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Optus says YES to Job Cuts and 5G

Optus is not an Australian company, it has oversees interests involved.

400 appears the operative number.  Refer previous post. 

The clear issue here is disruption, the sacking of people as they are displaced by automation – the quote is  “remove duplication and establish a more sustainable cost base”.  I sense ‘sustainable’ is code for automation.

I remember in the 1980’s when there were so many cuts to staff.  This is because the focus is profit not people.  The nature of economic growth is to minimise costs.  Whilst people are seen as economic units, not citizens in a society, they will be cut to ensure profit maximisation (not optimisation).

The nature of competition will create more ruthless approaches to gain market share, more use of data gathering and disruptions as they jostle for dominance.  This is the price wars as greed moves people to make money out of this industry. 

I question what is – duplication??

I question investment in network infrastructure – is this cables, wires, 5G? What exactly does that mean? What does it mean for the public?

The comment is made:

“…yet-to-be-unveiled 5G network to become a substitute for the National Broadband Network (NBN)…”  how much did NBN cost taxpayers.  What was the opportunity cost with replacing copper wires (public infrastructure) with cabling that is private.  How will 5G be a substitute for NBN?  What about the health effects of 5G that are being reported around the world. 


Scientists warn of potential serious health effects of 5G

5G Appeal 1 . Scientists warn of potential serious health effects of 5G . September 13, 2017 . We the undersigned, more than 180 scientists. and doctors from 35 countries, recommend a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G, for telecommunication until potential hazards for human

Optus to sack 400 workers, more job cuts expected in telco sector


Optus has confirmed it will slash approximately 400 jobs, with no plans to close any of its retail stores.

The reason for the job cuts is to “remove duplication and establish a more sustainable cost base”, a company spokesperson said.

It’s also part of the telco’s strategy to fund “future investments” in what it describes as an “increasingly competitive and disruptive market”.

Last week, Optus announced it would close its subsidiary brand Virgin Mobile — which will result in 200 job losses and 36 store closures.

When asked by the ABC about how much it expects to save from the latest round of job cuts, Optus declined to answer.

Expect more job cuts

“As mobile network operators lose control of their ability to grow revenue, it becomes more important for them to manage their cost base,” S&P analyst Graeme Ferguson said.

“They need to very carefully manage their cost base due to this significant competitive pressure.”

The competition is only expected to intensify with TPG’s entry into the 4G mobile market this year — as it joins the incumbents Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg, as we could see even more job cuts from other telcos — not just Optus,” telco analyst Foad Fadaghi said.

“Network carriers want to cut costs as a result, and the first place to look is where there’s duplication, hence the job cuts.”

Mr Fadaghi said he is not surprised about the job cuts, given the price wars occurring in the broadband market.

“You can get unlimited services for $10-$30 per month nowadays, much cheaper than 12 months ago.

“And the ability to charge per extra gigabyte is disappearing across the board, since 40 per cent of connections are now unlimited fixed broadband.

“Once that proposition disappears, expect job cuts.”

Another casualty of the heated competition in the telco space is Telstra’s share price, Mr Fadaghi observed.

Australia’s largest telco has had to defend its dominant market position by discounting against its competitors, which eats into its margins and reduces investors’ appetites.

Telstra stocks have fallen to $2.84 (at 2:20pm AEST), around their lowest price in seven years.

‘Market share’ is the key

“Now more than ever, there’s a possibility that wireless technology may become a substitute for fixed broadband,” Mr Ferguson said.

He believes that is why all the main telcos are investing heavily in network infrastructure — particularly as they see potential for the yet-to-be-unveiled 5G network to become a substitute for the National Broadband Network (NBN).

Not to mention, in his words, that “most people are on sub-optimal fixed broadband”, and the NBN relies on an “inferior technology mix”.

“Therefore, it’s critical to gain market share in the mobile market.”

