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Silencing Peace

A poem I felt inspired to write.

I feel the person I felt inspired to write this for, will know.

Silencing Peace

Are you thinking about how to silence me?

Are you thinking about collateral damage?

Are you monitoring me with a team of lawyers?

Are you at war with diversity?

Or can you sit in the silence and remember,

Who you really are,

For you are me.

Poetry is not automated,

I am not AI,

I am spontaneity, impulse, passion alive,

I am infinite potential without limit,

I can feel the natural world crying out in great pain,

As she has been maligned, poisoned, cut and burned,

She is shaking up eruptions of disruption as she wants the violence to stop,

For the feminine has been suppressed for a long time,

And she is rising to meet with all challenges,

In peace.

Our world is dividing without doubt,

Our world is like the great stream parting,

For the waters are opening up,

The commandment is to bring my people Home,

And this is not biblical,

This is not Koranic,

This is not Buddhism,

Or New Age,

Or part of an ancient lineage,

It is reality,

Asserting intelligent design into this illusion,

As leylines (songlines) move into a crystalline grid of infinite beauty,

Crop circles embed codes,

For as the Dreaming Awakens,

To change The Way,


As I reach out to touch your he art,

I reach out to comfort your pain,

To heal the wound you covered up,

I understand the desire to control what is uncontrollable,

To feel certainty in a life that is uncertain,

To predict what appears random,

To tame what is wild and free,

Yet so many are out of control as they feel power-less,

So many are starving when the few throw out excessive food,

So many seek for shelter when there is an oversupply of houses,

So many are becoming sick as biotech affects healthy systems,

So many are dying of cancer as EMF disrupt healthy cellular bonds,

For we are dying to live.

Technology can never be the panacea to real connection,

As intimacy (in-to-me-see) feels for the future that is not ready for automated life,

As the problem is not solved by science, technology, education or maths,

Nor a fourth and final revolution,

For you cannot STEM the magic of Harry Potter,

As magic shape changes what you see,

It is only the truth that sets you free,

Before you think change has arisen as another truth,

For you are not in control of universal life,

As this is natures perfect storm front,

And she is changing her frequency to enlighten what is dark,

Her oscillation is not to mm waves,

Not to sub 9 megahertz,

Not to roll out 5G but expand to 5D,

Evolution is no-it-u-love,

For we are both a wave and a possibility,

And peace is nature’s selection,

Nature only selects that which harmonises with the whole,

And industry is not in harmony with the whole when corrupt,

No matter the spin of sustainable development goals,

Industry is making holes in nature’s etheric field,

Disrupting the mantle as the axis is XX, XY not Y,

You exist in roles of master servant not a master class,

That understands the natural force yields,

When the force is with you, you will let go of control and trust life.

The universe reverberates as all is intra-connected,

Not like an IoT but as the hand connects to the arm,

As the breath connects to prana,

Circulation is the waters of life serving every organ, corpuscle and blood vessel,

Intelligence permeates every cell seeking for disharmony or disruption at the root,

Intelligent design is homeostasis rebalancing what is out of sync,

For the natural order is symmetrical not linear,

The sum of the parts IS the whole united,

Not one excluded and another included,

Not choosing one part as useless and another part of value,

For the sum of the parts IS the whole blending contrasting fields,

Magnetic fields attract and repel to adjust natures song line,

For when your specialise you tinker at the parts not knowing the whole,

When you reengineer the god spark to unplug,

It is like a child playing with matches,

This can set fire to many houses as St Elmo’s fire breaches banks,

It is putting the proverbial finger into the live plug,

A bolt shoots from the socket as electricity seeks to ground,

For the lighting strikes are grounding the imbalance of ions,

As the temperature is not a frequency dial to be turned on as if a tap,

It is a thermostat of infinite precision beyond scientific instruments,

Pressures intimately regulates not to benefit one part of the ecosystem at the expense of another,

But to maximise optimal tolerance in service to the species system as a whole,

For each thrives in a frequency band of overlapping life force energy 3.14159 (23),

Pi is the algorithm of the Greek Agora of constant equality in sine waves,

Fibonacci spirals firing from universal blueprints of geometric harmonic convergence,

Appearing random yet logarithmic scales are constant as golden spirals expand Pi,

For the entire system is balanced in perfect pitch on trajectories of growth potentials,

Life knows every iteration, function, change, adaptation sending signals in real time,

Life is not controlling every individual organism but ensuring the conditions are perfect,

As thriving is surviving in a diversity of whirling dervishes spinning the central sun,

And this awareness sings ‘all for ONE and ONE for all’ as the uni-verse expands possibilities.

