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George Pell Knew and Allowed Paedophilia in the Catholic Church

This topic is the number 1 in the public interest as George Pell, a former Cardinal of the Catholic Church and Treasurer in the Vatican, was released by the High Court of Australia on technicalities in respect of child abuse accusations.  He was convicted in two Victorian Courts.  Refer

No-one is above the Law, natural law (God’s law) has its own way of bringing to light what has been hidden.

The key question here focuses on the High Court of Australia and the unanimous decision to release George Pell. It raises further questions about the reality of justice for all.  I note that High Court Judges are not appointed on the basis of merit but are politically appointed. I believe this should not be the case as the course of Justice can be influenced or perverted given politics is about influence not justice.  Refer

This article overviews a Royal Commission report released now (not December 2017) which makes clear that George Pell was aware of the paedophilia in the Catholic Church.  Any reasonable person who is informed about child abuse and does not act on it clearly raises questions about tacit consent and involvement.  This matter demands that Justice must not be seen to be done, but done in the public interest.

This is a notable extract from below:

The commission also found Pell knew priest Gerard Ridsdale had been moved between parishes by the church because he had sexually abused children, and was aware of abuse in the church as early as the 1970

My video below the article was inspired.

We have to face abuse in all its guises, it has its roots in indifference and a form of social distancing that does not feel empathy. We need to develop humanity in a way where they have a felt experience of compassion for others, not lip service to appear holy or kind. True kindness is love extended to others as the person loves themselves.  If they do not love themselves they see a disconnected world where they seek to feel through acts of disconnected violence.  I am witnessing greater and greater disconnection from shared humanity as we move into cyber world’s that have no bearing on reality. We are teaching children to disconnect as reality becomes a world made in another’s image. The real world is loving, connected relationships where families are not pulled away from each other but supported and modelled on cultures of peace not cultures of abuse. This is the core issue in my view.

What George Pell knew: Bombshell report reveals Cardinal failed to remove a notorious paedophile priest who ‘repeatedly sexually abused children in the confession booth’

  • Secret pages of royal commission reports were unveiled on Thursday morning 
  • Commission said ‘ought to have been obvious’ for Pell to act on Peter Searson
  • As a regional bishop, Pell was approached by a delegation about Fr Searson
  • Allegations may have included ‘non-specific’ sexual assault reference
  • World later learned about Searson’s sick behaviour after he died in 2009
  • Pell knew Ridsdale was moved from parish to parish over abuse claims  
  • Pages were censored so not to prejudice the criminal case against Pell  
  • High Court found Pell not guilty of sex offences in April 7 unanimous verdict 

More than 100 previously blacked out pages from two bombshell reports were released on Thursday detailing what Pell knew about complaints against paedophile priest in Ballarat and Melbourne in the 1970s and ’80s.

The reports could only be released after Pell was found not guilty of child sex abuse convictions by the High Court a month ago, and have been heavily redacted since 2017.

In a damning finding, the commission found that as an assistant bishop in the Melbourne diocese in 1989, Pell failed to advise the archbishop to remove paedophile priest Father Peter Searson.

The commission also found Pell knew priest Gerard Ridsdale had been moved between parishes by the church because he had sexually abused children, and was aware of abuse in the church as early as the 1970s.

The child abuse royal commission made secret findings that Cardinal George Pell failed to remove a paedophile priest when it 'ought to have been obvious' for him to do so

The royal commission heard Father Peter Searson (above) - infamous for his long, yellow fingernails - abused children across three districts. It found that Pell 'ought to' at least push for an investigation into allegations against Searson

The royal commission heard Father Peter Searson (above) – infamous for his long, yellow fingernails – abused children across three districts. It found that Pell ‘ought to’ at least push for an investigation into allegations against Searson

In Father Searson’s case, the commission report said the ‘disturbed’ priest was the subject of child sex abuse complaints and reports of ‘strange, aggressive and violent conduct’ over several years, the report said.

Searson died in 2009 without ever facing child sexual abuse charges, but the commission heard evidence he had abused children in three separate Victorian districts over the course of a decade.

Pell, as Archbishop of Melbourne, placed Searson on administrative leave in March 1997, the same year Searson pleaded guilty to physically assaulting a child.

But the commission said Pell ‘ought reasonably to have concluded that action needed to be taken in relation to Father Searson’ almost a decade earlier, in 1989, when he heard from seeing a delegation of teachers from a Catholic primary school in his role as a regional bishop.


The commission found Pell may have known of a ‘non-specific’ allegation against Searson in 1989.

What Searson alleged to have done to others that few others would know is disturbing.

Over two years, the commission heard evidence Searson repeatedly sexually abused children.

He recorded confessions he found ‘hot’ and repeatedly assaulted sexually assaulted a nine-year-old girl in a confessional booth.

One victim claimed he was sexually abused most Saturdays for a six month period.

He swung a cat over a fence by its tail, killing it; murdered a bird with a screwdriver and showed children a dead body in a coffin.

At the royal commission, Pell had claimed the Catholic Education Office had failed to brief him properly on the complaints against Father Searson and that it was implied ‘that the allegations could not be sustained’.

