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The New World Values the Human Being

This video shows human development of a baby. It slows us down to deeply contemplate the incredible value of human life.

What’s beautiful about this video is the commentator is clearly a developmental expert and a mother.  So she brings humanity into her talk, when she smiles I feel her knowledge as integrated with joy.  It is interesting I feel tears coming to me with the recognition of the power of motherhood. I was never a mother sadly, as my calling was to serve humanity as my personal journey.  Yet always I loved children. My perspective was interaction on an equal level not as a parent. I never spoke down to them, I always spoke to them as they are me. In the persona of a clown you are the child. They see a great deal. I recall a child meeting me at Southbank in Melbourne dressed as a clown. My friend Hairy Potter gave this child a banana in pyjamas doll.  The next day I was driving out a side street in Fitzroy without clown gear.  In clown gear you can’t recognise me, without it clearly different. The child was on the path and looked up and said “clown”. The child was around 5. That was when I saw that they see us beyond the make up and costumes, they look into your soul as the thinking brain hasn’t distorted them at this stage. They are pure perception. Without our story we are as well.

I like the words:

New World
Strong World
Sitting World
Mobile World
Walking World

I wonder why they don’t develop colour vision until the 3-4 months of age.  Perhaps the light hits the cornea and activates colour, developing the light prism in the eye.  Dogs see in black and white. Fascinating. The commentator says this as well, she is not speaking from an intellectual perspective, she is seeing life develop and amazed at nature. She sees the brilliance in development. Most of us just see a baby crawling. We practice and develop our whole lives when open to life. Even when not, we learn. This is the knowledge of mother’s that has been discarded by humanity as “babysitting” I’ve heard. Motherhood intelligence is ignored as it is taken for granted. Her knowledge is not understood by men as they work. As women work they lose the connection to their children. For the mother’s presence is critical for child development. Daycare centes will devolve humanity as the mother-child nexus is broken in favour of making money. This is how commercialism stunts our growth. My hope is mother’s do not institutionalise their kids and come to value their role which is the most important role, more important than a prime minister, president, CEO of the wealthiest corporation. The humble experience of the mother’s love for her child is what changes the world. I’ve lived a life not as a mother but I’d say the mother’s I met know human nature far better than I. They know what is important, not money but people. My mother says it is all the time. That is intelligence that doesn’t data gather but intuitively values the human. This is the real national security as developed human’s don’t go to war.  I am researching world events I will add thoughts in as I integrate what I am learning about human development with the economic/political reality of those who see life differently.

So my message is to the United States and the decision to leave the Intermediate Nuclear Treaty (INF) due to China not being a signatory and the bi-polar world shifting from Russia to China. The INF is a nuclear framework that protects the public ensuring no first strike of long range weapons, it de-escalates the fear of annihilation. Opting out increases fear and tensions and now allows long range strikes.  China’s approach to humanity is why the fear is there given totalitarian rule and oppression of groups within China.  I note in this video is an Asian mum and baby. All life is precious. I say to the Chinese this could be a Caucasian baby or another ethnic group, all are of the highest value worth more than real estate or property or minerals.

So when men believe in dominating through violent weaponry it is the civilians that are harmed who are innocent, this is the crime against humanity. Control is not harmony. This is not preserving peace or security in our world, the insecurity of US/China relations moves us in the direction of mutually assured destruction (MAD) – lose/lose (no win). Resources divert from children’s wellbeing to inanimate weaponry. What you do to another returns to the self is a universal law (cause and effect). What you think about you bring about (law of attraction), you see as you are not as others are (projection). The hard work is developing an understanding of the “other’ not as “know your enemy” but to understand them as a friend is to connect to “humanity” (emotional intelligence) despite differences, criticism and rhetoric. Remember the critic is your greatest teacher as they will show you what you can’t see in yourself (blindness). If you cannot take criticism you are in denial and internally refusing to face the dark aspect in yourself, as you fear losing face (humiliation). Denial is an ego response to protect the image carefully crafted as “right”.  Lao Tzu who I will post more of taught the Chinese people about wisdom which comes from truth not deception. Deception leads you into a hall of mirrors where confusion reins not power. Truth leads you to the pond where you can see into your own reflection, only you know you. No two people have met, ever. You only meet projections of what you believe others to be. Gossip and demonization is the hall of mirrors. Saying it like it is as you understand it, provides security. This is where the real security is realised.

The doorway to peace is to “know yourself” and your humanity let’s go of the egoic voice that is negative. When you know yourself you can respect another. If you don’t respect yourself corruption flourishes.

For those making money out of murder these so called defence industries or contractors and non profits are caught up in economic mantras that justify terms of “defence”, “economic security”, “economic growth” in a world that is ecologically collapsing and in a time where COVID bioweapon is used to collapse the world economy. This is the culture of fear. The mind games all play do not honour life or the value of a child. How you treat children is symbolic of how you treat the world. The abuse in senior leadership levels is risking the lives of billions as you lost the connection to humanity and its true value.  This is a zero sum game.

We must all wake up to change that is inevitable.  MADness is not Illumination or progress, it is egress (backwards).
What if losing is winning? Who has the wisdom to know the difference?

So here is the video on child development, an area far more important than the arms race.  Maybe next life I have the joy of parenthood.  All the world’s children will have to be my children for now, as I serve them with love.

More People Dying from Suicide than COVID-19? WTF!!

I am not interested in any more comments about conspiracy theory as a detractor from democratic discourse and the need for a counter discussion on the cost/benefit of the decision taken in the name of keeping people safe when more people are dying from the outcome of restrictions, loss of rights, fines, loss of work and mandatory face masks now in Melbourne.

Most people are not aware that face masks actually lower the immune system. People breathe in their own bacteria and viruses and oxygen levels drop. The COVID label must be analysed given it is a grouping of common symptoms that kills less people than influenza? Yet with the flu there is no shutdown, ID checking, police patrolling social distancing (not physical distancing as recommended by WHO), people are quarantined even when they have no symptoms. WHO recommended stay at home orders for those sick. The measures that have been used is a “suppression strategy” very different from the Nordic countries who assessed that people should work and simply applied social distancing and working from home.

We need to have a global forum to discuss the global shutdown and invite not proscribed experts or those with vested interests, but those who work in the public interest to join together with the global society to discuss the world we want to see evolve out of this system interrupt.

The job losses are staggering and people are in real crisis. All this for what?? Is this about the vaccination industry making extraordinary profits at the expense of the world economy? Is it about a New World Order operating out of Silicon Valley or Israel or India or China implementing sensor infrastructure globally so IT can electronically connect and monitor people in ONE data system (new gold) and social credit system (controlling behaviour) where all must comply or be excluded. Will this be cashless? Will this be ONE world, ONE health, ONE education where sovereignty is collapse in favour of globalisation?

How does the shutdown, disruption and restructuring of our global society help the poor or homeless or are they useless eaters? Who cares about those who are not consumers but citizens? Are we moving from democracy to technocracy? What is the truth of the matter?

When all the arguing is over. It is only the truth sets us all free.

Lockdown-inspired suicides on course to DWARF coronavirus deaths in Australia & in time, even in US – studies

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Lockdown-inspired suicides on course to DWARF coronavirus deaths in Australia & in time, even in US – studies

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The global suicide rate is accelerating as coronavirus-triggered lockdowns supercharge depression and mass job losses push people over the edge. Australian and US researchers have highlighted the threat to their countries.

A spike in suicides triggered by Covid-19 lockdowns is expected to exceed deaths from the actual virus by a factor of 10 in Australia, according to researchers from Sydney University’s Brain and Mind Center, who published their findings on Thursday. Also on ‘I’m being treated like a leper’: Covid-19 survivors are shunned & abused by people who fear they’re still contagious

In the best-case scenario, suicide rates will increase 25 percent, Professor Ian Hickie predicted, observing that 40 percent of those would be among young people. If the Australian economy continues to deteriorate, suicide rates could increase 50 percent. This would add 750 to 1,500 suicides to the annual average of 3,000 deaths from suicide, and Hickie observed that these increased rates could “persist for up to five years if the economic downturn lasts more than 12 months.”

Putting it into perspective, the coronavirus pandemic has killed 97 people in Australia as of Thursday. Over 264,000 people have died with the virus worldwide, according to statistics compiled by Johns Hopkins University. But while infection rates are beginning to level off or even to fall in many countries, the economic hurt created by government responses to the pandemic has only just begun. Even before the lockdowns began, global suicide rates were going alarmingly upward, approaching more than 800,000, according to the World Health Organization.

Two epidemics at once for the US

In the US, suicide was already at epidemic levels before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, exploding over 35 percent since 1999. The country saw 48,344 suicides in 2018, according to the CDC, and rates have climbed most steeply in areas where economic deprivation is the most severe.

The lockdowns have apparently made matters worse, according to both the current stats and projections. Suicides in Tennessee quickly surpassed deaths from the coronavirus following the imposition of lockdown orders in March, with Knox County reporting more suicides than coronavirus deaths in the entire state – with six suicides occurring in the course of 48 hours, amounting to nearly 10 percent of the previous year’s total.  Also on US unemployment hits 33.5 MILLION, marking worst economic downturn since Great Depression

US President Donald Trump warned early on in the pandemic that there would be “suicides by the thousands” if prolonged economic shutdowns were imposed, and with upwards of 33 million Americans now out of work, it’s not difficult to see the fallout looming on the horizon.

Given that about one in three people who die by their own hand are unemployed at the time, statisticians have generalized that for every one-point increase in the unemployment rate, the suicide rate grows by 0.78 points.

But with US unemployment threatening to soar past even the Great Depression’s 25 percent rate, or up more than 20 points from what it was at the start of the year – a figure that doesn’t even include those working-age Americans who’ve never held a full-time job – the crisis is poised to translate into thousands and thousands of extra lives lost. Trump’s estimate, then, is no exaggeration. Since it will likely take years for the economy to return to normal, elevated suicide rates will likely persist long after the pandemic has faded into memory. Also on A cure worse than the disease: UK lockdown could cause 150,000 ‘avoidable’ deaths, MORE than the virus it’s meant to stop

As newly-revealed statistics increasingly ramp up the debate on the wisdom of lockdowns – New York, the epicenter of the pandemic, acknowledged earlier this week that 66 percent of coronavirus cases being admitted to the hospital were people who’d been isolated at home – doubt is increasingly being cast on the strategy of putting millions of people out of work in order to contain the pandemic.

There’s no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has claimed many lives, especially in the US, which tops the world charts, with 73,573 deaths attributed to the virus as of Thursday. But while coronavirus deaths are much more visible due to media interest, suicide remains a ‘silent epidemic,’ and one that threatens to explode as people remain isolated at home without income or support systems.

Australian Bill of Rights NOT Passed 24/3/2020

The Australian Bill of Rights Bill was not passed on the 24 March 2020.  I have posted the details of the Bill followed by my own experience as to why an Australian Bill of Rights is Essential for Public Safety.

This is a link to Dr. Patch Adams and the fact he cried of Human Rights.  He travels the world to the places where people are deeply disadvantaged. I travelled to Russia with him and I saw him cry over a little girl who was deaf and dumb, he made her smile, she was fascinated by him.  I filmed their interaction. He is a deeply kind man. Kindness matters today and will change the future.  Visit:

Bills not passed (current Parliament)


The bill will have no financial impact.

Australian Bill of Rights Bill 2019

Sponsor(s)WILKIE, Andrew, MP
Originating house
House of Representatives
Not Proceeding
Parliament no

Track (What’s this?)



