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Documentary on Julian Assange Revealing War Crimes and Corruption

This is in the global interest.

It is the truth hat sets us free. Silence and secrets when concealing criminality are NOT in the public or global interest. It is a duty to reveal corruption, crimes and harm to innocent civilians.

3/4 of a million documents were released.

What Defence would not answer at Senate Estimates

Defence is the theme tonight, completely unexpected but it is flowing and I am just going with the flow.

This video below provides insights into the restriction on questions by the Senate. Defence is a sensitive area and they can evoke the national interest and the public record. What if privatisation takes information out of the public record is my question.

The challenge is to balance public interest with Defence secrecy and to gain insight into when questions are avoided as they may reveal problems or they may be avoided given sensitivity. It is very difficult to know where those lines are as often there is a ‘need to know basis’ that happens. So silos of information are known so people can speak the truth in front of a Senate hearing. I have concerns about the Deep State and illegal behaviour that has been clearly outlined by whistleblowers in CIA, FBI and military personnel. As more whistleblowers come forward this raises concern in the public mind that activities are not in the public interest. Therefore, information can be hidden.

This is just a general comment not specifically in regard to the video.

I get the feeling of blocking from other Senators. There may be unconscious bias in respect of Defence as a sacred area that we don’t talk about or perhaps deference to power or those in authority. I wonder. Just a reflection.

Senate Hearing: Defence Response to US Torture and Leadership?

I am definitely having inspiration tonight and my finding of the Senate hearings, Senator Ludlam appears to be the focus as the hearings come up with him, which I sense is significant. It was unexpected but intriguing as I explore democracy, Senators, government officials and whether the public interest is served.

I note the questions around Trump going to war with China. Definitely there was posturing prior to Trump and prior to Iraq around tensions building as China is perceived as a threat. So in this dance between Senator Ludlam and the Secretary of Defence the narrative maintains official lines of ‘not going to war with China’ but nonetheless the tensions could escalate as defence is not the issue but pre-emptive tactical approaches which may not be first strike but could build the context for conflict.

The Trump administration has not said it is going to war but the machinations are warlike and it is clear there is conflict over trade and power.

Secretary of Defence Richardson was asked his view on torture. The secretary emphatically states he is keeping his views to himself, yet I believe that is in the public interest given waterboarding, as we are aligned with the United States.

Senator Ludlam then switches tact and asks a policy question.
What is Australian policy on torture?

The Secretary of Defence says: we don’t utilise torture.

Senator Ludlam: Do we support our allies using it?
The Secretary of Defence indicates: as a general principle we are opposed to the use of torture. Senator asks ‘is this view communicated to colleagues at a ministerial or departmental level or counterparts in the US. Secretary says ‘to whom’ and then asks ‘why’?

My thought here: The words ‘as a general principle we are opposed’. So specifically we are not?? Torturing people should be clearly a ‘no’ given the Geneva Conventions and signatories to the Conventions on Torture. So illegality is the subtle issue here.

Senator Ludlam indicates: the reintroduction of torture as a means of intelligence gathering. He says the US Commander-in-Chief indicated things way worse than waterboarding.

Minister Payne indicates the views of the Secretary of Defence are taken on board. No comment on torture.

Secretary of Defence stated: the President spoke positively about waterboarding, as President he indicated personally he didn’t have a problem with waterboarding however he delegated it to the Secretary of Defence, highly decorated officer who was opposed to and not pursue such methods. He thinks Trump is clear.

Senator says it is contradictory.

I will add in here: How can our Secretary of Defence speak to a President’s positive attitude about waterboarding when this is an activity of making a person believe they are drowning. Taking them to the point of death struggling for air. It is horrendous and if he were to experience it I am sure he would condemn such a practice. These are invisible lines drawn as to who we are as humans. Yet the reality is the military is in the business of killing. This acceptance of violence as a solution is hard to fathom and unquestioned mindsets believe violence works as we have seen over and over the harm caused and hatred fuelled by violent actions. This does not make the world a safer place. It makes it very frightening particularly when these attitudes (projections) can come into the Australian society under the guise of homeland security (ASIO Act) given protests and automation/AI disruptions in the future. What then? Do we change humanitarian laws around targetting? Do we replace democracy with a technocracy? Do we drop all rules of war as the posts have shifted and we just move with the times without an anchor or handle on who we are as Australians and what we believe in.