Cardinal Pell claimed he might have been told ”in a non-specific way’ that ‘part of the story behind (school principal Graeme) Sleeman’s resignation was that he had raised complaints of sexual misconduct by Father Searson.’

Mr Sleeman resigned after a Grade 4 student was brought to him in ‘obvious distress’ after confession with Father Searson. Mr Sleeman had suspected a ‘sexual interference’ had occurred.

But the commission ruled Pell’s evidence he had been ‘deceived’ by the Catholic Education Office as they ‘did not tell him what they knew about Father Searson’s misbehaviour’ was ‘implausible’.

The report said: ‘We are satisfied that Cardinal Pell’s evidence as to the reasons that the CEO deceived him was implausible. We do not accept that Bishop Pell was deceived, intentionally or otherwise.

George Pell wins his appeal and will be freed from prison

‘We are satisfied that, on the basis of the matters known to Bishop Pell on his own evidence (being the matters on the list of incidents and grievances and the ‘non-specific’ allegation of sexual misconduct), he ought reasonably to have concluded that action needed to be taken in relation to Father Searson.

‘It was incumbent on Bishop Pell, as an Auxiliary Bishop with responsibilities for the welfare of the children in the Catholic community of his region, to take such action as he could to advocate that Father Searson be removed or suspended or, at least, that a thorough investigation be undertaken of the allegations,’ the report said.

The report said ‘(Pell) had) conceded that, in retrospect, he might have been ‘a bit more pushy’ with all of the parties involved. We do not accept any qualification that this conclusion is only appreciable in retrospect.

‘On the basis of what was known to Bishop Pell in 1989, it ought to have been obvious to him at the time.

‘He should have advised the Archbishop to remove Father Searson and he did not do so.’

Blacked out: How the Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse reports looked before the Government released the details on Thursday

Blacked out: How the Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse reports looked before the Government released the details on Thursday

Pell with his one-time housemate, the paedophile priest Gerard Ridsdale

Pell with his one-time housemate, the paedophile priest Gerard Ridsdale

The commission also made findings about the church and Pell’s one-time housemate, the priest Gerard Ridsdale – one of Australia’s worst ever offenders.

The commission found that then-Father Pell had ‘turned his mind to the prudence of Ridsdale taking boys on overnight camps’ by 1973.

The report found by that year, ‘Cardinal Pell was not only conscious of child sexual abuse by clergy but that he also had considered measures of avoiding situations which might provoke gossip about it.’

Ridsdale was repeatedly moved between parishes by the 1971 to 1991 Ballarat Bishop Mulkearns, who knew about his offending, the commission found.

The commission rejected Cardinal Pell’s claim that Bishop Mulkearns lied to or deceived his advisers in 1982 when Ridsdale was removed from the parish of Mortlake, where the priest later admitted his behaviour was ‘out of control’.

Cardinal Pell gave evidence the bishop did not give the true reason for Ridsdale’s removal and lied by not doing so. But the commissioners did not accept that Bishop Mulkearns lied to his consultors and were satisfied he did not deceive his consultors.

The commission found Bishop Mulkearns told the advisers it was necessary to move Ridsdale from the diocese and from parish work because of complaints he had sexually abused children.

‘Cardinal Pell’s evidence that ‘paedophilia was not mentioned’ and that the ‘true’ reason was not given is not accepted,’ the commission’s said.

‘It is implausible … that Bishop Mulkearns did not inform those at the meeting of at least complaints of sexual abuse of children having been made.’

In a statement on Thursday evening, Cardinal Pell said he was ‘surprised’ by some of the views of the commission, claiming ‘these views are not supported by evidence’.

He said he was ‘especially surprised’ by statements relating to transfers of Gerald Ridsdale.

‘The consultors who gave evidence on the meetings in 1977 and 1982 either said they did not learn of Ridsdale’s offending against children until much later or they had no recollection of what was discussed. None said they were made aware of Ridsdale’s offending at these meetings.’

Pell said he met a delegation from Doveton Parish ‘which did not mention sexual assaults and did not ask for Searson’s removal’.

Following his release from prison, the former Vatican Treasurer said he did not expect negative findings against him.

‘I’d be very surprised if there’s any bad findings against me at all,’ he told commentator Andrew Bolt last month.

And the commission did find in Pell’s favour on some matters.

The commission ruled as unlikely claims Pell offered to bribe Gerard Ridsdale’s nephew, David, in 1993.

‘It is more likely that Mr Ridsdale misinterpreted an offer by Bishop Pell to assist as something more sinister,’ the report said.

Another witness claimed to have overheard Pell saying of Ridsdale: ‘Huh, huh, I think Gerry’s been rooting boys again’.

That was strongly denied by Pell and the commission found the witness likely ‘overheard the conversation, however, that conversation was not between the priests he nominated.’

Pell gave evidence to the royal commission twice, in 2014, in Sydney, and in 2016, via video link from Rome.

In 2016, Pell told the royal commission he was deceived about paedophile priests, describing it as a ‘world of crimes and cover-ups’.

Cardinal Pell was a Ballarat priest from 1973 until 1984, overseeing the diocese’s schools and at times acting as an adviser to the bishop.

