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Will Paris climate promises will reduce temperatures by just 0.05°C in 2100?

In the public interest.

I am going with my gut feel here. It feels right. Apparently this academic was controversial and former University of Western Australia Vice Chancellor Paul Johnson supported this academic, Dr. Bjorn Lomborg.  It would be interesting to understand what the backlash was about in respect of the calculated  ineffectiveness of Paris Agreement on Climate Change.  I sense denial that they do not know how to solve the climate crisis that in my view is partly engineered and party natural.  Our footprint is so out of alignment with natural rebalancing and tipping points.

I believe we have to change fundamentally and consumption drives to the heart of the required change.

Bjorn Lomborg

Get the facts straight

Paris climate promises will reduce temperatures by just 0.05°C in 2100 (Press release)

A new peer-reviewed paper by Dr. Bjorn Lomborg published in the Global Policy journal measures the actual impact of all significant climate promises made ahead of the Paris climate summit.

Governments have publicly outlined their post-2020 climate commitments in the build-up to the December’s meeting. These promises are known as “Intended Nationally Determined Contributions” (INDCs).

Dr. Lomborg’s research reveals:

  • The climate impact of all Paris INDC promises is minuscule: if we measure the impact of every nation fulfilling every promise by 2030, the total temperature reduction will be 0.048°C (0.086°F) by 2100.
  • Even if we assume that these promises would be extended for another 70 years, there is still little impact: if every nation fulfills every promise by 2030, and continues to fulfill these promises faithfully until the end of the century, and there is no ‘CO₂ leakage’ to non-committed nations, the entirety of the Paris promises will reduce temperature rises by just 0.17°C (0.306°F) by 2100.
  • US climate policies, in the most optimistic circumstances, fully achieved and adhered to throughout the century, will reduce global temperatures by 0.031°C (0.057°F) by 2100.
  • EU climate policies, in the most optimistic circumstances, fully achieved and adhered to throughout the century, will reduce global temperatures by 0.053°C (0.096°F) by 2100.
  • China climate policies, in the most optimistic circumstances, fully achieved and adhered to throughout the century, will reduce global temperatures by 0.048°C (0.086°F) by 2100.
  • The rest of the world’s climate policies, in the most optimistic circumstances, fully achieved and adhered to throughout the century, will reduce global temperatures by 0.036°C (0.064°F) by 2100.

Overview in Celsius and Fahrenheit by the year 2100


The global temperature change from pre-industrial, for the Do Nothing (RCP8.5) scenario, for the global promises for Paris and for Paris extended for 70 more years, as run on MAGICC.

Comments from Dr. Bjorn Lomborg

What does this mean for the Paris Summit?

Dr. Lomborg said: “Paris is being sold as the summit where we can help ‘heal the planet’ and ‘save the world’. It is no such thing. If all nations keep all their promises, temperatures will be cut by just 0.05°C (0.09°F). Even if every government on the planet not only keeps every Paris promise, reduces all emissions by 2030, and shifts no emissions to other countries, but also keeps these emission reductions throughout the rest of the century, temperatures will be reduced by just 0.17°C (0.3°F) by the year 2100.

And let’s be clear, that is very optimistic. Consider the Kyoto Protocol, signed in 1997, never ratified by the US, and eventually abandoned by Canada and Russia and Japan. After several renegotiations, the Kyoto Protocol had been weakened to the point that the hot air left from the collapse of the Soviet Union exceeded the entire promised reductions, leaving the treaty essentially toothless.

The only reason Kyoto goals were almost achieved was the global 2008 recession.  Moreover, emissions were shifted from one country to another. The EU, the most climate-engaged bloc, saw an increase in its emission imports from China alone equaling its entire domestic CO₂ reductions. In total, 40% of all emissions were likely shifted away from the areas that made promises.

Negotiators in Paris are trying to tackle global warming in the same way that has failed for 30 years: by making promises that are individually expensive, will have little impact even in a hundred years and that many governments will try to shirk from.

This didn’t work in Kyoto, it didn’t work in Copenhagen, it hasn’t worked in the 18 other climate conferences or countless more international gatherings. The suggestion that it will make a large difference in Paris is wishful thinking.”

What should countries do instead?

Dr. Lomborg said: “Instead of trying to make fossil fuels so expensive that no one wants them – which will never work – we should make green energy so cheap everybody will shift to it.