The issue here is standards and ethics and the illegality of torture of which Australia is a signatory and whether as an ally we have sought to make clear we are not aligned there. It appears we ignore it. The answers are vague as it is evident they preserve the relationship. However, as a friend and ally we are in truth obligated to speak the truth to allies if we are steadfast in our sovereignty and values to uphold democracy if that is the objective. The latter is a key question.

Senator Ludlam asks: Will Australia continue to use intelligence from the 5 Eyes agreement if that intelligence was obtained through torture?

Another key area of focus is Pine Gap located in Australia and as part of the 5 Eyes and information about Australians passed by US to Australian counterparts to gather data and create ‘plausible deniability’ from our end.

Secretary of Defence: We don’t know how the intelligence is obtained. We intelligence share with Australia (doesn’t sound right), it saves Australian lives and we value the intelligence the US shares with us.

My question – does it on balance?

Senator asks: Do we do any due diligence? (to find out how it is gathered)

No, the Secretary states.

Senator: So we don’t mind if obtained by torture.

Secretary of Defence: We share intelligence. We have long standing arrangements. National interest is served, Australian lives saved (said again).

Senator Ludlam asks: Are national interests served if implicated by torture as intelligence gathering technique?

Thus the Secretary of Defence ignores the ethics (as he is trained to do) and indicates the relationship is served by intelligence sharing arrangements. So this highlights for me – why we are in relationship with the United States as data gathering is to gain advantage in a competitive world driven by economic interests where real time information is power.

I wish to sit with this for a moment as I can feel inspiration. I wish to say that I observe justification for activities refers to the public benefit yet under the surface there is denial in facing torture that is illegal. We look at self interest but not collective values as democratic which is often a justification for military activities. The issue of complicitness arises as we know, even publicly, that torture is used. This is associated with dictatorships and totalitarian regimes as our societies speak of the rule of law, justice etc. Ethics and warfare are fraught with contradictions as war is about killing and winning. We dress it up as noble yet training is violent and it preserves power in truth.

Senator Ludlam asks: Does the Australian Government support the US in its alleged proposal to bring back the use of black sites, where torture carried out in the past operated by CIA?

Secretary of Defence: As far as I am aware (slip up here). I am simply not aware that this is the intention of the US administration.

Senator: New York Times obtained draft Executive Order, will table it. Refer:

Secretary of Defence: I will simply note Senator administration has denied, whether it was right or not, I don’t know, that there was such as draft administrative order. You are going to present an article from the New York Times, which the administration has denied. So nothing I can do with the article you give to me.

Senator: Won’t bother than.

Further discussion about Tillerson.

I like this question:

Senator Ludlam: Are you guys having trouble establishing what US Government policy is?

No. None whatsoever…

Senator states: President Trump says United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its sense about nukes…(before he takes office) let it be an arms race. Does the Department or Minster agree with this strategy to make the world a safer place?

Minister Payne felt his question wasn’t constructive.

I would like to add in my feeling here. I note that the way she answered the question was controlling the QandA and deciding if she would answer or not rather than being subject to a people’s representative asking questions on behalf of the Australian people. Under the surface Senator Ludlam revealed a vulnerability in respect to the character of Trump which is critical given his finger is on the nuclear button.

As citizens we would want that question answered as nuclear misadventure is in our interests as populations would be destroyed if a mentally unwell or dominating (dictatorial) person ordered a detonation. Whilst these weapons are in the world we have a right to know what our Defence department’s position is. Yes I understand there is diplomatic issues but what of fearlessly speaking out as Australian’s and calling a spade a spade as a good friend and ally must to ensure peace in our world? It is a question of grave importance as the words ‘arms race’ cost Australian taxpayers as we pay the price for this alliance that aligns us against others rather than taking the position of a mediator (in my view a wiser posture). The arms race may convey to the industrial military complex that there will be future sales.

