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Totalitarianism, Targeting of Civilians and Gandhi

This is a reminder to those who believe in targeting of civilians as justifiable under doctrines of rules of engagement, sedition, laws that restrict freedoms and rising totalitarianism.

Gandhi and India’s experience of totalitarianism was felt most harshly through the British Empire.  This was touted as a democratic system.  When totalitarianism replaces democratic rights then the people are in danger of becoming targets.  Propaganda can demonise anyone as a ‘terrorist’, ‘provocateur’, ‘dissident’ or whatever label is chosen.  Bullying uses labels to demonise and undermine the other party as the ‘evil other’.  It is a tactic to make wrong the other and open up acceptance to harm that other.  It may state they are inferior, terrorists, dangerous, law breakers (criminalised) as a means of creating an enemy to place them on the defensive rather than solving the problem as is understood in conflict resolution.  When power is no longer representative of the people it becomes the weapon of those who wish to retain power, it becomes total when they want all consuming power without any counterveiling viewpoints as this is viewed as a ‘threat’ rather than an opponent who will show them to themselves.  Always the one critical is a teacher, you can look within for true or untrue but always they assist in the expansion of consciousness.  That is why we have opposition as it moves us towards unity in truth.

This scene out of Richard Attenborough’s movie ‘Gandhi’ is about the Jallianwala Bagh massacre which was an example of targeting of civilians by the military under the guise that disobedience (self rule) was an enemy of the state (Britain) and it was believed that ‘zero tolerance’ was the way to ensure there was no rebellion no matter the harsh conditions many Indian’s lived under.

General Dwyer the soldier who ordered the massacre is interviewed by a panel in the end, it is very noteworthy as it shows how blind totalitarianism is.  Beware of voices that are a wolf in sheeps clothing – promising progress, advancement 

The message from this time is for India as well given the situation in Kashmir.  There are real lessons to be learned about what democracy looks like and how we treat those who are different from us.  Yet when pain is felt it is felt the same by any person no matter colour, creed, religion and culture.  

I spoke about this in my latest video as it felt important.  If we want democracy we must speak up and ensure that all parties are heard, that we find peaceful pathways to resolve conflict between those in power and civilians.

Roger Waters from Pink Floyd Sings for the Release of Julian Assange

I am a fan of Pink Floyd who were indeed ahead of their time.  Roger Walters is a talented and insightful artist who was invited to play as part of the calls to release Julian Assange who clearly is operating in the public interest.  He is a prisoner of conscience.  I note John Pilger, an Australian journalist has organised this event. t would be nice to hear of Australian artists doing the same.  He has not received equal consular support given his situation and the alliances that appear to take precedence over sovereignty.  

It is the highest love to stop tyranny.  The United States if it believes in democracy and human rights has an opportunity to demonstrate this. Its leaving of the UN Human Rights Council, along with Israel, is very concerning and sends a message that they are not defenders of human rights which is civilian protections.  I spoke in my video about resurrection, I sense that is how they turn around the war crimes and corruption.  You cannot speak values and not live them, if you do then the world loses respect and you lose face (as the Chinese say). 

I add to the calls for the release of whistleblowers and those who truly represent the people above self interest.  It takes enormous courage to reveal secrets, r crimes and criminality.  It is a duty to reveal corruption. In many respects these whistleblowers are doing the job of the ‘opposition’ who no longer is opposing but compromising in order to gain re-election, this is not in the public interest.

This case should be taken to an international Criminal Court, a precedent started whereby citizens can defend themselves against criminal allegations by foreign governments. He is not a US citizen I would place him in the realm of as a global citizen.  

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Roger Waters ‘Serenades’ British Home Secretary, Calling for Release of Julian Assange

Roger Waters ‘Serenades’ British Home Secretary, Calling for Release of Julian Assange

Thousands of supporters gathered last night outside the British Home Office demanding to end to the unlawful detention and persecution of Julian Assange, who is currently being held in London’s notorious Belmarsh Prison. 

Crowds cheered as award-winning journalist John Pilger introduced Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters, performing on a small stage whilst serenading the British Home Secretary Priti Patel with an acoustic rendition of “Wish You Were Here.” Watch:

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VIDEO: Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters performs ‘Wish You Were Here’ outside the UK Home Office in support of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange @Ruptly

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After crowds chanted “Free, free Julian Assange,” Waters spoke to the crowd saying that he was “ashamed to be an Englishman” after the UK extraordinary rendition of Assange from Ecuadorian sovereign soil.

21WIRE editor Patrick Henningsen was on site reporting on the event and remarked on the crowd dynamics and the lack oj mainstream media presence, saying, “About one hour before the speakers arrived there were only a few hundred people around a small makeshift stage, but that soon turned into a few thousand ten minutes beforehand. This was an incredibly well-organized event, but interestingly, there was almost no mainstream media presence to speak of – no big UK print or broadcast names were in the press pit – which in itself is amazing considering the musical and cultural stature of someone like (Roger) Waters. But those who did attend were party to something really historic.”

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Watch the full performance by Roger Waters, including the introduction by John Pilger here:

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In addition, Gabriel Shipton, the brother of Julian Assange, also spoke outside UK Home Office protest, describing the cruel conditions of the detention suffered by his brother. Watch:

YouTube Video Preview

YouTube: .

Assange was apprehended and jailed for violating bail conditions following nearly seven years in residence under political asylum Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Assange is now being lined up for extradition from the UK to the US, supposedly for his role in the 2010 leaks in conjunction with US Army intelligence whistleblower Chelsea Manning who is also currently being held in custody in the US as federal officials attempt to force Manning under duress to help federal prosecutors create new charges to convict Assange with.

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