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Is the Conflict in Hong Kong Citizen Initiated Action or a CIA Cyber Trade War?

How do we stop trade wars influencing government policy in respect of the government/business nexus and unquestioned belief that economic growth is power and stability?  How do we prevent citizens from being caught in the cross fire in yet another war based not on defence but business interests?  This issue becomes more complex when we look at acquisitions, cross ownership, controlling shares in businesses that keep changing with powerful global players. The world becomes a chess board, less about nation states and more about retaining or expanding control and influence. This is the nature of economics.  

So how do we bring in accountability and ensure real democratic processes of checks and balances?   A central intelligence question!

It is alleged by a few articles that the CIA was involved in fanning the flames for the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong and China.  I have included from the Sydney Morning Herald article a few links refering to Donald Trump and the trade war, which in my view, is the real war behind this uprising.  

From a peace perspective what I see is two countries and one system of totalitarianism enshrined in government and totalitarianism enshrined in corporations influencing government.  I speak about the law of attraction as a universal law where like attracts like, what you think about you bring about through focus as we influence events by our attention and intention.  It is evident in the dispute between China and the US that like attracts like. in this case a domination agenda appears to be the purpose of this clash, a fight for supremacy and it is a mirror.  The 5G issue is considered critical from the perspective of controlling the IT global grid (matrix), data gathering, automation and artificial intelligence in cyber wars as the perceived theatre of war. The Chinese government according to the US military are ahead of the US in 5G and there is concern that the leader position technologically means the domination of networks, apparently there is no second place in this war game. So this is a power struggle.  

What concerns me always is the people are used in these conflicts as pawns in counter terrorism strategies to destabilise the perceived ‘enemy’ rather than working on transitioning our world to cooperation and peace. In an enlightened world we would be looking at changing the rules (laws) to ensure truly free trade that benefits people, changing the United Nations (free of corruption), a world free of corruption, stopping foreign government interference in sovereign domestic policy and curtailing corporate control (acquisitions, assets) preventing corporate  concentration of wealth as this influences governments.  This is another line of control.

There is much work to be done if real peace is the final goal out of this emerging global conflict which is inflamed by vested interests whom do not have a genuine desire for democracy on any side.  Often playing both sides against each other. For other interests over and above government are interested in the collapse of both. This is how a separation consciousness can be controlled and greed is the tool that moves people to take sides rather than a neutral third party.  

It is the people who want democracy believing it is freedom but what we are seeing in the West is the loss of freedom of speech, weakening or criminalising whistleblowers, data gathering breaching privacy, profiling and tracking citizens, the weakening and corporatisation of the social welfare system and the privatisation of public assets (without distributing yields) which weakens the voice of the people as they are not able to hold government to account in the public interest.  So behind the facade of so-called democracy is another control paradigm that works along the lines using silence weapons for quiet wars. I cannot verify the legitimacy of this paper below but it raised my awareness to an end game possible scenario that both the US and China may wish to contemplate in respect of the implications of 5G. If accurate, it is a zero sum game where no-one wins.  Why zero sum? The real goal of life is freedom to be who you are, no-one can experience this is a Brave New World scenario. All become imprisoned as paranoia rules. Is this what is truly wanted on both sides? What is the fear driving the cyber wars? How to resolve the conflicts for the higher good of citizens?  

This is posted in the public interest for public discussion

So rhetoric about a genuine belief in sovereignty and democracy is held up to the light of further questions. I have concerns about media spin and third party countries involving themselves in global disputes because they are compromised by powerful countries rather than operating as sovereign.  There is the more proactive option of offering to mediate disputes to ensure bullying is not the modus operandi of power as this becomes a fight to the bottom.  

Be mindful that all this conflict is happening as the ice caps melt. Always my mind turns to where all resources would be going if we had peace and social harmony as the real balancing point (justice) in the world where scales are rebalanced, Efforts and resources would be directed towards restoring the natural balance e.g. planting forests (CO2 extraction), living sustainably (decentralised eco villages and smaller communities not mega cities), ecological marketing (not infinite growth marketing) as this encourages expenditure on needs and wants in harmony with nature. The focus would be on directing consumption towards ecological balance not IT markets to sell more products as the last boom as they are addicted to wealth and power not transformation.  This is the bottom line that no-one wants to examine as public attention is on trade wars with the same rhetoric that no longer works.  

