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Tolls are Claimed to be Illegal in Australia

In the public interest. It is public ignorance that enables illegality to happen.  The people do have power.

This video is about not paying tolls.   The second video is about fallacious tolls.

He raises questions about why the public did not build those freeways and then pay them off so they are free to use.  He raises questions about why the government give the toll roads to private contractors.

He says we pay a lot of money to the government through taxes, fuel excises, fines and licenses.  Why not use this money for the expense for the road ways.  He speaks of the M5 which means Miles 5 that is the average speed of the M5 (he laughs).  he said he was threated with cancellation of licence and registration.  He looked at the Constitution and he said it is illegal to pay toll in Australia.  Look at the Australian Constitution. He asserts the politicians want to take the rights from you.

He took the government to court and the case was dismissed.  He no longer pays tolls. He said he will pay when they prove that the money that we pay is not enough to pay off those roads. He said the tolls have paid for the M5 road 4 x over.  So profit is being made over and above the cost of the roads.

This video concerns Transurban and false tolls and the poor treatment given tolls and administration fees. The aggressive pursuit of debt is a cause of mental health and I would venture, bullying.

Corporate greed causes mental health and suicide.  This report speaks about tolls, sneaky fees and whistleblower speaking up.  Transurban owns the tollways.  It is a private company that uses the government as a debt collector.  It is brutal they assert.  The lack of care is evident. It appears that debt is used to acquire assets and then make a profit. Unpaid toll debt has reached $1 billion according to the report.  Victoria accounts for $687 million. This is incredible.  The debt collectors are more akin to stand over men. They threaten using the State.  The rorting of the public is deeply concerning.   The greed means that money being extracted from the community is not directed back into the community to serve people as all taxes and fees are supposed to do. Exploitation, bullying and greed are the prime movers here.

I am homeless yet I can’t access homeless services or have an emergency payment.  I have no right to shelter.  I have no advocacy.  No-one cares at all. It is evident that the problem is about greed not need or basic human decency.