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Quantum Possibility: Coronavirus Clears

In the public interest.

Following the previous post, I am now going to provide alternative information from a quantum possibility that the coronavirus is cleared.

The best way I can describe what the channel is saying is from my own video. In my video (see below) I went to stillness and indicated ‘the alpha and the omega’ of the coronavirus, which means the beginning and the ending. I felt that it would end not as a guess. Now how can I know ahead of time that it ends as a knowing?  I might frame it from ‘What the Bleep do I Know’ by saying that there is no past, present and future, just the Now moment. Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychoanalyst (contemporary of Freud), reported metaphysically that he experimented with the notion that there is no past, present and future. He did experiments through meditation. Therefore, the ‘Now moment’ exists simultaneously. Therefore, when frequency (vibration) is high one can gain insight into events or possible timelines.  Positivity is what lifts vibration and is why love is the answer, as is popularly and wisely stated.

What the channel is indicating is that it will not get worse, the coronavirus is in a form of cosmic containment. She described the coronavirus as consciousness, which I found interesting. So it appears we have external assistance from an higher perspective.

The law of attraction works on visualisation. What you think about you bring about. I understand that we are playing out an experience which will change us as we recognise what is important to all of us. Sometimes we have to go through the dark to get to the light of REAL HOPES. Our world is recalibrating to a higher trajectory of awareness as it is time to harmonise with earth systems.  The disruptions are system interrupts, in truth.

Our preparation for this crisis is part of the process of awakening as we recognise we are ONE, reflecting on who we are and our needs, and that we are in this TOGETHER. I don’t find it hard to hold the knowingness that the virus has ended in a future now moment. I am aware as I think it – so it is or what I think about I bring about. This is how the quantum field works. It takes time to get a handle on this type of consciousness as we take small steps towards opening our awareness to alternative ways of seeing as reality. Often it can sound confusing as we analyse through logic rather than quantum sensing. So what is stated is good news.

I will just add that I felt to post this before hearing it all, my comments came before my hearing the channel’s explanation. I get confirmation as she speaks the words I was feeling. Scientifically that is how I get validation, I follow the feeling so instantly these days. Similar to her it is hard to explain, you have to experience it. So I felt to demonstrate this as a means of providing real hope in uncertain times for many.