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Crisis and Fear Awakens us to Real Peace

In the public interest.

The wisdom of fearlessness is awakening to a new way of seeing crisis as opportunity to overcome the fear of uncertainty and powerlessness. I have produced this video to share my own experience having lived through unemployment, no income and homelessness as uncertainty and a loss of control. I learned to question thinking, focus on positivity and face fear. This is how I developed resiliency and empowerment. This is how we experience freedom from fear.

I share my life with you to assist you with how you might be feeling right now. Just know the crisis will pass but what will remain is our own empowerment through facing fear. When you set your intention for a better world, this becomes the beginning of a peace consciousness consciously created.

I send you love and peace. You are not alone.

Quantum Possibility: Coronavirus Clears

In the public interest.

Following the previous post, I am now going to provide alternative information from a quantum possibility that the coronavirus is cleared.

The best way I can describe what the channel is saying is from my own video. In my video (see below) I went to stillness and indicated ‘the alpha and the omega’ of the coronavirus, which means the beginning and the ending. I felt that it would end not as a guess. Now how can I know ahead of time that it ends as a knowing?  I might frame it from ‘What the Bleep do I Know’ by saying that there is no past, present and future, just the Now moment. Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychoanalyst (contemporary of Freud), reported metaphysically that he experimented with the notion that there is no past, present and future. He did experiments through meditation. Therefore, the ‘Now moment’ exists simultaneously. Therefore, when frequency (vibration) is high one can gain insight into events or possible timelines.  Positivity is what lifts vibration and is why love is the answer, as is popularly and wisely stated.

What the channel is indicating is that it will not get worse, the coronavirus is in a form of cosmic containment. She described the coronavirus as consciousness, which I found interesting. So it appears we have external assistance from an higher perspective.

The law of attraction works on visualisation. What you think about you bring about. I understand that we are playing out an experience which will change us as we recognise what is important to all of us. Sometimes we have to go through the dark to get to the light of REAL HOPES. Our world is recalibrating to a higher trajectory of awareness as it is time to harmonise with earth systems.  The disruptions are system interrupts, in truth.

Our preparation for this crisis is part of the process of awakening as we recognise we are ONE, reflecting on who we are and our needs, and that we are in this TOGETHER. I don’t find it hard to hold the knowingness that the virus has ended in a future now moment. I am aware as I think it – so it is or what I think about I bring about. This is how the quantum field works. It takes time to get a handle on this type of consciousness as we take small steps towards opening our awareness to alternative ways of seeing as reality. Often it can sound confusing as we analyse through logic rather than quantum sensing. So what is stated is good news.

I will just add that I felt to post this before hearing it all, my comments came before my hearing the channel’s explanation. I get confirmation as she speaks the words I was feeling. Scientifically that is how I get validation, I follow the feeling so instantly these days. Similar to her it is hard to explain, you have to experience it. So I felt to demonstrate this as a means of providing real hope in uncertain times for many.

Dianne Sherman’s Near Death Experience

In the public interest.

Can we leave our bodies? She describes being in the light. She explains it felt like joy and ecstasy in an illumination of light. She says it was like coming home to the depths of herself. She felt truly cherished and indicated she had never felt that kind of love. This is why love is not only the answer, it is home. We are all going home. This is the real interconnectivity.

We choose our lives and we have lived before and live again, she states. She was exposed to complete knowledge. She speaks of soul groups. Everyone is working on something that is why we don’t judge each other as we do not know what a soul is here to work on. Life on earth is about the challenges. She says we are god in human form. She realised it was God experiencing god self. Dianne is a Catholic. Ego wants separation she has stated. Ego is explained as the part of our brain that wants to be in control to protect us and it has gone too far as it wants to separate us from our connection to God. She says we do know but we have forgotten. To stay connected she says has been a challenge. The ego battle is about being ‘all powerful’ we have to trust that we are a form of god, the connection of love. The negativity is a stream, spirit doesn’t speak negatively, it speaks through heart connection. When we pass over the ego drops off. The ego is part of the brain. Ego runs the body through the brain, she says. Humanness is everything it is believed, you don’t need God.

She said she had pleaded before this experience to know God. She found that life is beautiful. She says we came in as creators, we have an Agenda, we must work on that as it brings fulfilment. Trust the leap of faith to create, go for the feelings. Don’t pay attention to the negative. Pay attention to your heart, the things you want, the joy, the love, the connection, people, creatures. Pay attention to the things that bring you joy.

I would agree.

Patch Adams says Greed is a Dis-ease

This is a young Patch Adams on Oprah. I love his thinking. For so long he has talked about community, he refuses welfare and chooses a lighter footprint. He is an example. A light in our collective darkness.

Patch believes it is about giving not getting. I feel the same. Apparently that is revolutionary. Most women do this all the time. For men it is a threat for women it is normal.

When I think of those who work hard to control our lives but don’t give any thought to what inspires our lives, I just see dark/light dichotomies. We all get to choose. I have chosen clearly.

Video below is a young Patch and the second done is about making the movie of Patch Adams and the messages he seeks to share.

Were the Fires in Australia (Global) Deliberately lit?

This video I found by chance. I felt the information is in the public interest. The societies must discuss for and against ideas to ascertain what is true or not.

NOTE: I just asked a scientists view which was as follows:

“this is unrealistic and beware what you see on youtube”

I believe in all voices. For myself my feeling is to be vigilant as I believe there are indeed agenda’s going on that are not in the public interest. However, I will take on board the comment and try and check.

The fires in Australia have shocked Australians. I saw the smoke and saw people wearing masks. I have never seen fires like this.

The issue of geoengineering has been raised and a Smart Cities agenda which is part of a global agenda it is alleged.



If this information is accurate then this is a major crime against humanity and nature.

It is the duty of those who know to tell the blind horseman on the blind horse that he is heading towards the Abyss. Lao Tzu.

The video is provided by:

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