He also served as one of the Melbourne archbishop’s advisers while an auxiliary bishop between 1987 and 1996.


The Royal Commission reports were first published in December 2017, months after Cardinal George Pell was charged with child sexual abuse offences.

Details relating to Pell’s knowledge and response to complaints against priests in the 70s and 80s were redacted so not to prejudice the legal process against him.

The Victorian government cleared the way for the secret details to be released after Pell’s convictions were overturned by the High Court last month.

State Attorney-General Jill Hennessy said: ‘The government is not aware of any impediments to the un-redacted versions of these reports being tabled and published at this time.’

The documents were tendered in Federal Parliament about 10am Thursday.

Fake News vs Media Freedom and Alternative Truths

Media freedom houses the implied agreement to freedom of speech not only enshrined in Constitutions, but as a birthright.  Below I have provided a range of links to articles to awaken awareness to the reasons why freedom of speech underlined by truth is critical for humanity’s development.  The last article is the Freedom of the Press Foundation’s critique of Donald Trump.  I have just checkout out their board, and I am confident, they are bonifide journalists.  So I take on board their critique but remain open to questions in respect of Trump’s critiques.

The key is to keep an open mind and trust yourself, as you have inner guidance that will show you what is true and what is not. If you are still enough you will recognise a lie spun sprouting great principles as often the wolf comes in sheep’s clothing offering a good but underneath that is another agenda. So stay discerning of information but do not become cynical as the world is full of good intentions and negative and it is the yin/yang of life. It creates the clash of ideas, religions, civilisations and ideologies. This clash shakes up truth, as is its job.  In the future there will be inquiries into mass deception and mind control.

This blog is in the public interest.  

As you independently research you come to realise how much is not told in the so-called free press.  On the other hand there are shining lights in the media who risk life and limb to bring the story to the public’s attention.  However, media freedom can be caught up in the propaganda to justify restricting freedom of speech.  On the other hand the media have to be accountable for not revealing important information in the public interest. Compounding this issue is the online reality that is being forced on every person on the planet due to the ambitions of Silicon Valley partnering with equity financiers, like the Rothschilds, who have a vested interest in power and control given their lineage. Is this in the public interest to have an IT industry empowered by financiers to maximise profits of world business and at the same time remove privacy given influence in governments? There are also major questions around radiation and biological impacts (e.g. cancer, DNA), depopulation, targeting individuals, restricting information (them and us, type of information), rule by algorithms (filtering news and educational content), mind control (repeated messages), access to iPhones (private conversations), 5G mm waves and health impacts and the loss of felt humanity? 

What I have found is when money is NOT involved we have a chance at finding some light in the darkness of vested interest, politics, egoic defence and brand image risk management protection.  Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely is a truism. Money is power in our world (so it is believed) and people will obey when money talks. Yet the real power in this world is love of truth and each other.  Community bonds are powerful as well but minimised. Truth is the real gold in our world and it is the real liberator from falsehood and deception. Truth, when accurate, empowers people to make their own decisions. The real leadership is within every person when they decide for themselves. That is what life gave them from birth, the power of self determination. This is inherent within human rights or what I tend to say, the right to be human.

I personally found the Guardian here in Australia a good source and investigative journalists from the ABC. However, the ABC is likely to be sold off by the Liberal Party as a leak revealed at their national conference. I noted that Nine Entertainment now owns The Age.  Peter Costello, former Liberal Treasurer is the Chairman of the Board.  If that is not a conflict of interest, I don’t know what is!  We have Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation and subsidiaries owning the majority of the media in key markets across the world. It is evident it has a right wing leaning. As a US citizen he is supportive of US interests not the Australian people. Yet he is the unannounced king maker to whom many make pilgrimages to in order to be validated for power.  Where is the media critique and community action around this clear bias. 

No-one should have any concentration in the media. They definitely should not have political affiliations or biases as a group.  Media must be absolutely clear of bias and constructed in the format of peace journalism, where both sides are shown and questions asked, so the community learns to think for themselves.  A profile of Rupert’s empire is as follows:


Peter Costello is the Chairman of Nine Entertainment. The question for the public is, should ex-political figures still aligned with politics be able to have control over media given vested interests?

This story below I just found which features Tim Costello, brother of Peter Costello. Tim and Peter were often at logger heads as he is a priest and Peter, a former Treasurer.  One speaking morals the other speaking money. This article talks to the corruption of Crown Casino. I note a little media item where the current Victorian government are looking into this. 

I’ve had inspiration around Crown Casino.  I note the word ‘Crown’ these days and the shields, symbols that reflect power, I feel the links to established power and endorsement. Interestingly, I interviewed Edward de Bono (famous Lateral Thinking expert) at the hotel at Crown. He was quick to say to me he wasn’t at the Casino, just staying at the hotel. Back then I had no idea, I am slowly waking up now.  