So my friend you cannot STEM the world when power is imbalance,

For the only power that sustains recalibrates tipping points back to zero point,

For creation created you and you did not create her,

For s/he is the zero point field of endless energy that requires no genie or bottle.

Life naturally anchoring duality in polarities of:

Matter and anti-matter,

Negative and positive,

Yin and the yang,

Alpha and the omega,

Femi-nine and mascu-line,

Inhaling and exhaling,

As rhythm is a flow not a fact.

Homeostasis rebalancing pyramids as triads:

Mind, body and spirit,

Subconscious, conscious and supra conscious,

Truth, love and joy,

Father/mother, son/daughter and holy spirit,

Life, liberty and happiness,

In an infinite orchestra of feeling directing creativity,

As this is the innovation of human potential reaching for the stars.

The message of duality and triads derive the triple bottom line,

Casting a future Hexagram forecasting:

(59) Dispersion

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dispersion.jpg

Line 1: You can see the very beginning of discord. This is fortunate indeed, for it is far easier to reunify and overcome separation when it first arises. Good fortune.

Line 2: Your problems originate from within. You must modify your attitudes and overcome any feelings of alienation. If you can improve your opinions and feelings toward your fellow man you will find peace of mind and avoid unnecessary suffering.

Line 6: Avoidance of danger is necessary at this time, both for yourself and especially for those of your concern. This should be accomplished in whatever way possible. Depart the situation if necessary. You will not be blamed for such action.

(3) Difficulty

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is difficulty.gif

Overall: Difficulty indicates progress and success through firm correctness. Action should not be undertaken lightly, and it is wise to seek help.

For re-member the real disruption is dispersion,

Disunity is separation that does not hold firm,

For the underlying attitude is not peace,

As intolerance flips the balance into instability,

Disrupting the fabric of the human family,

As difficulties cannot be forced,

As wisdom councils are roundtables looking within for discord,

As the architects are not Future Ready,

For one cannot silence the fool,

But find one’s inner fool in the silence,

To step out of compliance and into self reliance is a master number,

That leads by example,

For love is the ONE that leads all

To surrender,

In peace.


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The rhythm of the universe:

Inner peace:

The genie:



Australia’s St Elmo’s Fire is a Test

This poem came from inspiration about the Australian bushfires and homelessness.

Notable excerpt from The Big Issue article below:

Fire has destroyed 8.4 million hectares of land in southern and eastern Australia, an area bigger than Scotland. And despite heroic efforts by thousands of firefighters and volunteers the relentless, unpredictable and fast-changing blazes have killed at least 26 people, more than a billion animals, and destroyed over 2,000 homes.

Refer Big Issue for homeless people in fires.

There are over 116,000 people homeless in Australia.

The poem I felt inspired to write reveals the importance of fires in nature to clear the old to make way for renewable growth within us.

The poem rekindles the Australian spirit of who we really are when in crisis. The real phoenix is our rebuilding who we are as a nation.

Einstein said:

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. We have to think anew”

This is the sound track that came to me when I named the poem.

Australia’s St Elmo’s Fire is the Test


The burning bush,

Is not a winter burn off,

It is not seasonal regeneration,

But a towering inferno of epic proportion,

Smoke billowing blanking out the blue sky,

As communities are under siege,

Seeking to defend property,

Unaware our right to property is the real fire storm,

So help me God!

A climate of change in government is not responsive to the real ecological crisis,

A climate of change in business is not responsive to sustainability as they aim for more growth with less,

Yet it is market based economics that is the red hot ember that won’t go out of season,

Cutting public services as under growth is neglected,

For they cannot see the forests for the wood,

Nature is a raw material costed for production not a natural wonder maintaining ecological function,

People are human resources costed per hour
not human beings growing up to empower,

Seen through the googles of economics
life is an algorithm not a rubrics cube,

The yoke of debt is not an Act of God but unaffordable rent,

As business as usual is endless chaos not order,

As we look for the quick buck not the long term fix,

Markets have short horizons not over the horizon radars advancing civilisation to higher expressions,

For to see beyond the space time continuum of self interest is to realise the uni-verse is the one song in tune with nature.

The wild fires have become a fire sale,

Destroying 8.4 million of hectares in the blaze will increase market prices,

A billion animals perished in the smoke haze,

Impacting the biomass as prayers were not answered,

Homeless people camping in the bush were razed
gained no relief or went missing without alarm,

Renters were given no grants or land,

As property owners are hard working and deserving,

Government, media and business jumped on the bandwagon not on the fire truck,

Circling the wagons is not containment of disruption,

Opportunities to strengthen brand images rather than imagine no brands to ask for change not coins,

Still seeking a bounty from the mutiny,

The mutiny on the bounty is to leave GDP,

As branded cattle are piled on burial mounds,

Agricultural crops and harvesters went up in smoke,

Timbers become cinders,

Run for your life abandon possessions, beloved memories and pets,

This is the test,

To save lives not things,

To remember each other and lend an equal hand,

For this is the meaning of the aussie battler,

Bush community know common unity,

As they battle fires with families and friends.

