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My Father’s Death Inspires World Peace Message

This is a tribute to my father who is my inspiration. This video is my honouring of him and my appeal for a world fit for children. They should be our first decision not the last. It is not about fighting life it is about joining with life, caring and healing this confused world.

If you want to know if what you are doing is right, ask – ‘what if everyone did it’?

Kindness matters in the world. The rest is keeping up appearances.

I send love to my father. Thank you for being my dad. May wherever you are bring you peace, joy and love. You deserve it.

I felt inspired to share my grief over my father’s death. Gandhi’s birthday is today (2 October 2019) and my father was into nonviolence and a light in my life.

He wrote to the Canberra Times – Letters to the Editor. He, like myself, communicates in the public interest yet we never shared what we were doing with each other. We are alike, so much so that we didn’t realise how alike.

My work for World Peace is Inspired by you dad.

This is a world message to all the peoples of our world. Remember to tell your father’s you love them. And father’s tell your children the same. That is World Peace.

I love you dad and thank you xx

My dads last message to me:


Have you located the sim from the phone I gave you. If so could you send it back with the ACTION card I gave you. I believe the car is going fine. Look after yourself.

Love Dad

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Rothschilds to Set Up in Silicon Valley

This is in the public interest. 

Two perspectives on the same subject.  One is a blogger video who is expressing himself, he sounded angry and disillusioned.  The second article is from the Business Insider.

It is interesting to compare the way this event is described.


A European banking dynasty just made a big move in Silicon Valley

Walter Rothschild

Rothschild & Co., one of the oldest banks in Europe, is making a move on Silicon Valley.

This Silicon Valley founder went from being ‘really broke’ to starting a VC fund that’s invested $5 million in 100 companies

Arlan Hamilton had a career in the music industry when she realized women, people of color, and LGBT founders were underrepresented in Silicon Valley. So she started a venture capital fund that has now invested $5 million in 100 companies.


This Silicon Valley founder went from being ‘really broke’ to starting a VC fund that’s invested $5 million in 100 companies

The firm announced it’s opening a San Francisco office in a bid to win business advising technology companies on deals. It has also hired Chris Gaertner as global head of technology, and Walid Khiari as a managing director in technology. Gaertner and Khiari previously worked at Credit Suisse.

“We have been serving clients in the San Francisco Bay Area for some time, and the opening of our office there will allow us to strengthen our team, ensuring that our clients continue to have access to the best people and advice,” Robert Leitão, head of Rothschild Global Advisory, said in a statement.

The new office in Silicon Valley follows the opening of a new Chicago office led by former Goldman Sachs managing director Eric Hirschfield. The firm hired Jimmy Neissa from UBS to be head of Rothschild & Co North America in August last year.

Rothschild offers mergers-and-acquisitions strategy, financing advice, and investment and wealth management solutions for institutions, families, individuals, and governments.

The firm has a rich history. Mayer Amschel Rothschild created a family partnership over 200 years ago, and in the early 19th century, five of his sons established banking businesses in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Naples, and Vienna.

It is now one of the preeminent M&A advisory firms, ranking fifth in M&A revenue in Europe in 2016 with $US384 million, according to Dealogic. That put it ahead of Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Barclays, and Deutsche Bank.

The firm has roughly 2,800 employees in 40 countries, according to its website.