Biofuels in Australia

If you want to create peace in the world, this simple step will assist in that direction.  As we move off fossil fuel energy, wars will be stopped based on strategic energy policy and if the world moved, then energy empires would collapse.  This would create a cleaner and more egalitarian world.

If you simply want cheap fuel then this is the way to go.

I would invite Australia biodiesel industry to not negotiate with oil companies. I would encourage the creating of new clean fuel stations that are differentiated from dirty energy.  Government should support competition of alternatives.

One last thought can we let go of using pretty young girls to sell fuel?  I recall when I was young women would be draped over cars or be identified with product to imply subtly a sexuality to sell.  We we move past this in respect of how women feel about objectivisation and how this links to how society sees women.  Just explain the virtues of it and people will go for it.

Video on how to make your own biodiesel below.


The Australia biodiesel industry is still trying to negotiate deals with oil companies to ramp up production, despite the introduction of a second State mandate There are some promising signs in Queensland following the introduction of mandate on January 1, however that is yet to flow through to the industry with supply contracts. The Ecotech […]

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The introduction of a biofuels mandate in Queensland appears to paying dividends – a great boost for an industry buffeted by cost pressures and misinformation. The Queensland Government is reporting a 30% increase in demand for E10 in the sunshine state. A lack of understanding on the benefits of E10 has held the industry back, […]

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Biodiesel is produced from renewable plant or animal feedstocks containing fatty acids using a process of condensation called transesterification. Post 1986 diesel engines can run on biodiesel, including cars, trucks, heavy machinery, and ships.



Ethanol is an alcohol made by fermenting sugar and starch components. Ethanol can be used as a fuel for vehicles in its pure form as a replacement for gasoline, but it is usually blended with gasoline to improve vehicle emissions and power.