The Copenhagen Consensus on Climate project gathered 27 of the world’s top climate economists and three Nobel Laureates, who found that the smartest, long-term climate policy is to invest in green R&D, to push down the price of green energy.

Subsidizing inefficient renewables is expensive and doesn’t work. The IEA estimates that we get 0.4% of our energy from wind and solar PV right now, and even in optimistic scenarios the fraction will only rise to 2.2% by 2040. Over the next 25 years, we’ll spend about $2.5 trillion in subsidies and reduce global warming temperatures by less than 0.02°C.

Copenhagen Consensus has consistently argued for a R&D-driven approach. Fortunately, more people are recognizing that this approach is cheaper and much more likely to succeed –including the Global Apollo Program which includes Sir David King, Lord Nicholas Stern, Lord Adair Turner and Lord John Browne.

You describe a 0.05°C reduction, but the UN Climate Chief, Christina Figueres, said Paris could lead to a 2.7°C rise instead of 4°C or 5°C. Why?

Christiana Figueres quote: “The INDCs have the capability of limiting the forecast temperature rise to around 2.7 degrees Celsius by 2100, by no means enough but a lot lower than the estimated four, five, or more degrees of warming projected by many prior to the INDCs.” 

Dr. Lomborg said: “That entirely misrepresents the world’s options. The 2.7°C comes from the International Energy Agency and essentially assumes that if governments do little in Paris and then right after 2030 embark on incredibly ambitious climate reductions, we could get to 2.7°C.

That way of thinking is similar to telling the deeply indebted Greeks that just making the first repayment on their most pressing loans will put them on an easy pathway to becoming debt-free. It completely misses the point.

Figueres’ own organization estimates the Paris promises will reduce emissions by 33Gt CO₂ in total. To limit rises to 2.7°C, about 3,000Gt CO₂ would need to be reduced – or about 100 times more than the Paris commitments (see figure below). That is not optimism; it is wishful thinking.

Background about the Paper

What does the paper do?

The peer-reviewed paper takes the greenhouse gas emission reduction commitments (INDCs) and runs a climate model with and without them. The paper uses the MAGICC climate model, which has been used across all five IPCC reports and was co-funded by the US EPA. It is run with standard parameters. Sensitivity analysis shows that different assumptions of climate sensitivity, carbon cycle model or scenario do not substantially change the outcome.

The paper uses the same basic methodology of Tom Wigley, who analyzed the Kyoto Protocol in a much-cited paper in 1998. As with Wigley, the approach:

  • Identifies the baseline of emissions
  • Extrapolates the climate policy throughout the 21st century
  • Runs the baseline and emissions through a climate model, evaluating the impact of the climate policy in terms of temperature rise reduction.
  • Performs a sensitivity analysis across models and scenarios.

The Lomborg paper uses the best baselines for the three major emission reducers (China, EU and US makes up almost 80%) and estimates the impact of the rest, including Canada, South Korea, Russia, Japan etc. from Boyd, Turner, and Ward (2015). The UNFCCC says in their summary report that the CO₂ equivalent reductions are between 0 and 7.5Gt with a 3.6Gt best estimate. Almost all models find similar numbers. This paper uses 6.8Gt, which is a very optimistic estimate for Paris.

Where is the paper published?

The peer-reviewed paper is published in the upcoming issue of Global Policy journal (November 2015). You can access the article online here.

Responses to Critiques

Response by Bjorn Lomborg to Bob Ward: Activism Dressed up as Science.
Response by Bjorn Lomborg to Joe Romm: Romm Critique of COP21 Impact Deeply Flawed.

Homelessness in Fires is a Big Issue

Homelessness is in the public interest.

How are homeless people in Australia affected by the bushfires Down Under?

How are homeless people in Australia affected by the bushfires Down Under?

As the devastating fires rage on, we teamed up with our sister title Big Issue Australia to expose how the blazes pose a particular risk to the homeless population

Fire has destroyed 8.4 million hectares of land in southern and eastern Australia, an area bigger than Scotland. And despite heroic efforts by thousands of firefighters and volunteers the relentless, unpredictable and fast-changing blazes have killed at least 26 people, more than a billion animals, and destroyed over 2,000 homes.

New South Wales (NSW), Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania have felt the force of the fires – which are an annual occurrence, but not on the scale seen this season. Smoke darkened skies as far away as New Zealand, while in Sydney authorities advised people to stay indoors to avoid breathing the tiny particles that can cause serious respiratory issues and other health problems.

