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The Gift of Compliance (security) or Democracy (freedom)?

This poem below is my gift to humanity. It was inspired Christmas morning.

I  just Googled this poem name and it didn’t come up in the search.

When I used (no tracking). It came up first.

My concern is how Google is listing information on the basis of algorithms.  Why would my poem not come up when it is clearly uniquely titled.  In duckduckgo there is a simple listing with no filter.  I note this.  This is what came up…

The Gift of Compliance (security) or Democracy (freedom)?

Today is Christmas,

It is a celebration of family,

A celebration of peace,

A time of coming together,

It matters not the name,

Or the religion,

It is about the universal family coming home,


Jeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus) was from the Middle East,

He had no religion,

He preached love in dark times,

He answered the call for help,

As love was the answer.

Love is not about us or them,

It is not about hate,

It is not about power and control,

It is about allowance and being bold,

For to speak up in the global agora is the only platform that makes a difference,

And we are here to allow difference to be seen and heard,

For we cannot go against nature,

We cannot swim against the river,

We cannot turn any tide of truth,

We can only flow with what is natural,

What is easy?

What is true?

For I am you

And you are me,

And together we are free.

Same same but different the Thais say,

Mercy the Muslims preach,

Unconditional love is the Christian mantra,

Stillness and non attachment is the Buddhist way,

Staying below or crossing the great stream is the Chinese checkers of wisdom,

Deeply listening is indigenous knowing,

Belonging to the land is the right order of things,

The internet of things is man made order,

For it is not about information it is about wisdom,

Wisdom is knowledge applied,

It is to know you do not know as the starting point,

It is the zero point that is ‘still’ awaiting higher perspectives,

For in the times ahead we must become wise not smart,

For information without wisdom is manipulating,

Data gathering without love is controlling and profiling,

Profiting for the sake of personal wealth is a selfish motive without conscience.

In a global village when one takes too much others receive less,

Prices rise as wages fall,

Jobs disappear as automation rises,

For it takes a village to raise a child,

Not a child centre,

But to place the child at the centre,

For we are out of balance,

We are out of order,

With our true nature,

As to flow with what is natural,

Falls naturally into place,

And place is a sense of belonging,

For which all are longing for.

If you are not happy in what you do,

Fear has enslaved you,

If you are working long hours believing you have no choice,

You have forgotten the power of choice,

Life is a decision tree,

It is a multidimensional possibility,

For you cannot know what will happen when you say yes to you,

When you say yes to health as wealth,

When you say yes to democracy as empathy sharing power,

When you say yes to freedom as self-responsibility,

When you say yes to moving out of victim status to find the power of self-determination,

For you are powerful beyond what you believe or dream,

Your happy destiny is unavoidable,

When you give yourself the ultimate present,

Of freedom from fear.

For freedom is experienced when you face what you fear,

For overcoming fear is to realise there was nothing to fear,

It is to look in the mirror not seeking out defects but looking for truth

in your own eyes,

For we are living unconsciously on automatic pilot,

Responding to what we are taught without critical thought,

We are complaining but not living by example enlightening others,

We are not demanding different outcomes as continuous improvement,

We are not understanding our world can be different,

It can be shape changed into a sustainable image,

We can learn to live where need equals want,

We can live in balance as this is wholistic,

We can learn to live the yin and the yang as life is dynamic change,

But we must move fast,

As the ecological limits are dominos and tipping points are breached,

The ice caps are melting,

The bush fires are out of control,

We are witnessing the hottest and coldest days on record,

As nature is mirroring us out of balance,

The economic juggernaut of endless growth is an impossible staircase,

That no-one can climb,

It is to stop climbing and sit down to consider the view,

For rooms with a view can see the big picture,

Resources are finite,

The IoT may appear infinite but it is not a solid state in equilibrium,

You must educate yourself out of ignorance,

You must put in the hard work to understand the way of the world,

For our systems are driven by greed as motivation not natural selection,

Our assets are transferred into private hands without referendum or vote,

Our human rights are transferred to property rights as the rite of passage to power,

As human rights are decoupled from trade as Clinton did say,

For property is power paid for by rents and smart sales,

The money supply is owned by the King of coins,

And laws mean nothing to those who own the Queens Counsel in the court of the King,

For the world is man made in their image of control as power projected,

Not freedom from fear elected.