Giving is to be good as gold,

Yet what if the gold is in being truly good,

You would naturally give time and all you have,

For it is human nature to give not take away,

To pitch in or risk losing all,

As livelihood is to live your life to be really alive,

This is St Elmo’s fire testing your determination and stamina,

From smouldering embers spark new shoots to push up breaking new ground,

From hardship comes rebirth of a renewable life,

From pot ash comes the phoenix resurrecting renewal,

And all can rise when you can go down no further,

For the rural farmers have suffered for years,

They lost their voice,

Mortgages as debt was the tourniquet squeezing livelihoods year on year as hard work doesn’t yield.

Many have been weighed down…

By what is not important in fears,

By material things that no longer bring joy,

By worries about money that never end contracts,

By conflicts from stress and out of touch bureaucracy,

By family breakdown under pressure,

By rising costs and uncertain futures,

They have been the backbone of our country.

Yet what if you look up to the stars my friend?

Take your hands from your eyes to see beyond,

That a new day dawns every day,

The sun-rises from the east setting in the west,

To know that from bad seeds come good,

From disruption comes clarity of purpose,

For you can’t get back what is a final demand,

When one door closes another opens,

And the finale of life is to let go when it is done and dusted,

To face fires, flood, famine and drought fearlessly
as dawn, midday and dusk mark time,

For we must face the phases of the moon together,

We must give a hand up and a hand out
no matter who is in need,

As you are me,

And I am you,

Learn to let go of the seed of greed marketed as need,

It is the fast breeder of fear,

It is the terminator seed,

For what you give away returns the bounty,

What you earn you give away in trust,

As abundance is not in what you have but who you are when you dig deep,

And who you are is gratitude, service and love without end,

And these are the real seeds St Elmo’s fire is renewing,

For the old must die for the new to arise.

We are one country under the Southern Cross,

We are stewards not owners,

We are temporary not permanent,

When every ONE is deserving of charity,

We are a nation girt by sea,

From the coast, to the forest, to the deserts,

We are free,

We have boundless plains to share to care,

And air to breathe when we see the key,

That we can regenerate our country’s spirit,

We are dreaming in the land of Oz,

Starting again resets from zero point,

To nurture shattered lives by piecing together the puzzle as the final peace in the big picture,

The deck chairs are rearranging on the titanic seeking to keep the currency afloat,

The Big Issue is that Australians are sharing the bounty not holding cards to the chest,

As friends in-deed we are stepping up to lead,

For Mount Kosciusko can be climbed in a day,

The Murray can replenish a sunburnt country,

The Snowy Mountains can rekindle Clancy of the Overflow,

As he drove cattle down mountain views where all hesitated to step off the real cliff hanger,

He proved the impossible is possible,

Courage leads whilst fear weighs the risks,

In the high country the brumby’s sniff the wind adapting to climates of change as they know which way to run.

Australians know the struggle and the peaks,

As we are heading for a depression of great magnitude,

An economic earthquake shaking ‘em up,

The Great Barrier Reef sacrificed corals to pollution favouring a crown of thorns,

The Great Artesian basin is sinking the water table as hard water is diverted and dries up,

Salt lakes muddy clean waters,

Fertilising biosciences grow at ever diminishing returns akin anti-bio-tics,

Nature is not an electrical circuit board or linear cog in an industrial flywheel,

It is a tipping point of infinitesimal sensitivity,

Where the sum of the parts is the whole.

Descartes reduced life to boxes not cells,

Newton gravitated to apples not seeds,

Einstein’s relativity theory was not absolute,

Mythical dragons breathe fire yet oxygen is fuel,

Oxford became lost in space seeking the last frontier,

Dances with Wolves chose to go to the frontier country before it was lost,

Buffalos were killed for skins not hunger,

Science invented wars losing the peace prize,

For the real courage is to face what we have truly lost and not hesitate to act,

We are lost in space unable to make peace

A priority,

For until we do we hesitate on the mountain view unable to step off the cliff of uncertainty,

