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Is ADMA Global Forum Building a Brave New World?

In the public interest. As a former market analyst I am very concerned at this marketing bandwagon for Smart Cities and AI. I found the android concerning as she is labour replacing and simulating humans. The formulation of an unreal reality.

Edward Snowden is below discussing surveillance and iPhones which are the real questions the marketers will not be discussing publicly. Yet they too will be surveilled in this brave new world


ICC Sydney, 31 March – 1 April 2020

Are marketers equipped to deliver for the consumers of today and tomorrow? How do they prepare for uncertainty and navigate new complexities?

Are marketers building for the new world?

Trends across leadership, technology and politics are driving high expectations and demanding more from governments, communities and brands. Old mindsets relying on data, technology and technical skills need to change as the need to do better intensifies.

Hear from top leaders and thinkers of today and dive into some of the most important questions of the decade at ADMA’s Global Forum 2020.

Explore global, economical and societal shifts taking place and their impact on brands and marketers. Discover what skills you and your team will need to succeed in the future and how to drive growth in a complex and unpredictable world.

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Ethics, public space, mass data gathering, privacy and surveillance were not mentioned.

Uncertainty = disruption

Here is the promotion of this event, Edward Snowden provides the important questions below.

Edward Snowden and Spying on Cell Phones. I don’t have a phone anymore.