Indifference is the greatest disruption,

For it is pathological in cooperation,

It is a mental health issue that is the silent weapon that needs no war,

For people are useful only when productive,

Useless eaters have nothing of value to give,

As your value is an economic commodity not a God given natural birthright,

Your education serves a system not your natural talent given in abundance,

For we are locked into profit maximisation not gross national happiness,

This has been the national priority of the few,

And this puts the cart before the horse,

For happiness was the objective of economics

Fair resource allocation was to balance optimal price settings,

Preferences were choices,

Choices reflected demand (needs and wants),

Market signals determined consumer demand and business supply,

So that resources are allocated according to natural need not manipulated greed,

But market power took the bull by the horns to force economic growth,

Fixing markets,

Buyer power,

Privileged education,

Collegial relationships with power brokers,

Printing money or quantitative easing,

Indebting nations,

As debt is the power chip that leverages buy outs.

This became the freedom from want of the few over the many,

This was the game changer where the rules are changed to benefit the few,

Designing the game in their image,

The fairness doctrine was removed to weight the game so the house always wins,

Glass–Steagall was a stable market turned into a speculative casino,

The roulette wheel spins to settle on numbers where markets rise or fall,

Arbitrage speculates on currency fluctuations,

As currency is bought and sold changing the economic futures of millions,

As currencies appreciate (go up) exports become expensive,

As currencies depreciate (go down) then exports are cheaper,

The casino owner’s impact demand and supply,

Multinational power impacts demand and supply,

Controlling supply and cross subsidising marketing channels,

Acquiring channel supply chain businesses cheaper,

Those smaller have higher prices, lose market share and collapse,

As the small to medium business cannot compete with automation, online and market power,

They cannot compete with globalised buyer power,

So the playing field is not a fairness doctrine,

The chips are weighted in favour of the big end of town,

The weigh scales of justice tip towards the few over the many,

1% control 40% of the world’s wealth is not a Christmas present many want to open,

But this is happening in the present,

With impunity,

With immunity,

As judges can be handpicked,

Cherry picking ideologically speaking,

As money talks,

The Club of Rome is Empire State building,

Ethics walk,

As truth telling is a dangerous business,

People go missing in action,

In silent wars as cowards keep their hands and faces below the table,

Whistle-blowers are the heroes placing public interest before their own safety,

As totalitarianism is not peace for the many,

It offers piece meals as the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing,

It is a zero sum game where there are no winners in the end,

As we are one family,

And as the family falls apart so does the global networks,

For who can you trust if values fall to the weigh side?

Weighted in favour of money not love,

For love was always the answer to humanty’s dilemmas,

But who can love the unloveable?

Who can love the poorest of the poor?

Who will be the first to open the door to desperation?

Who will cast the first stone in judgement?

For what you do to another returns to the self as a universal law,

And this is the highest law where there is no judge,

No court in the land has any power without allegiance to the highest law,

For this is not a court but a natural response to imbalance

That does not listen to reasoned arguments, debate or sleight of hand,

There is no punishment or hell only what humans do to each other and blame god,

There is only a recalibration and redistribution,

A rebalancing point,

Sensitive to change,

As nature rules OK!

And no matter the UN or consultant reports,

No matter the climate conferences seeking to reach the summit,

No matter the rhetoric or government planning,

No one can control the climate

Of great change.

For we are at a tipping point,

As we tip into 2020 we need a new vision,

Crystal clear clarity,

Which will makes visible the disruption,

For it is not about Silicon Valley,

But the real disruption as totalitarianism becomes visible in the spectrum,

The laws are changed,

The smart technologies roll out as labour saving,

Yet they are labour replacing,

As they are about saying ‘yes’ as there is no ‘no’,

Tick the terms and conditions whether you understand or not,

Access is denied when you say no,

As the world divides into compliance and non compliance,

The velvet gloves of democracy come off to reveal the iron fist,

A police state of play asserts compliance as homeland security,

Yet democracy asserts choice,

Asserts the will of ‘We The People’,

As without consent there is no power,

And this is the clash that is occurring outlining a renewable world map,

Hong Kong is the front line confronting lines of control,

It is not reported in the media as a system syntax error,

As information is managed not delivered to inform and empower the public,

Digital TV is modelled as a viewers digest of distraction not empowered to enlighten real change,

For control is not love,

War is not peace,

And to love means you cannot control what is uncontrollable,

For the two are mutually exclusive,

As if two worlds colliding,

A loveless reality is to learn compliance is to do as your told

not democracy where you get to choose again,

To be bold is to say it like it is,

A democratic environment is to learn to speak up and not become enslaved by fear.

Beyond this conflicted duality is the new reality of realisation,

That we are ONE,

That what I see in my world is a reflection of myself,

How is this possible?

We are the ONE love,

The ONE family,

The ONE intelligence,

Re-membering Home is where the heart is,

For you were never alone on this journey,

Re-member All for ONE and ONE for all,

As the future is waiting on your welcome.

