the earth,
The salt of the earth,
For each is a story,
That is long and detailed,
And a miracle to be enchanted,
A wish to be granted,
For friendship is the sea of generosity,
On the wings of freedom,
It forms a daisy chain around the earth,
Playing carelessly on the grass,
Plucking courage to be forthright,
To see with second sight another’s plight.

For I have been told that you are an angel,
Yet what you do is average in a loving world,
It is extraordinary in a world that no longer cares,
That doesn’t stop to give a hand,
That doesn’t ring to understand,
That turns its back on opportunity,
That sits waiting quietly to be seen,
For in every moment a golden opportunity
Is calling you,
To love yourself.