Bill Gates: The Myths of Poverty

In the public interest.  The first video is about poverty myths.  The second video is about ensuring poverty doesn’t increase.

Bill Gates discusses poverty.  I find the perspective on poverty interesting. I find emotionally there is a real poverty in the west.  Psychologically people contrast lack of materialism as poor rather than lack of kindness as a form of real poverty.

As a person who lives on $35 per week in a 1st world country, I have found the greatest poverty in those who are well funded.  I would stipulate that there are no hard and fast rules here in respect of some with money being abundant in generosity and some poor people being poor in respect of generosity, so it can be revealed in either group, particularly the West.  However, in the poorer countries I find them more abundant than the West as communities.  So wealth depends on whether you are looking at generosity of spirit or material wealth.

The challenge with wealthy people who have lots of money is that they are given more air time because they have money and money talks not wisdom.  There are consequences when people have disproportionate influence. Equality would ensure we weren’t unbalanced globally.  Human’s are so active economically that they have seriously created imbalances, then the poor are the ones who suffer the most and have least say. Yet if you speak to a poor person they do have insights.  Poverty is reflective of inequality and overconsumption reflects credit.