ONE brought this message 2,000 years ago,

He was crucified for challenging religious power,

He turned over the tables to reveal the money changers,

Not as a violent act but to awaken them to usury as greed,

For debt is the seed planted for enslavement,

They would not listen to conscience or reason,

Disruption was the awakening bell,

For as the bell tolls many will awaken,

To truth as visibility,

Corruption as deception,

Power as control not leadership,

Love as the answer and who we really are,

When we stop thinking and worrying,

For to become still is to deeply listen,

As silence speaks,

The moment is NOW,

To resolve conflict is to realise mercy is forgiveness,

To learn non attachment to material things is to realise freedom from want,

For this is the gap unfulfilled that keeps on wanting,

Believing in not enough or scarcity,

The internet of things is to learn objectivisation not warm relationship in the real world,

For the cyber world is a fake world constructed to profit the few,

Gathering data from the many as the new gold standard,

Where regulation and privacy STEMs the flow of trillion dollar profits.

The real world is to realise the truth that you are love,

You are loved,

You are loveable,

Love is the real world calling you silently home to the heart of happiness,

Happiness is to know who you are and live your dreams,

For we live in infinite possibilities in every moment,

Did you know we can attract what we desire as abundance?

We are the hero we are waiting for,

We can be the change we wish to see,

For it is to BE WHO YOU REALLY ARE which matters,

As nature must live in accordance with its own nature patterns,

And nature is calling all back into balance by disrupting business as usual,

Homeostasis is the real sustainability returning to zero point.

Homeostasis or harmony…

is to balance want with real needs,

is to balance greed with natural desire,

is to balance family peace with work life balance,

is to balance health with wellbeing,

is to balance unlimited resources with natural limits,

is to understand the real wealth is the gold in freedom from fear,

For nature was always free for all,

And freedom provides choice,

As this is the gift that was given humanity at one minute to midnight,

Have you received the gift in humility?

For what you give away returns in unity,

As you live abundance you will never be left wanting,

And this is the secret garden that has been revealed your flower,

It is the sacred seal that is opened now,

For Christ was given to the masses,

It is the consciousness of love that has been given as an example of how you can flower,

It has no religion, shape, form or creed,

There is no us and them,

It is formless and shapes changes into whatever you desire,

As love has no limits or constraints,

Love is always free for all,

Love empowers great change without preference,

As nature merely responds to signals as desires,

What signals are you sending nature?

For this will be the future blueprint beyond 2020,

Be wise as serpents they say,

It is wisdom that will pay as you sit on the Mountain View,

To re-view how far we have come,

For over the horizon is a new beginning,

It is a global reset or disruption of profound proportions,

Recalibrating the Promise which is not about land,

It is about forgiveness of debt burdens,

It is to turn the tables on the money changers,

It is to wipe the accounting slate clean,

To remove the log out of your own eye to clearly see,

For as you judge you are judged,

As you divide you are divided,

As you love you are loved,

As you give you are abundant,

For you are the creator of your reality,

Empowered to choose not lose,

So what reality do you choose?

What do you envisage for your children?

Compliance (security) or democracy as freedom?

Free dominion is that you are free,

We all get to choose,



Home is to Sing the One Song

It is Christmas Time,

Everyone is rushing around,

Finishing up work for yet another year,

Presents, food, visitors, trees and decorations,

Celebrations as the community looks forward to time off to relax,

To try to just be



Homelessness has no time off,

For you cannot afford a holiday,

You cannot buy presents or cook a Christmas lunch,

You cannot go out with friends,

As the ends has to find the means,

You cannot drive in the country and forget about life,

For there is no summer break as homelessness is full time,

Many reach real natural limits,

As they cannot join in when excluded,

As they cannot come out in shame,

As life is survival not celebration,

For a personal crisis can become a rubrics cube,

Where you just can’t find the winning combination,

Stuck in the labyrinth with no way out,

As each alley appears blind,

Yet when someone is kind,

A new door opens,

To faith.


Many do not relate to homelessness as they have a home,

Many do not relate to hunger as they can buy something to eat,

Many do not relate to not affording public transport as they have a car,

Many do not relate to not affording a phone as they just renew their credit,

Many do not relate to credit running out, the well spring running dry or food insecurity,

Nor losing friends or family as they have many reunions.


For those without a place called home,

A place where they belong,

They have to be strong,

To find home is where the heart is,

For this is the swan song staying afloat,

This is the unchained melody seeking freedom,

That reminds us that we can ‘be the change we wish to see’,

For to be free is to see opportunity,

Even in blind alleys with no exit,

Even in silent exclusion when locked out in the cold,

Even in indifference walking past real need,

For the future will walk in hope and inspiration as the renewable seed,

The future will turn hard knocks into wisdom of the elders,

The future will awaken as we are our sisters and brothers keepers,

Keeping a watch on each other’s well-being for the common good.

