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Police Catching Pedophiles Who Appear Normal

This is an issue in the public interest.  I believe it is critical as it reveals a real sickness in perpetrators and the destruction or deaths of young lives who are vulnerable and unable to protect themselves.

I feel respect for the policemen and I wonder how they feel when they investigate pedophile cases and then think of their own children.  What if your child was put in harms way? How do we create a society where these abuse issues disappear.  

There are pedophile rings that want to legalise child abuse as they think it is normal and together they celebrate it as they enjoy it.  The children don’t.  They get together in rings and networks, they have symbols, insignias, statues, venues where go.  They speak of man love and the issue of setting the scene for the acceptance of same sex abuse (as distinct from homosexual love of consenting adults) as a means of saying it is normal to have sex with children or minors.  Thus, some may manipulate the issue (blurring it) to use it to groom the public into acceptance and exploiting children’s confusion and desire to please or obey adults as they are too afraid or unsure what is okay or not. They are extremely vulnerable. The consequences of this abuse are horrendous, the children may disassociate as they are so traumatised forgetting the abuse as the abuser would want or they may have flash backs.  

This is a complex psychological mental health issue that is most definitely in the public interest.  It is happening at the highest levels and that should be deeply concerning as they hold power over our society and they can protect abusers who are friends or there maybe blackmail occurring to ensure a politicians is a puppet of someone else.  Such is the insidious nature of abuse and bullying.

In the immediate short term a key question for parents is do you really want children on the internet unsupervised, despite filters?

What would love choose?

This is a video which provides insights into the police handling of pedophilia, child grooming, rings, networks online.  What of those off line?