ATO, Richard Boyle, 161 Years Behind Bars??

This is in the public interest.
All are equal before the law, regardless of legal changes, threats of imprisonment etc.  If wrong doing is occurring it must be revealed.

Australian media have united in a coordinated campaign, ‘Your Right to Know’. The unprecedented campaign was sparked by the government’s attempt to crack down on journalists and whistleblowers like Richard Boyle, who is facing 161 years behind bars for revealing ATO’s abuse of power. 129,544 people think the charges should be dropped. susan, will you add your name?

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Stop the prosecution of ATO whistleblower Richard Boyle

Simon Blain started this petition to Christian Porter and it now has 129,591 signatures

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Richard Boyle is a former ATO staff member who is currently facing 161 years in jail for blowing the whistle on the ATO for its use of heavy handed tactics and revenue targets as motivation in its collection of debts.

Before going public with this information he disclosed his concerns under the Public Interest Disclosure Act to the ATO where they were investigated and dismissed. He subsequently went public with this information which resulted in a investigation by Four Corners for ABC titled “Mongrel bunch of bastards”.

The issues he raised have since been reviewed by Treasury and the Inspector General of Taxation and resulted in changes to laws yet he is now on trial, having been charged with 66 offenses, though his actions were clearly performed for the public good.

We call on Attorney-General Christian Porter to intervene in this matter and end the prosecution of Richard Boyle. Prosecuting this individual will greatly discourage any other potential whistle-blowers from coming forward and further erode public faith in our institutions.