The ecological collapse and human imbalance are the real wars going on in the background.  It is the war against ourselves where no-one wins as we are in denial about who we are, what we truly want and the empowerment of citizens to live to their full potential.  It is not about endless trade wars it is about infinite possibility when we recognise real freedom is to know thyself and be true.  Instead we continue on economic treadmills of consumption (growth), then look at population issues rather than ecological footprint per person.  We consume too much and this false abundance is what fuels population. This combined with the lack of education of women and the inequality there.  

We have not learned that until we come into homeostasis with the planet (balance) the wars that play out in the media, in the cyber reality (fake) and on the ground are distractions from real transformative change. The real disruption would be to business-as-usual and financial concentration as we move to disperse more fairly incomes that send demand and supply signals empowering a renewable system that preserves not only the planet but restores balance between all cultures so that we can learn to live together as one.  The key to whether this is happening will be around wellbeing and happiness. These are the signals of alignment. Pleasure and staving off the feeling of ‘not enough’ are the signals of unconsciousness, identifying with material wealth and poverty.  Inequality is the imbalance, powerlessness is the felt imbalance and to know thyself and be true becomes the empowerment that transforms our world. It is nonviolent, principled and peaceful in the true sense. We have barely begun to understand yet an awakening is occurring globally.

What could be considered the ‘good’ coming out of this US/China trade war and the disruption of Hong Kong is a global movement for real democracy (freedom) whereby those observing around the world can see that they have real power when they come together peacefully rejecting totalitarianism (visible and silent). They are learning to take back their power to recognise they are not weak and for the sake of the future of their children. Then communities can start to focus on turning this Titanic (sinking ship) around from the biggest fastest ship to a lifeboat that floats the whole of humanity and sail into a renewable future that will look very different to the one we are living through. That is my vision.

This statement below is an example of the voice of real democracy,.It is about true freedom of speech that does not seek to criminalise, demonise, bully but truly allows those we disagree with express their viewpoint. Interestingly the quote is from a woman not Voltaire as thought. I see the woman who holds the scales as lady justice. The clashing up of opinions is what expands civilisation…


I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It

Voltaire? François-Marie Arouet? S. G. Tallentyre? Evelyn Beatrice Hall? Ignazio Silone? Douglas Young? Norbert Guterman?

Dear Quote Investigator: Would you please explore a famous saying that apparently has been misattributed to Voltaire:  I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

The words above reportedly originated with an English author named Evelyn Beatrice Hall in 1906. There is a different version in French, but I do not think it is authentic:  Monsieur l’abbé, je déteste ce que vous écrivez, mais je donnerai ma vie pour que vous puissiez continuer à écrire.

Here is one rendering in English:
Monsieur l’abbé, I detest what you write, but I would give my life to make it possible for you to continue to write.

What do you think?

Quote Investigator: Voltaire was the pen name of François-Marie Arouet who died in 1778. The earliest evidence of the saying appeared many years afterwards in the 1906 book “The Friends of Voltaire” by S. G. Tallentyre which was the pseudonym of historian Evelyn Beatrice Hall.  Her book described an incident involving the French philosopher Claude-Adrien Helvétius who in 1758 published a controversial work titled “De l’esprit” (“On the Mind”). The book was condemned in the Parlement of Paris and by the Collège de Sorbonne. Voltaire was unimpressed with the text, but he considered the attacks unjustified. After Voltaire learned that the book by Helvétius had been publicly incinerated he reacted as follows according to Hall: 1

Another quote that I find interesting is:  “the love you withhold is the pain you carry”.

This article below is from the Sydney Morning Herald and reports the CIA involvement.  I have added an additional link for public comment regarding alleged CIA involvement in the Tianamen Square conflict. 

One further message to the CIA/FBI/5 Eyes surveillance network/Chinese Communist Party/business interests: 

Those who express counter views are not the enemy they are teachers, This is part of the rebalancing of nature as we live in a system of duality. The central intelligence question is:

Are you learning from critical opinions or suppressing/harming those you disagree with? 

When you discover the wise agreement you will win/win. It is my desire you win/win.