It is noteworthy that Minister Payne oversighted a $200 billion dollar defence expenditure and it has been recently stated by a US Admiral Davidson (Lowly Institute, 2020) that Australia’s trade is approximately $400 billion (Australian) in the defence relationship which is a lot of money. Considering our welfare sector is being cut, more people are unemployed and rising numbers of homeless budget priorities must be determined and justified on real grounds that benefit all Australians.

Moreover, US defence paper’s released to the public have a strategy of Full Spectrum Dominance (2018) which is about total control across battlefield strategic areas including cyber warfare. Scrutiny of the US is essential give Silicon Valley companies contracted in the Australian government to manage software, information and notably defence etc. So their nuclear position, attitudes, beliefs and continued funding of these zero sum weapons is in the public interest.

We still align with violence in the mistaken belief this makes us safer. It does not. It redirects precious resources into violent conflict that is increasingly outside of public oversight given lucrative privatisation of the military and intelligence operatives (militias, contractors). As corporations and foreign governments dominate government (purchase representatives) and in cases have their own Minister’s e.g. Defence Industries, they have access to a political process when in reality we (the public) don’t. I have tried myself to write to Minister’s and leaders and it is evident they are not responding to me or answering my questions etc. Our democracy is shaky at best. We are forced to pay tax and we have no say over where it goes just assured it “saves lives” and is in our interests when soldiers were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq or exposed to depleted uranium. Large numbers of civilians are killed, so lives are not saved in wars for oil or power struggles. The political jostling for control on behalf of interests is of great concern. So the area of Defence relationships and interests requires an inquiry (without vested interests) to cost/benefit and ethical appraise this relationship given the growing instability of leadership, clear undermining of democracy, foreign interference, the unaccountable Deep State (shadow government) and black operations which is unaccountable to the public.

We hitch our wagon in the vague belief we are protected or get surveillance/information benefits when civilians are clearly not protected as weapons blow up entire buildings, release radiation, destroy infrastructure and ignore the Geneva Conventions. So there is a care factor of zero for the public. A rules based order or the rule of law goes out the window as Guantanamo Bay clearly has shown. It appears that thuggery has replaced real defence and the character of leaders is of greatest concern. This is not just Donald Trump but the Clinton, Bush and Obama camps as well.

So what can civilians do? How do we get real answers to questions that must be answered without notice? Are we sovereign or serving two?

Senate Hearing: US Nuclear Bombers in Australia?

Senator Scott Ludam is asking questions of Defence to determine if their are nuclear armed aricraft in Australia. He was interested

What is interesting about interviewing Defence is that the questions depend on the information at Senator can access. There was mention of public source which is for public consumption. Where is the real line drawn in respect of national interest and concealment. Always in these hearings you can hear responses but it is not clear what is being said as people ensure they cover their bases, so to speak,

The Australian/US Defence relationship requires more scrutiny, particularly given the endless war approach to terrorism, the industrial military complex and its own defence industries Minister, corruption in the US government using defence to profit from energy markets (corporate profit is US national interest) and global strategic interests.

Australian Defence sees itself on the same page with US Defence given the likeness. However, where is the line drawn between Australian security interests and US security interests and at what point does Australian interests depart from US interests or are they seamless?

New Zealand banned nuclear ships as a public safety risk when nuclear armed. In Australia the US is allowed to not declare if they are carrying nuclear weapons (neither confirm or deny). What happens if one malfunctions in Sydney Harbour or up in Darwin?

Do nuclear weapons ensure peace or is it an approach that is based on the use of fear to frighten the enemy to deter conflict? What happens when leaders are mentally unwell, dictators, pathological or corrupt private interests?

is it possible that nuclear armed bombers are transitting through Australia. The Secretary of Defence makes a statement where he makes a vague response referring to common sense. I think common sense is that they absolutely are.

The officer indicates we are in a diarchy, I didn’t know this word.

A diarchy or duumvirate is a form of government characterized by corule, with two people ruling a polity together either lawfully or de facto, by collusion and force. The leaders of such a system are usually known as corulers.

I note the Secretary of Defence gives him a look. I can understand why as he has admitted we have TWO RULERS – US and Australia is my common sense conclusion. Thus foreign interference in the polity.

