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YouTube Censorship or Freedom of Expression in Democratic forums?

In the public interest.

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The public interest issue here is censorship for reasons other than genuine health protections. Who get’s to choose what is removed what is validated? What is fair what is not? what is honest what is deceptive if the decision maker is unethical or driven by profit? How do decision makers represent the public interest globally?

What of government corruption, what of illegal activities, what of non government data gathering and unelected elites that have extensive influence, power and control over government or have positioned people in government to do their bidding?

The key issue is trust as bolded below. The more I research in freedom without censorship, credible sources who may critique power elites the more I have concerns for genuine democracy, human wellbeing and global domination/depopulation agenda’s which are not in the public interest. Who truly protects ‘we the people’? I am a global citizen interested in peace building, human happiness and ecological balance. I may produce video’s that may challenge the agreed to narrative, does that make me wrong (if referenced with credible sources or inspired insights in freedom, good intent) OR do I get to express my validated and intuitive concerns in the public interest? Who decides that for me? Who decides for the public when they have their own ability to make choices, as freedom is an inalienable right.

We are in a world of fake news, algorithmic contrived pathways, media spin, intelligence community privatisation and data gathering, powerful vested interests desiring control where the name of the game is making money at the expense of the masses on this planet not building a advanced ecological civilisation where we debate, we utilise platforms to start face to face constructive conversations, we demonstrate values, fairness, equality and humanity as a way of dealing with the dark side of humanity. We cannot shutdown or suppress the negative, that only makes it more unconscious and harmful. Is it not wiser to start forums to problem solve the challenges we face, role model to children how mature advanced societies deal with world problems rather than allowing commercialism to exploit the masses for profit. These are difficult dilemma’s that those who have amassed power through IT platforms must sit with silently and wisely as you hold many lives in your hands. It is important to understand you cannot ‘control’ you can only role model ethics as we learn and grow in balanced ways from what we value (ethically, best interest) not what profits (self interest, indifference). There is a real difference.

A clue is when money is not in the equation we naturally will default to conscience as human relating becomes the focus not what we can ‘get’ but what we can ‘give’.

I send YouTube love and peace as they work out what is for the highest good. It is to work with the intention of ‘good’ not ‘evil’ that will change the outcomes.

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