To know: 

What you do for another returns to the self,

For it is not to disable but enable inclusion,

It is not to make dependent but to empower independence,

It is not tomorrow for NOW is the hour of our decision,

To remember we are ONE family not living on isolated islands of despair,

That we are singing the ONE song at a higher frequency.

To inspire that:

We all belong when we let go of fear and judgement,

We all belong when we let go of inequality,

We become strong when we let go of anger,

When we forgive as this is for giving,

And to give is to receive,

To receive is to know,

That what you give returns in abundance,

That we have the inner wealth to keep on giving,

That we receive a smile,

We give a kind word,

That we receive a truthful response,

That we give random acts of kindness,

As strangers can come to us without warning to remind us,

That love is all around,

That love is who we are,

That love never is left wanting,

That we are loved without condition,

For this is unconditional love,

Which is the greatest petition giving all of our heart 
to all without fear or favour,

To learn unconditional love as the real test of our lives,

For our lives are always tested when we confront our greatest fears,

When we are about to leap off into a great adventure,

The tragedy and/or the comedy arrives,

For it is to face life with courage,

It is to laugh at life with humour,

It is to find the wisdom in life as it hands you a piece of bread,

Will you break bread or hide it away under a bushel?

To see the perfection in the process,

For there are no mistakes in the universe,

And the uni-verse is again, the one SONG,

The verse is the rhythm and the rhyme,

That reminds us yet again …

that all BELONG in this SONG.


You are unique and a treasure,

For your gift to life is your very self,

And you are the pre-sent,

The present at Christmas,

A gift that has been given and received,

Without expectation of return or to earn respect,

For happiness is the greatest gift I can give everyone,

Love is the greatest inclusion I can offer in humility,

Peace is the greatest example I can live as our destiny,

No matter outer conditions,

For I am learning that every day is Christmas,

That Christ mass consciousness is in the masses no matter religion,

For the real petition is to love your neighbour as yourself without condition,

For Love was always the answer.


Did you know the perennial question?   How can I love my life?

Love until it no longer hurts,

For love is to re-member each other as true selves,

Perhaps these are the elves at the bottom of the garden?

A Garden of Eden is harmony expressing the perfect presence,

For to extend the hand of friendship as a real friend 
is to truly see you are me,

And what I do to another returns to the self.

So when one feels homeless,

Or less without a home,

Show them the home in your heart as an opening flower positively shining,

As kindness matters.


When someone reaches out to you in hope,

Reach back with real inspiration,

As REAL HOPE inspires what matters.

When someone has no money,

Offer abundance in a way that feels ‘good’,

For the real wealth is sharing,

Real sharing is caring,

Real caring is smiling,

For to C.A.R.E. is Courage, Awareness, Respect and Equality,

For this is the inclusion that has no limit,

Acceptance is the greatest gift you can give at Christmas,

Happiness is open to presence re-membering who we really are,

For how can one not shine when a member of the human family,


Realising –

HOME is where the heart is,

And the heart always remembers



Peace and Love,

A Peacefull clown

Disrupting Eco Systems is Game Over

I learned of disrupting homelessness.  I smile as homelessness is a disruption that those disrupting cannot imagine.  Perhaps what they do for another returns to the self.  I am sure it does.

Why not house the homeless in quality homes paid for by the taxpayer so we own the stock?  That would disrupt the current modus operandi exploiting the system for personal advantage.  Such is the nature of corporate welfare.

My poem:

Disrupting Eco Systems is Game Over as harmony arises out of Chaos theories

Disrupting homelessness,

Homelessness disrupting,


A multi-million dollar industry,

Disrupting government,

From public provision to private decisions,

As capitalism funds new building out of sight out of mind,

Infrastructure pump primes GDP as a rite of passage giving equity for debt,

For legislators pass the public private partnerships as an obligation number,

Act 1 is about short term risk and long term profit,

City deals are in the pipeline not the small print,

The public bares all the risk and those private profit without risk taking,

Assets change hands as the game changer,

Digital disruption opens back channels into government anals,

Gathering intelligence and expertise forms dependency,

Corporate welfare rearranges the deck chairs,

Multinationals take over government portfolios and call it contracting services,

Billions change hands as value adding costs accounting,

Social services are the bottom of the harbour scheme,

Scheming to sink the ship of fools as welfare is not wellbeing,

Automation is personalised,

5G is beamed into cellular DNA,

Transhumanism merges technology and humans,

As robotics is the new generation that has not cost to repetitive production,

Artificial intelligence repeats what is programmed,

There are no demands, no strikes, no extinction rebellion,

Just compliance to the program,

False evidence appearing real,

Is the silent seal on humanity’s freedom,

Free dominion is what we live for,

Yet the dice have been rolled,

No-one is taking a chance,

They want predictive productive workers,

As the world is their oyster,

Even though the seas are fished out by 2050,

Top soil is the alluvial gold,

Until it blows in the wind,

Coal burning is the electrical grid,

Until another carbon sink releases a atom bomb,

For the icesheets are melting in Greenland,

As the Iceland becomes green,

The methane is freed,

And CO2 changes the atmospheric concentration,

For robots cannot automate nature,

Artificial intelligence cannot pray to a sun God,

Hal is programmed for selfish survival as Dave wanted to unplug,

Yet the matrix was a world wide web,

Interconnectivity was a net that captures but does not free,

Electromagnetic smog is a EMF sickness,

That repels and no longer attracts,

As our world dives into a deep depression,

Homeless peaks as the financials crash,

Wall Street could not break its own banks,

Corporate raiders lost the arc of the covenant,

As they sought to capture God for ultimate power,

For the human connectivity is beyond space and time,

Karma is exchange as we rebalance the karmic wheel,

For it turns it does not spin,

For what you do to another returns to the self,

What is the self but another returning,

It is to be not do,

It is to heal not hurt,

And home was always where the heart is,

When we become automatic pilots,

We jump without the parachute,

Leaping before we look,

For the world book has been down this track many times,

As life is a spindle not a one way track,

To be a whirling dervish is to spin in orbital directions,

In harmony with the planetary axis,

As one mirrors the other,

Mesmerised by the dark and the light,

The yin and the yang,

For spinning is integration in a centrifuge,

Centripedal or centrifugal?

With in or with out?

If you go with in you do not go with out,

If you go with out you do not go with in,

Yet one approach is in-sight,

The other is out of sight out of mind,

One awakens from the dream to see,

The other sleeps to dream,

To awaken from the dream one must see to look,

For the world book has many volumes,

The story has many angles indeed angels,

Waiting on your welcome.

Homelessness can only exist in games without frontiers and wars without tears,

Poverty can only exist in a world without interconnectivity as social isolation is fear,

For only balance is the prominent goal,

What we do for others returns to the self,

What goes around comes around,

Life is the mirror showing you to your Self,

Life is the mask concealing truth behind false flags,

For to pledge an allegiance to a false flag is to fall foul of universal lore,

This is the real disruption to home-less-ness,

This is the digital footprint that leaves massive craters as AI went haywire as mass coronial eruptions disrupt nets that no longer work,

Creditors kept printing money as digits when gold reserves melt down to fill cavities,

Ice caps exposed tundra,

As down under is up above,

The X, Y axis shifted in seismic oscillations,

For home is where the heart is,

As the heart beat is constant rhythm,

Broken lines and moving lines are arrhythmia pulses and waves that form,

Yin and yang disrupt broken lines of control,

The mission bell tolls for only those who can hear to see what sets them free,

The writing is on the Walls on the street for all to see,

Graffiti tells another story of disrupting business-as-usual OKAY,

As it is not working for US,

When all are unemployed without RULES,

Homelessness is not working in SHELTERS,

As many are huddling to keep warm,

The market is the real disruptor conditioning acceptance of change without coins,

Yet the game changer was never the multinationals global reach,

But the humble sole trader finding the soul without trading freedom for hard labour,

Learning to serve the comm-unity as a vocation not for a vacation returns leadership,

Crafting the point of exchange rather than exchanging to make a larger percentage point,

For home is where the heart is friends,

And this is the purpose of life on earth,

To ensure our earth has a life purpose,

For earth is not a quarry but a veritable Garden of Eden,

All lands are holy lands,

When the earth is your mother,

For when you honour the mother you honour life birthing itself,

For all is born from the womb of creation,

For a re-birth is not about a breach,

It is to enter a re-new-able earth charter of rites,

Where need equals want,

And none are left wanting,

Where the feminine and masculine reunite as equality is held in the tone of every voice,

For what is the sound of one hand clapping?