The wording on ‘common sense’ actually undermines other views as not common sense. This is subtle power. He says look at the authorities that sit round nuclear policy in the US, he thinks it is a non common sense approach. I smile at the ‘yes Minister’ approach.

Senator Ludnam say’s that on the 4th March 46 legal experts on international law wrote to Minister Payne expressing concern Australia’s extended nuclear deterrents and the lawyers urged government to review its doctrine on the extended nuclear deterrents. He asks if the review is taking place. Senator Payne says no review.

I note the voice ‘breaking for tea’. This was at a point where it was significant. I believe it was a form of diversion. As a citizen I am very concerned about the interests that are not neutral or working in the public interest.

What if we had a look at other ways of seeing outcomes. For example as a peacemaker what I know is what you think about you bring about. How does this impact planning for war? Another approach is the law of attraction, to envisage the world you want, peaceful engagement and problem solving to ensure a win/win for all. Rather than competitive approaches where he who wins gets the spoils, as the mainstay of wealth, influence and power. What if the real power was in looking at the enemy within – fear, greed, corruption, financiers, corporate power, political donations etc. What if these were regarded as threats to peace and real security? What if we did the hard work of training for peace not war? What if the relationship was to build cultural understanding rather than defence postures? What if profiting from war (or misery) was a card taken off the table as governments balanced defence with prioritised resource appropriations that ensured the public interest? What if violence feeds insecurity, impacts sovereignty and leads the world to a zero sum game? What if the greatest defence was no defence as we drop postures to recognise that like attracts like? What then?

It was Einstein who said ‘no problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it’.

When the world’s militaries spends 1 trillion a year and at the same time we haven’t solved poverty, we haven’t fed the millions starving, they live in inadequate shelter, suffer from communicable diseases, have insufficient or no education, insufficient health care and life choices truncated by poverty? How does military spending be justified? How is the nuclear posture be justified? What of the nuclear silos shut down by UFO’s, what does that tell us about how dangerous nuclear weapons are? How does war define us as a species when nuclear fall out, depleted uranium and exposure kills humanity and pollutes the environment?

Can we put all the cards on the table so we can solve these problems and advance our civilisation to a level where the extraordinary human potential can be maximised rather than divide and conquer? What about real conversations that question why we fight as we seek to resolve all conflict recognising the real power is in bringing out world together to move into a future with infinite possibilities? Can we reach beyond our limited world views? I wonder.

Dialogue, critique and questioning is essential in the public interest to ensure that our government is not unduly affected by other interests and is open to questioning to make them think through their perspective with input that is not military.

The video is below:

Barriers and INsights for Peace in the Middle East

I had a flow of consciousness when I was seeking to understand the underlying issues of peace in the Middle East – notably Israel and Palestine. I send love to all sides. Love wants all to win/win.

I allowed a flow of consciousness to just work on impressions without filter. I can’t be thinking politically or religiously or sensitively. I am just writing what comes to me as I am seeking solutions and the roots of the conflict that may not be visible.

So I will post what I wrote and if it serves, great, if not then it is just more words circling the world.

I start with my contemplation around Israel.

The real issue is the insecurity those in power feel, they fear their Arab neighbours as they were outnumbered.  The partitioning of Palestine was forced onto Palestinians and they were not asked permission for the Jewish resettlement after WWII.  Deep within the psyche of the Zionists who sought a political state of Israel was an awareness that they were taking land. They used political influence in London to colonise a occupied land.  I think of the Australian aborigines at this point acknowledging Captain cook was not supposed to land in Australia if it was occupied.  So there is an awareness of stealing land but dressing this up as a refuge for holocaust survivors.  Of course fascism was not only in Germany it was in leaders of Zionism who believed in absolute rule. This shows itself clearly in Mayer Amschel Rothschild‘s statement: “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!” This disregard for the rule of law and the rights of people is the core problem that has not been healed in the Middle East.  The spin doctoring of ‘victimhood’ is to garner sympathy to justify violence that has repressed a people in the name of independence when they are dependent on US support and the US weakness is corporate power in government in the United States that seeks profit (greed).  So business deals become negotiations rather than peacemaking. Making money is the security.

