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Is the Coronavirus a Globalist Bioweapon Patented 23 Jan 2017?

In the public interest.

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Definitive proof that Coronavirus is a globalist bioweapon

Definitive proof that Coronavirus is a globalist bioweapon


CORONAVIRUS was funded and patented by Wellcome Trust (UK, fake sold to GlaxoSmithKline), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, DARPA, DEFRA (UK), World Health Organization, European Commission (EU) via THE PINBRIGHT INSTUTUTE (UK)

coronavirus 2

U.S. Pat. No. 10,130,701. (Nov. 20, 2018). CORONAVIRUS. Assignee: THE PIRBRIGHT INSTITUTE (Woking, Pirbright, Great Britain), funded by Wellcome Trust, DARPA, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, EU. U.S. Patent Office.

From the USPTO patent application “wrapper” files accessible by the public in PUBLIC PAIR.

coronavirus 4

The Coronavirus patent was issued in just 17 months from initial filing—that’s almost unheard of speed—with very little objection back from SERCO (UK)-managed patent examiner Bao Q. Li

coronavirus 4

List of patents assigned to THE PIRBRIGHT INSTITUTE (funded by Wellcome Trust, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, EU & DARPA)

The Pirbright Institute (Woking GB). (Compiled Jan. 28, 2020). Coronavirus et al Patent Assignee for Pat. Nos. 10,507,237; 10,294,277; 10,202,578; 10,130,701; 9,969,777; 9,457,075; 9,243,230; 9,145,548; 8,828,407; 8,501,466; 8,455,201. U.S. Patent Office.

CEO: Professor Bryan Charleston

pirbrightcoronavirus 5vaccine

bryan charlestonPirbright 2partners


For our regular readers, remember that Burroughs Wellcome & Co. bankrolled the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909 and Empire Press Union with British MI6, MI5 and GC&CS (renamed GCHQ in 1946) formed a month later. Burroughs Wellcome & Co. supplied medical kits full of experimental vaccines to the British 2nd Boer War that killed over 60,000 blacks and whites in the world’s first modern concentration camp vaccine experiments.

See AFI. (Oct. 24, 2019). The 200-year Information War: The UK-U.S. Pilgrims Society controls the Press that directs intelligence (spy-lies) to bend words and culture to atheistic social fascism. Americans for Innovation.

alfred milner

Get these facts to every decision influencer in your community.

And, pray for these lost souls and the souls of their innocent victims.

Note: A joint investigation by Americans for Innovation and American Intelligence Media contributors not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Fair Use is relied upon for all content. No claims are made to the properties of third parties. For educational purposes only.

Spread the truth.

The truth sets you free.

Critical thinking, Radiation, 5G and LED lighting

In the Public Interest.

Critical Thinking In The Time Of Coronavirus

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The world is experiencing unprecedented levels of fear and uncertainty.  The vast majority of people are following the official narrative unquestioningly. But more and more people are beginning to wake up to what’s really going on. To ask questions. To investigate. Diane Craig is one of them. In this inspiring guest post, Diane shares her story as a canary, her experiences with her smart meter, celiac disease and more recently 5G radiation from supposedly harmless street lighting, and what she did about it, and what you can do about it:

As human “canaries” in our electromagnetic world, prior Electricsense’s guest bloggers and its host demonstrate the important responsibility canaries have to communicate the truths they encounter. I endorse Shannon Rowan’s solutions for coronavirus pandemic stresses, especially her Solution #16, “Be Gentle And Kind To Your Body And Your World.”

I’m a human canary too, and because I’ve recently experienced things few canaries and even fewer non- canaries are aware of, I’m writing to add my truths at this difficult time.

The word “critical” can mean being disapproving, but “Critical Thinking” means analyzing both merits and faults of whatever we hear, read or see. One factor that inhibits critical thinking is Confirmation Bias, “the tendency to search for or interpret information in a way that confirms one’s preconceptions.” [1]

Definition critical thinking
So I ask canaries and non-canaries alike to put on their “critical thinking” caps, to consider possible Confirmation Biases (theirs and/or mine), to keep in mind Shannon Rowan’s coronavirus pandemic stress solution #13 (“Reexamine Priorities And Beliefs”), and to continue reading. I’ll start with my story.