This article highlights why media freedom is essential and the importance of reporting on corruption as the public outcry does have power and is heard, alone we are ignored. The public has to find the truth if they want to be empowered to create change in its image not other’s with vested interests. This grows more important as our ecology collapses reminding us of our own imbalance.  It is true that knowledge with wisdom empowers.   Here is the article on the Crown Casino:

The links below will definitely not appear in the mainstream media. This provides insights into the different styles of reporting. Independent reporting is revealing what has been hidden by information control in the mainstream media. However, the internet freedom (whilst we still have it) is essential to being out the truth so that people can make balanced decisions, given their money is spent in ways they have no idea about. Those in positions of power must be held to account and those orchestrating false information must be tried.  Deception, PR spin, falsifying media items (video, written) in order to influence public opinion undermines democratic principles and freedoms (real freedom). The purpose of democracy is underlined by the implied ‘We the People’ and it is to represent not enslave the world community. I recall giving my poem ‘We the People’ to Kristine Keneally (shadow Minister Home Affairs). Later that day I recall her saying there would never be a Charter of Rights for the people. That is etched into my mind.  MP Andrew Wilkie tried to pass a Bill of Rights for Australians on 24 March 2020.  This was not passed. Questions should be asked.  Rights arise when values decline this is why democracy (in its true sense) is under threat with increasing secrecy, non disclosure, changes to discrimination laws, weakening of regulators, costly legal action and most notably media ownership – buying up the press by those seeking to ‘shape’ views rather than respecting diversity and allowing the publics differences to shape the future on the basis of debate, informed discussion, critiques and real needs in order to understand what is true and what is not and what is needed and what is not. As public money is channeled in the direction of influence not the greatest need. Critical thinking is essential if people are to be led out of the infotainment, electronic addictions, distractors and mainlining cultivated information to fulfil the needs of specific economic and financial interests.  

It is real freedom from fear that enables discernment. I turn off the television, I don’t listen much to radio and I inform myself using instinct, intuition, intellect, feeling and the love of truth to guide my words and actions.  My only interest is peace as harmony. I dreamed I was teaching peace and this changed my life from a market analyst to peace maker.  I was a community journalist in public radio for a few years. I was seeking to find my voice and allow other voices to be heard. Surveillance happened after I aired Scott Ritter (senior weapons inspector, Iraq) and Major Douglas Rokke (depleted uranium expert, Pentagon). I had no knowledge of the murky, smoke and dagger world of intelligence. Today I have become wiser. 

Peace will only arise from inner peace which resolves inner conflict (untruth) as realisation (ah ha) informs as the real shape changer.  This is how personal growth happens, you awaken bit by bit to the truth of what is really going on. You cannot go back to the uninformed unconscious life that just believes what it hears, reads and sees.  I no longer believe in most of it.  I am disillusioned but in a good way. I refer to my life similar to the ‘philosophers stone’ where questions open pathways to truth, intent is important. As I reach for truth I find myself changing as I grow in awareness.   I am open to being wrong, but ultimately I have felt the awakening and I come into a feeling of  ‘knowing’. This knowing is ‘I know I don’t know’ which opens my mind. It is the real wisdom, which is no about knowing it all but awakening to the illusion of it.  Below is further links I found by following a gentle search for truth.

This excerpt is from an article I believe is in the public interest and is the basis of control in our world. I remember Fiona Barnett saying once paedophilia is solved and those involved brought to justice much of the evils of our world will disappear. I felt truth in that. However, having said that by all means you critique the article and find your own truth, as I believe we all have to work it out ourselves. This article provides an insight as a contrast to the mainstream media. You would never find this article on the front page of a popular newspaper. I present it with a noteworthy quote which awakens to the underbelly of power:

“The ‘mass hysteria’ and ‘false memory’ bromides disseminated by the establishment press obscure federal and academic connections to the mind control cults, which are defended largely by organized pedophiles, cultists and hired guns of psychiatry.”


I suspect this is the main driver of misinformation embedded in the intelligence community.  I have concerns about Home Affairs or Homeland Security, the latter called ‘shadow government’ by former CIA Kevin Shipp. When intelligence is blended with an internal intelligence capability it raises real concerns about false flag operations, fake stunts to cause terror, holographic imagery and the very real concern of cults in positions of power. The Bush Administration is a case in point and the links to the Skull and Bones, KKK and CIA Whistleblower assertions of 911 as a CIA operation It further raises questions about COVID-19.

There has to be critical thinking. I don’t necessarily subscribe to the Trump narrative but I do think there is truth in what he is saying. It is not for the media to get defensive at the critiques but investigate as intelligence merges with the media as part of information control (counter=terrorism techniques).

Whistleblowers are coming out and revealing what the mainstream media is not revealing. For example ex CIA whistleblower:

Montgomery maintains that the data on the hard drives prove the existence of THE HAMMER and prove that Brennan and Clapper engaged in illegal domestic surveillance, despite the existence of safeguards that were already in place.



The last article is from Freedom of the Press Foundation online.  It is a critique of Trump. However, I see some truth in his tweets. He is definitely taking on the established media and those infiltrated by vested interests. Yes he is crass, yes a misogynist, yes a deal maker, ball breaker, but interestingly, he is taking on the power elites.  Why? he is not in the club. He doesn’t give a toss what anyone thinks, he plays by his own rules. He is a leader as he makes his own decisions. Yet there would still be room for critique with him in that he hasn’t revealed the whole truth, yet he is leaking out questions, particularly about COVID-19.  The question is are people giving thought to what is the truth of COVID-19?