Using violence to maximise fear to prevent any backlash against Israel is the modus operandi which they believe is security.  It is not security it is a form of imprisonment.  The wall erected to keep the Palestinians out, is a psychological wall that does not want to see it blocks others and calls it defence.  It is not defence it is denial that refuses to take down walls and solve the problem.  Much energy has been expended to keep enemies out rather than investing in peace to learn to live together as the Kibbutz movement taught.

Power and wealth is the greed that drives non resolution of the conflict.  Militarism that psychologically shuts down (represses) emotions or felt humanity is the wall used to not see the human suffering, deprivation, starvation, terror that the moderate Palestinian people feel.  They are the abused without doubt. 

World leaders and polticial parties have been complicit in this crime against humanity, which all violence against civilians is. Yes one can talk of suicide bombers and ignore the gunships, the surveillance, the torture in jails, the blackmail etc. but God sees all.  This is the all seeing eye that never sleeps.  The akashic records record all we do as humans and this is opened when people pass over as spiritually each of us are given insight into our lives. So all is visible. 

How to come out of tyranny is the key question?  Rothschild comes to mind.  I see the pyramid and cap stone, I see the networks, that have invested in power and money in the belief that this is freedom.  Freedom from fear is the real freedom.  Freedom from darkness is the real freedom. How to come out of darkness how to bring my people home, are the words coming to me with tears actually.  The truth sets all free.  Home is God. The word Yahweh came to me to replace God. All people are “my people”.

Peace and reconciliation commissions for a renewable future.  The truth about Israeli crimes is surfacing now.  This can not be held back or concealed any more.  I feel for the words seal of David (so will check what this means – would be the 3,000 year old seal).  I see the seal of Solomon and Star of David.

My sense is the second is not having found resolution about the Holocaust, the deep fear driving the tyranny has been held there.  As they felt targeted and marked and this is why there is agreement around defence. Yet that must be healed as the holocaust is over as the Palestinians are feeling the pogrom, that must be recognised. What you do to another returns to the self (feeling Germany).  So I will look at the Seal of Solomon.  I like the circle around the Star, it felt like circling the square.  Okay this is the occultism that is seeking for black magic I feel, freemasons are there.  The lust for power is there.  The star has been contained.  You have to face your demons.  Make peace with the dark side of those engaged in the torture and violence calling it defence which is an untruth as the violence has caused the reaction from the Palestians.  I feel now for nuclear weapons.  The dots in the Solomon’s Seal I see as atoms as the containment of Israel, it is a false protection as it has a half life of 4 billion years and is a threat hanging over peace like a plaque.  The one ring comes to me and has come to me in poetry before, I see the Hobbit here and the mythical Temple of doom where the enlightened temples were distorted to become musings on doom.  The freemasons use magic for power as a ring, paedophile ring comes to me.  Dark energy. 

So how to liberate Israel from its darkness.  I feel for the light of God immediately.  I see the sea levels rising, not as punishment but more as cleansing.  Interestingly enough the fires in Australia have the same feeling of cleansing which came up in poetry. This is not to diminish people’s suffering in these events but nature is responding to the imbalance.  Holding onto rituals entraps minds so there must be a willingness to trust life and let go of the ring of power.  To come clean, to wash away the dark aspect.  I do see Jesus here washing the feet, I feel forgiveness in this. This coming clean allows the Palestinians to feel more fully their grief that has been turned into hate and they need to release the hatred (hurt) so they can heal.  That is why I have referred to the Middle East as a wound.  It is a really deep wound that both sides co-created as they are in pain and do not know the way of peace. The land of Philistines, this came to me, I have to look it up (I am not religious).   It says a biblical conflict with the Israelites.  Roots are there.  Interestingly the 5 city states are: Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ekron, and Gath, from Wadi Gaza in the south to the Yarqon River in the north.  his description portrays them at one period of time as among the Kingdom of Israel‘s most dangerous enemies

I did feel the words karma earlier but didn’t write them, now I see it is a ancient battle. It has roots in karma.  So I am looking at the battle now to gain insight.  I am not expert just go with the feeling. 