My Story

At 3am on a 2013 May morning, I was awakened by shrieking coming from … inside my head? The sound accompanied me when I got out of bed and walked around. Doctors call this sound tinnitus. In my humble opinion, tinnitus is a really wimpy word for one’s head suddenly shrieking. When I returned to bed, the shrieking volume increased. I got up again, walked again, lay down again, heard the shrieking ramp up again, then got up and stayed up.

At 7am the next morning, while relating this experience to my husband, I watched as my breakfast spoon trembled in my hand. Then I looked at my empty cereal bowl and realized I had no idea what I’d just eaten. As my husband touched my forehead and arms, he murmured that I seemed fine. When he felt around to the back of my neck, his voice changed. He shouted a phrase I’d never before heard him say: “Oh, my God!”

The back of my neck felt hot to his touch. I was moving and speaking normally, so whatever was going on didn’t seem to be a stroke. We had no idea why tinnitus, localized heating, and symptoms associated with Parkinson’s and Alzheimers all arrived together, and so suddenly.

We got in the car. A few blocks later, I felt anxious and shaky. Great – maybe I’d have to add “crazy lady” to my already-crazy symptoms list. All I could say was, “I was fine when you stopped at that last stop light. Something’s wrong at this one.”

After I reported a few more “stop light” reactions, hubby remarked, “Every time you tell me how weird you feel, I can see a cell tower.

I credited serendipity for my husband’s observations and the events that quickly followed. A friend called, out of the blue, talking about “that electric guy” who had helped her. “That electric guy” showed us how a smart meter, ten feet from our outside wall, was sending radiation, 24/7, through the wall to my pillow. Before that moment, like most people, I hadn’t known what a smart meter was, or that everyone on our street had one.

house surrounded with EMFs
Photo by Wynand van Poortvliet on Unsplash

My utility denied my request for a hearing, revealing only that our neighborhood’s smart meters had gone live sometime in August 2011. Was it relevant that my husband’s blood pressure readings rose starting one day in late August? Was it relevant that I’d stopped my marathon training the following week, after suddenly having no energy to tackle our long training run over Labor Day weekend?

I testified before my utility’s governing board. I appealed the board’s inaction to the Department of Justice in Washington, DC. The DOJ eventually rejected my claim and, after I filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, sent me everything in my file that wasn’t classified. This consisted of one document – my appeal. Was it rational of me to conclude that whatever was classified involved national security?

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m in favor of national security. Protecting our country is important. I simply didn’t (and still don’t) understand a program that seemed to me would result in national insecurity, given how it ignored all the research demonstrating negative effects from pulsed digital wireless microwave radiation for human and environmental health. (Read more on the EMF cover-up here.)

Initially, I spoke out about the research and steps injured people could take to recover. Doing so while symptomatic exhausted me. Like an overcome canary, I fell silent.

Much later, a building biologist (I’ve consulted five so far) shared with me that certain 24/7- transmitting smart meters like the ones my utility used transmitted high power densities when first measured but lower power densities when measured again years later. Did my and others’ experiences have anything to do with the change? I’ll never know.

My Personal Investment Led To Recovery

For me, practicing rather than preaching the wisdom at and elsewhere led to recovery. By August 2019, I was symptom-free, well enough that I was traveling internationally without incident.

By then, my husband and I had moved to a different city. We lived in a house with an opt-out meter, in an environment where outside wireless radiation from others’ wifi, smart meters and security systems didn’t reach us.

RadAware MeterWhen we returned home on August 30th after two trips away, the RadAware RF Exposure Alarm I’d carried to check new surroundings was still in my pocket and still turned on. That day, it started flashing and clicking, reporting microwave radiation inside the house that hadn’t been present when we’d left a month earlier.

The RadAware continued flashing and clicking for five days and nights. We tried to block radiation from entering a single room by putting metal-infused mylar over its window, door, and air duct, but we’d have only a second or two of silence before the RadAware would sound off again. (For tips on shielding a room from EMFs click here.)

