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Coronavirus Solution

The coronavirus is about imbalance. The solution is not a economic stimulus package as the problem is not economic. You cannot throw money at this.

The real issue is the low immunity in the population caused by over working, busyness and stress as the way we live and work is out of balance with our true nature. An important response to this psychologically is to get good sleep, work less, eat healthy foods and sanitise hands and do not go out if coughing. If you have to go out make sure the mouth is covered by a protective filter. Basic precautions out of love for others.

The fear and panic is another feature of imbalance. Clearly a rush on toilet paper (have to smile here) is about the fear of poor hygiene. A sociologists said it was about control. So another feature of this solution is to let go of control.

As a person homeless, who at times, didn’t have enough food, I would say what I learned is to trust life. Help each other. Not allow fear to dictate your decisions. Just live your life the best you can but do not fall into fear of the future. I learned to live in the moment, trust life and I found I had enough. I lived without income for 2 years and homeless for nearly 3 years now. So I had to live and trust nature.

The coronavirus will be used to further control the population as the WHO has called it a pandemic. Given the questionable ethics and corruption in world politics it would be wise to watch this. A pandemic can give governments licence to use emergency powers, control people, isolate them and so on.

The corporations will seek to make money out of coronavirus by offering vaccines. We are told the virus was released in Wuhan province in Chine where they are rolling out 5G. 5G reduces the immune response. So there could be other agenda’s at play here. Be very careful about vaccines as we do not know the content of these vaccines. It is better to boost the immune system naturally as it will protect you.

Stay positive in the thought process, that is also a natural protection. Trust life. I do not fear death. I will live normally as I will not be part of the fear campaign. I know that life has an essential wisdom and I trust I am in the right place at the right time.

Do not believe everything you hear. Face all you fear and transform it into a challenge to overcome fear. You cannot control life, you can only look after yourself and be in balance. That is a key message being taught through the perception of pandemic.

Know there is love around you.

Your happy destiny is unavoidable no matter outer appearances.