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CIA Accused of Heroin Trade and Lockerbie Bombing

This appears to be testimony.

Question: If the Libyans were not responsible for Lockerbie do you have any idea who was?

Responder: Susan Lindauer  (summarised)

Susan Lindauer a former CIA asset indicates that the person who bombed Pan Am 103 lived in Virginia.  She states 6 miles from her house.  She said he is protected by the FBI and CIA and on a client basis paid a stipend.  It is to protect the CIA of its exposure of the heroin trafficking ring which continued through the 1990s.  She states Richard Fuse (1994) told her about it.  She thought the heroin trafficking stopped after Lockerbie she was told THEY are still profiting from this.

What was the motivation and why Pan Am 103 chosen.  She states the Defence Intelligence Agency filed a complaint in Washington and a internal affairs team sent out from the CIA encompassing the FBI and DIA, and gone in to Lebanon gathering forensic evidence to prove the CIA’s role in heroin trafficking and they boarded Pan Am 103 that morning, they were flying back to Washington to deliver their report with heroin, finance, cash and banking records etc and were going to expose the whole lot and that is when the plane was bombed.

The State Department put out a travel advisory to the embassies telling them to get off that plane. That plane on that date was expected to be targetted in a terrorist attack.  Embassy staff in South Africa, President Botha got off the plane, other diplomats did and they freed up seats for young students flying from Syracuse University to board the plane, they were flying standby to go home for Christmas holidays, they all died in the attack.  It is ugly. The Government is protecting itself, allowing the terrorist attack to occur, in fact they facilitated it, they made sure Islamic Jihad knew which flight the investigative team were taking back and said hey why don’t you take care of this for us.

I am adding the comments below the video as I think they are noteworthy. The last comment is of particular interest, mental issues are often used in respect of whistleblowers.

I consider her a credible witness as her allegations are dangerous for her and her family.  Moreover, she is clearly coherent.  What is hard to understand is the departments of the US Government FBI, DIA gathering evidence against the CIA.  They are clearly disparate.

These types of high level allegations should be presented before an International Criminal Court (neutral) to resolve the truth of the allegations.  Often whistle-blowers end up using the media because they are stonewalled by the Government and regulators given alleged criminality or fear of disclosures.  When they are accusing those at the highest levels the key issue is where do they go to take the case further in order to allow evidence and justice to be the final arbiter.

It is often stated no-one is above the law, yet we find many are able to avoid confronting criminal allegations.  The Judiciary is above the law in that they are immune from prosecution as I was informed by the Australian Human Rights Commission.  I believe all must be accountable and the public have to be assured that a court is impartial and not interfered with for political or religious purposes.  Issues concerning the privatisation of courts under debt/equity financing arrangements (not government funding) mean that the public can’t be sure about neutrality. The infiltration of powerful interests, ideologies and corporate interests in politics coupled with powerful financiers, can confuse the public about what is true or what is spin.  Vested interests do not work in the public interest, this is a key problem. That is why it is very important that Government accountable and transparent and able to legitimately stand before the public as a neutral party representing their interests to ensure faith in legitimate laws and that Justice is actually done (not seen to be done).

This short video raises the frightening issue of the CIA involved with organising terrorism in the case of the Pan Am flight that was bombed over Lockerbie in Scotland. The bombing was blamed on two Libyan nationals in November 1991. A Libyan intelligence officer was jailed for life.  Wikipedia outlines the case.

Susan Lindauer indicates that in order to prevent truth of a FBI/DIA investigation which would expose the CIA’s involvement in the heroin trade.  This information raises awareness that terrorism is the creation of intelligence on the behest of Government.  This must be placed in the forum of the International Criminal Court but as a neutral forum.  It cannot be interfered with by other interests. 


Here are a few comments…

Susan Its Steve Australia… You could quite Imagine my need for a good alibi” … and you’d perfect” what feisty personality…
WHY is she GRINNING so smugly, at such a HUMAN DISASTER?!
Susan Lindauer: This wacko is living her own imagination and has no credibility. She was a journalist who subsequently worked as a congressional staffer for several representatives and senators.  She became friends with a senior congressional staffer (“Richard”) and fantasized that he was a CIA officer. Both were anti-war activists.  Of her own initiative she went to NYC contacting the Iraq delegation and represented herself as a government official. The Iraq delegation quickly realized she was unstable but had value as an informant.  She later traveled to Iraq, where she may have received $10k.  After returning to the US she was arrested as a unregistered agent of a foreign power (Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) is a United States law (22 U.S.C. § 611 et seq.) passed in 1938) which is not the Patriot Act.  During her time incarcerated she received a psychological evaluation and found unfit to stand trial.  Her charges were later dropped because she was unfit to stand trial and since she was not a danger to herself or others the federal government didn’t pursue the offense further.