After five days, I was experiencing symptoms, some like those I’d had in 2013, others that were new. When my husband went outside, the RadAware “told” him how streetlights along our street and elsewhere in our subdivision were transmitting wireless radiation.

On the sixth morning, the RadAware was silent. Later that morning, it suddenly recommenced flashing and clicking. This time the source seemed to be from the direction opposite the streetlights. Our visitor at the time was startled by these events, but fortunately already informed about wireless radiation issues. Sometime after this person left, the RadAware again went silent and stayed silent.

Is 5G Being Secretly Trialed On Street Lighting (by companies other than the telecoms)?

These are the “critical thinking” questions I asked myself:

What if it isn’t just telecommunications companies that add 5G Small Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (“sWTFs”) to lampposts and other structures? 

What if a utility, say, or other government agencies, were to suddenly and without notice “trial” 5G-consistent technology there? How would people notice?

For a canary, one clue might be a worsening of wireless radiation symptoms. However, if a wireless radiation meter registered nothing unusual, wouldn’t the canary look elsewhere for the cause? That’s what I might have done, except for the unusual circumstance that my RadAware was in my pocket and turned on while change was happening.

My husband’s and my next step was to leave our home for awhile. In the 7-1/2 months since then, I’ve learned a lot. The RadAware’s “on” light has functioned normally, from before August 30th to the present day. The only difference has been that, in a different county shortly after the 2019 Labor Day weekend, the RadAware responded as it had in our county prior to August 30th.

Whenever I’ve shared my story or offered information on the health and environmental effects of pulsed digital wireless radiation, I’ve received one of four responses.

> Regarding 5G Itself

I’ve been told on more than one occasion,

But everybody wants this!

> Regarding Streetlight Wireless Transmissions

I’ve been told, also more than once,

Everyone knows that the topknots on streetlights only turn LED lights on and off.

Some people were interested, but…

…even radiation experts and 5G opponents initially doubted me because, after all, there are no publicly-available Public Utility Commission records consistent with what I reported. There should have been, since the utility owned the streetlights.

These responses began to change after a building biologist, on three separate occasions, measured and documented microwave radiation originating both from the streetlights and from the opposite direction where the State of California, according to, owns a cell antenna.

The professional’s directional microwave radiation meter could measure radiation power densities from wireless frequencies up to 10GHz; at the same time the RadAware, limited to recognizing only 4G frequencies up to 6GHz, remained silent.

I later bought my own 10GHz meter to see how current cell tower transmissions power densities’ would compare with densities the RadAware had detected before August but no longer responded to.

At that point, the coronavirus took over my and everyone’s lives, interests and energies. I hadn’t visited many different locations with my new meter before that, but it (and I) already had encountered four instances where wireless sources were transmitting microwave radiation power densities exceeding 100,000 microwatts per meter squared. [2]

(Learn more about EMF meters here.)

Here’s What I Understand Now

  • In the 6GHz to 10GHz frequencies range, most frequencies are reserved for federal exclusive use. [3]
    The 6GHz to 7.125GHz range is for non-federal exclusive use [3], but I’m not aware that commercial telecommunications companies have been granted frequencies in this range. There also are two small ranges available for shared use. [3]
  • We don’t know if there are frequencies higher than 10GHz that are active here but can’t be detected by our meter.
  • While my utility provided no notice that I’m aware of for what happened in my small rural city starting on or before August 30, it did inform its customers on 2-15-20 that it would be making “infrastructure upgrades” [4] to its grid in connection with its Community Wildfire Safety Program.
  • A nearby utility adjacent to ours completed a planned power outage on 4-11-20 [5].
  • We know of various illnesses, even deaths, that occurred in our neighborhood during and after August 2019. [5] We don’t know whether or not these occurred at normally-expected rates. (See this article on how Cell Tower Radiation is linked to cancer.)
  • It’s my general understanding that those who are infected with the coronavirus are reported to exhibit symptoms of oxidative stress. [6]
  • My husband and I don’t have any symptoms associated with the coronavirus, and we have no reason to believe we’ve been exposed. But certainly it’s been difficult, sheltering in place with wireless transmissions from outside continuing to come through our walls. Beginning before the coronavirus pandemic, we had symptoms we suspected were likely due to oxidative stresses resulting from radiation we’re exposed to here. We’ve been treating these symptoms accordingly. Our doctors have told us to keep on doing what we’re doing, because our efforts are having positive results. .
  • We don’t know whether microwave radiation has anything to do with the coronavirus or its virulence. We would like public health officials, independent scientists, and research biologists to investigate and answer the questions Shannon Rowan, Paul Doyon and others have raised.