Gives effect to certain provisions of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhumane or Degrading Treatment or Punishment by: declaring an Australian Bill of Rights; providing that any Commonwealth, state or territory law that is inconsistent with the Bill of Rights is invalid to the extent of the inconsistency; specifying that Commonwealth, state and territory laws must be interpreted consistently with the Bill of Rights; and providing the Australian Human Rights Commission with a range of additional powers and functions in relation to the rights and freedoms in the Bill of Rights.


House of Representatives
Introduced and read a first time 16 Sep 2019
Second reading moved 16 Sep 2019
Removed from the Notice Paper in accordance with (SO 42) 24 Mar 2020

Documents and transcripts

You can open the pdf or Word document’s below to read about the rights the politicians didn’t want us to have.

Text of Australian Bill of Rights

Word Format PDF Format HTML Format


Explanatory memoranda

Word Format PDF Format HTML Format

Proposed amendments

No proposed amendments have been circulated.


Schedules of amendments

No documents at present

A Personal Rationale as to why an Australian Bill of Rights is Essential for Public Safety

In the public interest.

I have spent 7 hours non stop writing about why we need an Australian Bill of Rights.  After my story I have pasted the government legislation that was proposed by Andrew Wilkie MP for Dennison (Tasmania).  It clearly is not wanted by the majority of politicians as it wasn’t passed. 

The 24th of March 2020 (5 days ago) was a day Australians will not realise was the most important day of our 200 year history.  Australians were in the midst of having all their rights to movement shutdown with the spread of the coronavirus. We as a people, and others around the world, are experiencing dictatorial edicts for the first time where we are being told we do not have the rights to engage in business on site (must go online), we are learning new words like ‘social distancing’, people are becoming unemployed as millions are likely to lose work given many live from pay cheque to pay cheque and industries are being shutdown given a virus.  I note that President Trump is stating his nation will go back to work next month as the virus affects the elderly and vulnerable and he sees that action can be taken to protect them and that the rest are healthy.  Our government is saying 6 months which could completely collapse the Australian economy.  However, on a brighter note people are talking about a new social contract, they get time with families, time to think about global issues and the sort of world we are moving into.  So maybe this little virus is timely for transformational change.  As we lose rights maybe we will gain more rights in the future as we awaken. 

I’ve been inspired for some time to advance an Australian Bill of Rights. This writing below has been inspired as I wasn’t able to stop typing and went deeper and deeper into this topic as it is dear to my heart.   This focus occurred as I experienced directly my own rights been violated and suffered greatly as I had to find truth to stop the pain I felt.

I have been denied the right to shelter, to housing, to social security (revoked due to conscientious objection to corruption), to early release of superannuation under severe hardship (no money, no shelter), to equality before the law (no access to legal representation).


When evicted from my home due to a landlord breaching Council by-laws, there was no right to be rehoused. I was on a low income and had no ability to pay rent as rents were unaffordable.  On route up north I was informed by a Centrelink officer (welfare), that I was not in equal partnership inside Centrelink, outside the system I have equal status.  I said I am a citizen and I am equal. It made no sense that I give up my rights because they give me income support which is my right as a citizen under the Australian Constitution (Section 51, subsection 23a).  Under a public/private contract system privatised job providers create a contract and have job seekers (welfare recipients) sign in a unequal agreement to activities which, in my case I knew would not get me work as I was professionally trained and I was having to apply for low wage jobs.  The class system was evident in the welfare sector, had I been at a professional agency I would be given coffee, sit in plush suites and offered jobs starting at $50,000 – $200,000.  At the privatised welfare agency I am offered $17 per hour in one case and I was not informed who the employer was, the treatment was evidently discriminatory breaching human rights but normalised in a unquestioned class system where a demographic serves.  In addition to ineffective job provision I had real concerns about the program Work for the Dole which did not build skills but kept people working against their will, breaching the other human rights protocols. In a professional setting there is no way a person would accept working for no payment in areas that had no bearing on their work.  It wasn’t even an apprenticeship training program.  I have been to bonded slavery camps where people worked for free their whole lives and their fingers were worn to the bone.  I was not lost on slavery.


In the Judiciary I was confronted with perverting the course of justice, misconduct and clear inequality before the law. I had no way to navigate the judicial system or have legal advice to ensure I knew my rights and had a strategy on how to defend myself to ensure justice happened.  I was not prepared for legal trickery, deceptive conduct, using the courts for advantage, selecting judges, intimidation and demonisation. I knew I was confronting a form of subtle bullying using the fear of jail and costs to ensure compliance when I was innocent.  I was even told that principled people get chewed up in the system, as if to be principled is a boon for lawyers, given they make more money if a person fights for what is right or moral, upholding principles as more valuable than making money out of cost orders or legal precedents.  I found the comment disconcerting and at the same time an insight into those who seek justice and lose everything.  Issues of misogyny were evident and inequality was in plain sight given comments about my low status and gender. Abuse was discounted as not important as I was the Appellant not the one who started the legal process.  I lost my right to an Appeal given I was put through a process on another matter to then have it turn instantly into a quick Appeal then set aside.  I was pressured, not unlike a forced confession, to sign an informal undertaking when the reverse is what happened to me. My perseverance was due to my desire to ensure a matter was resolved. The allegations I confronted were false and occurred after I reported sexual harassment. I knew the real loss was that the other party was not held to account, not as a form of punishment, but realisation as the behaviour causes harm. This included those in positions of power who were behind the attempted criminalisation (bullying) of the matter.  If they are not held to account and justice not done then a silent green light conveys deception, misconduct and illegality works. This makes it unsafe for others in the future.  I felt a duty of care for those coming after me who had no idea what they were up against. I didn’t want them to suffer as I had, I felt this duty deeply, particularly as an older woman.  

I came to learn that lawyers are engaged in activities that are not honest and wording is changed to hide information legally and signatures changed. They play tricks as if it is a game that the uninformed can’t possibly see or understand as most haven’t studied a law degree for 6 years.  I was most definitely at a disadvantage.  I learned that judges were immune from prosecution no matter their conduct. I felt that was wrong as no-one should be above the law if we are equal. I discovered I had no right to have injustice addressed by regulators as my detailed report style of complaints were technically not accepted, although they were read, as I did receive a response as part of the rejection of the complaint. This in itself was a miracle but likely due to my 500+ page report.  Again, analysis and justification in the regulator response was not accurate and implied mental health issues which appears a ‘modus operandi’ to discredit a person. What do you do when you are completely silenced and unsupported? Where to from here? 

A last point, I spoke to a lawyer yesterday who left the legal profession as he saw Justice was not done. He didn’t believe in it anymore. He saw people get off crimes due to technicalities and he said it was ‘not right’.

The business of law is a key issue where the objective is profit not justice. Justice is a noble principle and I believe it is the very basis of peace building in our society. If Justice is not done then trust in public institutions diminishes and the law becomes a tool of abuse.


This raised the issue for me of corruption and it made me feel more concerned as the desire to be heard intensified, it is like a cry for help. I saw and felt human rights as a central issue as it came up overtime again and again. With perseverance I found the words to express what had happened that was concealed but loudly felt in my experience.  Unfortunately, human rights are hard to prove as abuse can be subtle and collusion covered over through collegial relationships and status.  If you have no witnesses or advocates you cannot find parity or justice to ensure those in positions of power uphold standards, accountability, legality, transparency and justice.  Their offices must be free of corruption as they may have many people under their control and if they do not respect people on a basic level they will do harm.

No Rights

The experience of not having rights leaves you in a position of utter powerlessness, or at least you perceive you are powerless as no matter what you do or say nothing happens, you cannot affect change.  It is not unlike trying to defend yourself against an attack you cannot clearly see as there is no evidence trail but you know what is happening is harmful.  You are confronting those who know the system and know how to remain unseen.  Bullying is normalised and it is a key tactic.  Bullying is a repeated negative behaviour, that is not a misunderstanding, but designed to intimidate and harm.  You will suffer deep trauma as it goes on so long and you cannot understand why you are treated with such disrespect and lack of care. It personally hurts as the suffering is ignored. You will honestly assert your case over and over believing you are not understood, you then try to find a solution, you will seek help, you try to be heard, and you then seek another pathway to resolution via mediation so that the other party can understand how their actions impacted. Yet over and over you find people who see you as unequal as this sentiment permeates many areas, you become a number and unless you tick the criteria you are moved on. You know instinctively that parity must happen if social stability and harmony is to occur.  If it doesn’t then toxic behaviour is rewarded and this becomes ‘how we do things around here’ as there is no rebalancing of the scales of justice.  You realise you are not heard and a sense of no exit from the problem, as the path leads to a desperate desire to suicide.  I have lay on the floor in the fetal position in agony desperately seeking the courage to finish.  I had no mental health issue, it was in response to non-resolution, silent abuse (silent treatment) and the knowledge that I had no rights.  It was extremely painful.  I wrote so many reports as I had to solve the problem to find my power, as I felt disrespected and I realised my deeply felt values of equality were being confronted.  It impacted me at a very deep level, it was more than cultural beliefs, it was a sense of my humanity being threatened.  When you announce your experience of desiring to suicide to those in positions of authority they remain silent sending a message indicating they don’t care at all about your life.  It weighs heavily on your heart as you realise you are not valued, respected and have no way of getting help.  It is like a silent scream. You cannot let it go as it feels fundamental, much of what you feel you can’t articulate for a long time.

Truth Matters

In my case, I persevered as a peacemaker as I had to know the truth as I felt the pursuit of power and control was the barrier to peace in our community.  I knew I had to find out and understand the nature of power. At times it is a desperately lonely road and isolating situation and you have to be very strong to survive it. Inner truth was a light in the darkness for me.  To be honest spiritually this light grew brighter the darker it became as I had nowhere to go but within to discover the real power was my sense of love, peace and forgiveness directed towards others.  My life felt threatened at a deep level and it awakened me to the importance of human rights.  Until you go through the revoking of rights you cannot empathise with how incredibly hard it is.

Systemic Structural Violence

Violations of human rights is a form of structural violence that can’t be proved as a violent action but the actual structures are based on inequality e.g. income (access), private education (privilege, status), gender superiority, career path history and prominent groups who are silently validated professionally and ideologically. The public are not aware of these contrived signals, traditional pathways and economic structures that filter the right people into positions of power who share an ethos or membership of recognised groups and ideologies.  Therefore, there is silent bias is in the system and this has consequences for those on low to middle level incomes who cannot afford prolonged court cases rendering justice out of their reach.  This is how resentment builds in the community, it has its basis in unfairness due to inequality.  

Freedom of Information is not free

Another area of inequity is the Freedom of Information (FOI) process that can be entered by the public to gain access to their own information held by the public sector (providing they are not privatised).  In this process it becomes evident that users pay costs is used to charge people to access their own information.  The barrier of costs means that people will not consent to long searches as they have to pay every 15 minutes in some cases or by the page and they can’t know the final cost or if they can afford it.  Moreover, when making the request they can’t know or identify the person who would know where their information is as they don’t have insider knowledge.  It is expected that they identify officers and dates. There are legal barriers to prevent access to information which is essential if the public need to check if information held is correct or to identify corruption, illegality or incompetence in information gathering, storage and accuracy.  When you go through these processes you can see how lawyers have set the bar high to block sensitive information, particularly in contentious cases which is necessary for a functional democratic society. When this becomes difficult you know that the balance of power has changed and you are not being served.

Conscience or Power?