But for the homeless population staying indoors with windows closed is not an option. Last year the numbers of rough sleepers in Sydney rose, and extreme heat was already a major problem even before this summer’s unprecedented temperatures and the complications of smoke from the fires.

“Extreme heatwaves always disproportionately affect vulnerable and marginalised communities,” says Jenny Smith, chair of Homelessness Australia. “We are all encouraged to stay indoors during heatwaves to protect ourselves and our health, but for the more than 116,400 people currently experiencing homelessness every day in Australia, staying indoors isn’t always a possibility. On any given night, there are over 8,200 people sleeping rough throughout our country, and it is more difficult for this vulnerable population to avoid the harmful health impacts of summer heatwaves.”

The extreme heat and poor air quality led to a Code Red status for rough sleepers from the government in South Australia in late December, with human services minister Michelle Lensink saying homelessness agencies across Adelaide would extend daytime opening hours.

Bushfires in Victoria and poor air quality in Melbourne led to authorities providing relief measures for homeless people including free access to swimming pools and free cinema tickets, with councils offering cooling centres and directing homeless people towards libraries, shopping centres or community hubs. As Smith points out: “People without safe and secure housing during extreme hot weather are most at risk of dehydration, overheating or exacerbating other health problems. It’s vital that there are enough cool and sheltered spaces for people without homes to go to.”

Water supplies in NSW and Victoria have been hit, with some residents warned not to drink tap water due to contamination from bacteria or chemicals, as fires damage infrastructure and treatment plants. It is predicted the knock-on effects could last decades.

Extreme heatwaves always disproportionately affect vulnerable and marginalised communities

Last week temperatures in Penrith, near Sydney, were the highest anywhere on the planet, reaching 48.9°C, while Australia’s annual temperature in 2019 was the highest on record, 1.5°C above average, leading to extreme droughts, rivers drying up and animals dying on parched farmlands. And it also enabled the annual bushfires to escalate to unprecedented crisis levels.

In southern Australia hospitals and ambulance call-outs are being stretched with an increase in admissions for heart and breathing problems, which rose 30 per cent in December compared to the same period in 2018. Environmental experts have said that NSW and Queensland could face four months of poor air quality, with 10 million people affected. “We have never faced anything like this before,” says Arnagretta Hunter, cardiologist and member for Doctors for the Environment. “There are no easy options.”

Homeless people already have poorer health than the general population, and longer-term lack of investment in housing and provision for people affected by homelessness has compounded the problems already being faced this year, according to Smith: “As well as rough sleepers, people in overcrowded dwellings or poorly insulated housing are also at risk in extreme weather conditions. Many low-cost housing options such as rooming houses are not able to withstand extreme heat and instead can trap the heat in, posing serious health risks to residents.”


Since 1991 The Big Issue has sold more than 200,000,000 copies – helping the most vulnerable in society earn more than £115 million.

Sellers of The Big Issue in Australia say fewer visitors are around. Vendor Ron, who sells the magazine in Adelaide, has opened his doors to a family who lost their farm in a fire in NSW and are now homeless. “They’ve lost just about everything but at least they are alive, that’s the main thing,” he says. “They were on a 12-acre property, a little farm. I’m not sure if they’ve had to leave animals behind… They’re holding up OK – they are seeing a counsellor.”

Trevor, who has sold the magazine for 15 years, lives in NSW with his wife, who is also a vendor. “This is by far the worst bushfire season we’ve ever had. I’ve been on this earth 63 years, and I’ve never seen anything like it,” he says. “My sister lives in Omeo, about six hours away in Victoria, and they were surrounded by fire there as well.”

Trevor and his wife, Ellen, are “on tenterhooks”, poised to flee. “We listen to the radio, and look at the TV and internet for information, like the Rural Fire Service, that tells us what sort of area the fire’s in at the moment. We’re always at the ready in case we have to take off.”

As temperatures rose again after a brief dip last week, residents in Victoria were being primed for evacuation with a ‘heat spike’ and unpredictable winds causing fast-moving fire-fronts.

Sally Hines, chief operating officer at The Big Issue Australia, says the organisation knows all too well the impact extreme summer heat has on magazine sellers. “We work closely with our vendors to ensure they are taking care of themselves by remaining hydrated, staying cool and making use of available services to stay safe during these extreme weather conditions,” she says.

With special thanks to Amy Hetherington, editor of The Big Issue Australia 

Australia’s St Elmo’s Fire is a Test

This poem came from inspiration about the Australian bushfires and homelessness.