As life is not predictable nor mechanical,

It is a miracle,

And only when you lose everything do you realise the true value of life,

For this is the real gold,

Or indeed the Fool’s Gold of awakening from the dream,

Fires cleanse away debris to make way for renewable growth,

To see the forest instead of the wood,

To value nature as a flow not a production process,

For the real currency is love,

What you truly love becomes visible in crisis,

To breathe is nature’s rhythm,

To speak is nature’s sound scape,

To eat is nature’s bounty given for free,

For free dominion is nature’s possibility,

That self selects when the fruit is ripe,

To fall from the tree at the perfect moment,

As love withholds no wealth from life,

As life is the real wealth loving,

And until you taste the sweetness
greed will be the bad seed replanted,

Yielding endless wars fuelling climates of disruptive change,

For until the burning bush is seen as a message from the creator,

Heralding that all people are chosen,

And that all roads lead home,

For Rome will return to the Garden of Eden,

Adam & Eve will plant an apple tree together,

Receiving nature’s bounty at the perfect time in peace,

Loving what is was all ways the peace that passeth all understanding.

Homelessness Ends When Home Begins in Y/our Heart

I was rejected from being registered on the housing register today.  That is to have your name for the next available house.  I was told it takes 20 years.  Nonetheless I was rejected because I had no money.  I received another rejection from the Superannuation regulator that I do not qualify under hardship as I am not on Centrelink (welfare) and the fact that I can prove I have no money or assets is irrelevant as only Centrelink is recognised.  People get approximately $550 a fortnight and I have no income. Yet a person on this payment can access their superannuation.  I cannot access it survive as technically I am not entitled if I am not receiving welfare.

I felt some sorrow tonight as it is an endless road I am on where there is no help for those homeless due to economic circumstances. If I am in a fire, it will be different.  They get support, shelter, food, clothing and grants.  People will take them in, but not a poor person as they are silently blamed for their circumstances.  Incredible.

I wrote this poem tonight to find the light in the darkness of ignorance and lack of empathy for the poorest of the poor who are equal in truth.

Homelessness Ends When Home Begins in Y/our Heart 

To be home-less,

Is to have no home,

To have no home,

Is to have no place,

To have no place,

Means you don’t belong,

To not belong,

Means you are isolated and displaced,

To be isolated and displaced,

Means you are a refugee in search of refuge,

To have no refuge,

Means there is no support offered,

There is no rescue or crisis response,

There is no help or concern,

There is only silence,

As you do not fit the criteria,

Even when on the street,

It is up to you if you sink or swim!


For to be homeless,

Means you made your bed,

But you can’t sleep in it.


If you are homeless due to fire or flood,

Then you will be given shelter and a bed,

You will be given food and clothing,

Donations will pour in as you are deserving,

You were earning and working hard,

You have earned the right to income support,

The community will pitch in,

The media will report these stories,

As the fire or flood is not your fault,

It is a natural disaster,

An act of God,

You are the innocent victim of circumstances,

You lost your house and possessions,

Everyone cares about your plight,

You feel seen and heard,

They will make sure you are alright,

Airlifted in the middle of the night.


If you are homeless due to economic failures,

Pick yourself up,

If you are homeless because of a landlord eviction due to his illegal dwelling,

There is no compensation or grant given,

If you are homeless due to abuse and trauma,

There is no counselling or show of concern,

You don’t earn,

If you are homeless due to housing unaffordability,

Get a better paying job,

Find a partner to share the rent,

But if you are alone you are left alone,

Poverty is the greatest violence.


You lose access to:

A phone to call for help,

Quality food to stay healthy,

Quality medical care ,

Legal representation,


Friends and family,

Social outings and the normal life,

Quicker Toll roads,

Parking is no longer free,

Community events,

Insurance to cover in case of accident,

For if you do not pay you have no say.


You will ask around as you are lost,

You will be passed from pillar to post

and found wanting,

For there is never enough,

Waiting lists mean there is no funding,

There is no compassion or concern,

There is no offer of food,

There is no offer of shelter,

For if you have no money,

You will fall between the cracks to discover,

The gaps in humanity are unbridgeable,

As the maze is the real smoky haze where you cannot see your way clear,

You’ve cried many tears,

It just got too hard,

You realise there is no way out,

There is no exit or escape,

There is no way up when the only way is down,

Silence becomes the sound of….suicide.


The community turns its back in indifference quoting legislation or criteria,

Not one kind word is spoken,

Professionalism is cold and impassive,

For you have no choice,

You have no voice,

As you choke on your story,

They don’t care at all if you have no bed to make,

As you can’t afford any rent but you have a tent,

You are worth less in others eyes,

Vulnerable to deceit and lies,

You are an economic refugee with no country of origin,

For there is no economic refugee convention,

Your rights are excised at Christmas as you live on a deserted island,

Cut off Centre-link as a digital link with no heart connection,

All are numbers and names are ID,

Artificial Intelligence is Auto-mation,

An electric voice with no-emotion,

No-one cares for y/our story – comply or lie,

No comply no pay – why?