For when we put our hands together we understand the joy of applause,

To re-member we are in it together,

There is no them or us
superior or inferior,

Survival of the fittest and to the rest go the spoils is not favoured for natural selection,

We are immortals renewing a covenant,

As time runs to infinity and arcs back to zero point,

There is no time like the present,

As time bends the watch or bending time is watched,

I am present for this time,

As all roads return to the centre-peace,

Rome is the infrastructure that is not built in a day,

For real partnership shares all equally,

To place the bounty at the capitals city hill,

The White House and pyramid merge into a ecovillage placing the child at the centre,

Recycling and reusing to maintain balance as the true sustainability of generations,

For there are no sustainable development goals when development is not sustainable,

Evolution is the blueprint that selects sustainable peace,

And peace is sustaining evol-u-ti-on in reverse,

No-it-u-love is the centre-peace of a re-new-able earth,

Arising from the dream of separation,

To re-member home is where the heart is,

And this is the Heart Math calculating a future in Fibonacci spirals growing sacred geometry,

As equal-lateral triangles balance to strengthen the inner as the outer,

As the global reset is activated as a rite of passage,

To begin again…

to ask..

And Another!!

The Climate of Great Change is The Way of Peace as Love

We are living in a climate of great change,
Positions are polarising,
As extreme views and passions clash,
Each promoting the truth in their image,
Each stating their way is the only way,
You are with us or against us,
But what if
The Way was
All ways?

People speak of freedom,
But what does it mean to be free?
Who is really free when they hold down a job,
Or live in large societies,
Where views are accepted or rejected,
Appropriate or inappropriate given hierarchy,
For opinions in favour support those in agreement,
Or persecute alternative Ways,
For beliefs are perceived as threatening rather than challenged,
They see only threats not teachers,
They create enemies not opportunities
for dialogue,

As conflict resolution opens portals to
higher perspectives.

Many don’t know they don’t know unaware of the ignorance of arrogance,
When you know you don’t know
wisdom opens a peaceful place for a possibility
to invite that you may be wrong,
Humility allows as it is strong,
Arrogance condemns as you don’t belong,
I am told when I open to the possibility
there may be something I do not know about God 
the knowing of which changes everything.

Therefore: I wait to see and do not act.

Can respect occupy the central position?
Can it be the centre point?
Where all have a right to state their case in democratic forums
of diversity in unity,

The public Agora is where freedom of speech opens up
and does not shut down differences,

Better out than in!
Better open than closed!
Democracy expresses without weapons, bullying or persecution

Can you learn to listen without trying to fill the gap
or make the other wrong?

Can you hear without trying to convert?
Can you find the still place within and listen deeply for truth not power?
Can you change your beliefs when your heart tells you to
without a backward glance?

Or will you fight difference and call them evil?

Will you fight arguments and call it dissent,

Will you fight different belief systems and call it the enemy,
Will you enact legislation to shut down anything contrary to your view?

Did you know:
When you fight unconsciousness you become what you fight!

Dictatorship is the wolf in sheep’s clothing parading security and safety when it is about control,
Full spectrum dominance is not love but power,
And illumination is not superiority
it is expanding possibilities to see the bigger picture,

And this picture can be a Armageddon or a Michelangelo in the Sistine chapel,
The god spark (or particle wave) is the moment of awakening to the one life in harmony,
Igniting a renewable energy that harmonising earth systems.

For what is love but the harmony of all spheres!

What if:
the love you withhold is the pain you carry?
What if:
the highest love reveals in random acts of kindness without return,
What if:
love offers mercy in the face of persecution,
What if:
freedom of expression is compassion making room for all views,
What if:
all have the right to real freedom without conditions,
What if:
it is our true nature to be free to just be?
What if this is the unconditional love many say they believe in?
What if you were to live it without abandon or limit?
What if all other beliefs fell away before the truth of love?

For to stand on the mount means to speak of love not hate,
To speak of diversity in unity not division,
To live human rights without rendition or detention centres,
For all laws were enacted under God as freedoms,
And I will adhere to the highest lore and walk alone.

In my world there is no enemy,
In my world all religions are free to speak equally,
In my world all non religious are free to speak equally,
For who am I to say they should think as I think when they don’t,
Is this not intolerance?

Who am I to say they should believe as I believe when they don’t,
Is this not righteousness?
Who am i to know what God’s plan is for them,
That is not my job,
Perhaps they are to challenge me to help me love more?
Perhaps they are to turn up as the opposite to what I believe so I can feel to think again,
Perhaps they are to take away all my freedoms for me to know I was always free,
For no-one can take God from me when I am ONE with God,
When my allegiance is to love as truth as the ONE heart of my religion embraces all religion,
No-one can force me to believe when I know love has no language as it speaks to the heart,
It sings to me in harmony,
It brings my family together in The End,
It does not discriminate into us or them,
It does not hate what is perfectly imperfect,
It is not greedy for more assets and money as life is abundant,
What I have is what I need,
It is not hungry for power as love is the only power that is real,
For it is most effective in the lowest position,
It is truest when nothing,
Humility has no status,
It is the light in the darkness where there seems no hope,
It offers real hope for humanity.

