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What You Fear is What You Attract

This is universal law.  To know thyself is to know what you fear to know what you love as navigators in respect of choosing your direction.

If you lie to yourself you can’t realise “to thine own self be true”. Not possible. You will stay in the maze of smokey, distorted mirrors.

Do you fear losing money?

Do you fear losing status?

Do you fear having no power?

Do you fear dissent or exposure?

Do you fear your crimes will be seen?

Do you fear the end times?

Do you fear the ending of life on earth/


What you fear you attract.  We all get to choose the reality we step into.

So does life happen to you or through you?

Is the world knocking on your door or “your” world creating the knocking at the door?

Do you open the door, keep it closed or lock it (tower)?

How do you see the visitor?

Do you welcome: a friend, enemy or stranger?

Are they friend or foe?

The visitor is of your own making. You decide if fear or love dictates what you see? 

When fear dictates you cannot see reality. You enter into the shadow of your own fears.  It is not unlike Luke Skywalker ushered into the forest by Yoda to face what he fears.  He fights what he fears (darth vader) to discover in the illusion that he is fighting himself (truth).

The times we are in are all about facing fear.   Fear is false evidence appearing real. Only love is real in reality. Love stays, cares, reveals and heals. Fear resists, shuts down, avoids, fights, criticises, leaves, takes, disconnects and so on.  We are mostly operating out of fear.

What we fear is ourselves, we fear our greatness as we do not believe we have power (powerlessness) and then fear the world.  We fear truth as it dissolves the illusion of false truths that have constructed identity and a reality that is never true. This is what is called the illusion.

Self mastery is the real purpose of life on earth. It is to awaken to what is true. Yet only the individual can take themselves there, no guru, inspirational speaker or leader or degree in whatever. The truth leads people to do the door but only they can open it when ready.  

The technocracy without love is the dark side of humanity seeking to dominate the full spectrum which is not possible as life is both dark and light (balance). It will, in truth, create more light as it is out of balance, people are part of nature and will question what is happening. They are not programmed for love, the spiritual essence is life permeating human form. We call this warm feeling love but in reality it is life affirming. Exposure of truth of what is so is inevitable as enlightenment expands through suffering to rebalance the yin/yang which is human nature not a persons identity per se. The more you oppress the more you enlighten as the world cannot exist in only one form. That is why tyrants always fall. It is a universal law. You cannot fight nature, you will always lose.  Byron Katie says you cannot fight reality, these are one and the same. The real losing is to give up the ego and surrender to life.  that is the awakening many speak of nowadays. We learn this not from books but the awareness just permeates life, it is a intuitive knowing. The source is far more than any of us individually, yet we are all connected, this is the real connectivity we seek to mimic with IT.  

You are not reading my words, you are reading your words through me as you understand and filter what you read and call it interpretation. I could play with this and say you are reading your words believing it is me (higher perspective).  I could say consciously or unconsciously you called forth the words on this page for your own purpose as it is meant to be.  You are me.  I am you. I am a mirror for your self reflection, my writing to you is a mirror for my own self reflection. We are in this together.

Yet you can never know me or understand my words as I intend them as intellectually you filter. You can only know yourself through your own experience. Life brings you what you need to know on a (funnily enough) “need to know basis”. We don’t evolve past where we are until we open the mind to possibility.  So you can look from many angles of the diamond. It has many faces, yet it is the one diamond. Life is perspective or perception. 

The Star Wars film operates on many levels.  For example a Jedi uses the force for knowledge and defence but never for attack. All Marshall Arts master never use their art to harm another, they always use it for defence. The military speaks defence yet now the posture is pre-emptive or first strike now.  I notice Japan is returning to its imperial roots discarding its Peace Constitution, as no-one has learned from WWII.

The destruction of humanity is the destruction of one’s own self (in denial). Denial is not a river in Egypt. The dark forces control people who believe they have power and it comes from outside of themselves (they perceive). The real power is self knowledge in balance. For those who saw my video “illuminating the Perpetrators” I explain the pyramid and define strength. There are those who believe in force using fear to get what they want. They will oppress, murder, change DNA, manipulate, blackmail to do what works as they were trained.  Mind control seeks to rewire our neurology through programming (repetition, rewards) so we become addicted to technology and then spend on cue so those who make the money can maintain a lifestyle they are unwilling to give up as it forms their sense of identity and power. This is the “status trap” which is not unlike the :welfare trap”. They are dependent on technology and compliant humans to maintain their sense of power. In reality they fear powerlessness not people yet because they are not self aware they then project onto people thinking “enemy” or “dissenter” or “useless eater” (unworthy) when powerlessness is of their own creation. That is, they are disconnected from their real power, which is within them awaiting their purpose to flower.  In reality inequality is never true. This is what many do not realise as they do not question themselves instead they demand loyalty, repeated narratives, compliance so they do not have to look into themselves. It is themselves they fear.