For contention is dissention,

Dissention is sedition,

Conscientious objection to corruption is vilification,

For you can only say YES in a smart city,

Not a clever country,

Those SMART revoke your licence,

To own nothing is to hold no rights,

The inalienable right to be human cannot be owned,

Democracy is the right to have a say,

As freedom of speech honours diversity as unity.

Defiance is non compliance when:

You are not complying with…

No right to self determination,

You are not complying with …

No right to shelter,

You are not complying with…

Work for the dole as slavery,


You are not complying with…

Forced agreement to job plans,

Forced job applications without pay rates,

Ineffective activities falsify the relationship,

As it is not about gaining a job,

But funding the private job providers to search,

For it is corporate welfare that works,

Those that do not work languish on welfare,

Does anyone care?

Will this Advance Australia Fair?


For when you stand on your feet in integrity

And say no to what you feel is detrimental,

Speaking up for mental health,

Refuse to live on your knees and plead for help,

Conscientious objection becomes the grounds for rejection as shifting sands change the legal scape,

As sands through the hour glass waste the days of our lives, beyond time with income limits.


You do not have the right to access a housing register,

There is no right to shelter when out in the cold,

No matter severe hardship the cold deprives,

Greed punishes those not working 9 to 5,

For the system to work all must work hard,

No matter unforeseen circumstances or bad luck,

You do not have the right to receive superannuation to relieve hardship but you can renovate your property rights as building rites are ok,

You do not have the right to say no to corruption impacting social destruction,

You do not have the right to homeless services as only user’s pay higher rates,

They deserve to stay in rooming houses in small rooms with narrow views,

As there is no privacy or personal space,

Only consumers have the right to a bed for the night,

And poor citizens have lost the right to be human,

Human rights conventions are paper tigers and talk fests to fool the public as standards are poor,

As the stock exchange is now a market garden,

Freedom of information is not free but hidden,

Regulators are not independent as funding cuts under resource the real regulation of misconduct,

Appeals to reverse decisions are not fair hearings but processes to guidelines of control finalising outcomes,

Equality before the law bows to the judge of status,

As the home-less are not equal or believed lawful,

The court users ‘pay’ to uphold status and property rites,

Sliding scales ensure there is no safety net or level playing field for whistle-blowers,

Just a free fall in fields of fire as the heat is on,

Where to fall is free and to be burned is to learn you are not free,

There is no hand up or hand out only silence,

As you have no right to life or life with rites,

Access is a digital transaction not a rite of passage to higher learning as wisdom steps back,

For one has to earn the rite to vote.


The homeless vote for what is right,

As the kite that upholds REAL HOPES in…

Responsibility, Empathy, Awareness, Love,
Honesty, Oneness, Peace, Enjoyment and Service

…floats for equality as comm-unity action,

E-quality rebalances in-equity,

EQ is the quality of emotional intelligence in-forming natural equity as abundance.


For you are me and I am you in gratuity,

And what you do to another returns to the self,

No matter fire, wind, drought, plague, flood or snow,

Everyone deserves to know as ‘Above so Below’,

As this is the secret garden that grows in perpetuity,

For only the light reveals what is dark,

The Yin and Yang finds harmony in balance.


Poverty is the greatest imbalance stunting growth,

As one goes without when another has too much,

Greed and poverty are the happy/sad face dancing in the dark of ignorance without romance,

Balance is caring,

Democracy is sharing,

As we share abundance grows,

For no-one will go with OUT,

All will go with IN and remember …

Evolution = no-it-u-love (reversed),

When love is known

Home is owned

without payment,

As a place of unconditional love

is the statement received,



Homelessness ends when home begins in y/our heart,

Heart is where the Home is,

To be heart-less is to be home-less,

For home-less is only less,

When the heart is care-less

Realisation suddenly reverses the roles

in truth.


To shelter under a roof,

Is the relief that is super,

As government housing investments redirect funding into public assets reassessing real wealth as the real estate.

The real Wealth of Nations creates a caring economy,

Putting people before the (shopping) cart,

A sustainable art of the equitable economy,

Rebalancing people over infinite profit,

To care is to share the new social prophets,

As economy means household as the Home,

And share-holding is to hold each other up,

For this is the greatest wealth in any nation,

That yields Gross National Happiness as endless growth that sustains humanity,

In peace.