“It’s harder to win customers than to retain them, as they tend to be ‘sticky’ with their existing provider — just like with electricity and gas.”

Petition to Stop the 5G Rollout in Australia

This is in the public interest.  Note the video below highlighting why we are facing a real problem to our health. The microwave radiation is eradiating other people and living beings.  Refer the video below referred to as a Lecture by Arthur Firstenberg

I am conscious these days of people on a phone near me.  I no longer have a phone as I do not want cancer.  I do not wish to impact others.

We have to choose the type of world we want to live in.  Do we want a healthy loving world where we live to our highest potential or do we continue with business as usual.  We are stuck in profit motives and self interest which is why our planet is ecologically collapsing and the public is suffering from health effects.  When we are out of balance we become unwell. When we are self oriented we do not consider the impact of our decisions on others or we find ways to ignore the health impacts.  The profit motive and greed is why the 5G is rolling out together with a vision of Smart Cities, automation and full spectrum dominance utilising digital transformation.  Electrosmog may not be seen but it impacts human health.

I like the saying ‘Denial is not a river in Egypt’.

Here is a petition to stop the 5G rollout.

Petition | Stop the 5G Rollout in Australia

The following petition, started by Jessie Reimers, is to the Minister for Health, the Hon Greg Hunt MP:

“Most people think that 5G is just like 2G, 3G and 4G and that it will just mean we have faster internet.

Unfortunately, this could come at a great cost to public health and safety as 5G technology is very different to anything we’ve had in the past.

Why are we rolling this technology out without a single, independent test for biological safety on not only our own health but our children, animals, the environment ……..”

To read the complete petition, and to sign, go to:

Let’s help Jessie Reimers keep up the momentum on this petition.

Over 50,000 people have signed – it’s on track to reach the 75,000 mark!

Previous petitions against 5G in Australia that SSMA has featured include:
Ban the 5G network in Australia to the Minister for Health and
Please test 5G technology BEFORE it is rolled out, which was delivered earlier this year to the former Communications Minister.

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13 Responses to Petition | Stop the 5G Rollout in Australia

  1. Anonymous says:

    I live in Melbourne city and am sure the 5G is affecting my well being, headaches,brain fog, trouble
    sleeping and you know something is causing it.cant prove it though.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Carl, I live in South Melbourne and have been experiencing the same troubles since 5g was rolled out in my area. I feel terrible all the time.

  2. Jannette Unwin says:

    I would ask this question? Why do the people of Australia / the world not question and investigate the real truth about 5G. IT IS A KILLER TO BEES, ( HOW WILL OUR FOOD CHAIN SURVIVE ), ANIMALS, and …..HUMANS….US ALL KILLED OFF.
    What is our Government doing about this. to date NOTHING.
    Scientists from around the world are all in agreement….THIS MUST BE STOPPED!!!

  3. fiona says:

    Funny, when I go on the link and try to sign all these other petitions come up-I am unable to sign. Is it finished?

    • Cathy says:

      I couldn’t see any problems just now when I clicked on the link in the post. The person who started the petition has also been keeping everyone in the loop as I’ve had quite a few updates since I signed. In the last update she also gave this link for the petition:

  4. 5G Concerns says:

    Excellent Lecture by Arthur Firstenberg (from 2018) explaining mobile phones, 5G, and where this is all unfortunately heading:

    Also, please visit:

  5. 5G Concerns says:

    Please check out this excellent, informative link revealing all the 5G tower locations across Australia, with detailed information about each tower.
    (488 towers currently).
    Look up what’s being proposed near where you live…..

    When you travel down the page, it lists all the towers firstly for Victoria, then NSW, then SA, then NT, WA, TAS, ACT, then QLD.
    Click on blue number to the left for more detail about particular tower location, and what type of tower it is. When map comes up, click on “Environment EME Report” for test information, comparing the difference between the “existing configuration” and “proposed configuration” at each site.
    The results are a real concern.

