Balancing Real Peace with Nature

We and nature are one.  What can we learn from nature?  There is great wisdom in the breeze.


What am I learning?

People play cards close to their chests,

They conceal, they do not reveal,

Are they real?

Games play out for what reason?

Why not just say it like it is?

The straight path gives clear directions,



Such psychological complexity,

So much cleverness,

So many seeking only their interests,

Unable to see the whole,


As the sum of the parts,


That each of us do matter,

The question is …  in which direction do we move?

Together or falling apart?


I hear the saccades singing the silent spring,

I feel the cool breeze hug my ankles,

The silence of peace pervades my small room,

For this is uncomplicated,

Simple is sweet,

It is regular, seen, known, reliable,

Living a silent rhythm,

A pulse that feels comforting,

There are no secrets in life,

Nothing is withheld,

Only infinite possibilities abound in the silence,

As life is adaptable, functional and available,

Nature has the whole in mind,

A holy mind,

For the mind of nature is the whole
reflecting many parts.


Humans are apart,

They have lost the root of truth,

That true community is unity,

They are reciting rote what is learned as truth,

They have certificates, acknowledgement and status,

Yet it means nothing when the rivers dry,

Or the ice caps melt,

For nature has a temperature that is irregular,

For when nature catches cold,

Our world is devastated.


We live in a man-made world filled with criss-crossing media signals,

Yet they are not the silent signals of nature that communicate real change,

Human signals hide from change to change in their image,

Human’s seek to distract from change and it is uncontrollable,

Yet change is inevitable when you hear the silent spring signalling transition,

As the earth changes its position.


I seek to change my ways that are out of steppe,

I seek to find the peaceful path as the middle path,

I desire to heal my discord with love,

I want to learn harmony as balance,

Happiness as joy,

Truthfulness as reality,

To simply love what is without resistance,

To change what I can and accept what I can’t.


Yet fear can get a grip,

Logic can psychologically trip,

For the natural way is to not resist but surrender to life,

For it works as a continuous thread,

Weaving a magic carpet,

A pattern maker of intricate design,

Generating a never ending energy system,

Designed to never deplete but complete cycles,

Skating the figure 8,

For it is an intelligent design recalibrating efficiency,

As all parts are the whole appearing in chaos,

None are excluded through judgement,

Nor right or wrong,

All is an integral whole dancing,

Celebrating the vibrant body of Gaia,

A Greek God that is Lovelocked not landlocked,

For a living system is self regulating,

Aware of the sum of the parts exceeding the whole,

As spirals of infinite growth weaved intimately,

For into-me-see is Gaia’s call,

Know and love the planet you live on,

For it lives you,

Learn about its systems and flow,

To find your own in synchronicity,

For when you know you will grow as the harmony of the spheres,

As the real sustainability that supersedes money,

Homeostasis intends 

balance in the moment,

And this is the natural selection that favours balance
as the real peace treaty.