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Corruption, Conspiracy, Treason and Espionage??

In the public interest.

Those spinning information to provide misleading information to impact public opinion, according to this video below, indicates that in the end this will become evidence. I sense future inquiries. It is not unlike airing dirty washing publicly. Information is emerging to expose criminality.

This video provides an alternative view in respect of the war between Trump and the Patriots and the Deep State and Shadow Government. The latter is often called globalists. There is a war going in respect of sovereignty vs totalitarianism. The latter is predictable, the former is not.

It is going to be interesting to see how the drama unfolds.

Clearly corruption is a issue.

Responsibility to Protect the Global Community

REAL HOPE is a values model refer and worldpeacefull empowerment for YouTube philosophical poetry expanding harmony and peace in our world.

This poetic philosophy is about Responsibility to Protect in the Global community. It was inspired by Professor Gareth Evans and called R2P at the United Nations. We are each others peace keepers.