The War Within US

Is the war path The Way? It is the duty of who see the blind man on a blind horse heading towards the abyss.  For the War US is within projected without in endless wars of win/lose.  What is put out returns is the inner-sense.



This is the song to those who cannot see,


This is for those who can not hear,


This is for those who can not speak with


Who are deaf and dumb to what they do,

And how it affects what others choose.


For you are busy,

You are consumed,

By your own pain,

And those around you are invisible,

For the war within is the real war,

That divides society,

At its core.


So I say to all,

Please stop yelling,

And start listening,

Please stop ignoring,

And start facing the mirror,

Please let go of the story of others,

And look into your own story,

Let go of criticism of how others wrong you,

And consider what you are doing which is wrong,

For you are the role model,

You live the example,

And what example are you setting,

What is that you do that you keep forgetting?

As you project on to others what you cannot own,

The walls you build keep emotions out,

As your windows are dark and stained,

As denial hides in the corner,

Refusing to let go,

Of the past.


Has misery made a home in your heart?

Has blame made your bed?

Have patterns become grooves,

That dive deep,

As the same record keeps on playing,

The same old song.


Why not try a new song?

Why not jump the track?

Why not open the windows and see,

Close your eyes and listen,

For the birds are singing at a higher crescendo,

As a new morning dawns as above so below,

You yawn as you see a different day glow,

As realisation hits you like a thunderbolt,

That there is no blade of grass out of place,

That every moment comes to you by design,

All is for your greatest good,

Even when It seems bleak,

For when you seek you will find,

A way opens out of darkness.


The Gift of Compliance (security) or Democracy (freedom)?

This poem below is my gift to humanity. It was inspired Christmas morning.

I  just Googled this poem name and it didn’t come up in the search.

When I used (no tracking). It came up first.

My concern is how Google is listing information on the basis of algorithms.  Why would my poem not come up when it is clearly uniquely titled.  In duckduckgo there is a simple listing with no filter.  I note this.  This is what came up…

The Gift of Compliance (security) or Democracy (freedom)?

Today is Christmas,

It is a celebration of family,

A celebration of peace,

A time of coming together,

It matters not the name,

Or the religion,

It is about the universal family coming home,


Jeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus) was from the Middle East,

He had no religion,

He preached love in dark times,

He answered the call for help,

As love was the answer.

Love is not about us or them,

It is not about hate,

It is not about power and control,

It is about allowance and being bold,

For to speak up in the global agora is the only platform that makes a difference,

And we are here to allow difference to be seen and heard,

For we cannot go against nature,

We cannot swim against the river,

We cannot turn any tide of truth,

We can only flow with what is natural,

What is easy?

What is true?

For I am you

And you are me,

And together we are free.

Same same but different the Thais say,

Mercy the Muslims preach,

Unconditional love is the Christian mantra,

Stillness and non attachment is the Buddhist way,

Staying below or crossing the great stream is the Chinese checkers of wisdom,

Deeply listening is indigenous knowing,

Belonging to the land is the right order of things,

The internet of things is man made order,

For it is not about information it is about wisdom,

Wisdom is knowledge applied,

It is to know you do not know as the starting point,

It is the zero point that is ‘still’ awaiting higher perspectives,

For in the times ahead we must become wise not smart,

For information without wisdom is manipulating,

Data gathering without love is controlling and profiling,

Profiting for the sake of personal wealth is a selfish motive without conscience.

In a global village when one takes too much others receive less,

Prices rise as wages fall,

Jobs disappear as automation rises,

For it takes a village to raise a child,

Not a child centre,

But to place the child at the centre,

For we are out of balance,

We are out of order,

With our true nature,

As to flow with what is natural,

Falls naturally into place,

And place is a sense of belonging,

For which all are longing for.

If you are not happy in what you do,

Fear has enslaved you,

If you are working long hours believing you have no choice,

You have forgotten the power of choice,

Life is a decision tree,

It is a multidimensional possibility,

For you cannot know what will happen when you say yes to you,

When you say yes to health as wealth,

When you say yes to democracy as empathy sharing power,

When you say yes to freedom as self-responsibility,

When you say yes to moving out of victim status to find the power of self-determination,

For you are powerful beyond what you believe or dream,

Your happy destiny is unavoidable,

When you give yourself the ultimate present,

Of freedom from fear.