That is why I see all as innocent in their violence, Selfishness and cruelty. That is how I can forgive them for “they know not what they do”.  You can’t blame a child crawling for not walking. Or punching another unaware of the damage they do. They are not ready yet, they have not developed to a point of feeling the other as themselves. Experience is the only teacher. There is no fault in that, you don’t know what you don’t know. I say that with respect as we grow in accordance with our nature or when we are ready. We all cycle the wheel so no-one is better than anyone else, each just at a different point on the round wheel (roundtable) having a different experience to learn what it is they must master. They are me.

I’ll leave you to contemplate this scene from Star Wars.  There is great wisdom and truth in these films. For those watching this, it is for you that this message is sent.  What you support you expand, always you vote with what you choose to think, say and do. You can’t say I had no choice.  Life responds and creates as a result of your allegiance to others or the integral self. You may ask yourself:

Does it really benefit humanity or destroy humanity in the end?  

That is how you know the difference between what is dark and what is light.  Yoda says, “Try not, do”.  Is about choice. As you master your destiny.

In the end we come back to the light as we are from the same source.



The New World Values the Human Being

This video shows human development of a baby. It slows us down to deeply contemplate the incredible value of human life.

What’s beautiful about this video is the commentator is clearly a developmental expert and a mother.  So she brings humanity into her talk, when she smiles I feel her knowledge as integrated with joy.  It is interesting I feel tears coming to me with the recognition of the power of motherhood. I was never a mother sadly, as my calling was to serve humanity as my personal journey.  Yet always I loved children. My perspective was interaction on an equal level not as a parent. I never spoke down to them, I always spoke to them as they are me. In the persona of a clown you are the child. They see a great deal. I recall a child meeting me at Southbank in Melbourne dressed as a clown. My friend Hairy Potter gave this child a banana in pyjamas doll.  The next day I was driving out a side street in Fitzroy without clown gear.  In clown gear you can’t recognise me, without it clearly different. The child was on the path and looked up and said “clown”. The child was around 5. That was when I saw that they see us beyond the make up and costumes, they look into your soul as the thinking brain hasn’t distorted them at this stage. They are pure perception. Without our story we are as well.

I like the words:

New World
Strong World
Sitting World
Mobile World
Walking World

I wonder why they don’t develop colour vision until the 3-4 months of age.  Perhaps the light hits the cornea and activates colour, developing the light prism in the eye.  Dogs see in black and white. Fascinating. The commentator says this as well, she is not speaking from an intellectual perspective, she is seeing life develop and amazed at nature. She sees the brilliance in development. Most of us just see a baby crawling. We practice and develop our whole lives when open to life. Even when not, we learn. This is the knowledge of mother’s that has been discarded by humanity as “babysitting” I’ve heard. Motherhood intelligence is ignored as it is taken for granted. Her knowledge is not understood by men as they work. As women work they lose the connection to their children. For the mother’s presence is critical for child development. Daycare centes will devolve humanity as the mother-child nexus is broken in favour of making money. This is how commercialism stunts our growth. My hope is mother’s do not institutionalise their kids and come to value their role which is the most important role, more important than a prime minister, president, CEO of the wealthiest corporation. The humble experience of the mother’s love for her child is what changes the world. I’ve lived a life not as a mother but I’d say the mother’s I met know human nature far better than I. They know what is important, not money but people. My mother says it is all the time. That is intelligence that doesn’t data gather but intuitively values the human. This is the real national security as developed human’s don’t go to war.  I am researching world events I will add thoughts in as I integrate what I am learning about human development with the economic/political reality of those who see life differently.