    In the Victoria list of towers for example:
    3133007 | 495 Burwood Hwy — VERMONT SOUTH, 3133
    In existing configuration (3G, 4G and 4GX) power density (mW/m2) at 0-50mtrs has been measured at 6.18 mW/m2.
    With the proposed 5G configuration, the power density (mW/m2) at 0-50mtrs will be going up to 506.044 (mW/m2).

    6.18 mW/m2 – 506.044 mW/m2
    That’s alarming!!!


  6. Jo Donnelly says:

    Yes I knew it was coming and would mean great suffering and likely the end to many and detriment to everyone’s health in one way or another. However, fighting for the last few years to avoid Wi-Fi and in particular smart meters kept me a little ignorant to when the devils newest and most evil device would be released. I have been staying in the Central Coast areas near the ocean, ironically mainly to avoid RF EMR and was ok until mid to late May this year. When I began feeling extra radiated and knew something extremely unhealthy was lurking in the air. I kept checking my meter boxes to ensure no smart meters had been stealthily deployed, or activated and regularly using my meters, doing lots of readings trying to find out what was now more widely a problem. Even heart pain and tinnitus which I only ever suffer mild and sometimes moderately near the strongest RF EMR and which I could usually manage in my home environment by avoiding dirty electricity/solar panels and their inverters/smart meters, etc.and I only ever use a totally wired computer/email system. But strong heart pain began in the last week in May and the tinnitus is now almost constant and very piercing since same date. While looking on the map of the Central Coast areas last week for somewhere else to stay, as I always check the distance of sub stations, etc. I fell upon the information that 5G had been released in Niagara Park Central Coast nsw and others the last week of May. Tracking back it was to the day my tinnitus and other EHS symptoms flared and intensified uncontrollably. How many of us will suffer and fall and have our illnesses exacerbated horrendously, before this diabolical health stealing, torturous, callous,, insane, genocidal practice is stopped.

    • anon says:

      Yes, I have been wondering if they have been putting new frequencies out of the cell towers lately due to an increase in symptoms. Can anyone elaborate on exactly what is going on?

  7. SSMA says:

    SSMA has been informed by a stop smart meter member who lives on the Mornington Peninsula that they had a knock on their door yesterday from a United Energy installer saying they were there to replace her meter. She has a locked meter box with signs & told the UE person that she did not consent to having a smart meter installed. The fellow left but said she would eventually have to have one.
    So the message is to please be vigilant!

  8. Pingback: Petition to stop the roll-out of 5G in Australia has started – Home Investigations
  9. Mr Allen Salter says:

    I attended a Rally/March in Melbourne on Saturday 22/6/19, organised by.” Stop 5G Melbourne “.
    It would be really good and Benificial if all groups who are opposed to 5G could form a ” United
    Group on this “.
    It would have been great if all Opossing 5G groups could have had a United Rally/ March!.
    My thoughts, anyway.

  10. Lucy says:

    I strongly support banning the roll out of 5G.

Chicago smart water meter installations STOPPED

In the public interest.

Chicago smart water meter installations STOPPED after city finds spikes of brain-damaging lead in homes

Chicago’s aggressive push to metered water came to a grinding halt on 28th June 2019 after testing found spikes of brain-damaging lead in more than 1 in 5 homes sampled, following the installation of a digital water meter.  The Department of Water Management’s website states that, “To protect our residents, and especially children, we are going to stop installing water meters until we identify a solution”.

Meters with automatic meter reading (AMR) technology – in other words, smart meters – had been installed.

Its FAQ webpage on water quality reveals that the indication is “the installation of water meters is the issue, not the replacement of water mains”.  The webpage also made it clear that the new meters don’t have lead in them.

So what could possibly have gone wrong?  Is it possible that pulsed radiofrequencies in proximity to legacy lead pipes, or brass fixtures containing lead, are not ideal bedmates? There is anecdotal evidence that high frequency fields produced by antennas can affect corrosion rates.  Or is another cause behind the worrying levels of increased lead in Chicago homes’ water following the installation of a meter?