What became evident after many years was the fact that no response or accountability meant that conscience did not evoke change, only power moves people of influence.  I believe there is a gender orientation, as women typically are emotionally tuned in and they will respond and empathise readily, with males it is harder, particularly if they are socialised to suppress emotions as a weakness and professionalism projects as control and unfeeling.  I will add that some women can be this way if they are a masculine female.  Some men can be feminine masculine which makes them more feeling. So it is not a hard and fast rule, to be fair. It became clear that abuse is about suppression of emotions, detachment and power behaviours not a simple misunderstanding. Within this context human rights abuses happen as people don’t feel naturally to rectify a situation or from a business perspective have a image or reputation to protect coupled with risk management strategies that protect the legal entity as the people are seen as a threat.  It is very sad this has happened. As innocent people can suffer for years with no resolution at all.

Dismantling of Democracy and Globalisation

We are witnessing the dismantling of democracy, an unequal playing field, globalisation where money talks and the business ideology permeating the public sector as if this is efficiency and the public sector is inefficient.  The reality in my opinion is that the public assets are viewed as cash cows and ownership (privatisation) of public assets ensures a sound revenue base given the secure flow of taxation dollars and if the public/private partnership arrangement is contracted in a Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) with large multinationals, they can sue governments if profits are impacted by cancelling a contract or some other form of disruption. The public have witnessed corruption and issues of corporate welfare where business is rewarded with profits whilst those in the most disadvantaged positions are treated with less rights, lower income and less access to desperately needed services.  It makes you contemplate landlords and surfs – the surfs who should be grateful for the crumbs that fall off the table! They experience diminishing conditions, rising costs, abuses of rights and growing powerlessness and victimisation.  The reality is that power as greed corrupts and corporate concentration (high profits) creates distortions in respect of democratic decision making as corporate donations curry influence or corporates enter politics to ensure favourable treatment or to ensure their industry profits from a restructured government sector. Thus the playing field is biased and increasingly causing harm to ‘We the People’ as those they serve are increasingly corporate interests justified as economic growth.

Silencing and Weakening of Dissent

There are growing concerns here in Australian in the silencing dissent, suppression of media freedom, changes to anti-discrimination legislation, strengthening of religious freedom (favouring one group over another) in a traditionally secular parliament, real income of welfare payments falling below the poverty line, privatisation of public services, increasing users pay for public goods (public sector assets) as ownership is gradually transferred through public/private partnership and the list goes on.  

Sovereignty vs Foreign Interference

The most concerning issue that I realised was the Smart Cities agenda. This complete transformation of the economy is not understood by the public as there is no plebiscite to discuss radical changes to our lives.  Although same sex had a plebiscite referendum which I believe some thought would fail.  There are issues of foreign interference raised by ASIO and others. On the one hand the US is seen to infiltrate through IT sector and contractors and on the other hand there are issues of Chinese influence here.  Others speak of Israel and on it goes.  Sovereignty is a key issue and clearly if powerful interests are paying their way into changing our lives, We the People have a right to know given the public is paying for government and it is supposed to act in the public’s interests, not special interests.  

Digital Transformation of Society without a Plebiscite Referendum

So if there are plans to disrupt the society with replacing human intelligence with artificial intelligence, or jobs with automation and digitisation of all public and private systems forcing people to use online for all their transactions, communications and activities, it sets up a scenario of a cyber reality replacing the physical reality and the implications for privacy are enormous and understated.  Do the public want their identity demanded every time they transact? Do they want online tracking? Do they want voice recordings? Do they want facial recognition? DNA prints? Their debit and credit cards to have tracing chips where everything can be traced, profiled and categorised.  Do they want iPhones that record everything we said generating algorithms directing paid advertisements to pop up acknowledging what is talked about breaching privacy with impunity?

Privacy and Metadata Gathering 

The issue of metadata gathering is a huge issue for the public.  It is often justified under the guise of national security, thus trading off rights for security asserting threats such as the war on terrorism.  We then find out from whistle blowers that criminal cartels are operating at the highest levels of power and have been collecting data for years without our consent and still doing it.  It is shocking as a citizen to find out about illegal black operations as disruptions and high level funding of crime e.g. Deep State and Shadow Government as referenced by ex CIA high level whistle blower Kevin Shipp.  His videos explain the depth of this issue.

Citizens Feel Overwhelmed and Powerless

As a citizen this leaves you feeling that this is out of control.  You feel completely powerless to do anything as politicians are not jumping up and down in outrage, then you wonder who you can trust?  People appear positioned in sensitive portfolios to protect others and you think you are reporting to an authority to discover nothing is done, it raises real questions and fears about who is protecting the public interest as disclosures are protected and criminalised by legislation.  How do we get the right to know what is happening in our government?

When corruption exists as a citizen, if you have bravely spoken up as I have, you don’t feel safe as you are not protected at all.  You find out you phone is monitored by foreign intelligence agencies as I am a peacemaker. You realise that peace people are seen as a threat.  The FBI are documented as having infiltrated peace groups which reveals a pro war stance. I was not anti-war in my work but more interested in developing inner peace and universal values refer  I have been astounded how I’ve been deemed a Person of Interest because I want a peaceful loving world.  On radio I recorded whistle blowers and met a few and had no clue that this was deemed threatening, I was innocent in actual fact but just following a thread which lead me down a very long road to where I am now typing away here.

When a person is targeted, and in the knowledge of having dealt with lawyers, that your image can be manipulated, you can be set up, evidence falsified, you can be criminalised and your reputation called into question if you dare to challenge those in power.  I realised that the left/right paradigm was really not true, it was more about challenging power and the need for power and status.  I assumed I was equal.

I know I was vilified and categorised as left wing when I wasn’t left wing or part of culture wars. I found out more about these conflicts later as the real war in my view is about unfettered access to furthering commercial interests without inhibiters.  The underlying issue is addiction to a way of life and the great fear of losing power. Those feeling threatened don’t sit down and question their fear, they will demonise and seek ways to silence rather than hear the critique which in truth is for their highest good. That sentiment is the same in reverse, a genuine critique of me is in my highest good. The fact no-one talks means we don’t know each other, just words on a cyber page and silently categorised without real contact and knowing of what the problem is and how to solve it.  That is what a mature society would do. In our society we still fight wars without conscious understanding that ultimately these fights undermine the orchestrator of it and is a lose/lose for all.  We are connected as humans and what we do to others returns. This is a universal law. That is why empires fall as Gandhi wisely observed.

When you go through these injustices it leaves you stunned and I would say the façade of democracy crashes down as you look for solid ground.  Values for me is the solid ground, corruption is like shifting sand, you never know where you stand and you don’t know who to trust, even those I believed in fell from grace. I understand why people go into denial as they can’t handle the truth of what they thought was solid to be not real at all. 

You realise in the system you have no power or ability to protect yourself from those who do not respect human rights and prefer to take all rights away.  We’ve seen the US and Israel leave the United Nations Human Rights Council. This is extremely concerning and yet there is no real response to it. 

From a public point of view, it is very frightening where we are going and we have to stop and think deeply about this direction as it will impact the children’s future. For myself I see a Brave New World, rising fascism, white supremacists, secrecy, paedophilia, secret societies, monitoring the public, targeting people, secret police forming, misinformation circulating in layers, growing inequality (weakening rights and access), deception (off balance sheet or private status), selling off public assets which renders the public having no rights yet still paying taxation for services they have to then pay for again (users pay) when it should be free. 

Public/Private Organisations and Partnership

The Government Organisational Register reveals how many government departments, government organisations and contractors are engaged in government activity. 


See listing of the categories.  The most interesting graphics were found at this link:  

Footnote from Summary of Key Statistics: 

  • Principal bodies (Blue)-bodies connected with government policies, purposes or services which are prescribed under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 and the related rules. 
  • Secondary bodies (Green)- committees, councils, boards, statutory office holders, consultative bodies and working groups linked to the Australian Government. 
  • Other bodies (orange) – Subsidiaries of corporate Commonwealth entities and Commonwealth companies; Joint ventures, partnerships and other companies; National Law bodies; and, Bodies linked to the Australian Government through statutory contracts, agreements and delegations.

The pie chart and bar chart indicated only 15% (Primary, blue) of departments are accountable under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013. 

The secondary, other (green, orange) colours appear not to be accountable under the Act.  For me the issue is government oversight and public rights (through ownership).  I felt concerned at this private/public arrangements and what that means for human rights and citizens rights.

Note the ‘other bodies’ (orange) reveal higher proportions in the Departments of – Finance, infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development (Smart Cities is in this portfolio) and Prime Minister and Cabinet. Does this mean other influencers who are not the public?

I am concerned there are complex multifaceted agendas going on that are not validated by the public interest test.   Given my experience I do not feel the public are safe if they speak up and this challenges power, hence the increasing feeling of repression and laws changing.  I do not believe I am safe when all I want is a peaceful world but I have challenged power in order to speak the truth but not with a negative intention but more an investigative challenge as I felt something was wrong and I felt duty bound to say something as people are often too scared.  I don’t have children or a partner so I have nothing to lose.  I don’t even have assets. 

Good Governance Supports Freedom

I can’t live in a world where I am not free to determine my own life, to live my own dreams and to express who I am without fear or reprisal.  I don’t want to live in fear but in hope and inspiration.  I can’t live in a world that does not respect the people or pathologically cooperates in order to change systems to benefit the few allowing many to be harmed.  I have real concerns about capitalism without government oversight.  I am in support of good government. I do not want the government to fail

I want to live in a world where everyone lives to their highest potential, where they express their voices, talents and build together a culture of peace where we learn to live in harmony with other cultures, ideologies, religions and utilise differences to creatively expand our civilisation together.  I believe there is greatness in the public that is suppressed due to the way we have structured via economics and power. I want to live in a community where we feel happiness and productivity is measures by wellbeing, caring and Gross National Happiness rather than infinite economic growth that only denudes resources and encourages market concentration of power favouring one group over another and excessive exploitation not only of people but the planet.  I want to live in a world where we can use our creativity to envisage a better world to ensure our environment is protected, our wildlife do not become extinct, the oceans are not fished out, that the earth systems are not polluted, damaged or radiated causing cancer.  I want to live in a world where the public around the world have a say over their lives and to have a genuine vote in a system that serves people without the need to control or rig the outcomes.

Despair at the Loss of Equality and the Indifference to Violence

I have cried at the loss of egalitarianism (equality) in my country which is what we are famous for. I have cried at the Royal Commissions into abuse of children, the elderly, disabled, mental health causing harm to those vulnerable.  I have cried at the incarceration of people in private jails who are innocent, forced to work or abused inside and outside are always labelled as ex criminals (no reform or forgiveness).  I have cried for innocent refugees incarcerated in the offshore detention centres desperately uncertain about their futures, left to waste for years in detention, suffering psychological abuse, separated from families and desperate to the point of suicide, some sewing up their lips and their lives oversighted by private companies with military connections.  I marvelled at the billions spent on these centres when they could have roamed freely around society until their applications were processed.  

Actions Taken in Our Name Harming Disadvantaged Persons

As a citizen I am dismayed at what is happening in our name and my own treatment as a citizen who has so much to offer my society yet when perceived as unemployed or homeless I experienced discrimination on the basis of the protestant work ethic and business paradigms. I was even told that I was economically unviable because I was serving society and not placing a money value on my vocation.  I am different I am not motivated by money, what moves me is love and this sense of duty of care.  I sit here aching in my arms and legs having sat for 4 hours straight. I feel passionate as the desire to communicate is so strong. It comes from the deepest part of who I am, it comes with innocence as truth from my perspective must be spoken as my right to freedom of speech is essential for my wellbeing. I desire to contribute to democracy and the right to be human (human rights).