Notable excerpt from The Big Issue article below:

Fire has destroyed 8.4 million hectares of land in southern and eastern Australia, an area bigger than Scotland. And despite heroic efforts by thousands of firefighters and volunteers the relentless, unpredictable and fast-changing blazes have killed at least 26 people, more than a billion animals, and destroyed over 2,000 homes.

Refer Big Issue for homeless people in fires.

There are over 116,000 people homeless in Australia.

The poem I felt inspired to write reveals the importance of fires in nature to clear the old to make way for renewable growth within us.

The poem rekindles the Australian spirit of who we really are when in crisis. The real phoenix is our rebuilding who we are as a nation.

Einstein said:

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. We have to think anew”

Australia’s St Elmo’s Fire is the Test


The burning bush,

Is not a winter burn off,

It is not seasonal regeneration,

But a towering inferno of epic proportion,

Smoke billowing blanking out the blue sky,

As communities are under siege,

Seeking to defend property,

Unaware our right to property is the real fire storm,

So help me God!


A climate of change in government is not responsive to the real ecological crisis,

A climate of change in business is not responsive to sustainability as they aim for more growth with less,

Yet it is market based economics that is the red hot ember that won’t go out of season,

Cutting public services as under growth is neglected,

For they cannot see the forests for the wood,

Nature is a raw material costed for production not a natural wonder maintaining ecological function,

People are human resources costed per hour
not human beings growing up to empower,

Seen through the googles of economics
life is an algorithm not a rubrics cube,

The yoke of debt is not an Act of God but unaffordable rent,

As business as usual is endless chaos not order,

As we look for the quick buck not the long term fix,

Markets have short horizons not over the horizon radars advancing civilisation to higher expressions,

For to see beyond the space time continuum of self interest is to realise the uni-verse is the one song in tune with nature.


The wild fires have become a fire sale,

Destroying 8.4 million of hectares in the blaze will increase market prices,

A billion animals perished in the smoke haze,

Impacting the biomass as prayers were not answered,

Homeless people camping in the bush were razed
gained no relief or went missing without alarm,

Renters were given no grants or land,

As property owners are hard working and deserving,

Government, media and business jumped on the bandwagon not on the fire truck,

Circling the wagons is not containment of disruption,

Opportunities to strengthen brand images rather than imagine no brands to ask for change not coins,

Still seeking a bounty from the mutiny,

The mutiny on the bounty is to leave GDP,

As branded cattle are piled on burial mounds,

Agricultural crops and harvesters went up in smoke,

Timbers become cinders,

Run for your life abandon possessions, beloved memories and pets,

This is the test,

To save lives not things,

To remember each other and lend an equal hand,

For this is the meaning of the aussie battler,

Bush community know common unity,

As they battle fires with families and friends.


Giving is to be good as gold,

Yet what if the gold is in being truly good,

You would naturally give time and all you have,

For it is human nature to give not take away,

To pitch in or risk losing all,

As livelihood is to live your life to be really alive,

This is St Elmo’s fire testing your determination and stamina,

From smouldering embers spark new shoots to push up breaking new ground,

From hardship comes rebirth of a renewable life,

From pot ash comes the phoenix resurrecting renewal,

And all can rise when you can go down no further,

For the rural farmers have suffered for years,

They lost their voice,

Mortgages as debt was the tourniquet squeezing livelihoods year on year as hard work doesn’t yield.


Many have been weighed down…

By what is not important in fears,

By material things that no longer bring joy,

By worries about money that never end contracts,

By conflicts from stress and out of touch bureaucracy,

By family breakdown under pressure,

By rising costs and uncertain futures,

They have been the backbone of our country.


Yet what if you look up to the stars my friend?

Take your hands from your eyes to see beyond,

That a new day dawns every day,

The sun-rises from the east setting in the west,

To know that from bad seeds come good,

From disruption comes clarity of purpose,

For you can’t get back what is a final demand,

When one door closes another opens,

And the finale of life is to let go when it is done and dusted,

To face fires, flood, famine and drought fearlessly
as dawn, midday and dusk mark time,

For we must face the phases of the moon together,

We must give a hand up and a hand out
no matter who is in need,

As you are me,

And I am you,

Learn to let go of the seed of greed marketed as need,

It is the fast breeder of fear,

It is the terminator seed,

For what you give away returns the bounty,

What you earn you give away in trust,

As abundance is not in what you have but who you are when you dig deep,

And who you are is gratitude, service and love without end,

And these are the real seeds St Elmo’s fire is renewing,

For the old must die for the new to arise.