For humanity was created to live its highest light,
And when still it requires no words to follow
as words then seek to reveal the heart without agenda,
When deeply loving it requires no guidance as love is The Way,
When intending the truth it requires no doctrine as The Way is shown,
Only the truth sets you free to see who you really are,
All is in perfect divine order whether you agree or not,
Whether you see it or not,
For love is the answer, the question and The Way
no matter your religion,
no matter your non-religion.

The highest teachers had no religion as they spoke from the heart of truth,
Many followed as they sought a way out of the darkness of fear, hatred, cruelty and poverty,
They looked for the ONE that may offer kindness, care, unconditional love and to gently show The Way home to happiness,
For only home is where the heart is,
And when love is the God of your understanding it will guide you
to give all you have to every ONE,
When love is God you will never persecute another who differs
you will accept them as they are,
Each go through who they are not in order to find who they are,
It is to re-member,
As we learn from mistakes, errors and painful experiences to re-member to love again,
For we see as we are not as others are,
Projection is the movie theatre believing the movie is real,
When we fight we learn what we resist persists and what we look at disappears,
That is how we learn to see differently.

When you love fully there is no God needed as you have realised love is God,
For love is who you are and you will speak with the ONE voice translated into all languages,
As there is nothing to fight when loving what is,
There is no-one to exclude when all are worthy of love,
There is no superior or inferior when equality of opportunity was always given,
The law of attraction is a universal law inspiring –
What you think about you bring about,
As life was always abundant despite economic narratives,
And your world is a result of what you think and then feel,
Imagine if you could feel and then think,
Feelings are the navigators of homeostasis,
Emotions are responses to beliefs,
Feelings navigate towards joy, peace, love and truth,
For these are the four horseman not of the apocalypse but your happy destiny,
For your happy destiny is unavoidable,
For how can the highest love be thwarted by fear, hate, division or cruelty?

We are on the precipice of climates of great change,
To be the change you wish to see creates your world,
To be or not to be is your ultimate question!
If you do not like the shape of the world you may start with
Changing yourself not another,
Choosing health as wealth,
Choosing unity as comm-unity,
Choosing the eco-commune rather than city states,
Choosing peace in conflict resolution,
Choosing acceptance over intolerance,
Choosing to let go of control as the highest plan is unfolding,
Choosing truth as love for always the truth feels good,
Choosing all religions as my religion,
Choosing all non religions as my non religion,
Choosing all cultures as my culture,
Choosing all people as my people,
Choosing God’s way as the high way,
For the highest power has no preference as all exists as it does as diversity in unity,
Otherwise it wouldn’t,
All have free will as the highest Will is free.

Freedom is God’s law,
The freedom to choose and experience the result of that choice without judgement,
For if judgement was there forgiveness is not,
If condemnation was there non judgement is not,
If punishment was there mercy is not,
If hatred was there harmlessness is not,
For as you sew you reap as all in your image,
We are here to learn from what we are not to discover who we are,
And all have been given the power to choose,
God does not accept one and reject another,
All roads lead to the centre point,
When you sing the last song you will come to pass,
The camel can be thread through the needle to discover
Home is always where the heart is,
And this is a clarion call to all to come home,
To love yourself and then each other,
To forgive yourself and then the other,
For evol-u-ti-on reversed is – no it u love,
To re-member this is The Way and the Life,
Perhaps you are the Way Show-er?
A silent spring?
Emerging from the drought of ignorance,
To realise life is eternal,
Each path is honoured,
And liberty cannot be taken,
There are no enemies or threats only fear resurrecting,
Be vigilant of fear parading as love,
Fear will always divide and conquer,
Love will always unite the tribes,
For the End Times are a New Beginning,
And it is the peace that passeth all understanding (belief),


I send you peace as love,
And as night follows day,
You cannot bare false witness to another,
For they are you and you are me,
We are ONE to infinity.

Love is Living The Way and the Truth as the Life of Phi

We can say words
But not mean them.

We can speak honourable words,
But not feel them.

For we can sketch the contour of a life,
But not know the content.

For we live in a world of outlines,
Being seen to be,
But not being and then seeing,
Who we really are.

When I lost my father,
I realised the power of love of family,
When I felt his death,
I understood it was peaceful,
And his peace became my peace,
As there are invisible bonds that connect one life to another,
As what you do to another you do to the self.

When I feel pain,
I think of others,
All ways.

Empathy is not only a word that says
‘I feel’, ‘I stand in their shoes’ to imagine what it is to be them,
It is an expression that feels the other as the self,
For love merges it does not divide,
And when my family is enlargened to include my world family,
Then they become me and I am them,
And I need no duty of care to move me,
For ‘I CARE’ and it becomes my duty of care,
For ‘I CARE’ means:

Courage, Awareness, Respect and Equality

It is to CARE for the World – CARE-W,

For this is my blueprint and name sake.