Freedom of the Press Foundation


Trump, in crisis mode, tweets his 2000th attack on the press


Reporter, U.S Press Freedom Tracker


Managing Editor, US Press Freedom Tracker


Illustration/Kelsey Borch

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to upend daily life, President Donald Trump accelerated smearing the press on Twitter, reaching 2,000 negative tweets about the media in a string of insults and accusations on April 11, 2020.

According to our analysis of more than 19,400 of Trump’s tweets, 2,000 means that he has, on average, tweeted negatively about the press more than once a day for the past 4 ½ years. While the president’s rate of tweeting about the media has varied over those years, a noticeable uptick occurred as the severity of the new coronavirus progressed throughout the United States, and his administration’s handling of the global health crisis came under increased criticism.

The 2,000th tweet came on a Saturday, as part of a series of posted and deleted tweets, criticizing the coverage of no fewer than five outlets and accusing most of bias, if not outright corruption. The 2,000th tweet:

2000 Tweet PFT_2000

The U.S. Press Freedom Tracker maintains a searchable database tracking Twitter posts in which Trump mentions media, individual journalists or news outlets in a negative tone since he declared his candidacy in June 2015.

In January, we wrote that Trump’s anti-press tweeting had begun ramping up last year around his official reelection campaign launch, and that he was following the same “playbook” of attacking the press on Twitter that he used during his first campaign. Those Twitter mentions, however, dropped dramatically after the impeachment inquiry began in September 2019 and stayed relatively low through the end of the year.

As concerns about the new coronavirus took hold in the U.S. in early 2020, Trump’s negative media tweet rate began accelerating to a pace not seen in the previous 5 months. It rose from 5.6% of his overall tweets in January to 11.2% in March. During the week of March 23 — when the U.S. began to lead the world in confirmed cases — Trump criticized the news media in nearly one in every five tweets.

2000 Tweet PFT_Graph1

The Nation’s First Virus Death, and an ‘Enemy of the People’ Tweet

On March 1, Trump referred to a sweeping number of print and broadcast news outlets as “The Enemy of the People,” a term he first used shortly after taking office but which had seen less use in the previous six months.

The tweet came one day after the U.S. recorded its first coronavirus death, that of a Washington state man in his 50s.

The Times, The Washington Post, MSNBC, ABC, CBS News and more, he tweeted, “headed” the “Fake News Media” and were a source of national disgust and embarrassment.

2000 Tweet PFT_EoP

A week later, on March 8, he used the term again, singling out only the Times. A few days later, on March 11, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, or global epidemic. On March 13, Trump declared a national emergency.

Over the course of the month, Trump tweeted a total of 447 times. Of those, 50 tweets used a negative tone about the press — nearly the same amount as in January and February combined.

Trump’s anti-press tweets predominantly focused on the media’s coverage of the pandemic and his administration’s response. Trump repeatedly condemned the use of unnamed sources, alleged that the media was deliberately dramatizing the outbreak to hurt the economy and his reelection chances, and asserted that outlets should unite with him in the face of the crisis, rather than continue covering the outbreak and response critically.

Of the 50 tweets, half targeted the media as a whole, with terms like “Enemy of the People” and “LameStream Media,” and descriptions of the media as “corrupt,” “dishonest” and “hopeless.”

2000 Tweet PFT_LameStream

Twenty tweets targeted specific news outlets, with MSNBC and the Times attacked the most often, and used demeaning “nicknames” like “MSDNC” and “DeFace the Nation.” Five individual journalists — representing four outlets — were also targeted by name.

Rachel Maddow and Joe Scarborough of MSNBC, Chuck Todd of NBC, Maggie Haberman of the Times and Chris Cuomo of CNN, all familiar targets of the president on Twitter, were each singled out. Cuomo announced he tested positive for the coronavirus on March 31.

2000 Tweet PFT_Fredo

During his fourth year in office, 14.2% of Trump’s negative tweets about the media have targeted individuals, questioning their legitimacy, ethics and objectivity, as well as insulting their physical appearance or demeanor and assigning them demeaning nicknames.

By comparison, he targeted individual journalists in only 7.5% of tweets in his first year in office and 8.6% of tweets in his second year.

2000 Tweet PFT_Graph2

Press Briefings Return: In-Person Insults Mirror Those on Twitter

On Feb. 26, the same day White House press briefings resumed after a more than year-long hiatus, the president tweeted, “Low Ratings Fake News MSDNC (Comcast) & CNN are doing everything possible to make the Caronavirus [sic] look as bad as possible, including panicking markets, if possible.”

Trump tweeted multiple assertions that the media was continuing in its “war” against him in spite of the virus, and that the press briefings — this time with Trump leading them instead of a press secretary — were “reaching millions of people that are not being told the truth.”

2000 Tweet PFT_Press Conferences

The president targeted ABC via tweet four times in 2020 — all in March and April — including calling the outlet an “Enemy of the People” and “Fake News.”

