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Dr Deva Davis warns of mobile phone wireless radiation damaging health and cancer

In the public interest.

This is a growing global health risk to the public.

Dr Deva Davis is a US expert speaking at the University of Melbourne about iPhone radiation. She indicates she is glad Australia is not the US. Yet it appears we are following the US model. She indicates that in the US Tom Wheeler he was the Executive Director for 10 years of the Cellphone Telecommunications industry. The studies have been inadequate.

In Australia MP Paul Fletcher who was in Optus prior to entering Parliament and an advocate for deregulation of Telstra. From 1996 to 2000, he worked as Chief of Staff to Minister for CommunicationsRichard Alston, a Liberal Party politician. Fletcher joined Optus in 2000 and worked as Director of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs until 2008. He then founded Fletchergroup Advisers, a strategy consultancy focusing on the communications industry.[7] He also wrote a book entitled Wired Brown Land? Telstra’s Battle for Broadband that was published in 2009, discussing Telstra‘s bid to operate the Australian Government’s proposed National Broadband Network.[8]He is active in Smart Cities advisor groups and was the Minister for Minister for Urban Infrastructure and Cities. He is currently serving as Minister for Communications and Arts.

For those promoting this technology with the knowledge it harms human health and with plans to amplify radiation cell towers, satellites may find themselves in law suits in the future if they do not protect the public interest. Dr Davis brings up the fear of litigation in the telecommunications industry. She believes there needs to be an independent fund into research and training as it is evident studies are biased when funded by industry. The issue is pathological greed and the apathy of the public who do nothing. The former depends on the apathy of the latter.

Dr Deva Davis indicates there are serious health effects and experts issue precautionary advice given cancer developments and that it is a probable carcinogen. there is a higher incidence of brain cancer in studies. If using iPhones before aged 20 there is 4 to 8 x more brain cancer after they had past 10 years. Where is the evidence she says? Brain cancer takes a long time to develop. When bomb’s fell at end of WWII no increase in brain cancer in survivors until 40 years had past. It took 40 years.

My cousin has just been diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer and she places her phone upto her brain. My aunt (her mother) tells her to stop doing it and she won’t believe that her cancer is likely caused by her iPhone given her work in sales required her to use the iPhone. She is a grandmother, a beautiful person who will die in the short term from cancer. I go and visit to support my aunt as she lost my uncle just prior to my dad’s death last year. She is in despair about her daughter. I ask why do those in authority not care about the health of citizens? That is where I feel despair.

Dr Davis indicates the iPhones impact children’s brains more than adults and affect thinking. They impact sperm.

The World Health Organisation indicated in 2011 that additional research should be done but are not doing it.

EMR & Law, Melbourne, 26 October 2019

In the public interest.

Event | EMR & Law, Melbourne, 26 October 2019 Posted on October 20, 2019 by Stop Smart Meters Australia

Hear world renowned Barrister Ray Broomhall speak about his process applied successfully to halt 4G/5G mobile phone towers.

Ray specialises in extremely complex matters and has repute for his lateral thinking and for finding solutions outside the square. He is in high demand throughout the world for his work on electromagnetic radiation issues and is considered to be one of the leading advocates in this field.

Electrosensitivity Australia and Stop Smart Meters Australia are thrilled to announce that Karen Knowles (known to many from Young Talent Time) will join the EMR & LAW event as a guest speaker alongside Ray Broomhall. Karen is incredibly talented in many areas, including law. Karen consults to a select group of businesses on legal and intellectual property strategy.

The combination of 35 years’ experience in the music and entertainment industries, extensive business management, legal experience in contract and intellectual property law at a top tier international law firm, experience as in-house legal counsel for several entities and experience in IT start ups liaising with technical, strategic and business development partners, all combine to offer a unique capability.

Saturday, 26 October, 2019 2pm – 5pm West Preston Baptist Church Hall 108 Cramer Street, Preston Tickets · $22.19 on Eventbrite

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