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Edward Snowden Asked: Do You Want to be Watched?

This question applies to everyone, inclusive of those watching and ultimately a future for their children being watched and grandchildren having no privacy.

These days I always notice the cameras in lights. I am aware of the monitoring of Smart Meters.  I am conscious of cyber security used as a means of accessing people’s data and breaching privacy and justifying this intrusion by utilizing threats as bonifide reasons.  I am conscious of mass data gathering and I see it as a much greater threat than the cold war or nuclear postures.

I am monitoring government and business who may not be holding the public interest above all interests.  I am in service to humanity.

This video is on Edward Snowden who has risked his life to expose criminality and breaches of civilians privacy and indeed security.

My concern is the lack of empathy, human wellbeing and basic respect of a human’s right to privacy and safety through anonymity.

Protecting the Planet from Destructive Billionnaires – Vandana Shiva

In the public interest.

The video is titled:  ‘Bill Gates is continuing the work of Monsanto’, Vandana Shiva tells FRANCE 24

Data mining to benefit the those who control the data.  It is a very serious issues. Ethics drives to the heart of the problem.

Life is not a Word program it is a self regulating system that is far beyond what we think.  No-one has the right to change the molecular structure of natures blueprint. Those that do are ending life on earth as they do not operate in a wholistic mindset, they are self profiting, that is the critical issues that only sees self interest not best interest.