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Wizards, Children, Paedophilia and Online Gaming

In the public interest.

Online is not a safe space for children as they can be easily groomed by those who are psychologically unwell, albeit, paedophilia.  The issue of Wizards and magic comes up again.  Children are attracted to magic tricks and I contemplated Harry Potter and how these films came to be.  The next blog will look at it.  As Wizards is a key theme.

Gaming online is a way paedophiles can adopt kind or safe looking avatars to build a relationship with children.  The ignorance of parents and the allowance of authorities to encourage children online is very concerning.

Note this comment from the article below:

Det Con Maria Morrisey of the Thames Valley Police Pedophile Online Investigation Team described Crook as, “an extremely dangerous and predatory pedophile.

The video has been removed, I wonder why?


(Editor’s note: If this is your first encounter with #MagicGate please consider browsing earlier chapters to apprise yourself of all available information. This is a twisted tale.)

This is the ninth chapter in a series of investigations involving #MagicGate. Please read:

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Throughout the entirety of #MagicGate one aspect of the investigation has remained constant. The attitudes of Wizards of the Coast, which publishes Magic: The Gathering, and the MTG judge program, have both been contentious and oppositional. Rather than reaching out to lend a helping hand or behave in a manner showing even the slightest gratitude for exposing adults convicted of sex crimes against children, both have complained of being personally attacked.

I found this behavior misguided as the protection of children against sex predators is one of which I assumed was universally accepted. Regardless of differences individuals may have, those differences would be set aside and debated at a later time after the health and safety of children had been secured. This seems to be common sense. I didn’t understand why WotC’s vice president, Elaine Chase, described #MagicGate’s early iterations as “misinformation” when she rushed to tweet the following, a choice she surely regrets and for which she has been lambasted:

Or why the MTG judge program issued a statement, anonymously no less, in a similar manner:

Why? What benefit would their be to attempt to discredit #MagicGate? And then I discovered the reason. It was out of fear. A fear of certain facts being discovered, and pieced together in the correct order. Those who have fought against #MagicGate have done so for self-preservation. Because it implicates them all.

Meet Carl Crook, former Wizards of the Coast Operations Manager for the entire United Kingdom.

Carl Crook is a former level 4 judge and former game store owner. He also happens to be a pedophile who was convicted in 2014 of 13 of the most heinous crimes imaginable. He was sentenced to seven years in prison for the following:

During his trial Crook also admitted to four counts of taking nude pictures of his victim in 2010. That’s ok, said Crook’s lawyer Jennifer Edwards because Crook was, “loved and respected.” This is same tone many in the MTG community have adopted as well. Retired level 5 judge Sheldon Menery glowingly described Crook as a “gentle giant.” Crook was, and by the tone of Elaine Chase and the coordinators of the judge programs, is still revered for his knowledge of the game. He was even described as “the non-North American Judge with the most professional event experience.”

During Crook’s heyday he was considered to be one of the best. That’s why he was the head judge of the entire London pro-tour in 1999-2000.

There is something Elaine Chase would prefer the world not know that occurred during the time of Crook’s crimes. Elaine Chase and Carl Crook judged side by side for the most prestigious MTG title of all; deciding who would be inducted into the 2005 Hall of Fame. Likely Carl had completed a rampant sexual session with his child victim and then chatted with Chase about his favorite picks to induct, while simultaneously picking his teeth. Yikes.

Before Elaine married Kierin Chase her name was Elaine Ferrao. For example, have a look back to the 1999 San Diego Grand Prix.

Well golly. Guess who else was there in 1999? Mr. Personality himself, Carl Crook. He’s smiling because he knows he can molest children in the United States and fly home to the UK with relative ease. Who is going to question THE Carl Crook? Nobody.

Note the location of Carl’s hand. A typical behavior of sexual predators is to pretend to roughhouse so they can initiate body contact with their victims. Familiar?

Elaine Chase and Carl Crook had a tight bond of friendship, and so did Elaine Chase’s husband, Kierin Chase. In 2001 guess who were sitting together plotting and scheming in London? Kierin Chase and Carl Crook.

The significance of this picture cannot be stressed enough. Kierin Chase was the program manager for all of WotC and Hasbro card games. Carl Crook was the operations manager for one of the largest MTG markets outside of the United States. These two were buddies and worked closely together for years. They crafted policies which impacted millions of players. Kierin Chase would go on to become one of the most powerful and influential men at WotC before retiring in 2015, passing the reigns to his wife who, obviously, was not the benefactor of any form of nepotism.