SSMA asks how does this bode for the rollout of smart water meters across Australia?  Might the technology and deployment methods being used here also cause increased lead in drinking water?  In addition to the community and the environment being exposed to more electro-smog as a result of hourly transmissions between smart water meters and network gateways, and due to emissions from back-haul transmissions between network gateways and towers, are we also to be exposed to higher levels of lead in our water?

Some water utilities in Australia have already rolled out digital water meters with others, lemming-like, commencing rollouts or, like Melbourne’s City West Water, South East Water and Yarra Valley Water, continuing to undertake trials.

SSMA recommends that, as a matter of urgency, you contact your water authority and make your views known about smart water meters.

South East Water, like a number of other water utilities, claims that “Customers have told us they support upgrading our network to digital meters to help both the water utilities and customers manage our water more sustainably”.

SSMA asks if these customers would be equally supportive of digital meters if they were aware of the possibility of increased lead in their drinking water, in addition to the ramifications resulting from another layer of electro-pollution?


Previous posts that SSMA has done on the rollout of smart water meters include:
Victoria’s Minister for Water evades questions about smart water meters
Look out Victorian water customers – your utility may be rolling out smart meters!
Water authorities rolling out wireless smart meters!
Smart water meter “trials” have commenced!

EMR & Law, Melbourne, 26 October 2019

In the public interest.

Event | EMR & Law, Melbourne, 26 October 2019 Posted on October 20, 2019 by Stop Smart Meters Australia

Hear world renowned Barrister Ray Broomhall speak about his process applied successfully to halt 4G/5G mobile phone towers.

Ray specialises in extremely complex matters and has repute for his lateral thinking and for finding solutions outside the square. He is in high demand throughout the world for his work on electromagnetic radiation issues and is considered to be one of the leading advocates in this field.

Electrosensitivity Australia and Stop Smart Meters Australia are thrilled to announce that Karen Knowles (known to many from Young Talent Time) will join the EMR & LAW event as a guest speaker alongside Ray Broomhall. Karen is incredibly talented in many areas, including law. Karen consults to a select group of businesses on legal and intellectual property strategy.

The combination of 35 years’ experience in the music and entertainment industries, extensive business management, legal experience in contract and intellectual property law at a top tier international law firm, experience as in-house legal counsel for several entities and experience in IT start ups liaising with technical, strategic and business development partners, all combine to offer a unique capability.

Saturday, 26 October, 2019 2pm – 5pm West Preston Baptist Church Hall 108 Cramer Street, Preston Tickets · $22.19 on Eventbrite

Cancer Expert, WHO Adviser Says Mobile Phone and Wireless Radiation Causes Cancer

In the public interest.

A notable extract:

Environmental Health Trust (EHT) educates individuals, health professionals and communities about controllable environmental health risks and policy changes needed to reduce those risks. Currently EHT is raising health concerns about cell phones and wireless in schools and recommends practical steps to reduce exposures. The Environmental Health Trust maintains a regularly updated database of worldwide precautionary policies on cell phone radiation and health. The foundation’s website is the go-to place for clear, science-based information to prevent disease.

View and Download Dr. Anthony Miller’s July 31, 2017 Presentation from the Symposium

SB wire Press Release

Cancer Expert Declares Cell Phone and Wireless Radiation as Carcinogenic to Humans

Longtime World Health Organization advisor Anthony B. Miller M.D. updates opinion linking wireless exposures to cancer based on new scientific evidence.

Teton Village, WY — (SBWIRE) — 08/16/2017 — An expert cancer researcher and advisor to the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer (WHO/IARC) has issued his scientific opinion that radiofrequency (RF) radiation from any source – such as the signals emitted by cell phones, other wireless and cordless and sensor devices, and wireless networks – fully meets criteria to be classified as a “Group 1 carcinogenic to humans” agent, based on scientific evidence associating RF exposure to cancer development and cancer promotion.

