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When Questions Are Not Answered at Senate Hearings

Should the witness be allowed to not answer general questions. It is interesting to allow the witness to decline.

We in the public would want him to answer as nuclear disarmament is in all our interests. We would like to know why it is not happening and given the high expensive and fallout of nuclear weapons, we need to be informed given the public pays their wages. I would question those who uphold secrecy and is this in the public interest?

The vested interests in nuclear as a power chip is what holds this dangerous atomic technology in place which has the potential to destroy the earth 4 times over. The negotiations behind closed doors are in the public interest. I recall when the Pakistani’s and Indian’s obtained nuclear weapons when they were the poorest countries spending billions on nuclear programs in an unstable region. The Indian’s indicated that nuclear is a power chip which gives them access to global power and this chip becomes a barrier to disarmament which is in the global public’s interest.

What is democracy? Is it not about representing the people by the people. Yet we are kept out of tent (so to speak) as perhaps our job is to fund government but not participate. So information appears to me to be managed.

Senator Ludlam is indeed asking in the public interest.

As we focus on nuclear and fear in deterrence we move the world closer to manifesting a destiny not in anyone’s interests. It is true the reality of nuclear calls forth the need for nuclear weapons.

We have to learn to focus on what we want and start Department’s of Peace/Conflict Resolution/Mediation for example to ensure we put all our energy into what we have in common, what we can learn from each other, cross cultural exchange and the future of children. We can’t seem to see beyond the technology, hardware and strategic positioning rather than families, quality of life, equality, parity, standard’s of living, ecological balance and optimising human potential. These thoughts are not considered as people are trained and following the lead of others and this is the way we do things. Yet we must learn to think anew as our world cannot continue down these negative, hostile trajectories that produce a zero sum game, ultimately.