We are one country under the Southern Cross,

We are stewards not owners,

We are temporary not permanent,

When every ONE is deserving of charity,

We are a nation girt by sea,

From the coast, to the forest, to the deserts,

We are free,

We have boundless plains to share to care,

And air to breathe when we see the key,

That we can regenerate our country’s spirit,

We are dreaming in the land of Oz,

Starting again resets from zero point,

To nurture shattered lives by piecing together the puzzle as the final peace in the big picture,

The deck chairs are rearranging on the titanic seeking to keep the currency afloat,

The Big Issue is that Australians are sharing the bounty not holding cards to the chest,

As friends in-deed we are stepping up to lead,

For Mount Kosciusko can be climbed in a day,

The Murray can replenish a sunburnt country,

The Snowy Mountains can rekindle Clancy of the Overflow,

As he drove cattle down mountain views where all hesitated to step off the real cliff hanger,

He proved the impossible is possible,

Courage leads whilst fear weighs the risks,

In the high country the brumby’s sniff the wind adapting to climates of change as they know which way to run.

Australians know the struggle and the peaks,

As we are heading for a depression of great magnitude,

An economic earthquake shaking ‘em up,

The Great Barrier Reef sacrificed corals to pollution favouring a crown of thorns,

The Great Artesian basin is sinking the water table as hard water is diverted and dries up,

Salt lakes muddy clean waters,

Fertilising biosciences grow at ever diminishing returns akin anti-bio-tics,

Nature is not an electrical circuit board or linear cog in an industrial flywheel,

It is a tipping point of infinitesimal sensitivity,

Where the sum of the parts is the whole.

Descartes reduced life to boxes not cells,

Newton gravitated to apples not seeds,

Einstein’s relativity theory was not absolute,

Mythical dragons breathe fire yet oxygen is fuel,

Oxford became lost in space seeking the last frontier,

Dances with Wolves chose to go to the frontier country before it was lost,

Buffalos were killed for skins not hunger,

Science invented wars losing the peace prize,

For the real courage is to face what we have truly lost and not hesitate to act,

We are lost in space unable to make peace

A priority,

For until we do we hesitate on the mountain view unable to step off the cliff of uncertainty,

As life is not predictable nor mechanical,

It is a miracle,

And only when you lose everything do you realise the true value of life,

For this is the real gold,

Or indeed the Fool’s Gold of awakening from the dream,

Fires cleanse away debris to make way for renewable growth,

To see the forest instead of the wood,

To value nature as a flow not a production process,

For the real currency is love,

What you truly love becomes visible in crisis,

To breathe is nature’s rhythm,

To speak is nature’s sound scape,

To eat is nature’s bounty given for free,

For free dominion is nature’s possibility,

That self selects when the fruit is ripe,

To fall from the tree at the perfect moment,

As love withholds no wealth from life,

As life is the real wealth loving,

And until you taste the sweetness
greed will be the bad seed replanted,

Yielding endless wars fuelling climates of disruptive change,

For until the burning bush is seen as a message from the creator,

Heralding that all people are chosen,

And that all roads lead home,

For Rome will return to the Garden of Eden,

Adam & Eve will plant an apple tree together,

Receiving nature’s bounty at the perfect time in peace,

Loving what is was all ways the peace that passeth all understanding.

Is Climate Change a False Flag Operation?

This is an issue that is being discussed on the internet. I will provide links for people to investigate.

I remember years ago an energy industry Rotarian told me that Climate Change was not true. I didn’t believe him as the weather was clearly changing. However, new information is changing my view.

The issue in the public interest is using weather as a weapon to affect a global agenda.

I will go still as I feel the seriousness of this and I feel future generations. I immediately see an atomic bomb, the feeling is that the military is playing with weapons of mass destruction. The objective of ‘enemy’ is what blinds them to the whole picture of a global village and their stewardship as humans (being) before soldiers (role). Following orders is not accepted in future courts. This crime far exceeds Wold War II and all the wars in the Middle East as it is attacking the very life support systems of planet earth. The focus on control is a false flag for them.