The Duty of Citizenship

I felt a strong sense of citizenship as a duty to speak up as I am a peacemaker.  I dreamed I was teaching peace not as a political statement but as a state of being. I have concerns for the public wellbeing, health and safety.  

Other health issues such as electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation emitted by iPhones, computers, electronic devices, smart meters (electro smog) as Wi-Fi is powering the Internet of Things (IoT).   EMF and 5G are reported by a growing number of experts in the media as detrimental to the health and safety of citizens and that inappropriate and inadequate testing has occurred given industry influence in government and this determined push to roll out this IT SMART technological future.  It is evident that private studies skew information as Al Gore demonstrated with environmental studies, the same applies with EMF. 

Lobbyists and revolving doors

The issue of lobbyists is a big issue as they have the resources, expertise and strategies to impact policy, influence politicians and divert public resources to specific industry interests rather than to benefit the public.  Profit is the big issue here as they are utilising this mechanism as a strategic marketing approach to garner influence and market share.  Australia has a Registry for Lobbyist and you can gain an idea of who is influencing decision makers.  It should be noted that influence can be done without money and can be in-kind and hidden in creative ways. However, this link gives an idea of registered lobbyists seeking the best outcome for their industries. 

In addition, lobbyists can go one step further and enter Parliament to advocate for industry interests not the public. This has been clearly evidenced in the United States where each politician has an industry or foreign power influencing their decisions. The Federal Communications Commission head Tom Wheeler who formerly worked as a venture capitalist and lobbyist for the cable and wireless industry. Many speak about the revolving door into industry back into government on a wheel. Wheeler was critiqued for not providing stringent testing for 5G but rather focusing on industry profits which appears the weakness, as government becomes a business not a representative of the public. The public can’t match this type of power or influence as people are individuals not operating as a group, many have been made to feel they have no power or say and then they turn off in resignation. This is where the people lose power.  I felt the same but I persevered and used my experience to learn about power and look for empowerment and insight as the people do have power when they come together. 

Smart Cities Technology and Potential Weaponisaion concerns

Weapons experts and ex intelligence officers become whistle-blowers and reveal the intelligence community is being privatised (and weaponised as contractors for private business) and this creates greater risks in respect of public oversight and civilian safety (if deemed the enemy). 

The Smart Cities technologies are sold as labour saving, predictive, automating households.  The NBN networks are sold to provide better downloads yet no information is lost as ex PM Malcolm Turnbull famously said. You research and learn of Smart Meters with sim cards sending data to overseas private companies who gather and compile data determining movement in the house, technologies used, mapping household activities, behaviours etc. without any input from the public.  Then you hear military experts like Mark Steele (ex Naval weapons expert) saying that public infrastructure of lighting can be weaponised through LED lights as energy directed weapons. You discover lights can be used to track and triangulate iPhone locations, gathering personal data, profiling and identifying people as mentioned by the US whistle-blower Edward Snowden.  

As a citizen I actually feel very uncomfortable when I see cameras in lights.  I have been to Russia and this appears worse to me than any politburo.  I have been facially recognised, after I attended a Senate hearing into AFP and Press Freedom.  I gave a poem ‘We the People’ to Senator Kristina Keneally who I recall indicating there will never be a Charter of Rights.  I saw a parliamentary secretary look at me, and tap into a computer. The next day or so I was walking across a plaza, only person there, a bright light came on and a camera, I saw police insignia.  My mother was driving her car at night, which I drove to Parliament, she was pulled over by police a few days later.  Ironically I was walking and saw the flashing lights in the distance, I didn’t know she was being pulled over and breath tested.  We both believe the police thought it was me. It makes you wonder about random drug tests, the collection of everyone’s mobile numbers, IDs, DNA and the intensive monitoring of the public when the issue of violence has not increased other than overseas activities which today are being questioned.  So I don’t feel confident these technologies will protect me, I am more concerned about being harmed by those who do not value the freedoms and values I deeply internalise and defines democracy as my culture.

Foreign Interference Impacting Rights

The issue of government allowing of unregulated foreign IT high tech and telecommunications companies to breach privacy and using data as the new gold standard as billions and trillions can be made by advertisers and associated industries accessing private information for commercial use and resale as a market. 

Again, the targeting of those who disagree or dissent with what is happening can be quietly designated as a form of ‘enemy’ is of great concern in democratic societies. It is not the same as breaking a law and legal action, this type of targeting is of an intelligence nature and removes problems illegally.  That is the concern.

The public in democratic societies are not aware of what oppression is about. They still believe they have the right to speak up, they do not know that the democratic principles are changing to a technocracy where rights will be based on access (consent). No access will occur if you don’t agree with terms and conditions, so you lose the right to say ‘no’ and it impacts your quality of life.  The company protects their legal rights. Thus sections of the community could become increasingly unsafe as those monitoring do not hold the same democratic beliefs or basic respect of human rights and equality.  This is the core issue.

So what can we do?
How can we be protected if we don’t agree with this
Brave New World?

Homeless have No Rights

I became homeless because I didn’t agree with the job provider system and I refused to give consent (sign a contract) with private organisations that were not delivering jobs or real options and pathways.  I was cut off income support (revoked access) as I couldn’t comply with corruption and my democratic right to say ‘no’ to what I believe is not in my interests or harmful to me. I realised private companies were profiting from disadvantage and rorting the system given ABC 7.30 Report disclosures. 

When I became homeless I didn’t know that if I was not on Centrelink for 26 consecutive weeks I lost my right to access homeless services.  I lost my right to access superannuation even though I am in severe hardship.  I contacted politicians and today believe that I was vilification given my rights were not upheld under the Australian Constitution which had far reaching implications.  I had no shelter and no income.  I couldn’t get a basic income or emergency payment as I was outside of the system.  I contacted politicians received confusing letters transferring responsibility to others, others signing letters, referrals and no outcome at all or no response.  The latter was concerning as I recall politicians always responded. Today they don’t and I wondered if it was because I was not deemed important or an industry representative– so status as access.

I contacted the homeless sector, spoke up at conferences, but not one approached me to offer help or advice.  I was not informed that I would not be able to access the sector without Centrelink which meant I kept bumping up against more walls.  If I hadn’t already been through this silent treatment it happened again. There was no compassion.  No pathway. No help as again my life had no value whatsoever.  People just did their job and went home to their warm bed.  The same issue I confronted with Centrelink and the privatised job provider system was evident again in the homelessness sector.  Privatised companies making money out of those in desperate need of help.  The homeless I spoke to and interviewed for radio told me that the rooming houses were charging $250 per week (same amount as Newstart allowance, welfare) so no money for food or anything over and above. Another was begging made $7 in 7 hours.  Another was having a liver transplant and had been discharged from hospital in the awareness of homeless status. I’ve been told by a nurse that psychiatric or mental health cases are discharged onto the streets.  Very concerning.  Another complaint was private belongings stolen in homeless accommodation and no respect by those running the accommodation. Another spoke of police brutality towards a homeless woman. Another spoke of rape and sexual issues another mentioned paedophilia.  A young woman’s mother died and she was rendered homeless.  A young man couldn’t get work became homeless and had a drone monitor him he stated. He had been to jail as a man was rude to him and he had a fight. He was giving up on the system, it was very sad.  I met a lovely older man who was sick and couldn’t afford food. Another was on drugs as his son had died and he needed to cope.  So many stories, tragedies, no support, stigmatisation and the list goes on.  Until you walk in the shoes of a person experiencing homelessness, you cannot know the reality and the human rights abuses.  To not give a person shelter when clearly there is plenty of money is contempt for those in hardship as they are not economically viable. We witnessed billions coming from somewhere for those rendered homeless in the fires (although some reports say the money wasn’t distributed), in the coronavirus situation billions are being made available. So it sends the signal that homelessness could have ended for 116,000 people but the decision was not made based on the value of housing a homeless person compared to a project that brings in economic dividends. Profit over people is the old adage.  Materialism over humanity. We can probably find many dichotomies to highlight the problem.

An Australian Bill of Rights

An Australian Bill of Rights is essential as vulnerable people cannot stand up for themselves, they don’t have the education, the money or the status to be treated as equals and with dignity.  Many don’t vote as they know there is no advocacy for them even though they are citizens.  Some call them useless eaters as they are not valued in a technocratic world where access is about income.  The cashless card issue means that people can’t beg for money or purchase without being traced to retain privacy, so they are not, in my view, stalked.  I regard surveillance without any violence issue or threat as a form of stalking.  I’ve been through the most difficult situations were my wellbeing was ignored and when I had cancer and suicidal no-one cared at all.  I came to experience a mindsets that were detached and disconnected.  There was no empathy and it raised alarm in myself as I saw those with this type of disposition as dangerous.  I felt it as a duty to not remain quiet, but when I did speak up I put myself in harm’s way as those in powerful positions want me to be silent. So for people like myself An Australian Bill of Rights could have removed all the pain and suffering I went through as it set the high bar of an Australian standard enforced by just laws.  Over a decade of seeking a fair resolution to never even receive an apology.  The refusal to hold people to account means a Bill of Rights would have the power to ensure the public are not used and abused.  To see that this bill was dumped tells me the reality I face in respect of my human rights being protected.  What does the International Civil and Political Covenants mean if basic rights are not valued?  What about the Economic Cultural and Social rights Covenant? What about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? The Equal Opportunity Act or the Australian Human Rights Commission? 

Do we just abandon what every soldier fought for, what we have all worked for and identified with?  Do we just go with the money and leave human rights and ethics at the door.  Who do we want to become? Do your values and actions matter?  Absolutely they do. 

My hope is that MP Andrew Wilkie, the former Office of National Assessment Intelligence officer turned whistle blower re-submits this Australian Bill of Rights and I would ask him to NEVER GIVE UP.  As those of us homeless without income and left utterly without any real redress or power they need to have protections in a world increasingly disconnecting through technology, rewiring the neural networks in the brain (STEM, computers), losing empathy, losing community and a sense of responsibility (even to protect) for each other, increasingly self-interested, rewarding greed not kindness and moving towards this Brave New World that desires full spectrum dominance.

I believe I experienced this Brave New World ahead of others.  I did communicate it in another report to government and clearly that was not received in a democratic mode of respect or at the very minimum, problem solving. It is not a world I have voted for and I will not be living in this world. My world will be one of peace, love, kindness, respect and unity.  My world will encourage every person to live to their highest expression, to live out a life based on what they feel called (or inspired) to do and where we see ourselves in each other and know what we do to another returns to the self.  That life has a natural justice and as we harm others we harm ourselves.  This world is about higher truths, higher values and integrity where we no longer need a Bill of Rights but automatically we accord rights as we value everyone equally.  That is how I live today.

MP Andrew Wilkie is an extraordinary politician.  He introduced an Australian Bill of Rights into the Australian Parliament in 16 September 2019.  This bill accords a clear Bill of Rights to all Australians.  It will assist in ensuring we treat each other with respect and equality and retain our democracy. 

Sadly this bill is one of 16 bills NOT PASSED.

In this blog I have shared from my heart all the reasons why a legally enshrined Australian Bill of Rights is critical for public safety.  It will save lives and stop abuses.  That is my deepest wish. I send this wish out like a ‘forget me not’, I blow my words like seeds and pray that they take root in the heart of another soul who shares my deepest wish, then they blow their words as wishes and another plants a seed.  In the end we have a garden, a forest and a renewable earth.  Join with me in wishing this into reality.

Thank you for reading.  I am grateful.  May it serve others.


My websites and blogs have emerged from my questions and visions for a better world as I seek to explore the barriers to peace in our world. May our happy destiny be unavoidable.