“The evidence indicating wireless is carcinogenic has increased and can no longer be ignored,” stated Dr. Anthony B. Miller at a July 31, 2017 lecture in Jackson Hole, Wyoming sponsored by the Environmental Health Trust where international experts presented the best available science on cell phone and wireless radiation. In 2011, WHO/IARC classified RF radiation from any source as a “Group 2B possibly carcinogenic to human” agent. Miller believes the evidence published since 2011 fulfills the requirements to re-classify RF radiation as a “Group 1 carcinogenic to humans” agent.

Miller explained that the basis for his opinion includes recent scientific publications which include the 2017 re-analysis of data from the Interphone study, the 2014 French National CERENAT Study, several new publications on Swedish cancer data, and the 2016 results of the National Toxicology Program.

Dr. Anthony B. Miller is a physician epidemiologist who specializes in cancer etiology, prevention, and screening. Miller is Professor Emeritus at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health of the University of Toronto and Senior Medical Advisor to the Environmental Health Trust. He has been a longtime advisor to the World Health Organization (WHO) and was Senior Epidemiologist for the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). He served as Director of the Epidemiology Unit of the National Cancer Institute of Canada, Chair of the Department of Preventive Medicine and Biostatistics at the University of Toronto, Head of the Division of Cancer Epidemiology at the German Cancer Research Centre, and Consultant to the Division of Cancer Prevention of the U.S. National Cancer Institute. He has performed research about electromagnetic fields and cancer and has served on many committees assessing carcinogenicity of various exposures. Miller was visiting Senior Scientist in the IARC Monographs programme as a reviewer to the scientific literature supporting designation of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields (RF-EMF) as a Group 2B possible carcinogen in 2011.

Other experts agree that the increased evidence now establishes RF radiation as a human carcinogen. For example, researchers Dr. Lennart Hardell and Michael Carlberg have published several epidemiological studies that found increased brain cancer associated with long-term cell phone use and conclude that “RF radiation should be regarded as a human carcinogen causing glioma.” In addition, published epidemiological research has also found persons diagnosed with brain cancer had decreased survival rates associated with higher wireless phone use.

In response to skeptics who claim, “There is no evidence,” researchers point to published research that has consistently found increased cancer risk in well-designed case control studies that have looked at persons who used cell phones for more than ten years.

The July 31, 2017 panel presentation included international experts. Dr. Annie Sasco presented the WHO/IARC process used to classify carcinogenic agents. Dr. Devra Davis presented research finding wireless radiation results in sperm damage and alters brain development. Dr. Moe Mellion presented Dr. Iris Udasin’s clinical cases of World Trade Center first responders who developed brain cancer after combined environmental exposures to chemical toxins and wireless radiation. Theodora Scarato, MSW presented policies enacted by governments worldwide to reduce RF radiation exposures. Dr. Marc Arazi presented data released by the cell phone radiation test program of the Government of France, which found that when cell phones are tested in body contact positions, RF radiation exposure exceeds regulatory limits. Environmental Health Trust plans to post all lectures and videos from the July 31, 2017 presentation online.

About Environmental Health Trust

Environmental Health Trust (EHT) educates individuals, health professionals and communities about controllable environmental health risks and policy changes needed to reduce those risks. Currently EHT is raising health concerns about cell phones and wireless in schools and recommends practical steps to reduce exposures. The Environmental Health Trust maintains a regularly updated database of worldwide precautionary policies on cell phone radiation and health. The foundation’s website is the go-to place for clear, science-based information to prevent disease.

View and Download Dr. Anthony Miller’s July 31, 2017 Presentation from the Symposium

Scientific Publications on Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer Referenced in Dr. Miller’s Presentation

Watch an excerpt from Dr. Anthony Miller’s lecture on July 31, 2017

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