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Victorian Government Privatising VicRoads

In the public interest. The loss of public assets weakens democracy as the money flows into private hands and prices definitely rise within a context of a weakening global outlook, disruption, climate change and so on.

The trend of privatisation is across both Labor and Liberal parties here in Australia and is either in response to rising debt levels (asset recycling) or public/private partnership deals to access equity and the public pay for the risk of transfer or the Labor party moving right and finally it is part of a larger agenda of privatisation of all public assets as a takeover by the private sector globalists.

I feel the latter. I don’t usually post these nor even look. I felt to look today and the feeling was there as I’ve spent the whole day reviewing economics. I am extremely concerned at where we are going. The young ones are inheriting a world where they will no longer have a say, they will either live prosperous lives (conforming with the system) or great poverty as it is evident the middle class is becoming poorer. Our wonderful egalitarian society overtime is going to become the haves and have nots as private interests dictate our fate.

The solution is to speak up. Which is what I am doing.

susan —
  Job cuts, data breaches, office closures, price increases. In 2020, we all know what to expect when the private sector gets its hands on a government service.

Right now, the investment bankers at Morgan Stanley are working on a proposal for Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas. They are figuring out how best to package up VicRoads for the private sector.

Despite all the evidence that privatisations and public-private partnerships lead to worse conditions for workers, it’s entirely possible that the next Victorian State Budget will include the sale or part-privatisation of this essential service.

That’s why ASU members are asking for your help. We need to do everything we can to stop this. Sign our petition VicRoads 800 member Registration & Licensing team works all across the state, including in regional Victoria. They issue your license and register your car, and they manage private information including bank details, license conditions and number plates – data that should not be available to private companies to use for other purposes.

Both their jobs and the work they do would be put at risk by any private sector involvement in the running of VicRoads. So would the transparency and oversight of VicRoads.

Victorians expect better than neoliberal policies like this. Help us stop the privatisation of VicRoads by letting the government know how you feel. Sign our petition Thank you,

Lisa Darmanin
Branch Secretary 
Australian Services Union Authorities and Services Vic Tas Branch