In the briefing room, the attacks on journalists were personal. When ABC’s Chief White House Correspondent, Jonathan Karl, asked during an April 6 briefing about a report from the Department of Health and Human Services inspector general, Trump quipped, “You’re a third-rate reporter.” Karl is also the president of the White House Correspondents Association.

Trump had used the same insult in a tweet targeting the Times’ Maggie Haberman on March 27, as well as in reference to Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman on March 11, though the president didn’t name him.

When PBS NewsHour reporter Yamiche Alcindor asked during a March 29 COVID-19 briefing about the president refuting governors’ needs for equipment, he replied that her question was “snarky” and her approach always “getcha, getcha, getcha.”

On April 5, Trump targeted Alcindor on Twitter, writing that she was “a very biased journalist.”

PFT_2k_live briefing.jpg

President Donald Trump takes questions during an April 6 coronavirus task force briefing at the White House with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Vice President Mike Pence. In this briefing, Trump responded to a question by ABC’s Jonathan Karl, in the second row of seats on the far right, by calling him a ‘third-rate reporter,’ an insult he also uses on Twitter.

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

The 2000th Tweet: A Milestone of Attacking the Press

Through early April, Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force held press briefings almost every day, and by April 11, Trump had insulted or denigrated the press in nearly one in six of his tweets.

On Twitter, Trump referred to CNN as “a JOKE!,” the Wall Street Journal as “Fake News!” and singled out the Post and the Times, asserting that advertising is “WAY down” either because they are “Fake News” or because “the Virus is just plain beating them up.”

2000 Tweet PFT_Advertising

On April 11, as Trump posted his 2,000th negative tweet about the media, the U.S. led the world in confirmed COVID-19 deaths, surpassing 20,000.

Trump posted a burst of eight tweets that day, a single-day amount not reached since September 2019.

All but one of the tweets targeted specific outlets. The president repeated his refrains about “MSDNC,” the “failing” Times and the “Amazon” Post, and criticized the Journal’s Editorial Board. Trump also disparaged Fox News, tweeting that watching it on weekend afternoons is “a total waste of time.” The tweet followed a report about equipment shortages at the Department of Veterans Affairs and coronavirus-related veteran deaths.

2000 Tweet PFT_Fox

Three of the tweets targeting the Times were nearly identical, with the first two posted and deleted within minutes of each other. The third, which was the milestone-reaching tweet, was posted two hours later. In it, the president called the Times “Fake News,” “Failing,” and questioned its use of anonymous sources in an article linking New York coronavirus cases to Europe, not China.

The day’s string of tweets struck on multiple recent themes, with the president criticizing coverage of the pandemic and implying corruption in the newsroom.

Trump also delegitimized the standard news practice of granting sources anonymity, asserting on Twitter that anonymous sources are fabricated in order to hurt his administration. Nearly one in four of his anti-press tweets in early April — and one in ten in March — denigrated the media’s use of unnamed sources.

Undermining Coverage in a Time of Crisis

Language eroding public trust in the news media, while a hallmark of the president’s administration, has increased on Twitter in tandem with the spread of the coronavirus in the U.S. and criticism of the government’s handling of it.

Trump complained about media bias in a majority of his 2,000 negative tweets, accusing the media of conspiring against him and refuting the accuracy of their reports.

From the first confirmed U.S. coronavirus case on Jan. 20, through reaching the milestone tweet on April 11, Trump tweeted negatively about the media 113 times. In those 83 days, at a time when the public increasingly sought news from established outlets, Trump intensified his criticism of individual reporters and the media’s coverage.

Explore the database

As the president continues to communicate through Twitter, The U.S. Press Freedom Tracker continues to track the rhetoric using this live database.

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J.K. Rowling Angers Parents with Creepy Pedo

In the public interest.

I am realising that through the media industry people are being groomed to accept paedophilia, boy love, same sex marriage (I have no issue with two mutually consenting adults), however grooming can utilise these themes in order to make paedophilia socially acceptable.  The problem here is that every parent loves their child and they do not equate love with sex.  Paedophilia is a sickness and mental health issue.  That has to be stopped.  If it is at the highest levels then there must be prosecutions.  No-one should be allowed to attack children and call this ‘love’.  Love shares cares reveals and heals it never harms.

Who is J K Rowlings?

J.K. Rowling Angers Parents Everywhere with Creepy Pedo Scenes in ‘Fantastic Beasts’


What the hell is wrong with J.K. Rowling? Seriously. I need to know. It’s bad enough that she is constantly expounding on her characters via social media with details of their lives she never wrote about (and no one needs to know) like Albus Dumbledore being supposedly gay. Rowling, author of the best books for children written in the last twenty years (in my opinion), just can’t let a good thing be. Nope! Like every other single thing in this crumbling cesspool of a culture, she had to go and ruin the newest movie in the Harry Potter series by making its villain a gay pedophile. (Why aren’t the gay police rioting for that defamatory depiction, by the way? Strange how the only gay character in one of her movies is also a pedophile. That’s an ugly stereotype only someone on the political Left can get away with.)