For freedom is experienced when you face what you fear,

For overcoming fear is to realise there was nothing to fear,

It is to look in the mirror not seeking out defects but looking for truth

in your own eyes,

For we are living unconsciously on automatic pilot,

Responding to what we are taught without critical thought,

We are complaining but not living by example enlightening others,

We are not demanding different outcomes as continuous improvement,

We are not understanding our world can be different,

It can be shape changed into a sustainable image,

We can learn to live where need equals want,

We can live in balance as this is wholistic,

We can learn to live the yin and the yang as life is dynamic change,

But we must move fast,

As the ecological limits are dominos and tipping points are breached,

The ice caps are melting,

The bush fires are out of control,

We are witnessing the hottest and coldest days on record,

As nature is mirroring us out of balance,

The economic juggernaut of endless growth is an impossible staircase,

That no-one can climb,

It is to stop climbing and sit down to consider the view,

For rooms with a view can see the big picture,

Resources are finite,

The IoT may appear infinite but it is not a solid state in equilibrium,

You must educate yourself out of ignorance,

You must put in the hard work to understand the way of the world,

For our systems are driven by greed as motivation not natural selection,

Our assets are transferred into private hands without referendum or vote,

Our human rights are transferred to property rights as the rite of passage to power,

As human rights are decoupled from trade as Clinton did say,

For property is power paid for by rents and smart sales,

The money supply is owned by the King of coins,

And laws mean nothing to those who own the Queens Counsel in the court of the King,

For the world is man made in their image of control as power projected,

Not freedom from fear elected.

Indifference is the greatest disruption,

For it is pathological in cooperation,

It is a mental health issue that is the silent weapon that needs no war,

For people are useful only when productive,

Useless eaters have nothing of value to give,

As your value is an economic commodity not a God given natural birthright,

Your education serves a system not your natural talent given in abundance,

For we are locked into profit maximisation not gross national happiness,

This has been the national priority of the few,

And this puts the cart before the horse,

For happiness was the objective of economics

Fair resource allocation was to balance optimal price settings,

Preferences were choices,

Choices reflected demand (needs and wants),

Market signals determined consumer demand and business supply,

So that resources are allocated according to natural need not manipulated greed,

But market power took the bull by the horns to force economic growth,

Fixing markets,

Buyer power,

Privileged education,

Collegial relationships with power brokers,

Printing money or quantitative easing,

Indebting nations,

As debt is the power chip that leverages buy outs.

This became the freedom from want of the few over the many,

This was the game changer where the rules are changed to benefit the few,

Designing the game in their image,

The fairness doctrine was removed to weight the game so the house always wins,

Glass–Steagall was a stable market turned into a speculative casino,

The roulette wheel spins to settle on numbers where markets rise or fall,

Arbitrage speculates on currency fluctuations,

As currency is bought and sold changing the economic futures of millions,

As currencies appreciate (go up) exports become expensive,

As currencies depreciate (go down) then exports are cheaper,

The casino owner’s impact demand and supply,

Multinational power impacts demand and supply,

Controlling supply and cross subsidising marketing channels,

Acquiring channel supply chain businesses cheaper,

Those smaller have higher prices, lose market share and collapse,

As the small to medium business cannot compete with automation, online and market power,

They cannot compete with globalised buyer power,

So the playing field is not a fairness doctrine,

The chips are weighted in favour of the big end of town,

The weigh scales of justice tip towards the few over the many,

1% control 40% of the world’s wealth is not a Christmas present many want to open,

But this is happening in the present,

With impunity,

With immunity,

As judges can be handpicked,

Cherry picking ideologically speaking,

As money talks,

The Club of Rome is Empire State building,

Ethics walk,

As truth telling is a dangerous business,

People go missing in action,

In silent wars as cowards keep their hands and faces below the table,

Whistle-blowers are the heroes placing public interest before their own safety,

As totalitarianism is not peace for the many,

It offers piece meals as the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing,

It is a zero sum game where there are no winners in the end,

As we are one family,

And as the family falls apart so does the global networks,

For who can you trust if values fall to the weigh side?

Weighted in favour of money not love,

For love was always the answer to humanty’s dilemmas,

But who can love the unloveable?

Who can love the poorest of the poor?

Who will be the first to open the door to desperation?

Who will cast the first stone in judgement?

For what you do to another returns to the self as a universal law,

And this is the highest law where there is no judge,

No court in the land has any power without allegiance to the highest law,

For this is not a court but a natural response to imbalance

That does not listen to reasoned arguments, debate or sleight of hand,

There is no punishment or hell only what humans do to each other and blame god,

There is only a recalibration and redistribution,

A rebalancing point,

Sensitive to change,

As nature rules OK!

And no matter the UN or consultant reports,

No matter the climate conferences seeking to reach the summit,

No matter the rhetoric or government planning,

No one can control the climate

Of great change.

