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The Growing Trend of Adding Heart to Companies

Emotional intelligence is critically needed in the world we are in.  It is clear that business decisions are typically self interested and what is termed ‘rational’.  What we require is balanced decision making that takes into account the emotional/social impact of decisions rather than seeking to water down regulators, circumvent Occupational Health and Safety and group think that puts the corporation or organisation first.  We want well founded leaders who are not mouthing respect, compassion and community interest but actually feel it.

This month our live Add Heart Call is a conversation with Guest, Robert Erdbrink, Director of HeartMath Benelux and host Deborah Rozman, HeartMath Inc.
Our Add Heart Call theme for August will focus on The Growing Trend of Adding Heart to Companies.

September is around the corner and it is the month that the world acknowledges the shared desire for International Peace. But how can we have peace collectively if the individuals that make up the collective are suffering from extreme stress?

The rise of employee stress has escalated to such a level that burnout is now classified as an occupational phenomenon according to the World Health Organization.

Many companies are engaging in stress management programs that include exercise, yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Yet these programs take time and many employees don’t continue with them.

Robert Erdbrink, Director of HeartMath Benelux, is helping companies in Europe understand heart-mind-body connection and providing them with tools and technology they can use in the moment to reduce stress and burnout. The results are so significant that the entire Dutch police force has adopted this heart-based program.

Robert will share inspiring stories of what the HeartMath Benelux team is achieving with companies and the opening of heart that is occurring in Europe.

We’ll close with a heart-focused meditation to add heart to increase the care in businesses and communities.

We hope you’ll join us for this inspiring event.

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Sara Childre,
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