I can’t tell you how thrilled my children and I were when we saw the preview for “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” We are hardcore fans. My girls share a room that is decorated as a Hufflepuff dorm room complete with owls in cages, Dobby the house-elf lurking about, and a Firebolt hanging on the wall. We are reading The Goblet of Fire right now. We even own the textbook that the new movie is based on. We love Harry Potter. And until now I was willing to overlook Rowling’s leftist proclivities because, like all celebrities, it’s trendy and she wouldn’t want to be put on a blacklist somewhere for having unpopular opinions and so she goes with the flow. It’s advantageous to a person like her and so…I care not

But the minute she decided to force me to explain to my children why a grown man, Gellert Grindelwald (who incidentally is the man that Dumbledore was supposedly in love with in Rowling’s imagination), is caressing a teen boy in a dark alley, is the minute I turned on Rowling. How dare she? There are two seriously creepy scenes in “Fantastic Beasts” that should never have gotten past a director who knew parents everywhere would be taking their kids to see this movie over the holidays, relying on the good name of the seven other films that came before it. As parents, we trusted that name, believing the content would be appropriate for our kids. Imagine my horror and disgust at a grown man nearly kissing an underaged boy in a dark alley—twice.

What is this fresh hell and why are we expected to put up with it? Thanks for making me explain pedophiles to my seven-year-old!

It is infuriating to continually be bombarded with the envelope-pushing of the Hollywood elite who decide for us what is appropriate for our kids (and that’s pretty much anything you can think of these days). Not only was it inappropriate, but the movie is terrible. The story is ridiculous and stupid (when you’re carrying around a Pandora’s briefcase full of dangerous creatures, maybe you should make sure it closes and not lose it), the sets are boring, the acting is terrible, and the plot is non-existent. I would have forced myself to like it simply because it carried the Harry Potter brand and my children would have liked anything remotely connected to Hogwarts, but after the inappropriate, pedophiliac overtones, there’s no way this one is making it into my collection.

Rowling ought to be ashamed of herself. What utter rubbish.

Wizards, Children, Paedophilia and Online Gaming

In the public interest.

Online is not a safe space for children as they can be easily groomed by those who are psychologically unwell, albeit, paedophilia.  The issue of Wizards and magic comes up again.  Children are attracted to magic tricks and I contemplated Harry Potter and how these films came to be.  The next blog will look at it.  As Wizards is a key theme.

Gaming online is a way paedophiles can adopt kind or safe looking avatars to build a relationship with children.  The ignorance of parents and the allowance of authorities to encourage children online is very concerning.

Note this comment from the article below:

Det Con Maria Morrisey of the Thames Valley Police Pedophile Online Investigation Team described Crook as, “an extremely dangerous and predatory pedophile.

The video has been removed, I wonder why?


(Editor’s note: If this is your first encounter with #MagicGate please consider browsing earlier chapters to apprise yourself of all available information. This is a twisted tale.)

This is the ninth chapter in a series of investigations involving #MagicGate. Please read:

#11 “Magic: The Sadistic Teen Sex Freak

#10 “Magic: Wizards of the Coast’s Sex Predator

#9  “Magic: The Forgotten Pedophile Sam Straus

#8 “Magic: Sin City Sex Offender

#7 “Magic: The Sexual Predator Game Store Owner

#6 “Magic: Saga of a Sex Offender

#5 “Pedophile Leif Klomstad Infiltrates Nerd Communities

#4 “Magic: The Pedophile Cover-Up Continues

#3 “Magic: Sex Crimes Lies And Elaine Chase

#2 “Magic: The Pedophile Conspiracy

#1 “Magic: The Manic Hypocrisy


Throughout the entirety of #MagicGate one aspect of the investigation has remained constant. The attitudes of Wizards of the Coast, which publishes Magic: The Gathering, and the MTG judge program, have both been contentious and oppositional. Rather than reaching out to lend a helping hand or behave in a manner showing even the slightest gratitude for exposing adults convicted of sex crimes against children, both have complained of being personally attacked.

I found this behavior misguided as the protection of children against sex predators is one of which I assumed was universally accepted. Regardless of differences individuals may have, those differences would be set aside and debated at a later time after the health and safety of children had been secured. This seems to be common sense. I didn’t understand why WotC’s vice president, Elaine Chase, described #MagicGate’s early iterations as “misinformation” when she rushed to tweet the following, a choice she surely regrets and for which she has been lambasted:

Or why the MTG judge program issued a statement, anonymously no less, in a similar manner:

Why? What benefit would their be to attempt to discredit #MagicGate? And then I discovered the reason. It was out of fear. A fear of certain facts being discovered, and pieced together in the correct order. Those who have fought against #MagicGate have done so for self-preservation. Because it implicates them all.

Meet Carl Crook, former Wizards of the Coast Operations Manager for the entire United Kingdom.

Carl Crook is a former level 4 judge and former game store owner. He also happens to be a pedophile who was convicted in 2014 of 13 of the most heinous crimes imaginable. He was sentenced to seven years in prison for the following:

During his trial Crook also admitted to four counts of taking nude pictures of his victim in 2010. That’s ok, said Crook’s lawyer Jennifer Edwards because Crook was, “loved and respected.” This is same tone many in the MTG community have adopted as well. Retired level 5 judge Sheldon Menery glowingly described Crook as a “gentle giant.” Crook was, and by the tone of Elaine Chase and the coordinators of the judge programs, is still revered for his knowledge of the game. He was even described as “the non-North American Judge with the most professional event experience.”

