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The Patenting of Seeds of Hope

This information being shared is to raise awareness about seeds and genetic modification.  It showcases the film SEED: The Untold Story.  It reminds us of how important seeds are and how companies like Monsanto are patenting up to 70% of seeds.  Apparently the invasion of Iraq destroyed seed banks.

GMO’s in my view are altering blueprints that took millions, if not billions of years, to perfect.  The distortion is that greed motivates decision making not the higher thoughts of serving humanity.

Perhaps this is about mass starvation.  Controlling food is about controlling the seed which is another outgrowth of control.  Control is the core issue.  What is the big picture?

However, this in itself plants the seed of the opposite.  The feeling I sense is “the seeds of its own destruction”.  Nature is about homeostasis, as is life.  Maybe, this is about empowerment.