Law, Donald Rumsfeld and Abu Ghraib

In the public interest.

Rumsfeld and Abu Ghraib


Monday, Apr. 25, 2005

A year ago, when the first photos appeared of U.S. soldiers beating and sexually humiliating detainees at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, President George W. Bush expressed horror and disgust. Recognizing the damage that the abuses had done to the image of the U.S. abroad, he promised, in an interview broadcast to the Arab world via the Pentagon-funded TV station Al-Hurra, that the crimes would not go unpunished.

In the coming months, he affirmed, “those mistakes will be investigated, and people will be brought to justice.”

And, indeed, investigations have been conducted, court martials have been held, and a few perpetrators have been convicted. One soldier, army reservist Charles Graner, Jr., was sentenced to a ten-year term of imprisonment, the heaviest penalty to date.

But these results represent partial justice, at best. Notably, with the exception of one major personally implicated in abuse, only low-ranking soldiers — privates and sergeants — have been held to account.

Thanks to the Abu Ghraib photos, Graner became the smiling face of American brutality. Yet there is no ignoring the fact that while he and other underlings have faced prosecution, those beyond the camera’s frame — those who made policies, gave orders, and condoned or ignored abuses — have not.

If this is justice, in President Bush’s view of things, it comes awfully close to scapegoating. For the evidence shows that the abuses at Abu Ghraib were not isolated and aberrant acts and that, in fact, the worst perpetrators may not have been those whose faces were captured on camera.

As Human Rights Watch described yesterday, in an important new report, the abuses at Abu Ghraib are part of a broader picture. They fit a pattern of brutality and mistreatment, evident at Guantanamo, in Afghanistan, and in dozens of U.S. detention facilities worldwide, that “did not result from the acts of individual soldiers who broke the rules. It resulted from decisions made by the Bush administration to bend, ignore, or cast rules aside.”

Rumsfeld’s Possible Legal Responsibility

Human Rights Watch’s exhaustively-documented report names the top officials, both civilian and military, that it believes should be investigated for crimes against detainees. Its list starts with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and goes on to include George Tenet, the former CIA director; Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, U.S. military commander in Iraq from June 2003 to July 2004; and Gen. Geoffrey Miller, the U.S. military commander at Guantanamo.

While the report does not reach any conclusions as to the ultimate guilt or innocence of these officials, it argues that abundant evidence exists to justify their investigation. Under both U.S. and international law, it explains, civilian officials and military commanders may be held criminally liable if they order, induce, instigate, aid, or abet in the commission of a crime. In addition, under the doctrine of “command responsibility,” individuals who are in positions of civilian or military authority may be criminally liable for the crimes of those under their command.

Secretary Rumsfeld, the report asserts, may well be liable under both of these theories. He may have directly instigated abuses when, on December 2, 2002, he approved a list of inhumane interrogation techniques for use at Guantanamo.

These techniques — which include the use of hoods, stress positions, isolation, stripping, deprivation of light, removal of religious items, forced grooming, and dogs — violate not only the Geneva Conventions but also legal prohibitions on torture and other ill-treatment. The techniques later “migrated” to Iraq and Afghanistan, where they figured prominently in abuses against detainees there. In Iraq, moreover, Rumsfeld approved the hiding of detainees from the International Committee of the Red Cross, a practice likely to facilitate abuse.

Journalist Seymour Hersh has alleged, in addition, that Secretary Rumsfeld approved a secret program that encouraged the physical coercion and sexual humiliation of Iraqi prisoners.

Rumsfeld may also bear command responsibility for abuses against detainees. To be liable under the doctrine of command responsibility, a superior must have known, or have had reason to know, that a subordinate was committing a crime, and the superior must have failed to take reasonable steps to prevent the crime or to punish the perpetrator.

Rumsfeld clearly had the necessary knowledge. In Afghanistan, Iraq, and Guantanamo, Secretary Rumsfeld had access to military briefings, ICRC reports, human rights reports, and press accounts that would have put him on notice that U.S. troops were committing war crimes, including torture. Yet, despite receiving abundant warning of abuses, there is no evidence that Rumsfeld ever exerted his authority to protect prisoners from mistreatment.

The Need for an Independent Counsel

Yet while soldiers like Charles Graner, Jr. and Lynndie England are put on trial, Rumsfeld is not. Indeed, if there were any doubts as whether legal liability for Abu Ghraib abuses might eventually be traced up the chain of command, a high-level Army investigation whose findings were announced last Friday probably put them to rest.

Conducted by the Army Inspector General, a subordinate to Secretary Rumsfeld, the new investigation exonerated four of the five top Army officers in charge of detention policies and operations in Iraq. To Human Rights Watch, the American Civil Liberties Union, and other groups that have documented military abuses, it provided further proof of the need for an independent counsel to look into allegations of abuse.

For when President Bush told the world that the perpetrators of crimes at Abu Ghraib would be brought to justice, he didn’t not qualify his claim. He didn’t say that a handful of low-level perpetrators would be brought to justice.

And we shouldn’t, in retrospect, have to say it for him.

Joanne Mariner is an attorney with Human Rights Watch in New York. Her piece is based on a just-released Human Rights Watch report, “Getting Away with Torture? Command Responsibility for the U.S. Abuse of Detainees,” written by Human Rights Watch special counsel Reed Brody.

Pedophilia: Epstein, Clinton, Maxwell is when Intelligence is not SMART but Cruel

I’ve just had an IP address visit my blog and look at my blog on Hillsong church and boys town and questions around pedophilia.  I was curious about where the IP address was and googled Loxahatchee Groves and pedophilia and found this article below.  

I marvel at how life just brings information when you set the intention for truth and follow the prompts.  I can’t verify the information but I can only post it as part of my own commitment to visibility and to encourage society to investigate pedophilia.  However, the police investigation of Jeffrey Epstein has been proven.  It is essential that this is stopped and the problem of pedophilila treated, incarcerated (safety of public) and discussed as children must be protected, it is not a question of if or but.  Abuse is not acceptable or okay as children suffer terribly and it destroys their lives.

My heart goes out to the young girls in the Epstein case who were lured and abused, raped and harmed.  I have always protected young girls on my journey as I have known the pain of abuse which arises from emotional detachment.  

The list of names involved in this is frightening.  I no longer believe people are what they appear.  I do not wish to become cynical but I am alert and asking questions.  However, I believe in justice and allegations must come before a court where the judge is impartial.  I’ve encountered judges who are not and this has to be stopped as well.  We have to nationalise courts so they can’t be influenced by special interests.  Justice must be seen and done. 

MOSSAD, CLINTON AND YOUNG GIRLS  (is this censorship or removed as inaccurate? those removing content is evidence of bias)



The island of Little St James was managed by Cathy and Miles Alexander.

Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of ‘Mossad agent’ Robert Maxwell, helped recruit the Alexanders in 1998.

http://www.dailymail. /

Ghislaine Maxwell and her father Robert Maxwell, ‘who built himself a position of power within the crime families of eastern Europe, teaching them how to funnel their wealth from drugs, arms smuggling and prostitution to banks in safe havens’. MOSSAD’s MAXWELL

How might Mossad and its friends control the top people?


Bill Clinton made many trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, Little St James, where Epstein ‘kept young girls as sex slaves’.

Bill Clinton identified in lawsuit against pedophileJeffrey Epstein – Daily Mail ‎

One of the ‘slave-children’, Jane Doe 102,  has testified that she “was forced to have sex with… politicians, businessmen, royalty, academicians, etc.”


Clinton with two prostitutes. Bill Clinton identified in lawsuit against pedophileJeffrey Epstein – Daily Mail ‎

An ongoing lawsuit between Epstein and his former lawyers has led to revelations about the island, called Little St. James.


The lawsuit claims that Clinton was friends with an unnamed woman who ‘kept images of naked underage children on her computer, helped to recruit underage children for Epstein… and photographed underage females in sexually explicit poses’.

This unnamed woman was reportedly one of the guests at Chelsea Clinton’s 2010 wedding.

Bill Clinton identified in lawsuit against pedophileJeffrey Epstein – Daily Mail ‎/ Bill Clinton identified in lawsuit

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild


On 13th March 2011, the Mail on Sunday reported on Jeffrey Epstein’s private Caribbean island, Little St James, and on his ‘little black book’ listing phone contacts. 

(How Prince Andrew shared a room at Epstein’s Caribbean hideaway with a busty blonde.)


Among those whose names have been linked to Epstein are:

Ehud Barak

Bill Clinton

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and his daughter Hannah

Lord Mandelson and Lord Mandelson’s boyfriend Reinaldo.

Ghislaine Maxwell

Epstein and friend


Naomi Campbell

Sir Richard Branson

Lord Palumbo, the UK’s former Arts Council chairman and godfather to the Duke of York’s eldest daughter Beatrice


The journalist Toby Young

Dame Gail Ronson, wife of the multi-millionaire British developer Gerald Ronson

The JCB tycoon Sir Anthony Bamford

Philippe Amon, a Swiss industrialist

Caroline Stanbury, a former girlfriend of Prince Andrew.

Ehud Barak


The island of Little St James was managed by Cathy and Miles Alexander.

Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of Mossad agent Robert Maxwell, helped recruit the Alexanders in 1998.

Among those who visited Little St James was Prince Andrew.

“Numerous academics, architects and some of the most prominent scientific and business minds also enjoyed Epstein’s generous hospitality.”

Epstein had daily massages.

“Former Epstein ‘masseuse’ Virginia Roberts says these were usually little more than foreplay to a sex act.”

Read more here: http://www.dailymail.


There have been allegations that the Clinton family are linked to the CIA… given details of being forced to have oral sex with Hillary Clinton.



Cathy O’Brien and Hilary Clinton
She has given details of how she was forced to have oral sex with HillaryClinton.





Anonymous said…

TV comic ‘groomed’ tragic overdose teenager: 18-year-old’s mystery death after star ‘showered him with gifts then made sexual advances’


Anonymous said…

Oxford University accused of ‘betraying’ alleged victims of sex attacks by hushing up reports of assaults carried out by students and professors


Anonymous said…

TRANCEFORMATION OF AMERICA and the image of the blonde Cathy O’Brien’s private parts of the body with some weird signs…

I didn’t slept for days.


Anonymous said…
St. John Tradewinds – 29 October, 2006
Florida Sex Scandal Involving Little St. James Owner Touches deJonghs Gubernatorial Race

A titillating sex scandal in Palm Beach, Florida, which has resulted in the indictment of a mysterious “money manager” for billionaires — who declares the U.S. Virgin Islands as his legal residence for tax purposes — in a prostitution case involving teenage girls has washed up on the shores of his USVI home on the 100-acre private island of Little St. James.

Jeffrey Epstein, 53, who was the target of an almost year-long investigation by Palm Beach police of “unlawful sexual activity” at his Florida mansion involving teenage girls procured by his employees to perform massages, was charged with one count of soliciting a prostitute, a third degree felony, in July 2006.

Celebrity Defense Attorneys
After initial reports of the intensive investigation surfaced in early 2006, a high-powered team of celebrity defense attorneys including Alan Dershowitz and Roy Black discredited the affidavits of a number of the high school-age girls, one as young as 14 years old, who claimed they were hired to perform massages on Epstein in their underwear or naked and subjected to sexual advances and sex acts.

“Sworn taped statements were taken from five victims and seventeen witnesses concerning massages and unlawful sexual activity that took place at the residence of Jeffrey Epstein,” according to a probable cause affidavit filed in the case by the Palm Beach Police Department.