During Crook’s heyday he was considered to be one of the best. That’s why he was the head judge of the entire London pro-tour in 1999-2000.

There is something Elaine Chase would prefer the world not know that occurred during the time of Crook’s crimes. Elaine Chase and Carl Crook judged side by side for the most prestigious MTG title of all; deciding who would be inducted into the 2005 Hall of Fame. Likely Carl had completed a rampant sexual session with his child victim and then chatted with Chase about his favorite picks to induct, while simultaneously picking his teeth. Yikes.

Before Elaine married Kierin Chase her name was Elaine Ferrao. For example, have a look back to the 1999 San Diego Grand Prix.

Well golly. Guess who else was there in 1999? Mr. Personality himself, Carl Crook. He’s smiling because he knows he can molest children in the United States and fly home to the UK with relative ease. Who is going to question THE Carl Crook? Nobody.

Note the location of Carl’s hand. A typical behavior of sexual predators is to pretend to roughhouse so they can initiate body contact with their victims. Familiar?

Elaine Chase and Carl Crook had a tight bond of friendship, and so did Elaine Chase’s husband, Kierin Chase. In 2001 guess who were sitting together plotting and scheming in London? Kierin Chase and Carl Crook.

The significance of this picture cannot be stressed enough. Kierin Chase was the program manager for all of WotC and Hasbro card games. Carl Crook was the operations manager for one of the largest MTG markets outside of the United States. These two were buddies and worked closely together for years. They crafted policies which impacted millions of players. Kierin Chase would go on to become one of the most powerful and influential men at WotC before retiring in 2015, passing the reigns to his wife who, obviously, was not the benefactor of any form of nepotism.

Are you beginning to see why Elaine Chase, a former judge, has been fighting tooth and nail to prevent this information from coming to public light for dissemination? If it is one thing the good people at WotC and the judge program impress upon the public is they alone will decide who gets a free ride.

There are others who would prefer their friendship with a convicted sex offender be kept quiet. Enter Mark Rosewater, the head designer of Wizards of the Coast for the last 15 years. Before Rosewater was placed in his current position, he was a judge. As stated above, Carl Crook was the head judge of London’s Pro tour. And look who is with him. None other than Mark Rosewater. There they are. Side by side, embracing one another.

Now Crook’s torturous sexual crimes were committed in 2003 through 2008. Do you know what Carl Crook also did in 2003? Qualified for the MTG English Nationals. He qualified again in 2006 too. That means Crook was playing A LOT of tournaments during the years he was committed his crimes. Which isn’t to say he didn’t commit other sex crimes and that other victims do not exist. It is very likely Crook laid waste to numerous victims. We simply know of the crimes he was convicted of committing, but I’d bet every dollar in my pocket versus every dollar in your pocket there are other victims.

Carl Crook is a true magic-a-holic. From January 2011 through December 2013 he played 104 games of Magic: The Gathering. His favorite locations were Axion Comics and Cards and Hemel Games Club. That’s a fair amount of magic.


However, the 104 games of MTG played by Crooks over three years pales in comparison to the amount of Ascension he played online. In total from July 2011 through November 2014 Carl Crooks played an astonishing 2,619 games. Those are some serious hours.


What’s the difference how many games Crooks played? The difference is the locations which Crooks chose to play. Starting November 2013 Crooks began playing Ascension while at Middle and Elementary schools. Starting out Crooks played 2 games at Level Grove Elementary School in Cornelia, Georgia.


He began accelerating his pattern and was soon playing much more around children.

In total Carl Crooks played 44 games of MTG Ascension in a school, around children. He probably showed them how to play. Rubbed their backs. Encouraged them to sign up and play as well. Perhaps they could play together and be online MTG buddies? That’s how grooming behavior starts. Why did he suddenly stop playing in schools after November? Because he was arrested and shipped off to prison for seven years. However, Carl Crooks is no longer incarcerated.

We can track his last login to the day after Valentines day, February 15, 2018.

Who knows when he will log back in? Or head back down to his favorite school and start showing the children how to play Magic: The Gathering? Perhaps he will look up his old friends Elaine and Kierin Chase or Mark Rosewater to see setting up a tournament. Why not? At this time Carl Crook’s name does not appear on the DCI ban list, but he is banned for life from having any contact with teenage girls under the age of 16-years-old. Now, if only Elaine Chase or Mark Rosewater would do what is right and just and ban Carl Crook from the MTG community for the rest of his life. Otherwise the smiling face you see below could be sitting across a table from a child at any tournament he likes around the world. Det Con Maria Morrisey of the Thames Valley Police Pedophile Online Investigation Team described Crook as, “an extremely dangerous and predatory pedophile.”Worry not, as one of Carl’s friend’s LinkedIn recommendations says, when kids hang around with Carl Crook they have “a great time.”

A comforting thought indeed.




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