Tiananmen Square Massacre – Facts, Fiction and Propaganda

What needs to be discussed in the public interest is:

  1. are there agent provocateurs in the background stirring the flames of protest to serve other interests?
  2. Are activists/opposition funded and trained to disrupt governments?
  3. What is real democracy?  Should it be encouraged through dialogue, the vote and peaceful community gatherings?
  4. Do we in the West live in real democracies?
  5. What is the real underlying conflict map of the conflicts?  How can we resolve these conflicts peacefully to ensure civilians are not placed in harms way?
  6. To what extent does business/powerful interests influence violent and subversive conflict in our world undermining the will of the people?
  7. How do we help governments to deeply integrate that serving the public serves them?
  8. How do we move away from control towards the hard work of resolving conflict?

Chinese state media blames CIA for violent Hong Kong protests

Beijing: China’s official newspaper The China Daily has accused the CIA of being behind “extreme acts” by Hong Kong protesters in an editorial warning Beijing has the capability to bring Hong Kong under control.

The editorial on Friday came as the Chinese propaganda machine stepped up the rhetoric against protesters this week, after the Chinese national emblem was defaced at Beijing’s office in Hong Kong during protests dispelled with tear gas and rubber bullets on Sunday.

Amid the wave of patriotism, the Chinese consulate in Brisbane issued a statement praising students who responded to “anti-China and secessionist protests” at the University of Queensland on Thursday, the nationalist Global Times newspaper reported.

Student protesters clashed at UQ on Thursday.

Student protesters clashed at UQ on Thursday.Credit:Twitter

The consulate said it supported the “spontaneous patriotic behaviour of Chinese students” and “firmly opposes any words and deeds intended to split China”.


On Friday, China Daily wrote about the situation in Hong Kong: “It does not take Sherlock Holmes to conclude that the CIA has been – to whatever degree removed – behind the more extreme acts [of protesters].”

It said that the mainland has “so far remained restrained despite all the provocations, does not mean that it has no capability to bring the situation in Hong Kong under control.”

Demonstrators carry  banners during a protest organised by the elderly in the central district of Hong Kong on July 17.

Demonstrators carry banners during a protest organised by the elderly in the central district of Hong Kong on July 17.Credit:Bloomberg

On Friday a protest was held at Hong Kong’s international airport.

Global Times ran a front page story predicting “large scale violence” in Yuen Long in the New Territories on Saturday, with one headline warning “PLA involvement debated to end turmoil in HKSAR”.


Police refused to authorise a planned protest in Yuen Long against Triad gangs on Saturday, that is expected to go ahead regardless. There has been a wide backlash in Hong Kong to the violent attacks by white-shirted men in Yuen Long that left 40 people with injuries on Sunday night.

Masked men attack people at Yuen Long metro station.

Masked men attack people at Yuen Long metro station.Credit:Stand News/AP

“Debate is growing over whether the central government should deploy the People’s Liberation Army to end the chaos as soon as possible,” the Global Times story said.

But the veiled threats in Chinese media that the PLA could be deployed contradict statements from the Hong Kong government, which on Wednesday dispelled rumours the PLA would be used to guard the Legislative Council and other key buildings as “totally unfounded”.


In Hong Kong, New Territories North Acting Regional Commander Tsang Ching-fo said police will be deployed to Yuen Long to prevent violence on Saturday, and conceded police handling of attacks on July 21 didn’t meet public expectation.

Umbrella movement founder Joshua Wong said the Global Times was encouraging mainland Chinese people to travel to Yuen Long ahead of the planned protest, after it published an article that suggested Yuen Long egg rolls were the best souvenir for mainland tourists going to Hong Kong.

Global Times editor-in-chief, Hu Xijin, argued the PLA garrison shouldn’t be used as “Hong Kong’s police back-up” and the Chinese mainland needed to be patient.

People’s Daily had earlier in the week delivered a stern condemnation on its front page of Sunday’s graffiti attack on the national emblem as “openly challenging the authority of the central government and touching the bottom line of the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ principle.”


On Friday a Hong Kong appeal judge overturned the convictions of two police who had been sentenced to jail for assaulting a protester during the 2014 Umbrella movement protests. But five police officers were returned to jail for the attack, with sentences reduced.