So my message is to the United States and the decision to leave the Intermediate Nuclear Treaty (INF) due to China not being a signatory and the bi-polar world shifting from Russia to China. The INF is a nuclear framework that protects the public ensuring no first strike of long range weapons, it de-escalates the fear of annihilation. Opting out increases fear and tensions and now allows long range strikes.  China’s approach to humanity is why the fear is there given totalitarian rule and oppression of groups within China.  I note in this video is an Asian mum and baby. All life is precious. I say to the Chinese this could be a Caucasian baby or another ethnic group, all are of the highest value worth more than real estate or property or minerals.

So when men believe in dominating through violent weaponry it is the civilians that are harmed who are innocent, this is the crime against humanity. Control is not harmony. This is not preserving peace or security in our world, the insecurity of US/China relations moves us in the direction of mutually assured destruction (MAD) – lose/lose (no win). Resources divert from children’s wellbeing to inanimate weaponry. What you do to another returns to the self is a universal law (cause and effect). What you think about you bring about (law of attraction), you see as you are not as others are (projection). The hard work is developing an understanding of the “other’ not as “know your enemy” but to understand them as a friend is to connect to “humanity” (emotional intelligence) despite differences, criticism and rhetoric. Remember the critic is your greatest teacher as they will show you what you can’t see in yourself (blindness). If you cannot take criticism you are in denial and internally refusing to face the dark aspect in yourself, as you fear losing face (humiliation). Denial is an ego response to protect the image carefully crafted as “right”.  Lao Tzu who I will post more of taught the Chinese people about wisdom which comes from truth not deception. Deception leads you into a hall of mirrors where confusion reins not power. Truth leads you to the pond where you can see into your own reflection, only you know you. No two people have met, ever. You only meet projections of what you believe others to be. Gossip and demonization is the hall of mirrors. Saying it like it is as you understand it, provides security. This is where the real security is realised.

The doorway to peace is to “know yourself” and your humanity let’s go of the egoic voice that is negative. When you know yourself you can respect another. If you don’t respect yourself corruption flourishes.

For those making money out of murder these so called defence industries or contractors and non profits are caught up in economic mantras that justify terms of “defence”, “economic security”, “economic growth” in a world that is ecologically collapsing and in a time where COVID bioweapon is used to collapse the world economy. This is the culture of fear. The mind games all play do not honour life or the value of a child. How you treat children is symbolic of how you treat the world. The abuse in senior leadership levels is risking the lives of billions as you lost the connection to humanity and its true value.  This is a zero sum game.

We must all wake up to change that is inevitable.  MADness is not Illumination or progress, it is egress (backwards).
What if losing is winning? Who has the wisdom to know the difference?

So here is the video on child development, an area far more important than the arms race.  Maybe next life I have the joy of parenthood.  All the world’s children will have to be my children for now, as I serve them with love.

The Fool’s Journey Home to Peace

I felt inspired to write this today.  What we fear we create.  When we own it we change the outcome and indeed the future for children.

Before reading the poem below here are two trailers that connect to it.  The first is Hackshaw Ridge, the US soldier who saved lives rather than ending them. He asked god ‘one more…’ Every life is precious.  The second is a scene out of Star Wars when Luke sees himself in Darth Vader. There is great wisdom in films when you are open to truth.

The poem is to awaken the force as those seen as the Fool discovers the journey home. Truth is the pathway. Whistle-blowers are the way showers.



I sit in a café feeling inspired,

The fire of my inquiry licks at the wood that is called the forest,

For we only see the wood for the trees,

We cannot see nature and its intimate wisdom that stands still,

For all to see,

But many do not hear the whisper on the winds of time,

That we must change or fall,

For how can one hear a tree fall in the forest if we no longer exist.


I find my road is off the beaten track,

I have taken the side road,

Albeit a track less travelled,

For I must find my way through the jungle alone,

For the dark night of the soul was confronting all fear,

40 days in the desert was to confront the rings of fear,

For there are many rings causing fear in this world

Of confusion.


I feel I have journeyed for many lifetimes in the ONE,

I have stood in many shoes feeling their feelings,

For humanity is where we are the same same but different,

Dictatorship demands those different be the same and not different,

And these are the polarities of climate change anchoring to determine a new direction,

The trick is to sense which way the wind blows in this play,

It can blow hot then cold or cold then hot as if a fever,

For our world is out of balance as it searches to recalibrate homeostasis,

For nature is the final arbiter in this argument that was an opportunity,

For disruption can be an opportunity to see oneself, to jump the track, to become uncomfortable as the rhythm of routine is disrupted,

As events are orchestrated by a conductor or some may say, a wizard,

For he seeks an endless yellow brick road believing gold is of value,

For in the end he will cash in the chips to discover he was fooled by the gold,

For all that glitters is not gold some may say,

To be good as gold is what glitters sparkles in an amplified light,

To know thyself is the Fool’s Gold,

It is the wisdom of the Fool that invites you to play,

To have a say for you are the creator of reality,

And the world turns up in this image,

What image are you creating? 

