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Veteran Petition to Albanese and Morrison Not to Go to War

This petition came into my inbox.  I don’t usually open it but I felt a definite intuition to open it. 

It is good to see an Australian ex soldier encouraging Australians to use democracy and add their name to the petition to the Australian Government to not enter yet another war of aggression in the case of Iran.

I like that he has emphasised the fact that as great friends we have to point out when something is wrong.  That is true friendship.  That is why I say that in my own videos.  The US illegal wars of aggression are not right and the evidence is stacking up that there are other forces at work here.

The war in reality is not about Trump it is a corporate driven conflict about oil and control.  The political process in the United States is influenced not by leaders and elected representatives but those in power behind the scenes.  So it is not disloyal to the United States people.  The problem to tackle here is vested interests using governments to invade countries and kill civilians. This is why the word ‘fabricated’ was used.

I thank the Australian soldier Brett Hopkinson for bravely claiming is democracy and speaking up, he is serving us ‘the Australian’ people when he does that.  My hope is that those in Australian Defence give this alliance deeper contemplation from a war crimes perspective.  Is our alliance unconditional or does Australian sovereignty and the will of the Australian people have any weight?  Who is being served in reality?  

I will post my latest video below in support of Australian soldiers.

Australian troops are helping fight bush fires, so the last place they should be is Iran. But if the US starts a war, Australia tends to join it. Brett is an Army veteran who believes we have no place in Trump’s Iran war. susan, sign if you agree.

Say “No” to Australian involvement in an America/Iran War

Brett Hopkinson started this petition to Anthony Albanese and it now has 5,570 signatures

Sign now with a click

As a former veteran I understand our accords to assist our greatest ally, the United States of America. However we must not fall into another cold blooded fabricated war in the Middle East.

I call upon our leaders to appreciate that sometimes to be a great ally is to point out when a friend has gone in the wrong direction.

Let us at least TRY to avert the deaths and injury of millions of civilians who never asked or want war. Also to protect our heroic defence force from their pointless deaths and utilise them for DEFENCE not illegal and immoral aggression.

I am not a political activist and I don’t have any particular political affiliation and I have never done anything like this before. But I know how quickly these situations will escalate and decisions will be being made as to how Australia reacts.

Please join with me to send a categorical message to our leaders that we DO NOT want to be part of yet another horrific and avoidable war. War which inevitably destabilises the whole region and inevitability leads to even worse terrorism and lawlessness to take root.

Mr Morrison and Mr Albanese, please do what you know is the right thing and not support any further military aggression with Iran.