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Mayor of New York Moving Away from Fossil Fuels?

It is very important to read between the lines re: Bloomberg pledge of $500,000,000 to move away from coal and natural gas. Will that amount actually do it?

Does this mean they move to shale?  What are they moving towards?

There are subtleties in the sub-text in that the private sector may be angling to take over funding from government. Councils these days are privatised yet many people think they are public.

Is it appropriate for a Mayor to:

support for environmental groups (which ones and why?), fostering of grassroots organizations (what types?) and funding candidates on the state and local level.  The latter is more concerning, should any politicians be funding (out of taxpayers money) a candidate?

Be mindful of what is real news and fake news or spin.  Depending on who is saying what it may well be that negative information discredits government.  Some may well want an end to government as the private sector takes over.  Be very vigilant.

Note that yes all of us want a move away from fossil fuels but we want to hear language around renewables and decentralisation of cities.  Harmony is created when we rebalance human greed with identification beyond our own self interest towards the homeostasis of the planet and human empowerment.  I am looking carefully for language that empowers and genuinely seeks change in order to ensure we move away from a 6th mass extinction event.


Bloomberg pledges $500M to move country away from coal, natural gas

Credit: TechCrunch