“On 03/15/2005, a fourteen year old white female… … and her family reported unlawful sexual activity which occurred at a residence within the Town of Palm Beach,” the police affidavit continued. “(The victim) reported that a subject known to her as ‘Jeff’ had touched her vaginal area with a vibrator/massager while within his residence. ‘Jeff’ was later identified as Jeffrey Epstein through a photo line up.”

Epstein’s legal team reported the financier passed a lie detector test affirming he did not know any of the girls were under age. A grand jury returned only one indicment for solicitation.

Palm Beach police monitored Epstein’s activities, including the comings and goings of his private 727 jet, for almost a year after receiving a complaint from the parents of the 14-year-old girl in March 2005 about sexual activity at his Palm Beach mansion.

The Chief of the Palm Beach Police Department has criticized prosecutors for filing only one charge against Epstein despite months of investigation by his department and more than 100 pages of depositions from the alleged victims.

The detective who led the investigation — who told St. John Tradewinds he never visited the USVI as part of his work on the case — declined to comment when contacted October 25.

Helicoptering to Little St. James
Epstein traveled by private jet to St. Thomas and by helicopter and private launch to Little St. James, according to one worker on on-going construction projects at the private island. A giant American flag flies from a towering flag pole on the island whenever Epstein is in residence on the island he bought for less than $10 million in the 1990s.

“There were always pretty young girls around,” the source told St. John Trade-winds. “I don’t know how young they were, but there were a lot of them.”

The high-powered motor launch which transports guests to and from Little St. James is sometimes seen at the V.I. National Park dock on St. John and one St. John resident reported seeing the boat — with numerous pretty young girls on board — at the beachfront compound owned by a wealthy Connecticut financier on the north shore of St. John in the V.I. National Park.


Anonymous said…

St. John Tradewinds – 29 October, 2006

Campaign Money Returned
While several major political candidates in New York, Connecticut and New Mexico returned campaign contributions to Epstein after details of the criminal investigation first became known in April 2006, Epstein’s connection to a U.S. Virgin Islands politician surfaced just weeks before the upcoming election in a story in the St. Croix Avis on October 22.

Epstein, who declares the USVI as his residence as a participant in the territory’s Economic Development Authority (EDA) program to secure significant tax breaks, employs the wife of Democratic nominee for USVI Governor John deJongh as director of the charitable foundation he funds as a requirement of the EDA program.

Ironically, the only published report of Cecile deJongh’s relationship with Ep-stein came in a March 2006 coverage of a physics symposium for several hundred high school students on St. Thomas by the V.I. Daily News and an on-line St. Thomas news service. Cecile deJongh was identified at the time as “Director of the J. Epstein Virgin Islands Foundation.”

DeJongh Responds
“I understand these questions have to be asked,” deJongh told the St. Croix Avis when asked about his wife’s continued employment by Epstein’s foundation.

“It’s just a job, that’s all,” said deJongh, who has waged a strong anti-crime campaign. “ I think it’s highly appropriate she continue there.”

The St. Croix Avis report has been criticized by deJongh supporters and members of the St. Thomas media as “yellow journalism” and politically-motivated. A guest writer for the V.I. Daily News, in an October 25 column headlined “DeJongh camp should ignore 11th-hour ‘dirty tricks’ smear,” called the St. Croix Avis report “below-the-belt journalist bushwhacking.”

Case Turned Over To FBI
The Florida case has been turned over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), according to Palm Beach Police Detective Joe Recarey. The FBI in Palm Beach could not be reached for information on whether their investigation would include Epstein’s transportation of young women to the USVI or the financier’s residency or EDA tax status in the USVI.

Epstein’s residency in the USVI for tax purposes has been the subject of New York City reporting in the past, some of which contributed to recent changes in the residency requirements for EDA participants promulgated by the federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS), according to the New York Sun. EDA participants are now required to spend a minimum average of 183 days per year in the territory to qualify for the program’s tax benefits.

“But whatever one’s view of the Virgin Islands tax breaks from a public policy perspective, Mr. Epstein seems to have demonstrated by his own behavior that the program didn’t require him to be resident in the Virgin Islands enough to prevent him from getting in trouble elsewhere” according to a July 28, 2006, editorial in the New York Sun.


Anonymous said…


Lawrence Peabody, who designed Habitation Leclerc in Haiti, was brought in as coordinating designer. He planned the arches and columns and advised Di on the interiors.

The Cummins follow whim and urge and their two daughters’ school schedules from Sun Valley to their Fifth Avenue duplex penthouse to their shingled house in Bridgehampton, each place an escape from the previous escape. Wherever they are, somewhere in a distant room rock music plays, attractive friends lounge, and the machines that keep Arch hooked to his fortune are beepinging away. Wherever they live, there are great kitchens and outrageously luxurious bathrooms and beds stacked with small towers of Pratesi pillows. A few startingly grand pieces that Di calls “serious” and “major” have been picked up at auction. In the background are the smiling staffs – the chefs and nannies, the gardeners and workmen. A driver is usually waiting downstairs in one of the Range Rovers to take Arch or Di to the gym. The boat captain is handing someone aboard their black Sea Ray, The Apostle. In the Hamptons the black Porsche is roaring out over the white gravel to take someone to the Meadow Club, or Arch is off on his Harley with the biker boys of East Hampton. There are always departures and arrivals and cars dispatched to meet someone at the airport.

Di Cummin is a wanderer, now able to wander among her own houses but still liable to take off for Turkey or the pyramids. She left her native Australia at seventeen and says she has never spent more than three weeks in one place since. She used to model. Arch Cummin is a sportsman and investor who took a summer off from the office to travel with Di and never returned. Philadelphia, Harvard, Wharton, and First Boston are remote now, and the Victorian silver frames hold only pictures of immediate family.

At Little Saint James, Di comprised n very little of her original vision. She wanted outdoor balcony showers and got them. She wanted the house to be lit only by candles and light reflected off the water and white stone, but she gave in and had a strip of light run under the moldings. Still, it is a dark house at night and deeply romantic, with the wind blowing the scent of frangipani, white ginger, and jasmine. A blue heron high-steps across the lawn, sinking into the thick soft grass. The Cummins’ black boat and their white boat bob in the pale water.

Arch and Di have created a whole ecosystem here, with the help of landscaper William Neil, who now lives in a very chic tent on the beach and propagates the island’s own plants. Once the plants were in, birds and insects never before seen on the island began to appear. Deer even swam the sea from Saint John to get to Little Saint James. In season giant sea turtles came to nest on the beaches.

Eleven years after Arch bought Little Saint James, workmen are still arriving daily, now to dig a running trail around the island. Like all great houses, Little Saint James is never quite finished.

Di has rebuilt the tent on the beach where she slept while the house was being built. She liked to open the tent and look back at the unfinished pavilions shining on the hill in the moonlight. “It’s the only house that turned out even better than the dream in my head,” she says. But she still wants to keep her tent because Di Cummin likes simple things.


Anonymous said…
Town Crier – 7 January, 2011
Man Arrested Following Murder At Lox Groves Party

JAN. 1 – A Wellington man was found fatally shot early last Saturday morning on C Road in Loxahatchee Groves.

According to a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office report, deputies were dispatched to a home on C Road shortly after 4 a.m., after reports of gunshots being fired. There, they found 23-year-old Vito Caggiano dead from gunshot wounds.

According to the report, Caggiano attended a New Year Eve’s party in the area when an altercation between him and other males occurred. Caggiano was shot by one of the men, who then fled. Caggiano died at the scene.

Twenty-year-old Stephen Woodman of West Palm Beach was arrested last Saturday night in connection with the shooting. He was charged with first-degree murder and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, according to a PBSO report.

Dec. 31 – A Wellington man was arrested late last Friday night for drunken driving following a traffic stop near the intersection of Greenbriar and Greenview Shores boulevards. According to a PBSO report, a deputy from the Wellington substation was stopped at a traffic light at the intersection when he observed a black Land Rover traveling north on Greenview Shores Blvd, with its two left tires flat. The deputy initiated a traffic stop, and the Land Rover’s driver pulled up onto the curb and stopped with the vehicle’s right tires on the sidewalk. The deputy also observed the right rear passenger vomit out the window. The deputy made contact with the driver, 66-year-old Arch Cummin, and could detect an odor of alcohol on him. A second deputy arrived on scene and, after conducting roadside tasks, Cummin was arrested. He was taken to the Palm Beach County Jail where breath tests revealed he had a .120 blood-alcohol level. Cummin was charged with driving under the influence.


Anonymous said…
Hawaiian Reporter – July 26th, 2006
Billionaire and Bill Clinton Pal Arrested for Solicitation of Underaged Girls

Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was arrested by police on charges of solicitation after detectives from the Palm Beach, Florida Police Department conducted what they termed “an in-depth investigation.”

The police report alleges that Epstein was paying underaged girls and young adult women to massage and have sex with him. On Monday, the court records were unsealed, which revealed that he faces the charge of felony solicitation for prostitution.

The Palm Beach police chief and his officers, including detectives assigned to the case, were outraged that Epstein wasn’t charged with more crimes. Cops, both on and off the record, said they were furious with the county prosecutor and the State Attorney’s office for the way in which this case was handled.

Police Chief Michael Reiter was so angry that he wrote a letter to the state attorney complaining about the case and requesting that the prosecutor be taken off the case and replaced with one who would move to obtain a superseding indictment with addition charges.

The state attorney’s office claims that the police department looks at the evidence from a different perspective (i.e., from the courtroom’s standpoint).

The Palm Beach County prosecutor’s office was embroiled in controversy for three years when they pursued a far-reaching drug investigation of conservative talk show icon Rush Limbaugh. There were accusations that the county prosecutor, a Democrat, leaked information to the news media regarding the Limbaugh case.

Epstein is pals with former President Bill Clinton and Donald Trump and is known to contribute tens of thousands of dollars to the Democrat Party.

Epstein’s attorney stated that his client did not commit any crimes. His attorney also stated that his client passed a lie detector test stating the he was not aware that the girls were minors. Lie detector tests are not admissible in a criminal court.

However, police officers counter Epstein’s lawyers claims by saying they have irrefutable evidence including sworn affidavits from five alleged victims — some who were underaged when they allegedly had sex with Epstein — and 17 witnesses.

Jeffrey Epstein was called an international mystery money man who appeared on the news media’s radar when he jetted to African on his private Boeing with Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey and Chris Rock. New York Magazine in 2003 stated that he was a man known to love the ladies and was very secretive about his financial endeavors. The article claims no one really knows how he makes his billions of dollars.


Anonymous said…
6 March 2008


JANE DOE, by and through
JANE DOE’S MOTHER as arent and natural guardian,

1. Jane Doe is a citizen and resident of the State of Florida. She is a minor under the age of 18 years.

3. This Complaint is brought under fictitious names to protect the identity of the Minor Plaintiff because this Complaint makes sensitive allegations of sexual assault and abuse upon a minor.

9. At all relevant times, Defendant Jeffrey Epstein was an adult male. Epstein is a financier and money manager with a secret clientele limited exclusively to billionaires. He maintains his principal home in New York and also owns residences in New Mexico, St. Thomas and Palm Beach, Florida. The allegations concern Epstein’s conduct while at his lavish estate in Palm Beach.

10. Upon information and belief, Epstein has a sexual preference and obsession for minor girls. He engaged in a plan, scheme, and/or enterprise in which he gained access to primarily economically disadvantaged minor girls in his home, sexually assaulted these girls or coerced them to engage in prostitution, and then gave them money. In or about 2005, Jane Doe, then 14 years old, fell into Epstein’s trap and became one of his victims.