(To read a more extensive article on the link between EMFs and the Coronavirus click here.)




I continue to envision a world freed from man-made pollutants. Getting there might seem complicated – there are so many of these – but my general understanding is that research evidence strongly supports the notion that pulsed digital wireless radiation is prominent among them. [7]

In addition to Shannon’s excellent pandemic solutions, I encourage others to also know what’s going on in their local communities. A first step is to contact and question local officials. A second step is to measure wireless radiation.

Two radio frequency monitoring devices currently are required to determine whether higher 5G-consistent frequencies are active: one to report frequencies within the 4G 6GHz range, and another that can report frequencies to 10GHz or higher.

Are the power density readings the same or different? To borrow from Freud’s conceit about cigars, I would agree that sometimes a streetlight is only a streetlight – but it also can morph into something more.

Go For All-Fiber-Optic Connections

I’d also like to encourage others to consider the advantages of all-fiber-optic connections, Wireless infrastructure already is fiber-optics-based. It’s true that installing fiber optics the “last nine feet” to business and residential doorsteps would involve increased marginal costs over wireless installations, but the cost savings would far outweigh these, because:

  • Climate change burdens due to wireless devices themselves have been estimated to account for 4% of the impact, a figure that is projected to double to 8% within five years. [8] 
  • As regards human health: Costs to treat those who are disabled or made ill by negative physical effects from pulsed digital microwave radiation would be reduced. Quality of life for such individuals and their caretakers would increase. Health care burdens would decrease, with the added benefit that quality of life would improve for the medical community as well.
  • As regards the health of the earth, its atmosphere, its soil, and all its inhabitants: The physiological stresses already resulting from wireless radiation would not increase. Fire dangers from wireless’ effects on plants terpenes, for instance, would lessen.[9] In the long run, the consequences of oxidative stress for all living organisms would be reduced.

Objection to this proposal might be made by the wireless industry and those who equate national security with the ability to connect to each individual via wireless transmissions. Hopefully, both groups could appreciate that their work too would thrive within all-fiber-optic communication infrastructures.

Then we all could dream.
What could the world become if it included a global treaty that limited pulsed digital wireless microwave radiation?

Many thanks to Diane Craig for this guest post.

Headshot Diane Craig

For more than 30 years, Diane Craig has advocated for persons diagnosed with celiac disease.  From 2013 to 2018, among other activities as a board member for the California non-profit Celiac Support Group, she helped draft a petition to the FDA to label gluten in drugs and wrote blog posts to help publicize research regarding the then-new concept of Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity.

Sources and Bibliography

1-, reference 1, Plous, Scott (1993), The Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making, p. 233, accessed 1-31-2017).

2- 100,000 microwatts/m² is the same as 100 milliwatts/m². My new meter is the Safe & Sound Pro II Broadband RF Meter. I’ve spoken with two building biologists who have compared results from this meter with readings with their newest meters that also measure frequencies up to 10GHz. These experts tell me the Safe & Sound Pro II Broadband RF Meter is useful, because it and the other meters report power densities that closely match. My three highest measurements were recorded outdoors but on private property, so I’m sharing here photos of my next three highest measurements, also recorded outdoors but on public rights-of-way. My understanding is as follows: The Max is the only meaningful measurement. It registers the largest single measured power density during the current recording period. The “Peak” measurement is simply the peak level of the current cycle at the instant the camera flashes. The “Avg” reading is meaningless, given all the activity that happens within a minuscule time frame.