Jesus comes to mind (I am not religious) and I see him looking up at a Roman soldier with love. The Roman Empire suppressed freedom of speech and crucified those who sought to promote love perceived as a challenge to control. This threatened established religion of that time that was focused on control not love. When he looked with love the Roman soldier dropped the hammer (to push in the stake). The soldier received the message, awakened in that moment recognising he was a pawn being used. He made a decision to leave as he saw his own complicitness in a crime. He chose to change. The image of this teacher of peace I feel this could be any holy person, holy is pure hearted (no hate), who loves under all conditions. Fear is false evidence appearing real.

Love is The Way and the Truth. It is eternal beyond the destruction of the most beautiful planet, earth. We all get to choose to look at what we fear bravely and choose who we become. This will re-form the future for children. There are no enemies, only unconsciousness that is unaware of the massive damage its actions are causing to not only human life but trillions of other life forms that have evolved over 4,000,000,000 years. Humans did not create these life forms. This is why there is extra-terrestrial activity occurring, this problem is known and there is a sense of protecting the earth as events have far reaching impacts.

I haven’t looked at these links I just pasted them as they were generated by the search engine for others to investigate. I cannot verify the validity.

I felt to add this quote:

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. – Hamlet – Shakespeare

I haven’t looked at these links below I just pasted them as they were generated by the search engine for others to investigate. I cannot verify the validity. It offers another perspective.

Global Warming – The Climatic False Flag – Home | Facebook Warming – The Climatic FalseFlag January 10, 2018 · Falseflags are not just conspiracy theories that can be dismissed, they are facts of history and have been proven time and time again, remember the Bay of Tonkin that got the U.S. into the Vietnam war.

Biggest False Flag Ever- Global Warming- United Nations … warming is thee BIGGEST FALSEFLAG EVER. What is a falseflag? A preplanned fictitious event designed to change the mind, start a program, create interest, or subdue humanity into submission of the goals of the perpetrators that would otherwise not be allowed. Goal of the elite: One World Order- complete rule over humanity

Greta Thunberg: Fake as the Climate Change Hoax A GLANCE… THE STORY: On September 23rd 2019, 16-year-old Swedish girl Greta Thunberg addressed the UNGA in an emotional & anrgy speech where she tried to shame adults and politicians for not doing enough for the climatechange cause.

The TRUE agenda behind the man made climate change hoax … current man made climatechange crisis pushed by state media, establishment politicians and created by global institutions is not only a giant tax grab as is blatantly obvious as the sun it’s self, but another false dichotomy/falseflag crisis the real agenda behind of which is to keep the sinking ship that is modern civilization afloat a little longer by switching to alternative energy’s …

Climate ChangeIs A Hoax – Townhall‎9‎ ‎Sep‎ ‎2019Nah. “Climatechangeis a hoax. Come arrest me for felony denial. Understand that the term “climatechange” does not refer to actual meteorological phenomena but, rather, to the sordid …

Media Creates False Balance on Climate Science, Study Shows …‎13‎ ‎Aug‎ ‎2019While it is not uncommon for media outlets to interview climatechange scientists and climatechange deniers in the same interviews, the effort to offer a 360-degree view is creating a false balance between trained climate scientists and those who lack scientific training, such as politicians.

BoJo & Vote Fraud__Another False Flag? | NO LIES RADIO Weekly News is a weekly investigative news program that covers extremely controversial subjects. We want to remind our viewers that “Questioning” of Official Government or Mainstream Media Stories Is Not Hate Speech, nor is it Fake News, it is Free Speech that is protected by the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution.

American Empire Exposed: Paris False Flag II and the Race to …‎17‎ ‎Nov‎ ‎2015Another falseflag giveaway showing up like clockwork is the all too familiar notorious crisis actor seen in one of the Paris photos outside the concert hall with an impressive acting resume of crocodile tear-filled experience at Sandy Hook, Aurora and Boston. Use of the very same crises actors ad nauseam has become SOP for every shabbily …

Is climate change real, and is the world actually getting …‎4‎ ‎May‎ ‎2017The basic science behind climatechangeis actually quite simple. The story began nearly 150 years ago when Irish physicist John Tyndall discovered ‘carbonic acid’ – today known as carbon …

Top Ten Reasons Climate Change is a Hoax | Global Climate Scam‎23‎ ‎Jan‎ ‎2015By Elmer Beauregard. The Senate voted this week on whether ClimateChangeis real or a hoax, I think it’s a hoax and here’s why. I’m sure you’ve heard in the news that 2014 was supposed to be the hottest year ever.