Community Building: Clowning Around San Diego

I met my new friend Kyle at the Maritime Museum. We got changed in the toilets (bathroom) of the restaurant nextdoor. I painted his face with blues, reds, whites and yellows. I put a nice colourful wig on him and he borrowed my indian clown suit. He looked great. I gave him some tips on clowning that we are not here to make people laugh but to be happy and share it. We are careful not to get people out of their comfort zones and to be in harmony with them. If we use the massager we make sure we have permission etc.

Diane a former clown gave more tips as she went to drop us off near the Convention Centre in downtown San Diego.

We waved at some people and said hello. I have to laugh at the lights this guy was standing with his bull dog and felt to say that my peace symbol was an upside devil symbol and gave it a name, he believed in Jesus Christ. I have no idea where he got that from but all I could say to him is that we are here to spread peace and love I understood it to be a nuclear disarmament symbol. Amazing some of the comments you get. Poor kyle got to hear this as a first introduction to clowning. He is a Christian, so it seemed funny a Christian saying this. He wasn’t that happy.

Anyway we moved on and were allowed into the Mardi gras. It turns out we were early but we said hello to the workers setting up. We taught a woman how to juggle. We saw some huge aliens on stilts, some belly dancers, pirates, pharaohs, rockers, dancers and all sorts. Kyle and I went for a cuppa at the pub. We were met with smiles from others. Often people ask for photos. I pulled out my fools tarot, basically I like to find out what sort of fool people are. It is really good. This guy pulled a card as a drunken fool and his mother and girlfriend laughed and said it was true. They liked the cards they got and it started some laughing which was nice.

My friend Kyle was great, he laughed with people, danced and dropped the doggy pool then got a tissue and picked it up, that brought a laugh. I recall one guy saying that people don’t listen and Kyle drifting off. He was actually a very funny clown.

We wound up getting some pizza. I saw a woman putting salt on her pizze and there were police there. I said to the policeman that the woman was assaulting her pizza, ha ha. Another guy I mentioned we had jumpers not sweaters. I should have said they were had to get on, can’t keep them down.

I was feeling tired clowning and not my usually bouncy self. I found the crowd was a bit thin. However, it was fine really. I love people and go with the flow.

I saw Kyle with a bunch of drummers and he was banging away at his peace tamborine and it looked great. He had courage and jumped in with people. I really felt him to be a natural.

I then asked if we could go out on the street. I actually felt better breaking out of the enclosure. We met people on the street, a lady trying to sell happy hour. Perhaps it should be every hour of the day. Funny how we equate alcohol to happy. Many on the street who are not that happy drinking.

We met a lovely African American guy who had a guitar and played for us. I tried to sing with him and dance. He liked me, me thinks, I gave him a hug and he wanted to get the pacifier out of the way (dummy). He was a nice guy.

We met another guy walking around, seemed like a retired academic. He had long grey hair and was interested in comedy. I thought he’d be good and lovely to see at his age living his dreams. I then saw a lady in a wheel chair and gave her $5. She looked cold and I tried to warm her up.

We also spoke to a lady on the street, the two of us sat down and she spoke of security intelligence agencies, much of which I didn’t understand but that she had been born on a military base secretly. She told us about identity theft of her identity. She even said that Steve Irwin (Ozzy) had sought a hit on her, I thought she meant amorous but she didn’t. She said a lot about the system and who knows which bits are true which are not. It is not my place to judge her just listen to her. I told her to write a book. After we left her we saw she had moved to another spot.