For we are at a tipping point,

As we tip into 2020 we need a new vision,

Crystal clear clarity,

Which will makes visible the disruption,

For it is not about Silicon Valley,

But the real disruption as totalitarianism becomes visible in the spectrum,

The laws are changed,

The smart technologies roll out as labour saving,

Yet they are labour replacing,

As they are about saying ‘yes’ as there is no ‘no’,

Tick the terms and conditions whether you understand or not,

Access is denied when you say no,

As the world divides into compliance and non compliance,

The velvet gloves of democracy come off to reveal the iron fist,

A police state of play asserts compliance as homeland security,

Yet democracy asserts choice,

Asserts the will of ‘We The People’,

As without consent there is no power,

And this is the clash that is occurring outlining a renewable world map,

Hong Kong is the front line confronting lines of control,

It is not reported in the media as a system syntax error,

As information is managed not delivered to inform and empower the public,

Digital TV is modelled as a viewers digest of distraction not empowered to enlighten real change,

For control is not love,

War is not peace,

And to love means you cannot control what is uncontrollable,

For the two are mutually exclusive,

As if two worlds colliding,

A loveless reality is to learn compliance is to do as your told

not democracy where you get to choose again,

To be bold is to say it like it is,

A democratic environment is to learn to speak up and not become enslaved by fear.

Beyond this conflicted duality is the new reality of realisation,

That we are ONE,

That what I see in my world is a reflection of myself,

How is this possible?

We are the ONE love,

The ONE family,

The ONE intelligence,

Re-membering Home is where the heart is,

For you were never alone on this journey,

Re-member All for ONE and ONE for all,

As the future is waiting on your welcome.

ONE brought this message 2,000 years ago,

He was crucified for challenging religious power,

He turned over the tables to reveal the money changers,

Not as a violent act but to awaken them to usury as greed,

For debt is the seed planted for enslavement,

They would not listen to conscience or reason,

Disruption was the awakening bell,

For as the bell tolls many will awaken,

To truth as visibility,

Corruption as deception,

Power as control not leadership,

Love as the answer and who we really are,

When we stop thinking and worrying,

For to become still is to deeply listen,

As silence speaks,

The moment is NOW,

To resolve conflict is to realise mercy is forgiveness,

To learn non attachment to material things is to realise freedom from want,

For this is the gap unfulfilled that keeps on wanting,

Believing in not enough or scarcity,

The internet of things is to learn objectivisation not warm relationship in the real world,

For the cyber world is a fake world constructed to profit the few,

Gathering data from the many as the new gold standard,

Where regulation and privacy STEMs the flow of trillion dollar profits.

The real world is to realise the truth that you are love,

You are loved,

You are loveable,

Love is the real world calling you silently home to the heart of happiness,

Happiness is to know who you are and live your dreams,

For we live in infinite possibilities in every moment,

Did you know we can attract what we desire as abundance?

We are the hero we are waiting for,

We can be the change we wish to see,

For it is to BE WHO YOU REALLY ARE which matters,

As nature must live in accordance with its own nature patterns,

And nature is calling all back into balance by disrupting business as usual,

Homeostasis is the real sustainability returning to zero point.

Homeostasis or harmony…

is to balance want with real needs,

is to balance greed with natural desire,

is to balance family peace with work life balance,

is to balance health with wellbeing,

is to balance unlimited resources with natural limits,

is to understand the real wealth is the gold in freedom from fear,

For nature was always free for all,

And freedom provides choice,

As this is the gift that was given humanity at one minute to midnight,

Have you received the gift in humility?

For what you give away returns in unity,

As you live abundance you will never be left wanting,

And this is the secret garden that has been revealed your flower,

It is the sacred seal that is opened now,

For Christ was given to the masses,

It is the consciousness of love that has been given as an example of how you can flower,

It has no religion, shape, form or creed,

There is no us and them,

It is formless and shapes changes into whatever you desire,

As love has no limits or constraints,

Love is always free for all,

Love empowers great change without preference,

As nature merely responds to signals as desires,

What signals are you sending nature?

For this will be the future blueprint beyond 2020,

Be wise as serpents they say,

It is wisdom that will pay as you sit on the Mountain View,

To re-view how far we have come,

For over the horizon is a new beginning,

It is a global reset or disruption of profound proportions,

Recalibrating the Promise which is not about land,

It is about forgiveness of debt burdens,

It is to turn the tables on the money changers,

It is to wipe the accounting slate clean,

To remove the log out of your own eye to clearly see,

For as you judge you are judged,

As you divide you are divided,

As you love you are loved,

As you give you are abundant,

For you are the creator of your reality,

Empowered to choose not lose,

So what reality do you choose?

What do you envisage for your children?

Compliance (security) or democracy as freedom?

Free dominion is that you are free,

We all get to choose,