EMF's mesures private property
3- The United States Department of Commerce National Telecommunications and Information Administration, “United States Frequency Allocations: The Radio Spectrum” chart,,.The Commerce Department offers this chart for sale, updated April 8, 2020, but I do not have access to this; see The Federal Communications Commission Office of Engineering and Technology Policy and Rules Division, FCC Online Table of Frequency Allocations 47 C.F.R. § 2.106, revised on March 6, 2020, can be downloaded from, but this did not provide me with additional information.

4- Email from PG&E Customer Service <>, entitled “You may see us in your community working to improve safety.” The message began, “We are investing in infrastructure upgrades…”. This email arrived in my inbox on Sat 2/15/2020 9:21 PM. There was no mention of wireless transmissions in this email, however.

5- From my conversations with various acquaintances, between August 30, 2019 and April 14, 2020.

6- Dr Martin Pall comments that pneumonia is the predominant cause of death from this coronavirus and that pneumonia is greatly exacerbated by the downstream effects of VGCC activation, which includes oxidative stress, see

7- Burrell, Lloyd. 5G Radiation Dangers – 11 Reasons To Be Concerned, #1, Source: Latest on 5G Spectrum – EMFields Ltd., Last updated January 15, 2020, at See also

8- LePage, Michael. ‘Digital sobriety’ can halt tech-fuelled global warming, says report. New Scientist, Article 2195771, 5 March 2019, at , continued at

9- My source is Martin Pall, PhD, who, when interviewed by Josh del Sol during the 5GCrisis: Awareness & Accountability online summit, stated, “EMFs in plants make the plants produce much higher levels of highly volatile and highly flammable terpenes.”

References: I’ve accessed many websites, including and websites of experts interviewed on My go-to research sources are at and With apologies in advance, I did not seek out specific citations for purposes of sharing my general understanding in this blog post. I apologize in advance if my general understanding cannot be supported elsewhere. 

Silencing Alternative Coronavirus (COVID-19) Narratives?

In the public interest.

I was just sent this journalists blog yesterday and saw this article.

I am concerned about censorship shutting down narratives that do not fit the official line.  This appears to be the times we are in even prior to the coronavirus.

When we see dissent or differences of opinion being quietly or overtly removed (deleted) as they are not towing the official line, we are experiencing the implementation of a counter terrorism move to manage information dissemination.  In the War in Iraq this was information management which is why they embedded journalists.

In a democracy people have a right to discuss their ideas, air their concerns, share what is being discussed to garner opinions and to work together to determine solutions.

In a control paradigm those who differ from the mainstream line will be viewed as a threat and overtly or covertly shut down.  This can happen through IT diverting algorithms, it can happen through publicly demonizing a person, finding weaknesses in that person and exploiting where fear may be or threatening the person to be silent as big agenda’s are at play.

Now what happens when those alternative views are backed up by scientists and doctors who are neutral?  What then?

Caitlin mentions a CIA contractor, this is a reference to the Deep State.  Visit ex CIA whistleblower Kevin Shipp for more information on the Deep State and Shadow Governments.

People’s Skepticism About Covid-19 Is The Fault Of The Lying Mass Media

by Caitlin Johnstone

Coronavirus disinformation is the hot topic of the day, with pressure mounting on social media platforms to censor incorrect information about the virus and mainstream news outlets blaring dire warnings every day about the threat posed by the circulation of false claims about the pandemic.

“As fast as the coronavirus has raced around the globe, it has been outpaced by a blinding avalanche of social media sorcery and propaganda related to the pathogen, much of it apparently originating in Russia,” the Washington Post editorial board warns. “As always when it comes to its relations with the West, Moscow’s main currency is disinformation, and it spends lavishly.”

This would be the same Washington Post who falsely assured us that the Bush administration had provided “irrefutable” proof that the government of Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. The same Washington Post who falsely assured us that Russian hackers had penetrated the US electricity grid to cut off heat during the winter, and who circulated a McCarthyite blacklist of alternative media outlets designated “Russian propaganda” compiled by a group of anonymous internet trolls. The same Washington Post whose sole owner is a literal CIA contractor yet never discloses this brazen conflict of interest when reporting on the US intelligence community as per standard journalistic protocol.