A world of terror, insecurity and threat for your children?

Or a world of security, infinite possibility and sustainability for all children?

As the universe is your voting booth,

It cannot be rigged or interfered with as real outcomes arise from intention,

What you intend will manifest if you believe and then see,

For watching t.v. manifests an alternate reality that you see then believe,

And this is the mirror of opposites,

It is the distorted mirror exaggerating, elongating, minimising who you think you are,

For when you look in the mirror to see you

only you can know you.


The Jester wears the diamonds as a chessboard as we all make moves,

We all contrast, differ, argue and fight as we seek the light of understanding to lead us out of confusion,

So re-member: It is not to avoid the fight but to stand out in the crowd to find the middle ground,

For at the centrepoint you will find room for all views as 360 degrees frees the mason,

For the Philosophers stone is not chiselled but shape changed by truth,

Purity can not emerge from cultures of abuse called defence changing rules of engagement,

To engage in the truth means to look at you as there is no enemy but unquestioned thoughts believed as true,

For the truth will never advocate abuse, incarceration, torture or extra judicial killings,

Hacksaw is not to remove the leg but to remember true faith that one is not in control,

For those experiencing the soul as less believe in full spectrum dominance and excess,

As greed is the addiction unquestioned,

Business-as-usual refuses to break containment of the slave trade,

As slavery in all its forms can be called freedom yet free dominion is free will,

And we are all given free will whether punished or not,

Human nature is free to love or not,

Human experience is free to fight wars or find peace,

For we must travel our journey through who we are not (psalm 23) to find the enlightenment of who we are,

And all take this journey whether they fight God or not,

For when you fight it always hurts,

When you love it expands the play,

For to play with life is to find your life purpose has meaning,

For this is a meaningfull life when you see to look into your world book.


My story book is a Fool for Peace,

It can be read with suspicion,

It can be read with intelligence,

It can be read with intrigue or mystery,

It can be read top to bottom or bottom to top,

Perhaps sampled by topic of interest or deleted,

As you choose,

For I am you,

You are me,

And each must play a part,

In creating eternity.


For this is the infinity symbol,

Of Omni,

It is a sign wave,

When we focus it becomes a particle no longer in theory,

What you think about you bring about (Universal Law of Attraction),

What you resists persists and what you look at disappears (see through illusion),

As the truth sets you free to see past resistance perfectly,

For to fight against always invites in,

This is the Yin and Yang of war and peace,

To focus on what you want determines happiness or continued drama,

As choice is a vote,

A vote determines if the boat floats or the Titanic sinks,

The think tank reveals addiction to materialism and the fear of not enough as the core problem,

Yet your happy destiny is unavoidable when you believe and then see,

So what you believe will enslave you or set you free,

To see there are no masters and no servants only possibilities…

To be or not to be


As this was always the quintessential Question of Philosophers,

Turning water into wine as an elixir to shape change the Philosophers stone masons on Temple Mount into free masons discovering the truth is unconditional love,

As the gentle dove of peace frees a divided Jerusalem, frees the City of London from magic circles (rings) and frees the Vatican to unite as Adam (atom) is Eve (beginning) touching Creation in reunification to find true love in equality,

For 3:3:3 is trinity, triune and three fold flame of completion of the Fool’s Journey,

For you can only be the Fool when you be true to yourself,

As the self made whole is diversity in unity,

As we are meant to be same same but different.

Life is the mirror not the mask,

The Fool wears the mask to pull off the mask of false faces to reveal,

Luke Skywalker is Darth Vader when he fights against himself
he becomes divided and unconscious within,

When he awakens the soul-force denial fades and he reveals the terror-ist within,

For Galactic peace dawns in the realisation that there is ‘no other’,

And in the end the last decision is to love ‘all that is’,

For the dove is waiting on your welcome …home,

To this veritable sustainable

Garden of Eden.