The following is a list of battles described in the Bible as having occurred between the Israelites and the Philistines:[43]

I smile at David and Goliath as these words came up 4 times for me over the week. I met a Christian called David who is homeless.  I just felt the jews to be homeless.  I was told in a court room that I was in a David and Goliath situation as I sought to challenge power.  The Palestinians have been challenging the Zionists in power.  It seems impossible but they can’t stop as they feel to their core an injustice as their people are hurting.  I felt these words again, I will sit with it for a moment.  I will find out about that… interesting Goliath is a philistine giant (power) David is the young one in single combat (defenceless). It is about the underdog.  This is courage to fight against the odds.  The world took the side of Goliath against David is what I am feeling.  This speaks of bullying and how glee clubs form around those who are frightening to not be bullied.  Fear creates that vortex.  So the karma here appears to be the Israelis were the underdog and now they are Goliath playing it out.  I have felt this before.  Whereby the victim becomes the tyrant.  The bully (Goliath) is defying God.  Funny I just saw Luke Skywalker in the scene where he approaches the death star for a final run and Obi one says ‘trust the force luke’.  What I see is that faith has been lost.  This is The Way of peace is to have faith and let go of control, this is the pathway for leaders and those supporting what is dark.  Goliath speaks of God on his side using the power of God in alignment with Israel.  Goliath is turning the battle into God’s battle which is untrue.  God is not in any battle, God is on neither side but on both sides at the same time as the battle is experienced.  David throws stones, I see immediately stone pelters (including Kashmir here) as the Palestinians, many youth throw stones.  It is so clear.  Goliath is hit and falls to the ground.  I am also seeing Lilliput so will go to that.  Apparently that is Gullivers Travels. I am following feeling here so I just go there, bare with me.  Gulliver is shipwrecked becomes a prisoner of a tiny race of people. He assures good behaviour and is given residence and is a favourite at the court of Lilliput. He must go around the kingdom but not hurt anyone.  The Lilliputians focus on trivial matters, cracks become political rifts. He helped subdue neighbours but refused to force them into being a province.  The displeasure meant Gulliver was charged with treason for crimes he didn’t commit. I felt Jesus here being tried by the Romans on false charges, the jewish priests behind the scenes. I also felt the Palestinians expressing the trivial and political issues, Hezbollah, interference from other nations.  I won’t go further than that as they are impressions.

Going back to David and Goliath there are issues of saving face in that Israel has not been able to defeat Palestine, no matter the power brokers around them.  Afghanistan comes to mind as another poor country that defeated the US. So the notion of power as winning has been tested that it doesn’t work and those in power who have sought dark ways to accumulate power have not won the battle.  This feels to me to be the sticking point and the intractable nature of the conflict they are unable to disengage from. If they admit defeat then they will be seen as weak which fuels the wound of the shadow of the holocaust and vulnerability amongst hostile neighbours.  The power alliances have only served to deepen this intractability. They have not served Israel in truth as they supported their false view of power, they were seduced by money and lacked inner power (faith) to say no to violence.  The Palestinians have expressed violence as defence as well.  Cruelty has happened both sides which inflames hatred. Tit for tat doesn’t work. Revenge doesn’t work. They are stuck.  Yet peacemakers exist on both sides.  The walls refuse to allow peace in the middle east.  I am going to Jerusalem now.  As biblical issues are around this city.  I see Jesus walking, I see a donkey.  He was trying to remind people of love.  He was an Essene. I will check this. They are a jewish sect which is the alliance beween Christians and Jews.  The Essenes are a holy sect. I feel for holy grail which freemasons seek.  The cup as a chalice. I noted the candles as symbolic for the jewish people.  Shabbat, meaning peace in the home.  Yet the home is not at peace.  The word ‘Home’ has levels. It is where we feel loved, safe, family and it is the origin some call God.  Is home the land of Israel or is it peace? This is the question being asked.  Breaking bread comes up.  To share with others, fellow travellers. The Palestinians are neighbours, fellow travellers in life on this journey home. It is indeed those who challenge us who are our greatest teachers, I have seen this clearly in my own life. There is no enemy other than hatred, unresolved conflict coming from within projected out as the ‘evil other’. There is no evil other only darkness mirroring darkness as people are hurting and finding it hard to transcend the conflict.  Generations have been stuck and learned the hatred passing it from father to son, are the words.  It is time to break the lineage of hatred.  Christians aligned against the ‘evil other’ and also have the same olive branch to consider. Will they accept peace not in a holy land but as a holy person.  