I thought about mental health and the vulnerability of homeless people. I was told by Kyle that there are around 30,000 homeless, apparently they come to san Diego because it is not as cold. You can imagine on the east coast where it is snowing, they would freeze to death. I had a debate with another guy earlier in the week, he was a clown but he felt they were using the system. He said some make a lot of money. I’ve heard this before and maybe it is so, but ultimately money does not solve the problem. It can give an excuse to people to ignore them and do nothing. I recalled yesterday when I was in Macchu Picchu in Peru that the Inca’s had no homeless people. So it can happen in societies when there is a will. I do feel all of us have to look at the problem. When you have people erecting tents on the sidewalk it is a problem. Are the slack or bludgers? Well the protestant work ethic which is drummed into us from childhood would lead you to believe they are losers. In my worldview and having not had a home for 2 years, it is not easy trying to focuson survival and finding a place to stay. Socially it can affect your friendships, family, if the person has substance abuse, poor communication, mental health issues, aggression etc. they will be more vulnerable. I met another guy a few days before that and he had black skin but it was peeling off and you could see white skin, he had a skin condition. He was trying to sell paintings to survive. He said his family didn’t pay him for work, so how many seek monetary help from family. If we look at ethnic, cultural differences it is clear that there are people in the United States who are seen differently. I saw more Afro American’s riding the buses (as they say). I saw many Mexican’s working in servant roles. When in England it was the Mediterranean’s that worked the taxi’s, the Pakistani’s in the newsagents and there was a homeless problem in the London Underground, I understand around a few thousand were homeless and seeking warmth there. In San Diego 30,000 is a big number and I sat today thinking – how do you solve that? I wondered at public investment in public housing. We have that problem in Australia where the government housing stock got sold off so they have a shortage. i thought about people allowing you to stay in their home. Most people won’t do that, they would eventually expect you to pay your way, philanthropic assistance as service for as long as needed would be rare, unless you have a spiritual dimension. We live in a world where there are powerful beliefs around paying your way, users pay, ownership, entitlement without a great deal of understanding of structural violence (racial inequality, gender, age, education) which erodes equality for all. These days people have to get an education, not everyone is scholastic, we have artists and drifters and a range of different types of people that must fit in the box. We live in a world of winners and losers and typically white privilege is an issue. My friend is studying as a counsellor and she was reading a paper on it. I heard it again from a peace studies student. It is essentially the advantage of being white (or what I term in truth pink bit of humour there). Anyway, I can relate to this idea and know travelling the world I was given special treatment as a white person from Australia. It was the perceived beliefs about white people and largely coming out of the American movie industry. Moreover, as a woman I am also given certain privileges I am not seen as a threat. If I am attractive then doors open more and if I had money, wide open. So yes we do discriminate we do it unconsciously and consciously. I must say I sat on the bus looking at an Afro American and looking at her and thinking about her talents, the fact she was riding the bus, her life and that it was my loss if the system didn’t see her as equal. I find it incredible that we look at skin complexion, racial background, handicap and so on and alter our behaviour. Yes I’ve done it but I am conscious now so I look at the conditioning and see it for what it is, untrue.

So going out on the street as a clown gives me the opportunity to tell an Afro American man that he is gorgeous, to encourage him to find what makes him happy, to let his talents shine and heal the past. He nearly cried when I said these words. Kyle said ‘words are powerful’ and he is right. I tried to show this guy that we can create our own pathway out of poverty. I know it is not easy but it is not impossible, as there is a tad of magic to this world as I know. I’ve been able to survive for 2 years now without a house or job, yet I work for peace full time. I am following my passion and just going with life as it takes me. I can understand the feeling of uncertainty plaguing your every step, I know what it feels like to feel alone, to have no money etc. but I also know the magic that comes when you dare to reach for your truth and to bring a smile to another, costs nothing. This guy said he was hungry so Kyle agreed to drop me at a shop to get him a burger. We came back and I gave it to him to help him see life is kind.

Kyle took me home and gave me a video ‘women of faith’. He told me earlier he had been part of this group, I joked with him wondering if he wore a dress, but he supported them which I thought was great. Kyle had drug issues in his past which makes him a good person to talk to on the street, he has been there. He prays for people and he said some like it some don’t want it. He is respectful of both. I guess some just feel that someone cares enough to ask. Kyle is a good person and goes to a local church. He wants to live the message of peace.

He took off the clown gear and we hugged and off he went. I was deeply grateful that he had the courage to give it a go and I was glad I got out in the public at least once here. I was tired but it is better than nothing.

Clowning is community building because we love unconditionally. It is not about helping others, it is about meeting others where they are. It is about showing them their greatness, not trying to be great through helping underprivileged. It is about seeing people and giving something for nothing, that inspires trust and peace. These to me are the tools to peace. It has to have no agenda, just for the sheer joy of meeting people. People never disappoint me as they are unique and interesting. I am never bored with them and realise people need to be heard. We are indeed equal whether you are in a business suit or daggy pants on the street. The challenge is for us to look further than the perceived image which is not who people are. The same applies for the rich guy, there are many beautiful people in disguise just seeking peace like you and I.


Sending love and peace to you. Everyone is gorgeous in their own way.