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Los Angeles: Jugglejam and Master Ong

I attended jugglejam in Los angeles and met the masters of object manipulation some call juggling.  Not only were they masters of their art they lived the philosophy that comes with it and through it.  as you focus, imagine and go with the flow you start to understand the true meaning of life.


Ever wonder about the world of flow arts? There are so many beauties and wonders to behold in such a place full of magic, martial arts, performance art , visual art, and object manipulation. The props and tools used to create this beauty are more than tools, they are instruments that play the sweet music of flow arts. Let’s take a tour of some of the many branches that encompasses the world of flow arts.

Hooping and juggling are very well known within the realm of flow arts but they do not exist alone, poi, staff, batons, and so much more fill this world of flow arts. Maori art form of poi spinning is just one of the extensions of this art . Under the big umbrella of this magical world, there also is fire poi, flag poi and contact poi. Even contact juggling has its two forms: one ball and multi-ball and it just goes to show that flow arts holds so much variety in it’s art, so much to experience.

In addition to this colossal family of art, clubs have been around for quite some time. It varies from club juggling to club swinging and even contact club. Another branch off dealing with a club as a prop is club manipulation, where without having to traditionally juggle the clubs, you can manipulate the clubs to create patterns. Then we have the staff and its many different forms. There is traditional staff spinning and many more different styles such as contact staff, baton twirlers and traditional chinese Fei Cha. This is all just a taste of what flow arts has to offer.

Not only is flow arts exciting and magical, it is great for us in so many ways. It helps us with our motor skills, helping us with our hand eye coordination, reflex, memory and finding the flow within ourselves. Taking part in this art is more than discovering the props, tricks, technique but more importantly is that flow arts teaches you more about yourself than you will realize. Flow arts can transcend from a hobby to a way of life and it never disappoints. When you embark on the road to flow arts, it is a journey that rewards in every step you take. I think now is the time you take the first step on this road to experience flow arts.


Master Ong, is a representation of our inner self. Many of us of this era are in search of the path or the direction towards the glorious sunset. But it lays within us, the direction, the answer, its the process not the product, the journey not the destination. The master in each of us lays within us, we are masters of our own time, our art. We have the power and the strength to summon as long as we know it exists within us. Love the plateau. Love thy practice.

The route to mastery is a never ending one.

“My daily affairs are quite ordinary; but Im in harmony with them. I dont hold on to anything, dont reject anything; nowhere an obstacle or conflict. Who cares about wealth and honor? Even the poorest things shines.”

Nothing in this life is ‘in between’, every act, every thought are infinite. All paths of mastery converge.


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