Can you Heal Anything?

Dr Northrop provide an insightful discussion about healing which is about being whole or ONE. We hear words of wellbeing but the words have no relationships to true well-being.

Healing addresses the cause of the disease which begins with emotional trauma. So when people are locked down the authorities are causing emotional trauma which leads to disease. If we want to end disease then we end toxic approaches to life that are at war with difference or perceived threats. When healing arises the fight disappears as self worth is felt.

She speaks of the light body. We have imprints of trauma in the body or the earth. Healing occurs when we clear the discord.

It is refreshing to listen to her as this moment. When I first heard her speak I had a powerful feeling over my entire body. I knew she was significant.

The toxic reality is a projection of inner dis-ease. That is why disease is appearing in the outer world. If you have harmony within you feel peace and wellbeing and this changes the outer world. It resonates with the whole.

Ram Dass had a stroke and perceived it as being stroked. I love that.

Our world at this time is in a state of disease and addiction. The lack of love and repeated behaviours that become addictions as our nature is about patterns which is a form of efficiency.