Are you beginning to see why Elaine Chase, a former judge, has been fighting tooth and nail to prevent this information from coming to public light for dissemination? If it is one thing the good people at WotC and the judge program impress upon the public is they alone will decide who gets a free ride.

There are others who would prefer their friendship with a convicted sex offender be kept quiet. Enter Mark Rosewater, the head designer of Wizards of the Coast for the last 15 years. Before Rosewater was placed in his current position, he was a judge. As stated above, Carl Crook was the head judge of London’s Pro tour. And look who is with him. None other than Mark Rosewater. There they are. Side by side, embracing one another.

Now Crook’s torturous sexual crimes were committed in 2003 through 2008. Do you know what Carl Crook also did in 2003? Qualified for the MTG English Nationals. He qualified again in 2006 too. That means Crook was playing A LOT of tournaments during the years he was committed his crimes. Which isn’t to say he didn’t commit other sex crimes and that other victims do not exist. It is very likely Crook laid waste to numerous victims. We simply know of the crimes he was convicted of committing, but I’d bet every dollar in my pocket versus every dollar in your pocket there are other victims.

Carl Crook is a true magic-a-holic. From January 2011 through December 2013 he played 104 games of Magic: The Gathering. His favorite locations were Axion Comics and Cards and Hemel Games Club. That’s a fair amount of magic.


However, the 104 games of MTG played by Crooks over three years pales in comparison to the amount of Ascension he played online. In total from July 2011 through November 2014 Carl Crooks played an astonishing 2,619 games. Those are some serious hours.


What’s the difference how many games Crooks played? The difference is the locations which Crooks chose to play. Starting November 2013 Crooks began playing Ascension while at Middle and Elementary schools. Starting out Crooks played 2 games at Level Grove Elementary School in Cornelia, Georgia.


He began accelerating his pattern and was soon playing much more around children.

In total Carl Crooks played 44 games of MTG Ascension in a school, around children. He probably showed them how to play. Rubbed their backs. Encouraged them to sign up and play as well. Perhaps they could play together and be online MTG buddies? That’s how grooming behavior starts. Why did he suddenly stop playing in schools after November? Because he was arrested and shipped off to prison for seven years. However, Carl Crooks is no longer incarcerated.

We can track his last login to the day after Valentines day, February 15, 2018.

Who knows when he will log back in? Or head back down to his favorite school and start showing the children how to play Magic: The Gathering? Perhaps he will look up his old friends Elaine and Kierin Chase or Mark Rosewater to see setting up a tournament. Why not? At this time Carl Crook’s name does not appear on the DCI ban list, but he is banned for life from having any contact with teenage girls under the age of 16-years-old. Now, if only Elaine Chase or Mark Rosewater would do what is right and just and ban Carl Crook from the MTG community for the rest of his life. Otherwise the smiling face you see below could be sitting across a table from a child at any tournament he likes around the world. Det Con Maria Morrisey of the Thames Valley Police Pedophile Online Investigation Team described Crook as, “an extremely dangerous and predatory pedophile.”Worry not, as one of Carl’s friend’s LinkedIn recommendations says, when kids hang around with Carl Crook they have “a great time.”

A comforting thought indeed.




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My Father’s Death Inspires World Peace Message

This is a tribute to my father who is my inspiration. This video is my honouring of him and my appeal for a world fit for children. They should be our first decision not the last. It is not about fighting life it is about joining with life, caring and healing this confused world.

If you want to know if what you are doing is right, ask – ‘what if everyone did it’?

Kindness matters in the world. The rest is keeping up appearances.

I send love to my father. Thank you for being my dad. May wherever you are bring you peace, joy and love. You deserve it.

I felt inspired to share my grief over my father’s death. Gandhi’s birthday is today (2 October 2019) and my father was into nonviolence and a light in my life.

He wrote to the Canberra Times – Letters to the Editor. He, like myself, communicates in the public interest yet we never shared what we were doing with each other. We are alike, so much so that we didn’t realise how alike.

My work for World Peace is Inspired by you dad.

This is a world message to all the peoples of our world. Remember to tell your father’s you love them. And father’s tell your children the same. That is World Peace.

I love you dad and thank you xx

My dads last message to me:


Have you located the sim from the phone I gave you. If so could you send it back with the ACTION card I gave you. I believe the car is going fine. Look after yourself.

Love Dad

links:… website: My book A Fool for Peace………………………………………………………………………………