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Peace Clown Sends Love to Syria

How long does it take to respond to the suffering masses in Syria?  When is too much too much. Like the Second World War it took 50 million deaths to really finish the war.  We seem unable to respond to each other as the one human family.  What of the weapons of war, does this continue as a way of solving problems in the world?  At what point to we come to the realisation that murder doesn’t bring peace it brings great suffering.  Is one life worth the gold they are fighting for?  What if it was your family would you be complacent?  They are our family.  What do you choose?  Everyone can make a difference. 

As a peace clown I did an event with the children and adults of Syria here in Australia.  I spent time with them and gave love.  It was my contribution to supporting a peace who have lost everything but their self respect.  This video arose from a sense of great love for them.

The slowness of resolution of conflict in Syria is a reflection of the thickness of the wall that divides those who care from those who are indifferent to suffering. Send love even in meditation it will make a difference.  Welcome refugees.