If outlets like The Washington Post had done a better job of consolidating their reputation as a reliable news source instead of constantly deceiving their readers about very important matters, people would believe them instead of believing a “blinding avalanche of social media sorcery” (and web wizardry and internet incantations and electronic enchantments and net necromancy).

We’re seeing these urgent warnings about coronavirus disinformation and misinformation from mainstream outlets who’ve sold the public lies about war after war, election after election, status quo-supporting narrative after status quo-supporting narrative.

Here’s How to Fight Coronavirus Misinformation” reads a headline by The Atlantic, whose editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg once assured us that “the coming invasion of Iraq will be remembered as an act of profound morality,” and whose star writer is David “Axis of Evil” Frum.

“China and Russia have seized on the coronavirus outbreak to wage disinformation campaigns that seek to undermine the U.S. and its handling of the crisis, rather than addressing public criticism of their own struggles with the pandemic,” warns The New York Times, who played a leading role in the disinformation campaign to build support for the Iraq invasion and who aggressively pushed crazy-making Russia hysteria (including famously retracting its bogus “17 intelligence agencies” claim).

So it is understandable that people are suspicious and looking to alternate sources for answers. The outlets which are warning them about the dangers of this virus and defending massive, unprecedented changes which have an immense impact on the lives of ordinary people have an extensive and well-documented history of lying about very important things. People are aware of this, in their own ways and to varying degrees, and it doesn’t help that all the usual suspects are behaving in a way that feels uncomfortably familiar.

“This pandemic will be more consequential than 9/11. It probably already is. People just don’t realize it, because they still think—still feel—that once this is all over we’ll go back to the way things used to be. We won’t,” says The Bulwark, whose founder Bill Kristol was also the founder of the wildly influential think tank Project for a New American Century (PNAC). PNAC famously argued a year before the 9/11 attacks that the massive worldwide increase in US military interventionism they were promoting at the time would not be possible without “some catastrophic and catalysing event – like a new Pearl Harbor”. All of which miraculously came to pass.

I personally believe there’s enough evidence that this virus is sufficiently dangerous to justify many of the significant steps nations have been taking (though of course we must oppose and be vigilant against government overstepping into authoritarianism). The statistics are still very blurry and unreliable, but the mountains of testimonies by rank-and-file medical staff pouring in from areas where the outbreak is bad constitute enough anecdotal evidence for me to believe that this virus can very easily overwhelm our healthcare systems if we don’t collectively take drastic measures to contain it.

That said, I certainly can’t cast blame on people who believe the threat the virus poses is being greatly exaggerated. Not because I think they’re right, but because you don’t blame a population who’s been constantly lied to for their disbelief in what they’re being told by the very political/media class which has been lying to them. It’s not the fault of the rank-and-file public that they’re believing conspiratorial narratives, erroneous Facebook memes, right-wing pundits and the US president over the mainstream press; it is the fault of the mainstream press themselves.

I’ve taken a lot of flack in conspiracy circles lately for my relatively normie stance on Covid-19, but I also can’t really take it personally because it isn’t really their fault. Not everyone has the time and the resources to independently comb through many disparate bits of information about a single topic and synthesize a lucid understanding of what’s going on; that’s meant to be the job of the press, but since they’ve neglected to do their job time and time again they lack the credibility to demand that people believe what they’re reporting.

So I never join in the loud finger-wagging and aggressive demonization of those who express doubt in what’s really going on with this thing. I’ll leave that to those of a more mainstream bent, since they seem to enjoy it so much. As for myself, I will continue pointing out that the reason misinformation is so readily believed is the same as the reason Trump’s criticisms of the mainstream press are so readily believed: they have absolutely earned their garbage reputation.

The whole reason the world is the way it is right now is because people have been manipulated by the media-controlling class into accepting an absolutely insane status quo as normal. That’s the only reason anyone believes it makes sense for so few to have so much while so many have so little, for trillions of dollars to be poured into military expansionism and wars which benefit no one but the rich and powerful, for the environment to be destroyed to make a few more millionaires into billionaires, for a demented right-wing racist warmonger to be running against another demented right-wing racist warmonger for the most powerful elected office on the planet.