We speak of fake news,
What of fake duty of care,
Where all is cautioned by legal attack,
Which is another form of bullying to control,
Rather than dialogue to heal the divided soul,
For to take respons-ability is not about doing it all or telling others what to do,
It is about the ability to respond to the problem that is laid at your feet,
It is not about denial, reaction and self protection,
It is about owning what is yours and allowing what is another’s,
Respons-ability drops all defence to allow the truth to cast a light and show The Way,
Illuminating what is so for a greater good.

My dad’s death brought me to the feet of the people called ‘Syrians’,
Those labelled ‘Kurds’,
Those referred to as Afghans’,
Others called ‘Iraqis’,

As I sat quietly with their dilemma,
I wash their feet on my knees
in humility
as service seeks to serve
a higher call.

For words of ‘them or us’ do not solve problems
but draw battle lines of scar tissue,
Yet I see the aged lines etched into their distressed and tear stained faces,
For ethnic cleansing is a crime against humanity.

I sit with mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents surviving in the rubble of trouble,

Civilians living in extreme pain,
Civilians feeling extreme strain,

As appointed leaders take decisions out of their hands,

Civilians are dependent on power brokers that operate as remote viewers detached and unconcerned as the death toll mounts,

For these are not peaceful deaths when killing is instructed in fields of fire and fury for oil wells,

Notions of democracy are unknown as war is not fair and Geneva Conventions are set aside in Just Wars of theorems,

The rules of engagement are challenged in King’s courts without law to enlarge targeting not peaceful resolution,
Force is violent control seeking to win at all costs,

Without credit,

Financiers see only the spoils of war in gold bullion, central banks and acquired assets,

Without real wealth.

The world is a chess set and monopoly board,
of strategic advances, risk taking, disrupting common sense as gated communities rise with trade walls to protect property rights not human rights.

Government’s look at geopolitical fracture lines that profit remote masters pulling string theories,
As humanity becomes a chaos theory experiment,
Not human evolution as a testament to truth and reconciliation,
Death is a statistic of depopulation not a linkage of hands, hearts and tears crying out to change an old World Order that is not New,
The human elemental is ignored, undermined, dismissed as collateral damage is a catastrophe,
Yet if it was your family you would scream  ‘bloody murder’
yet another’s is ‘tragically necessary’.

I ask empathetically, ‘is it true’?

I sit silently as death becomes the friend that visits me as empathy,

Death is the invisible hand reaching out to me to reveal my love of all life,

As life never dies it transforms to amplify love across the thin veil,

For love can never be killed as only love is real,
It is the sacred seal opening to those who know,
To show the blind horseman on the blind horse that he is heading towards the abyss of his own making.

For the power of love has no need for control,
The power of love doesn’t need to know or predict,
The power of love simply extends a hand to understand the lay of the land,
To pull you in from dark places,
To be the spark of light that keeps you going,
To show you The Way home gently,
For home is where your heart is,
The heart is the portal opening homeward bound.

For all are homeless until they let go of control,
As endless wars are superfluous for the many,
Endless wars are unresolved inner conflicts ignored,
They are mantras in endless battlefields seeking to win an end game only to begin again,
And those who profit are the biggest losers in the battle for Armageddon,
For was it not said: ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’?
The egoless, the humble, the empty of anger, devoid of hatred and revenge,
For to win was always to lose the biggest battle,
For what you do to another returns to the self.

 To thine own self be true
as night follows day 
You shall not bear false witness
against your neighbour.

For you are your neighbours keeper no matter faith, creed or colour,
For you are falsifying witnesses in secret societies,
For all is seen in the unseen,
And all accounts balance in The End,
And this is the resurrection of truth not sacred law.

‘Loving what is’ is the ultimate truth
reconciling opposites.

Unconditional love is a never ending love story
not an endless sermon on the mount infinitem,
It is to live the truth not speak it
as only actions speak louder than mere words,
And your words ring empty when not lived.

For Me and my Father are ONE,
And his death is the resurrection of humanity,
For he is every father,
He is every mother,
He is every grandparent,
And we are ONE family under the sun dial casting a shadow and calling it time for there is no time like the present,
And this is an eternal bond that cannot be broken, manipulated or deemed trans humanism.

Humanity was ‘The Experiment’ in truth,
For it is the truth of love that sets you free to see in reality your humanity as the golden ratio,
Phi is the spiral circling the square of containment uniting
Elucid, Plato and Leonardo Divinci (da Vinci‘s)  
in infinite possibilities
beyond space
and time.