11. Upon information and belief, Jeffrey Epstein carried out this scheme/enterprise and assaulted girls in Florida, New York and on his private island, known as Little St. James, in St. Thomas.

12. An integral player in Epstein’s Florida scheme was Sarah Kellen, an assistant of Epstein’s from New York, New York and Haley Robson, a Palm Beach Community College student from Loxahatchee, Florida. They recruited girls ostensibly to give a wealthy man a massage for monetary compensation in his Palm Beach mansion. Under Epstein’s plan/enterprise, Ms. Robson was contacted shortly before or after Epstein was at his Palm Beach residence. Epstein, Kellen or someone on their behalf directed Ms. Robson to bring one or more underage girls to the residence. Ms. Robson, upon information and belief, generally sought out economically disadvantaged underage girls from Loxahatchee and surrounding areas who would be enticed by the money being offered – generally $200 to $300 per “massage” session – and who were perceived as less likely to complain to authorities or have credibility if allegations of improper conduct were made. This was an important element of Epstein’s plan/enterprise.

13. Epstein’s plan, scheme, and/or enterprise reflected a particular pattern and method. Upon arrival at Epstein’s mansion, Ms. Robson would introduce each victim to Sarah Kellen, Epstein’s assistant, who gathered the girl’s personel information, including her name and telephone number. Ms. Kellen would then bring the girl up a flight of stairs to a bedroom that contained a massage table in addition to other furnishings. There were photographs of nude women lining the stairway hall and in the bedroom. Ms. Kellen would then leave the girl alone in this room, whereupon Epstein would enter wearing only a towel…


Anonymous said…
Wall Street Folly

Today’s obligatory NY Post Jeffrey Epstein item focuses on the Caribbean….

However, this one tame in comparison to the she-male lawsuit headlines that we’ve seen over the past days….

Sources say the former math teacher, who owns the lush, tropical island of Little St. James, off the coast of St. Thomas, regularly ferried boatloads of young women there.

Sources also say Epstein enjoys a warm relationship with USVI Gov. John P. deJongh Jr. “Epstein has donated as much as $1 million to the governor’s election campaign,” said our source. In addition, Epstein, who runs the charitable J. Epstein Virgin Islands Foundation, employs deJongh’s wife, Cecile, as its director. He also pays for the education of the governor’s children at the exclusive Antilles School on St. Thomas.

“There is concern that the deJonghs will now be associated with a sexual predator,” our insider said.


Anonymous said…
Harvard Crimson – May 1, 2003
Mogul Donor Gives Harvard More Than Money

Jeffrey E. Epstein’s recent $30 million gift to Harvard was one in a series of donations that the elusive magnate has given anonymously to the University over the past decade.
The story behind Epstein’s deep connection with Harvard parallels his giving history, with close friendships with professors and administrators spanning the past 10 years. As an individual with no formal connection to the University, save for his donations, his Harvard ties highlight the meeting between the world of minds in the academy and the world of wallets in the business arena.

“I am amazed by the connections he has in the scientific world,” says Martin A. Nowak, who will leave Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study to run the mathematical biology and evolutionary dynamics program at Harvard endowed by Epstein’s $30 million gift. “He knows an amazing number of scientists; he knows everyone you can imagine.”

Indeed, Epstein shares a special connection with one of the most prominent figures at Harvard—University President Lawrence H. Summers.

Summers and Epstein serve together on the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, two elite international relations organizations.

“He likes Larry Summers a lot,” Epstein’s friend and Frankfurter Professor of Law Alan M. Dershowitz says. “He speaks well of Larry, and I think he admires Larry’s economic thinking.”

And Summers is not the only person at Harvard whom Epstein admires—or who admires Epstein.

Epstein counts a number of professors—including Dershowitz, Lindsley Professor of Psychology Stephen M. Kosslyn and former Dean of the Faculty Henry A. Rosovsky—among his bevy of eminent friends that includes princes, presidents and Nobel-Prize winners.

Kosslyn was introduced to Epstein by the famed late Harvard professor and evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould, and Dershowitz says he met Epstein through “mutual friends.”

Wexner, the billionaire who founded Limited Brands—whose empire now includes Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works and Express—is also a longtime Harvard benefactor.

Epstein and Wexner, longtime friends and business associates, teamed up in the early 1990s to fund the construction of Harvard-Radcliffe Hillel’s new building, Rosovsky Hall.

But despite running in the academy and business circles’ proverbial fast-track, Epstein himself is reserved when it comes to stepping into line of the public sight.

A Meeting of the Minds
Dershowitz, Kosslyn and Rosovsky each herald Epstein’s keen intelligence, sharp wit and his uncommon interest in the sciences.

And, Dershowitz says, discussing—and debating—concepts in mathematics, genetics, law, and psychology is a popular pastime for the trio.

So, while Epstein “received” both Dershowitz and Kosslyn nearly a decade ago and the two have been working at the same university for years, they came together—at Epstein’s behest—only recently.

Dershowitz and Kosslyn currently jointly teach Psychology 2310, “The Neuroscience of Law: Can a Legal System be Grounded in Knowledge about the Brain?”


Anonymous said…


Branching Out
In recent years, Epstein has funded the work of Professor of the History of Science Anne Harrington.

From 1999 to 2001, Harrington and her colleagues examined claims made by traditional Chinese medicine, with a particular focus on qi, the Chinese term for “breath of life” or “vital essence.”

In addition, Harrington says Epstein also funded a working group, which examined the placebo effect and the state of the field.

“He is known for his willingness to support research that is ‘outside the box,’” Harrington writes in an e-mail. “He likes to see if he can anticipate where the emerging cutting-edge of science might be,” she writes.

Harrington says she and Epstein met through Harvard’s Mind/Brain/Behavior (MBB) program, which Harrington co-directs and Epstein advises in his capacity as a member of the committee on MBB.

Although Harrington says Epstein is not as active on the committee as he once was, he remains an important contributor to Harvard’s scientific community.

The Nowak Factor
In a move that is likely to do just that, Epstein donated $30 million to create a mathematical biology and evolutionary dynamics program at Harvard last January.

A newly recruited professor, Nowak will play an integral part in that program.

He says he uses mathematics to model human behavior, the evolution of language and the changes that occur in cancer cells.

Friends at Harvard say they know little about the logistics of Epstein’s multi-million dollar donation, but Rosovsky says discussions about the gift began last spring—around the same time as Nowak’s meeting with Gross—with a final decision coming in late January.

The source familiar with the donation also says that Harvard was the only institution to which Epstein would consider making a donation of this type.

The Making of a Mogul
When he is not globetrotting in search of investment opportunities, colleagues say Epstein spends his days managing the fortunes of his billionaire clients from his private island, Little St. James, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, but his life was not always so charmed.

50-year old Epstein was born into a working-class Brooklyn family, and attended the city’s Lafayette High School. In his early ’20s, he taught mathematics and physics to high school students at The Dalton School, an elite Manhattan preparatory school.

Epstein began his career in high finance at Bear Stearns, where he ascended the ranks to become a limited partner before leaving in 1981 to open his own business.

Shortly thereafter, he founded J. Epstein & Co., a private holding company, which he has been running ever since.

Although Epstein chooses only to manage the money of billionaires, including Wexner, a source familiar with Epstein’s business dealings says the choice does not indicate any hubris on his part.

His client list is a closely-guarded secret, bar one: Wexner is a long-time client. He is also Epstein’s mentor.

Epstein briefly studied physics at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York and New York University’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences but never graduated from either.

From flying President Clinton, Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker to Africa to explore the problems of AIDS and economic development facing the region, to hosting the world’s elite minds at his lavish homes in New York, Palm Beach, New Mexico and his private island hideaway, to funding outreach programs to curb the spread of Cholera in Bangladesh, it seems Epstein lets his curiosities guide him.

Friends say Epstein’s scientific, intellectual and philanthropic interests—not his host of homes or his fleet of aircraft—give him the most satisfaction.


Anonymous said…
Daily Mail – 22 March 2014
Second top judge faces probe over ‘defence’ of paedophiles after links with controversial campaign group are exposed

The second senior judge exposed as a defender of paedophiles’ rights is also now under investigation.

Peter Thornton, the Chief Coroner for England and Wales, faces a probe by the judicial watchdog after comments uncovered by The Mail on Sunday.

He will not sit as a judge in criminal cases while the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office looks into what he said about child sex campaigners while head of a controversial civil liberties organisation.

As a barrister, Mr Thornton criticised the prosecution of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) after its leader was jailed.

And while chair of the National Council of Civil Liberties (NCCL), he then wrote to a paedophile saying: ‘Our policy .  .  . is a reduction in the age of consent to 14.

The NCCL supports the civil liberties of everybody including paedophiles and gays.’

The misconduct board is already looking into Lord Justice Fulford, an Appeal Court judge, after The Mail on Sunday revealed he had set up a campaign group to stop the PIE trial.


Genie said…

Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.


Anonymous said…

JANE DOE No. 102,


Jeffrey Epstein

8 …Until his incarceration, he maintained his principal place of residence in Manhattan, a 51,000-quare-foot eight-story mansion on the Upper East Side. Upon information and belief, he also owns a $6.8 million mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, a $30 million 7,500-acre ranch in New Mexico he named “Zorr,” a 70-acre private island known as Little St. James in St. Thoms, U.S. Virgin Ilands, a mansion in London’s Westminster neighborhood, and a home in the Avenue Foch area of Paris. The allegations herein concern Defendant’s conduct while at his homes and/or numerous other locations both nationally and internationally.

11 … The then minor Plaintiff and other minor girls, some as young as 12 years old, were transported to Defendant’s Palm Beach mansion by Defendant’s employees, agents and/or assistants in order to provide Defendant with “massages.”

12 …and, upon information and belief, take nude photographs and/or video of the underage girls for Defendant with and/or without their knowledge. Defendant would pay the procurer of each girl’s “appointment” hundreds of dollars.

15 …Defendant committed such acts regularly on a daily basis and, in most instances, several times a day…

16 …He used the telephone to contact these minor girls for the purpose of coercing them into acts of prostitution and to enable himself to commit sexual battery against them and/or acts of lewdness in their presence, and he conspired with others, including assistants and/or his driver(s) and/or pilot(s), and his socialite friend/partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, to further these acts and to avoid police detection…

17 …A vulnerable young girl, plaintiff was working as a changing room assistant at The Mar-A-Lago Club in Palm Beach making approximately $9 an hour when she was first lured into Defendant’s sexually exploitative world. In or about the summer of 1998, when Plaintiff was merely fifteen years old while attending to her duties at Mar-A-Lago, Plaintiff was recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell, who lived, socialized, and worked with Defendant…
…Ms. Maxwell then took off her own shirt and left on her underwear and started rubbing her breasts across Defendant’s body, impliedly showing Plaintiff what she was expected to do… The encounter escalated, with Defendant and Ms. Maxwell sexually assaulting, battering, exploiting, and abusing Plaintiff in various ways and in various locations, including the steam room and shower.

19 …Defendant’s daily routine required the minor Plaintiff to perform sexually on Defendant multiple times per day and to provide Defendant massages multiple times per day… Often, Plaintiff was joined by Ms. Maxwell, Ms. Maxwell’s assistant, and/or a countless array of young women who would be brought to one of Defendant’s homes…


Anonymous said…


20 …Defendant transported Plaintiff in his private jet to locations that included Palm Beach, New York City, Sante Fe, Los Angeles, San Francisco, St Louis and numerous other domestic destinations, as well as international destinations, including Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa. Each time they would travel to one of these destinations, the same pattern of sexual abuse would occur, often with a vast array of aspiring models, actresses, celebrities, and/or other females, including minors, from all over the world. Upon information and belief, Defendant transported minor girls from Turkey, the Czech Republic, Asia, and numerous other countries, many of whom spoke no English. To Plaintiff’s knowledge, the only females specifically excluded from Defendant’s sexual escapades were African-Americans.