In the peace process they must become warm and inviting to the Palestinians. The Kabbalah is shared.  The same God is the feeling.  There is much in common to share.  God is not asking for respect for God but feeling love, as love is God. This is Oneness.  Star of David I am looking at and I see David and Goliath again.  I am looking at the meaning prior to Israel.  Two equilateral triangles is balance.  It connects to the seal of Solomon in Islamic tradition, I feel family here.  It is a shield.  The hexagram symbolises Crown, Wisdom and Insight. I see the crown as a chakra not a crown in the royal sense. So wisdom is to know you don’t know, insight is intuition.  It is not unlike the process I am going through now where I know I don’t know and allow guidance to find and feel what is true. I could be wrong as this opens to higher knowledge. So righteousness is not in this flow, I am not seeking to be right but feeling for truths in words (abstraction from truth).

The connection to Solomon’s seal is the bigger picture I feel.  Secret societies Order of the Golden Dawn. Again I am moving back to the star but predating Israel.  I discover it is used in Freemasonry. Heathrow airport is in the design of the star.  I find that interesting.  It’s connected to the US military sword.  It represents the Zionist community. 

The power of the pentacle is to keep away evil spirits it is a power used against adversaries. So magic. Magic is being used.  In some of the ancient language it reveals yielding of the other, domination comes to mind. This can be confused with the power of God which is not domination but surrender. Surrender is not a failing it is relinquishing the ego and allowing a higher will to guide.  It is letting go of the ego and trusting life. So there is no subjugation in this yielding. One simply stops fighting and accepts what is.  Byron Katie comes at this point – loving what is.  The evil other issue is the sticking point.  As one believes they are fighting the great Satan when they are still in the act of fighting not loving. Was there not the statement ‘resist not evil’. Religion holds people into these adversarial battles against darkness, yet unaware that the moment you enter the battle the darkness (yin/yang) within you rises and feels like anger, hatred, revenge, control, torture, domination, greed, cruelty, repression and so on.  When you know yourself (and be true) you wll recognise the darkness is within. That doesn’t mean a person is all bad, but all people have both elements in them in a duality.  We all know this to be true.  The invitation is to choose love.  That is where all are struggling as stories are believed yet universal truth waits for your welcome (warming invited in) as loving your enemy, turn the other cheek, mercy and so on. These are pathways out of conflict.

Fear needs protection, faith does not.  The military industrial complex has been built around protection and defence without faith.  Real trust and surrender needs no protection as one’s life is handed over to a higher truth. This is hard for people as they fear.  So a culture of fear creates more fear and more defence and more security and more conflict and on it goes until a limit situation arises.  This is how escalation occurs in endless wars without end that do not serve humanity.

I’ve just found a Arab-Israeli peace group.  I noted it is a US institute of Peace, that can’t be the one as it needs to be a neutral third party.  I would suggest Transcend be contacted – Johann Galtung who is an expert in peace building and was the father of peace research based in Oslo.Ref.

The two state solution is clearly The Way forward to honour diversity and then communicate on an equal footing. The Palestinians need their own State as they are stateless. This is homelessness in their own home. They need an equal seat at the round table.  Funny how roundtable keeps coming to me.  Equality is another core issue.  Poverty and structural discrimination on the basis of money can create a picture of a lesser people this can also be a barrier as the dominant party seeks to control the agenda rather than meeting as equals.  Respect is critical for peace in the middle.  Peace and reconciliation to discuss and acknowledge the situation as part of healing, apologies, compensations (war reparations) and restoring relations through diplomatic channels utilising women as they are in tune to deeper needs in people and they won’t let the male stubbornness get in the way.  An international tribunal must be set up from the Hague to start a judicial process.  This matter should have been taken to an international Court rather than allow unequal parties to engage in violence in a asymmetrical war zone with families. This acceptance of war in civilian areas is unacceptable, particularly when the dominant party states it is democratic and does not use democratic dialogue and processes to resolve conflict.