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American Intelligence Media Speaking Out about Tyranny, the Crown and Globalisation

In the public interest.

Here are a few videos from the American Intelligence Media which is arising as they are awakening to the take over of elected governments.

The first video is a characterisation and historical portrayal of power on the earth. This is hard hitting.

Key words: compliance, globalists, fake news, monarchy, privy council, corporate aristocracy, Cecil Rhodes, Dutch East India Companies (slave trade), Serco, Trump, 5 Eyes Intelligence, US Independence, Colony, Roundtable (Pilgrim Society), Milner Roundtable, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations (member of Pilgrim society, globalists).

The discussion raises British spying and treason issues from an intelligence perspective. It provides an insight into the growing schism in American intelligence as they are choosing sides and revealing power and control issues.

Another video from this YouTube channel.