21 In addition to being continually exploited to satisfy Defendant’s every sexual whim, Plaintiff was also required to be sexually exploited by Defendant’s adult male peers, including royalty, politicians, academicians, businessmen, and/or other professional and personal acquaintances.

22 …Despite Defendant’s stating shortly before Plaintiff’s sixteenth birthday that he soon would have to trade her in because she was getting too old, Defendant continued to sexually exploit Plaintiff until she fled at age 19. Defendant’s predilection for young girls was well known to those who regularly procured them for him and to his circle of friends. On one of Defendant’s birthdays, a friend of Defendant sent him three 12-year-old girls from France who spoke no English for Defendant to sexually exploit and abuse. After doing so, they were sent back to France the next day.

25 … On the day of his arrest, police found two hidden cameras and photographs of underage girls on a computer in Defendant’s home… Ms. Maxwell photographed Plaintiff naked in defferent sexually explicit positions. Ms Maxwell then presented these nude photographs of Plaintiff to Defendant as a birthday present for Defendant from Ms. Maxwell.

32 …In June 2008, … Defendant, Jeffrey Epstein, entered pleas of “guilty’ to various Florida state crimes involving the solicitation of minors for prostitution and the procurement of minors for the purpose of prostitution…


Anonymous said…
Exhibit C – 2009

Epstein vs. Edwards
Undisputed Statements of Facts

Jeffrey Epstein


Scott Rothstein, individually, and
Bradley J. Edwards, individually

16. Alfredo Rdriguez took a journal from Epstein’s computer that reflected many of the names of underage females Epstein abused across the country and the world, including locations such as Michigan, California, West Palm Beach, New York, New Mexico, and Paris, France…

17. Rodriguez was later charged in a criminal complaint with obstruction of justice in connection with trying to obtain $50,000 from civil attorneys pursuing civil sexual assault cases against Epstein as payment for producing the book to the attorneys…. Because of the importance of the information in the journal to the civil cases, Mr. Rodriguez called it “The Holy Grail.”

18. In the “Holy Grail” or “The Journal,” among the many names listed (along with the abused girls) are some of the people that Epstein alleges in his Complaint had “no connection whatsoever” with the litigation in this case. See, e.g., Journal, Exhibit F, at 85 (Donald Trump); at 9 (Bill Clinton phone numbers listed under “Doug Bands”).

61 … On June 29, 2010, one day before Edwards was to fly to NY to take Maxwell’s deposition, her attorney informed Edwards that Maxwell’s mother was deathly ill and Maxwell was consequently flying to England with no intention of returning to the United States. Despite that assertion, Ghislaine Maxwell was in fact in the country on July 31, 2010, as she attended the wedding of Chelsea Clinton (former President Clinton’s daughter) and was captured in a photograph taken for OK magazine…


Anonymous said…


62 Maxwell is not the only important witness to lie to avoid deposition by Edwards. Upon review of the message pads that were taken from Epstein’s home in the police trash pulls, see Exhibit “J” supra, many were from Jean Luc Brunel, a French citizen and one of Epstein’s closest pals. He left messages for Epstein. One dated 4/1/05 said, “He has a teacher for you to teach you how to speak Russian. She is 2×8 years old, not blonde. Lessons are free and you can have your 1st today if you call.” See Messages taken from Jean Luc Brunel are attached hereto as Exhibit “EE.” In light of these circumstances of the case, this message reasonably suggested to Edwards that Brunel might have been procuring two eight-year-old girls for Epstein to sexually abuse. According to widely circulated press reports reviewed by Edwards, Brunel is in his sixties and has a reputation throughout the world (and especially in the modelling industry) as a cocaine addict that has for years molested children through modeling agencies while acting as their agent – conduct that has been the subject of critical reports, books, several news articles, and a 60 minutes documentary on Brunel’s sexual exploitation of underage models See, attached hereto as Exhibit “FF.”

63 Edwards learned that Brunel is also someone that visited Epstein on approximately 67 occasions while Epstein was in jail….

64. Edwards learned that Brunel currently runs the modeling agenct MC2, a company for which Epstein provides financial support…

65. Employees of MC2 told Edwards that Epstein’s numerous condos at 301 East 66 Street in New York were used to house young models. Edwards was told that MC2 modeling agency, affiliated with Epstein and Brunel brought underage girls from all over the world, promising them modeling contracts. Epstein and Brunel would then obtain a visa for these girls, then would charge the underage girls rent, presumably to live as underage prostitutes in the condos….

66. In view of this information suggesting Brunel could provide significant evidence of Epstein’s trafficking in young girls for sexual abuse, Edwards had Brunel served in New York for deposition…. Before the deposition took place, Brunel’s attorney (Tama Kudman of West Palm Beach) contacted Edwards to delay the deposition date. Eventually Kudman informed Edwards in January 2009 that Brunel had left the country and was back in France with no plans to return. This information was untrue, Brunel was actually staying with Epstein in West Palm Beach…


Anonymous said…


67. Edwards was aso informed that Epstein paid for not only Brunel’s representation during the civil process but also paid for legal representation for Sarah Kellen (Epstein’s executive assistant and procurer of girls for him to abuse), Larry Visoski (Epstein’s personal pilot), Dave Rogers (Epstein’s personal pilot), Larry Harrison (Epstein’s personal pilot), Louella Rabuyo (Epstein’s husekeeper), Nadia Marcinkova (Epstein’s live-in sex slave), Ghislaine Maxwell (manager of Epstein’s affairs and businesses), Mark Epstein (Epstein’s brother), and Janusz Banasiak (Epstein’s house manager)…

70. Edwards notified Epstein’s attorneys of his intent to take Bill Clinton’s deposition. Edwards possessed a legitimate basis for doing so: (a) Clinton was friends with Ghislaine Maxwell who was Epstein’s longtime companion and helped to run Epstein’s companies, kept images of naked underage children on her computer, helped to recruit underage childre for Epstein, engaged in lesbian sex with underage females that she procured for Epstein, and photographed underage females in sexually explicit poses and kept child pornography on her computer; (b) it was national news when Clinton traveled with Epstein aboard Epstein’s private plane to Africa and the news articles classified Clinton as Epstein’s friend. (c) the complaint filed on behalf of Jane Doe No. 102 stated generally that she was required by Epstein to be sexually exploited by not only Epstein but also Epstein’s “adult male peers, including royalty, politicians, academicians, businessmen, and/or other professional and personal acquaintances” – categories Clinton and acquaintances of Clinton fall into. The flightl ogs showed Clinton traveling on Epstein’s plane on numerous occasions between 2002 and 2005. See Flight logs attached hereto as Exhibit “MM.” Clinton traveled on many of those flights with Ghislaine Maxwell, Sarah Kellen, and Adriana Mucinska, – all employees and/or co-conspirators of Epstein’s that were closely connected to Epstein’s child exploitation and sexual abuse. The documents clearly show that Clinton frequently flew with Epstein aboard his plane, then suddenly stopped – raising the suspicion that the friendship abruptly ended, perhaps because of events related to Epstein’s sexual abuse of children. Epstein’s personal phone directory from his computer contains e-mail addresses for Clinton along with 21 phone numbers for him, including those for his assistant (Doug Band), his schedulers, and what appear to be Clinton’s personal numbers. This information certainly leads one to believe that Clinton might well be a source of relevant information and efforts to obtain discovery from him were reasonably calculated to lead to admissable evidence….


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71. Bradly J. Edwards, Esq. provided notice that he intended to take the deposition of Donald Trump. Edwards possessed a legitimate basis for doing so: (a) The message pads confiscated from Epstein’s home indocated that Trump called Epstein’s West Palm Beach mansion on several occasions during the time period most relevant to my Edwards’s clients’ complaints; (b) Trump was quoted in a Vanity Fair article about Epstein as saying “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it – Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” Jeffrey Epstein: International Moneyman of Mystery; He’s pals with a passel of Nobel Prize-winning scientists, CEOs like Leslie Wexner of the Limited, socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, even Donald Trump. But it wasn’t until he flew Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, and Chris Tucker to Africa on his private Boeing 727 that the world began to wonder who he is….(c) Trump allegedly banned Epstein from his Maralago Club in West Palm Beach because Epstein sexually assaulted an underage girl at the club; (d) Jane Doe No. 102’s complaint alleged that Jane Doe 102 was initially approached at Trump’s Maralago by Ghislaine Maxwell and recruited to be Maxwell and Epstein’s underage sex slave; (e) Mark Epstein (Jeffrey Epstein’s brother) testified that Trump flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane with him (the same plane that Jane Doe 102 alleged was used to have sex with underaged girls); (f) Trump had been to Epstein’s home in Palm Beach; (g) Epstein’s phone directory from his computer contains 14 phone numbers for Donald Trump, including emergency numbers, car numbers, and numbers to Trump’s security guard and houseman….

72. Edwards provided notice that he intended to depose Alan Dershowitz. Edwards possessed a legitimate basis for doing so: (a) Dershowitz is believed to have been friends with Epstein for many years; (b) in one news article Dershowitz comments that, “I’m on my 20th book… The only person outside of my immediate family that I send drafts to is Jeffrey”… (c) Epstein’s housekeeper Alfredo Rodriguez testified that Dershowitz stayed at Epstein’s house during the years when Epstein was assaulting minor females on a daily basis; (d) Rodriguez testified that Deshowqitz was at Epstein’s house at times when underage females where there being molested by Epstein… (e) Dershowitz reportedly assisted in attempting to persuade the Palm Beach State Attorney’s Office that because the underage females alleged to have been victims of Epstein’s abuse lacked credibility and could not be believed that they were at Epstein’s house, when Dershowitz himself was an eyewitness to their presence at the house; (f) Jane Doe No. 102 stated generally …. categories that Dershowitz and acquaintanceso of Dershowitz fall into; (g) during the years 2002-2005 Alan Dershowitz was on Epstein’s plane on several occasions according to the flight logs produced by Epstein’s pilot and inforamtion… suggested that sexual assaults may have taken place on the plane; (h) Epstein donated $30 Million one year to the university at which Dershowitz teaches….


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74. Edwards gave notice that he wished to take David Copperfield’s deposition. Edwards possessed a legitimate basis for doing so. Epstein’s housekeeper and one of the only witnesses who did not appear for deposition with an Epstein bought attorney, Alfredo Rodriguez, testified that David Copperfield was a guest at Epstein’s house on several occasions. His name also appears frequently in the message pads confiscated from Epstein’s house. It has been publicly reported that Copperfield himself has had allegations of sexual misconduct made against him by women claiming he sexually abused them, and one of Epstein’s sexual assault victims also alleged that Copperfield had touched her in an improper sexual way while she was at Epstein’s house….

75. Epstein also takes issue with Edwards identifying Bill Richardson [former Governor of New Mexico] as a possible witness. Richardson was properly identified as a possible witness because Epstein’s personal pilot testified to Richardson joining Epstein at Epstein’s New Mexico Ranch. There was information indicating that Epstein had young girls at his ranch which, given the circumstances of the case, raised the reasonable inference he was sexually abusing these girls as he had abused girls in West Palm Beach and elsewhere. Richardson had also returned campaign donations that were given to him by Epstein, indicating that he believed that there was something about Epstein with which he did not want to be associated. Richardson was not called to testify nor was he ever subpoenaed to testify…