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British PM Boris Johnson a Passionate Zionist

In the public interest.

What is interesting in the previous blog (video) Boris Johnson criticises Israel. In this short piece he expresses his passion for Zionists. There is a refusal to condemn the violence (this is the key word, not the target, but the act of violence from a democratic perspective). The men are not advancing peace clearly.

The support of violence on behalf of allies creates a bias and it is why the wound in the Middle East does not heal. It is the negativity that gives the green light to further deaths and abuse of civilians. To be a true friend is to tell your friend that what he is doing harms him. The abuse of the Palestinians is evident. When they retaliate it is desperation.

People all speak of God, chosen people, yet none them practice unconditional love. They never put into practice ‘love thy neighbour as yourself’ or mercy (Muslim side). So it ends up as a perpetual war as denial sits there – denial is not a river in Egypt! What astounds me as a human being is the lack of care for families who are caught in the cross fire. The blindspot of righteousness. They are the enemy yet in reality they are just families who feel under siege and fear for their children.

God or creator is the universe. It is on all sides and on no side. Yet quietly little miracles happen as the magic of life weaves its tapestry. We are all a thread in that fabric.

I was definite inspired today to continue with this, it was not in my mind but life nudges me. That is how I know. 2020 is a year of truth telling. As the truth sets us free. There is no enemy only unquestioned thinking. Honour is not violence. Violence is not security. Only love changes the outcome. Love is God (or higher consciousness). I send an intense light to this region to truthfully illuminate what has been hidden.

Note Zionism is not Judaism or orthodox. It is political. It was the British Zionists who created the State of Israel. Lord Rothschild was the prime mover. Ref.

‘I am a passionate Zionist,’ declares Boris Johnson

London Mayor Boris Johnson declared himself supporter of Jewish national movement on morning radio, before distancing himself from Israel’s actions, which he called “disproportionate”.

August 7, 2014, 10:40 am 28

London Mayor Boris Johnson has been on a kibbutz

London Mayor Boris Johnson has been on a kibbutz

In the heat of a debate about Gaza this week, London Mayor Boris Johnson declared himself “a Zionist” on morning radio, before distancing himself from Israel’s actions, which he called “disproportionate”.

Speaking on LBC, Johnson said: “I am a passionate Zionist. I am a supporter of Israel. I believe in its existence. I’ve been on a ibbutz for heaven’s sake.”

Pressed on Prime Minister David Cameron’s refusal to criticise Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip, he added: “I can’t for the life of me see how this can be a sensible strategy.

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“I think what has been happening in Gaza is disproportionate. I think it’s ugly and tragic and I don’t think it will do Israel any good in the long-run.”

Life is a Miracle

Indeed this life is a miracle, to see the beauty is to know the miracle.


To reach out to another,
To feel concern rise,
As the sun rises on a new day,
A new way,
To give hope that all will be well,
Is a sensitivity deeply felt and honoured.

For so many have hardened their hearts,
They reveal hands callous and closed,
As eyes are averted,
Lies thinly veiled,
Covering the face so one cannot be seen,
They lose themselves in their occupation,
A pre-occupation with themselves,
And forget the greatest value,
Is the buried treasure of the child that plays again.

Remember smiling happily at new friends,
The days were long and carefree,
Burdens too few to worry,
If only you knew the freedom
That quietly waits on your welcome,
For you are welcome to be free
To be yourself,
Any time.

As I wonder at the miracle of all life,
Each person has a story that deserves to be told,
To live, love and dance in fields of sunflowers,
To explore what is raw and revealing,
To gracefully grow old with fond memories,
And dear friends,
For the circle of life,
Ends in the moment we stop living
our truth.

My wish for you is that the truth sets you free,
To tenderly hold your hand between mine,
and show you there is another way,
To play and be free,
To see that there are no rules only values that guide wisdom,
For the map I travel has no roads or national boundaries,
As I can travel in any direction I desire,
For this inspires the fire of my life,
A single candle blowing in the wind,
Silently revealing real hope,
Gently illuminating real love,
Mesmerised by the glow of real peace,
For these are the only paths
That lead you home,
Into the heart of happiness.