The big lies happen once in a while, but these little lies of normalizing our insane status quo happen every single day. On some level everyone is aware, however dimly, that our society is crazy and needs to change drastically, and so they are also aware that this is the opposite of the message they receive every day from the “authoritative” narrative-makers. The crazier things get, the more this awareness will necessarily grow, and the less people will trust the billionaire media whose only purpose is to maintain the status quo upon which its owners have built their respective kingdoms.

You can’t blame people for being distrustful when you make them that way. The people screaming the loudest about disinformation right now are the ones most responsible for it.


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Trump Believes the Coronavirus COVID-19 Death Rate is False

In the public interest.  Trump questions the World Health Organisation.

Trump says he thinks 3.4% coronavirus death rate is a “false number”

By Kathryn Watson

House approves $8.3 billion coronavirus bill

President Trump said in an interview Wednesday night that the 3.4% mortality rate for coronavirus cited by the director of the World Health Organization is a “false number,” and he also said that he thought people infected with coronavirus may get better “by sitting around and even going to work.”

However, on Thursday morning, he flatly denied that he had suggested Americans infected with coronavirus could go to work, blaming the media for misinterpreting what he said in his interview with Fox News late Wednesday.

Mr. Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity in a Wednesday night phone interview that he doesn’t believe the death rate from the spreading virus is as high as 3.4% — the rate stated by World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Wednesday — pointing out that many people might have mild symptoms and never report their cases and “get better, just by, you know, sitting around and even going to work.” The president’s remarks highlight a frequent criticism of the administration’s stringent requirements for testing up to this point: that because the tests have been scarce, the number of those who have been infected is likely significantly higher than what has been reported.

Top U.S. health officials in a briefing Thursday morning also said they believe the 3.4% number is too high, and the actual rate is far lower. Some medical studies have suggested coronavirus has a mortality rate of about 2%. If many people with mild or no symptoms aren’t being counted in those calculations, the overall death rate would be lower.

“I NEVER said people that are feeling sick should go to work,” the president tweeted Thursday morning. “This is just more Fake News and disinformation put out by the Democrats, in particular MSDNC. Comcast covers the CoronaVirus situation horribly, only looking to do harm to the incredible & successful effort being made!”

Here’s what the president told Hannity:

“Well I think the 3.4% is really a false number. Now, this is just my hunch, and, but based on a lot of conversations with a lot of people that do this — because a lot of people will have this and it’s very mild. They’ll get better very rapidly, they don’t even see a doctor, they don’t eve call a doctor. You never hear about those people. So you can’t put them down in the category, the overall population in terms of this corona flu, or virus, so you just can’t do that. So if, you know, we have thousands or hundreds of thousands of people that get better, just by you know, sitting around and even going to work, some of them go to work, but they get better, and then when you do have a death like you’ve had in the state of Washington, like you had one in California, I believe you had one in New York, you know all of the sudden it seems like 3 or 4 %, which is a very high number, as opposed to a fraction of 1%. But again, they don’t, they don’t know about the easy cases because the easy cases don’t go to hospital, they don’t report to doctors or the hospital, in many cases, so I think that that number is very high. Personally, I would say the number is way under 1%.”

Mr. Trump did not appear to add that people who feel sick should not go to work, as his top health officials have repeatedly emphasized in White House briefings.

Keeping White House messaging consistent on the virus is proving to be a challenge for a president who built his campaign and even his presidency on speaking off-the-cuff.

Mr. Trump said a vaccine would be available to the public “soon,” but is consistently contradicted by health officials who state that a vaccine will not be available earlier than the next 12 to 18 months, despite the administration’s push for swift movement.

He’s said therapeutic treatments or “therapies” are “sort of another word for cure,” although viruses generally do not have cures.

Mr. Trump has made it a priority to address the nation, bringing back regular White House briefings to address the epidemic on a nearly daily basis. He’s visiting the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta on Friday, and Vice President Mike Pence — tasked by the president to focus full time on combatting the virus — is in Minnesota and Washington state meeting with government and business leaders to address the crisis.